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Lincolnshire What's New Logs

May, 2011

General web page updates:
  1. -- None, yet. --.

Parish profiles changed:
  1. Addlethorpe: Church History expanded, Manors section added.
  2. Aslackby: 1851 census piece no. inserted.
  3. Goxhill: Library section added, School section expanded.
  4. Honington: Church History and Manors sections expanded.
  5. Lenton: Population table figures corrected, Politics section expanded, Church link added, fishing link added, Military Records section added.
  6. Rippingale: 1811, 1881 and 1901 pop. table entries inserted, Church History, History, Politics and Schools sections expanded.
  7. Stainton: 1881 and 1901 pop. table entries inserted, Politics section expanded.
  8. Swaby: 1901 pop. table entry inserted.

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