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Elksley (Elcheslsig)

"Elksley Parish lies on the east side of Clumber Park, and is intersected by the Wollen, but the village of Elksley is pleasantly situated on the north bank of that river, near its confluence with the Idle, 4 miles north-north-west of Tuxford. It contains about 450 inhabitants and 2,562 acres of land, including about 400 acres in wood and plantations, a large portion of which formed a wild tract of the forest, till 1780, when it was closed and exonerated from tithes, and an allotment of 66 acres awarded to the King, as Duke of Lancaster, under which Duchy the Duke of Newcastle olds this manor of Elksley, or Elchesleig. The trustees of the late John Sharpe Esq., and St John's College, Cambridge, also have estates here, the latter of which is held on a leasehold tenuity by His Grace. It was partly soc to Bothamsall and of the fee of Roger de Busli. A great portion of the land was given to the monasteries of Worksop, Blyth, Rufford, Newark, Mattersea and Welbeck, and to the latter belonged the rectory and church, which in the 4th year of Edward VI was granted to Richard Winlove and Richard Field, and afterwards passed to the Earl of Clare, who descendant, the Duke of Newcastle, is patronage of the vicarage, which is valued in the King's books at £6 16s, now at £120, and is enjoyed by the Rev. Cornelius Postlethwaite M.A., who resides at the vicarage, a commodious house at the south side of the village, overlooking the vale of the Wollen. The rector receives from the owners, as a commutation of the small tithes of the old enclosure, about £80 a year, and possesses an allotment of 83 acres of the new enclosures."
[WHITE's "Directory of Nottinghamshire," 1853]


Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 849
1861 R.G. 9 / 2416
1891 R.G. 12 / 2641
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Church History

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Church Records

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Civil Registration

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Description and Travel

Elkesley is a village and a parish on the north bank of the River Poulter, 5 miles south of Retford. and 136 miles north of the city of London The parish covers 2,560 acres.

The village is on the north bank of the River Wollen. If you are planning a visit:

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Politics and Government

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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

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    Year Population
1801 291
1841 414
1851 404
1861 362
1871 377
1901 282
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