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White's Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1853

Arnold, Daybrook and Red Hill

Arnold Parish extends from three to nearly six miles north of Nottingham, contains 4,704 inhabitants, and 4,670 acres of land, including 2,280 acres of Sherwood Forest. It was enclosed in 1789, when 700 acres were allotted to the impropriator, which was then sold to Thomas Holdsworth Esq., who is subject to the reparation of the church; and 23a 3r 37p were allotted to the Crown.

Arnold is a large and populous village, half a mile east of Mansfield Road, and four miles north of Nottingham. It is pleasantly seated upon a sand rock, and has several neat mansions. The inhabitants are principally employed in framework knitting. Arnold Grove is a beautiful residence, occupied by William Williams Esq., solicitor.

The church, dedicated to St Mary, is a large ancient fabric, with a tower and four bells. A new vestry was added in 1838. The vicarage, valued in the King's books at £7 17s 8d, now at £310, is in the patronage of the Duke of Devonshire. The Rev. George Francis Holcombe is the incumbent, and the Rev. George Atkinson curate, who resides at the vicarage, a commodious mansion near the church. Besides 90a 2r 3p or glebe, the vicar has a yearly modus in lieu of small tithes. The Wesleyans, Kilhamites and Primitive Methodists, and the Particular and General Baptists, have each a chapel in the village. Here is a small National Infant School in the Chapel, which was formerly used by the New Connexion Methodists. The annual feast is on the last Sunday in September.

Daybrook is a considerable hamlet on the Mansfield Road, at the southern verge of the parish, three miles north of Nottingham. Near it is Cockcliff Farm, and a little to the south-east is Swinnows, where there is a brick-yard.

Red Hill is a large village on the Mansfield Road, half a mile west of Arnold. To the north are several forest farms, within the limits of the parish, whence a road diverges to Oxton and Southwell.

Charities The Free School at Arnold was rebuilt, and the master's house repaired, in 1814, at the cost of £135; since which a room has been built over it for a Sunday School. It is endowed with about £22 per annum, for the education of 32 poor children. Its founder was Daniel Chadwick, who endowed it with £50, laid out in the purchase of Roecroft House, for which £12 10s is paid yearly out of the poor rates to the master, and 30s to the poor in respect of £30 left by Bartholomew Fillingham, and expended in the same purchase. Henry Sherbrooke Esq. left a yearly rent charge of £5 to the school, and Margaret Birch left £2 yearly for the same purpose. In 1785, Rebecca Elley bequeathed to it the interest of £6, and the master receives £5 yearly as one moiety of the rent of Denison Land, which was purchased with poor's money, of which there still remained £34, the interest thereof ought to be distributed in bread, but like many other charities, this has been lost for many years. Henry Sherbrook Esq. left £3 per annum to be distributed in bread amongst the poor on the fifth of November.

Residents of Arnold, Daybrook and Red Hill, 1853

Post office at John Bradbury's; letters are despatched to Nottingham at ½ past 5 p.m. & arrive at ½ past 9 a.m.

Allen Wright, surgeon
Atherley Mr John
Atkinson Rev. George, curate, Vicarage
Bailey Robert, broker
Bennett Mrs Margaret
Bottomore Mr James
Burrows Mr Thomas Red Hill
Brightmore Francis, cooper and turner
Buck Joseph, needle maker
Chester Mr John Red Hill
Cook Thomas, coal dealer
Daft Mrs Mary
Davenport John Walters, gent
Dennison marc Esq., Daybrook hs
Fearfield Joseph, brick maker, Swinnows
Fish Mrs Elizabeth Red Hill
Fleet Joseph, drillman Red Hill
Frost Thos. & Samuel, lace mnfrs
Harding Mrs Lydia Red Hill
Holcombe Rev. George Francis, vicar, Sherwood Lodge
Holmes Hy., collector, Toll Bar
Johnson Mr Robert
Kelham Henry, gent Red Hill
Kirk Mrs & John Thos., com agt. Red Hill
Lamin Mr John Red Hill
Lee Caleb, needle maker
Lee Mrs Debora
Leivers Henry, relieving officer Red Hill
Maltby Mr Charles, Woodthorpe
Maltby Thomas, gent, Woodthorpe
Mattack Thos., worsted manfr, Daybrook
Medhurst Henry, wool sorter
Mellar Danl., poor rate collector
Oscroft William, coal dealer
Page Mr James
Picker Richard, policeman
Redgate Thomas, parish clerk
Rogers Mrs Sarah
Shelton George, merchant
Simpson John Esq., Arnot Hill
Sneath Charles Esq., Arnot Vale
Spink Mr Mark
Stone William, carter
Sweet Mr -
Thorsby Geo, police inspector
Tomlinson Mr Samuel
Vickers Mrs Ann Red Hill
Ward Mrs Elizabeth
Ward William, lace manufacturer Red Hill
Wayman Mr William
Whitaker Jph. Esq., Ramsdale
Whitchurch Rd., machine overlkr
White Geo Mills, gent
White Miss Sarah
Williams William, solicitor, Arnold grove & Milton St, Nottingham
Woodward Thos., collar maker


Black Swan, Jno. Beardsley, Woodthorpe
Cross keys, John Dickinson
Druid's Tavern, John Hearson
Greyhound, Thomas Hemsworth
Horse and Jockey, Samuel Daft
Old Spot Inn, Wm. Bramley (& horse dealer) Red Hill
Ram Inn, John Hart Red Hill
Robin Hood, John Walters
Seven Stars, Samuel Robinson
Three Crowns, Henry Barrocliffe Red Hill
White Hart, John Needham Red Hill


Allen Elizabeth, National School
Hill Mary Marshall Thos., Free School
Phipps Jph (bdng & day schl.) and regstr of births and deaths for Arnold district


Foster Henry
Jeffery John Red Hill
Marsland Wm. (& confectioner)
Palethorpe John
Simpson Wm. Red Hill
Walters John
Williamson Jph.


Bradley Sabina Red Hill
Breffit George Red Hill
Hulse John
Stafford Ira


Blatherwick H.
Brookes William
Foster William
Morris Joseph

Boot and Shoe Makers

Bailey Zedekiah
Beardsley Joseph
Darker Peter
Fish George
Jackson John
Lamin Thomas
Makin John Daybrook
Mann Robert
Marshall William
Parsons Edward
Portington Thos.
Spendlove Jph.
Spick John


Acton Joseph
Kent John
Nix Samuel
Worrall John (& stone mason)


Allcock Thomas
Barrow John Daybrook
Challand John Red Hill
Dean Edward
Dean John
Denby Stephen
Howitt Hiram
Hulse John
Leverton Wm.
Oscroft Samuel
Shepherd John Daybrook
Showell John
White William
Williamson Wltr.

Corn Millers

Jeffery John Red Hill
Palethorpe John
Simpson Wm. Red Hill
Williamson Job


Allcock Isaac
Beardsley John Daybrook
Edwards John
Goodwin William
Stanfield Robert


Cliff Mary
Smith William


Bennett John
Bishop Edw. M. Red Hill
Bramley Wm. Red Hill
Bryan William
Chadburn George, Cockcliff
Hall Jno., Lodge
Hickling Thos.
Hickman John
Holt William
James Thomas
Maxfield Wm.Daybrook
Miller William
Needham John Red Hill
Oscroft Thomas
Pare John Red Hill
Peck Peter
Pemberton Fdk.
Rhodes Thos. Red Hill
Richmond - Sansom Wood
Robinson Samuel
Robinson Thos. (& woolstapler)
Simpson Wm. Red Hill
Sneath Charles Arnot Vale
Stanfield Robert
Walker William Daybrook
Walters John
Williamson Job
Wolstenholme Thos., Arnold Hl
Wood John
Wood Uriah


Atherley Chpr.
Atherley & Briggs
Collins William
Freer William
Kelk William
Settle Robert Red Hill
Sharman John
Webster William


Hickling Thos., nurseryman
Powley Joseph
Seagrave Edwd.
Wilkinson Enoch


Clements Wm.
Drayton William
Fisher George
Foster Henry
Garratt Edwin (& druggist)
Hartley John Red Hill
Howitt Hiram
Humphreys John
Jackson Thomas
Jones Mary
Kelk John (and clctr of highway rates & rents) Daybrook
Kirk William
Linch George Daybrook
Mann Josiah
Piggin Samuel
Seagrave Willm.
Showell John
Simpson Willm. Red Hill
Stone Elizabeth
Twells Alfred
Ward Henry Daybrook
Williamson Jph.
Williamson Luke
Williamson Wm.
Wood Anthony (& druggist)
Wood William
Worthington Dvd.

Hair Dressers

Clay William
Ellis George

Hosiery Agents

Askew William
Bacon Joseph
Barrows James Red Hill
Birkin James
Boot John
Bryan Thomas
Clark George
Clay John
Clay Wm. (mnfr)
Cooke John
Drinkwater Edm.
Fell Joseph
Godber Robert
Haywood George
Johnson John
Kelk William
Newton Luke Daybrook
Oscroft Thomas
Oscroft William
Peck George
Pembleton Frdk. (manufacturer)
Sharman William
Shepherd Hy. Red Hill
Sulley George Red Hill
Sulley Mary Red Hill
Till Edward
Wildbore John
Willows Robert
Worthington Dvd.


Challand Wm. (& cabt mkr) Red Hill
Clews George
Dyer Theodore
Foster William
Hardstaff William
Hearson John
Jacklin William
Jew Joseph
Miller William
Saxton Robert
Wright Joseph


Leverton Wm.
Robinson Thomas (& brick mkr)
Wolstenholme Th., Arnold Hill

Plumbers, Glaziers & Pntrs

Newton George
Stamp John

Sinker Makers

Ashmoore John
Atherley Jno., jun
Kirk William


Mann Joseph
Trueman Wm.

Tinners & Braziers

Long William
Pare John Daybrook
Pare William


Bradley Sabina Red Hill
Saxton Robert
Southern Saml Red Hill
Terry Joseph Red Hill
Wright Joseph (& plough maker)

Omnibuses to Nottingham

From the Robin Hood & Horse & Jockey, at 9 & 9,30 a.m., 2.0, 2.30, 6.0 & 7.30 p.m. daily

Carriers to Nottingham daily

John Bradbury
John Carnall

[Transcribed by Clive Henly]