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Help Wanted

This website is maintained by someone who does not live in Lincolnshire, but who loves Lincolnshire and visits whenever he can. He doesn't even live in England. Much of what is presented on these pages has been contributed by others or extracted from printed sources like old county directories.

Here's a list of specific things the website author would like to have:

  • If I don't have a picture of the parish church under "Church History", then I'd really like one to round out the collection. Get close and crop out the houses and trees as best you can.
  • Photographs of parish school buildings are few and far between. Send me one.
  • If you have a parish register extract you can send me, do so. If you already have it on the web, send me the URL.
  • Did something interesting happen in the parish 200 years ago? Let me know.
  • Photographs of cute village signs are nice.
  • Street scenes and snow-covered village greens are nice.
  • Was the parish bombed in WWI or WWII? Tell me about it.
  • War Memorials list of names are precious to family historians.

Here's a few things I'm trying to avoid:

  • Anything from a copyrighted source or a contractual source. Don't send me photographs from published books.
  • Don't send me long extracts from the NBI. The FFHS has a contract with the purchasers limiting it to single-user use.
  • Don't send me your family history. Publish it online and send me the URL.
  • Don't send me questions about how to find uncle Harry. I don't have enough time for my own research!
  • Don't send me information about people who may still be living. I want to protect their privacy.

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