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Nottingham - A Healthy Place to Live

The following list was compiled by Charles Deering, and published in his book Nottinghamia Vetus et Nova, or an Historical Account of the Ancient and present State of the Town of Nottingham. (1751). It was compiled in June 1744, and is "a list of Aged Persons from 80 Years and upwards, who are either now Living or died since 1740".

The days of our years are three score years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be four score years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow, for it is soon cut off, and we flie away. Psalm 90 v 10.

???? Alcocke 81
Alice Andrews 89
Mary Arnald, Hanley's Hospital 81 died 1743
Richard Allen 83
Joseph Banks 86 died 1741
???? Beardsley - died before 1744
Robert Blag 93 died 1741
Mary Boroughs 80
Joseph Boroughs 80
Anne Bridgeford, New Hospital 82 died 1742
???? Challands 93 died 1744

Mrs Challands, mother of Mrs Ellison, second wife of Mr Ellison, distiller in this town: She lived at the time of her death at Edwalton, about two miles from this town; was noted for her dexterity in setting broken and dislocated bones, whereby she was very helpful to the poor, to who she never refused her charitable assistance, even when she was near her end; for about six or seven weeks before her death, she set a broken arm of a child of four or five years old, and took care of it till it was well. It is remarkable of her that she lived to see the 6th generation.

Anne Chetham 84
Mary Cockup 84
Anne Cox, Bilby's Hospital 83 died 1740
Joseph Clay, gent 82
Mary Clay, his wife 84
???? Crampton, New Hospital 100 died 1740
Stephen Crofts, Bilby's Hospital 90 died 1740

Stephen Crofts was a labouring man, and myself have seen him do a tolerable day work at hedging and ditching when 86 years of age

Thomas Crofts 86' died since'
Jane Derry, New Hospital 80
Philip Draycot 80 died 1744
Mary Elby 85
???? Freeland 99 died 1741

Mrs Freeland had all her faculties and was strong and hearty to the last: She died of no distemper, but went to sleep at night and never wak'd after. She was aunt to Mr Ellison

???? Fuller 86 died

Madam Fuller managed all her own affairs with the utmost exactness to her death; she was blessed in her old age with a peculiar cheerfulness, and enjoy'd a great share of health. She was mother of Mundy Musters, of Colwick, Esq., but lived and died at Nottingham.

Sarah Garland -
???? Gedling 84
???? Gedling, his wife 91

Goody Gedling, without Chapel Bar, sells ale, she walks about, brews herself, and spins, is extremely nimble tongued, and has a voice very shrill, by her countenance one would judge her not to be above 70.

Dorothy Goddard 95 died 1740
Benjamin Green 87 died 1742

Mrs Green, after she had enjoyed a great share of health for many years, died at the age of 87. Her husband, who died some years before her, was 83.

Mary Gregory, New Hospital 80
John Hatheway 90

Mr Hathaway is a lusty man and enjoys good health, and at 80 married a second wife.

???? Haywood 89 died 1742

Mr Haywood, was a strong lusty man, and followed his business of malting to the last.

Zachary Hazard 84 died 1743
Anne Henson 87 died 1742
John Hilton 93 died 1740

John Hilton had all his senses perfect to the last

???? Hollis 80

A joyner, still working at his trade.

???? Jackson 80
Thomas Jalland 81
Nathan James 84 died 1740
John Johnson 82 died 1741
Sam Johnson 84 died 1744
John Killingly 84

Mr John Killingley reads without spectacles, has hardly a grey hair on his head; he used till wothin a very few years, to walk to London on foot and back again, works now for his amusement in the stocking-frame.

Philip Launder, gent 81

Mr Launder walks well, and can ride on horseback as well as ever, and during the summer season, bowles every week at St Anne's Well.

???? Metclafe 84
???? Martinel, St Nicholas' Workhouse 89
Elizabeth Marshall 82
George Miller 82 died 1744

Mr George Milner of this town, was till within two years of his death, one of the stewards to the Earl of Chesterfield, and was as able to do business as ever.

???? Oliver 81
Samuel Onion 81

A sadler, still working at his trade.

Jonathan Paramour - died
Mary Paul 89 died 1743
Roger Radford - died
William Radford 80 died 1741
Mary Ridley 89
Mary Ryley, St Mary's Workhouse100 died 1739

Goody Ryley, till within three years of her death, being in St Mary's Workhouse, if she was not please with her usage, would every now and then, take a ramble on foot to London, where she had some of her children settled, and, if they gave her the least offence, she would as readily trot down again to Nottingham; she was above 100 years of age, but there was not the same circumstantial proof to believe she was so old as she pretended, viz 110 years, tho' her daughter now living is upwards of 80.

Lydia Selby 80

Lydia Selby is in good health, and walked the 15th of this present August in the forenoon to gedling and back again, which is full six miles.

???? Shawe, Hanley's Hosptial 80
???? Sheers 84
???? Smallpage 90 died 1741
???? Smith, widow 82 died 1741
Anne Smith 81 died 1741
Robert Southern, Labourer's Hospital 80

A stocking-maker, still working at his trade. It is remarkable that he was married to one, and his only wife, 53 years wanting five days.

John Stone 82
???? Strey 82
George Tacy100 died

George Tacy, who died in the New Hospital, drove a water cart when he was 100.

Mary Vickers 90 died 1740

Mary Vickars was at her spinning wheel, but three days before she died.

Hannah Wag 83 died 1744
Henry Ward109 died 1736

Henry Ward was in good health at the age of 106, when he was made a burgess of Nottingham, to which he had a right,having served seven years in Nottingham, where he was also born; he had spent the most considerable part of his life at Nottingham, tho' he died two miles off, upon the Forest, in Basford parish, by his own confession he had drank pretty freely for many years, during which he kept a public house.

Elizabeth Wesson 84 died 1744
Robert Weston 84 died 1742
???? White, widow 85
John Wig, gent 84 died 1743

Mr Wig, brother of the relict of the late Alderman Green, had so young a countenance that he seemed to be not above 60; he walker well, and in the season till within six or seven months before his death, never fail'd once a week to go to St Anne's Well, a mile from the town, and back again, after he had bowled all the afternoon.

John Wildboar 84
Samuel Wildboar - died
Elizabeth Wood, midwife 88
???? Wood, by St Peter's Church 82
Mary Wright, on the Long Row 82
???? Wright