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International Geneological Index

The I. G. I. is apparently the most-used index for family history research. It is available at many family history libraries and each Family History Centre operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (hereafter referred to as: LDS). An online version can be found at:, the LDS Library web site.

However, there are several issues, pro and con, one should consider when using the I. G. I.:



1992 Revisions:

Batch Numbers:


The I. G. I. remains a useful "first place" to look for possible relatives, but you really should consider getting a copy of the V. R. I. (Vital Records Index) and the N. B. I. (National Burials Index) to round out your research aides. Where a source is listed in the I. G. I., get a copy of the source and verify the entry.

The N. B. I. can be purchased by credit card via the Federation of Family History Societies Bookstore, which allows purchase by Credit Card, in the UK and via Gould Genealogy in South Australia.

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