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Clarborough (Clareborough or Clayborough)

"Clarborough. This extensive parish is intersected by the Chesterfield Canal, and is skirted on the west by the River Idle, and extends from Retford to Hayton and Leverton. It contains 2,504 inhabitants and 3,410 acres of land, of the rateable value of £6,500. It is divided into the five hamlets of Clarborough, Bolham, Little Gringley, Moorgate and Welham, which repair their own roads separately, but maintain their poor conjointly. At the enclosure of Clarborough and Welham commons in 1777, two allotments, consisting of 197a 2r 37p in the former, and 133a 2r 13p in the latter, were awarded to the lay impropriator (now the Duke of Devonshire) in lieu of the great tithes, and they have since been sold to various freeholders. At the same time, 43a 2r 12p in Clarborough, and 43a 0r 25p in Welham, were alloted to the vicar, as a commutation of the small tithes of those hamlets. The impropriation of Little Gringley was sold about twenty years ago to A.H. Eyre Esq., and the of Bolham and Moorgate to the late Hon. J.B. Simpson of Babworth.

The charities belonging to this parish are a yearly rent charge of £3 6s 8d out of the rectory farm to the poor; £4 per annum left by William Broadhead to the poor of Moorgate and Spittal Hill, out of a house and land at Moorgate; 9s yearly to the poor of Clarborough, left by Mr Fisher, out of land at Welham; an annuity of 14s left by George Mower, to the poor of Clarborough; and an annuity of 10s paid out of the poor rates as the interest of £12, left by Mr Andrew."
[WHITE's "Directory of Nottinghamshire," 1853]


Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 849
1861 R.G. 9 / 2413 & 2414
1871 R.G. 10 / 3451
1891 R.G. 12 / 2639
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Description and Travel

Clarborough is a village and a large parish within the pariliamentary borough of East Retford, situated on the bank of the Chesterfield Canal. The parish is 146 miles north of London and 2.5 miles north-east of East Retford. The parish covers about 3,500 acres and includes the hamlets of Welham, 1 miles north-east from East Retford, and Welham Whinley's 1 miles east of Clarborough. Bollam, Little Gringely and Moorgate hamlets were given to East Retford in 1878 by an Act of Parliament.

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The polulation of this parish took a big drop when the North Retford Civil Parish was split off from it in 1894.

    Year  Population
1801 1,202
1811 1,531
1821 1,929
1831 2,106
1841 2,207
1851 2,504
1871 2,648
1881 2,946
1891 2,899
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