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Help and advice for 7 Dec - 28 Dec 1869

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7 Dec - 28 Dec 1869

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 7 December 1869 Page 5, column 5

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library


BALDRA --- AMES. On the 28th November, at St Peter's Chapel of Ease, Lowestoft, by the Rev J.C. WALKER, Mr Timothy Burkitt BALDRA, to Emma Sophia AMES, both of Lowestoft.

LAMB --- BENNETT. On the 1st December, at the Independent Chapel, Wickham Market, by the Rev H. KIDDLE, of Norwich, the Rev John LAMB, Baptist minister, Tunstall, to Miss E. BENNETT of London.

SADD --- COLMAN. On Thursday last, at Henstead, Suffolk, by the Rev G.A. WHITAKER, rector, Edward J. SADD, of Wissett, eldest son of Job SADD, of Henstead, to Mary Elizabeth, second daughter of James COLMAN, the Grange.


ALDEN --- On the 25th November, aged 69, Hannah, wife of Thomas ALDEN, who for the last 33 years of her life performed the duties of parish clerk at Campsey Ash, where she died, having succeeded her father, who for 25 years previously had been parish clerk there.

ANDREWES [sic] --- On the 25th November, at 59, Lupus-street, Pimlico, the Rev William Nesfield ANDREWS [sic], late the rector of Chilton, Suffolk.

BERRY --- On the 23rd November, at the house of his son-in-law, Kelmarsh Rectory, Northamptonshire, aged 84, the Rev William BERRY, Rector of Bircham Newton, and Bircham Tofts, in this county.

WEBSTER --- On the 25th November, aged 82, the Rev G.E. WEBSTER, M.A., rector of Grundisburgh.

HADDON --- On Tuesday last [30 November], at Upper Sherringham, Norfolk, in his 67th year, Mr Samuel HADDON, deeply regretted.

PIZEY --- On the 28th November, after a long affliction, Newton, youngest son of Henry PIZEY, Manor House, Woodbridge.

LEECH --- On the 14th August, in India, in his 31st year, William, the second and beloved son of Wm. [sic] LEECH, of Dallinghoo, Suffolk; also, on the 25th of September, his only child; also, on the 10th of October, Mary Ann LEECH, wife of the above.

MAYHEW --- On the 1st December, at Beccles, aged 84 years, Martha, widow of Mr Thomas MAYHEW, coachbuilder, late of Beccles.

TAYLOR --- On the 27th November, aged 76, William TAYLOR, dispensing chemist, Norwich, respected by all who knew him.

TOWLER --- On the 25th November, at Swaffham, in her 101st year, Lucy Ann, relict of the late William Glover TOWLER, of Ashill, in this county.

WRIGHT --- On the 22nd November, in his 84th year, Mr William WRIGHT, of St Saviour's, Norwich, greatly respected.

In addition to the above: -

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 7 December 1869 Page 4, column 5

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library

BANKRUPTS.---JOHNSON, Henry, Great Yarmouth, smack owner; PARKER, J.U., Grundisburgh, Suffolk; BRYANT, Benaiah, Thrandestone, Suffolk, cattle dealer; WRIGHT, Charles, Trimley St Martin, farmer and veterinary surgeon; BIRD, Benjamin, jun., Lowestoft, journeyman baker; CUBITT, David, Norwich, shoe manufacturer.

And also: -

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 7 December 1869 Page 5, column 5

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library

SOUTHWOLD Practical Sympathy For A Townsman.---In June last Mr Samuel POWDITCH, a highly respectable inhabitant of this town, had the misfortune to lose a vessel called Mariner's Hope, of which he was sole owner and his brother master. From the lowness of freights and the high rate of marine insurance, the vessel was totally uninsured. Many of Mr POWDITCH's friends, commiserating with his loss, determined to raise a subscription for him, and this week 111 Pounds 6 Shillings and 6 Pence was paid over to him. There are still a few more subscriptions unpaid, and they will, on receipt, be added to the former amount. Mr POWDITCH's case is rendered peculiarly deserving by the fact that he was about three years since rendered incapable of following his calling as a master mariner, from a compound fracture of the leg, caused by the Victoria-dock gates closing too quickly, and thus jamming him between the tiller and stanchions of his vessel. Mr POWDITCH is deeply grateful to his friends who have thus helped him in his need. He has a family of five children under twelve years of age.

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 14 December 1869 Page 5, column 5

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library


DRANE --- BRADY. On the 15th of September last, at Jackson La., U.S., at the residence of Alf HAZARD, Esq., the bride's guardian, and Mayor of that town, James, fourth son of the late James DRANE, Esq., formerly of Pulham, Norfolk, and East Maitland, N.S.W., to Fanny BRADY.

MASSY [sic] --- ARNOLD. On the 29th [November?], at Calcutta, by the Rev B.T. ATLEY, M.A., Major William Godfrey Dunham MASSEY [sic], 5th Lancers, Assistant-Adjutant-General, Bengal, to Elizabeth Jane, widow of the late George ARNOLD, Esq., and eldest daughter of Major-General Sir Thomas SEATON, K.C.B., of Ackworth House, East Bergholt, Suffolk.

MILLS --- HAXELL. On the 2nd September, at Yandilla Darling Downs, Queensland, by the Rev Joshua JONES, James Checkley, third son of John MILLS, Esq., of Checkley, Parramatta, New South Wales, to Margaret Nelson, youngest daughter of the late James HAXELL, Esq., of Ipswich.

SMITH --- PLIMSAUL. On the 8th December, at the parish church of Swaffham, by the Rev S. EVERARD, vicar, I.B. SMITH, Esq., of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, to E.M. PLIMSAUL, youngest daughter of I. PLIMSAUL, Esq., of Swaffham, Norfolk.


CHURCHMAN --- On the 6th December, aged 66, Mrs Betsey [sic] CHURCHMAN, for many years the valuable Matron of the Stanley Home, Norwich.

ETHERIDGE --- On the 22nd August, accidentally drowned on the voyage to Calcutta, much respected by all on board, Charles Thomas William ETHERIDGE, in his 23rd year, eldest grandson of the late Charles ETHERIDGE, Esq., of Starston, Norfolk.

FENTON --- On the 7th December, at his residence, Crown Street, Bury St Edmund's, aged 79, Mr William FENTON, for many years a merchant and maltster in that town.

GAY --- On the 6th December, at his residence, St George's Terrace, St George's Street, Ipswich, aged 53 years, the Rev John GAY, for 27 years a highly respected Nonconformist Minister of that town.

HULL --- On the 5th December, at the Vicarage, Wickhambrooke, aged 67, Alice DAWSON, the beloved wife of the Rev J.D. HULL.

HARDINGHAM --- On the 8th December, at Great Yarmouth, aged 74, Mr Stephen HARDINGHAM, having been for over 57 years in the service of Messrs GROUT & Co., crape manufacturers.

JORDAN --- On the 10th December, at Beccles, Mr Robert JORDAN, butcher, aged 62.

LAYTON --- On the 5th December, at Attleborough, aged 66, John LAYTON, butcher, lamented and respected.

MEDCALFE --- On the 3rd December, at Charlesfield, Suffolk, Ellen, wife of the Rev David MEDCALFE, and youngest daughter of the late Philip MULES, Esq., of Honiton, Devon.

MILN --- On the 13th December, at Beccles, Margaret, wife of Mr Joseph MILN, gardener, aged 49 years.

PENNEY --- On the 3rd December, at Southwold, aged 82, Ann, relict of the late Thomas PENNEY, greatly respected.

SKOULDING --- On the 6th December, at Seinde House, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Frederick John SKOULDING, aged 28 years, son of the late F.T. SKOULDING, Esq., Silfield Lodge, Wymondham, Norfolk.

TILLETT --- On the 2nd December, aged 91, much respected, Mr William TILLETT, of Hasketon.

WATTS --- On the 5th December, at Knapton, Norfolk, after a lingering illness, Robert WATTS, farmer, in his 77th year.

WIGG --- On the 7th December, at Harleston, Norfolk, in her 41st year, Caroline Eliza, the beloved wife of Mr L.N. WIGG, deeply regretted.

WILLETT --- On the 9th December, at Thorpe, near Norwich, Edw. [sic] WILLETT, Esq., in his 72nd year.

WITT --- On the 4th December, at Tunbridge Wells, in his 62nd year, Edward WITT, Esq., late of Fornham, Suffolk.

WALKER --- On the 1st December, at Bungay, Ann, daughter of Philip WALKER, Esq., late of Flixton, aged 77 years.

In addition to the above: -

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 14 December 1869 Page 5, column 1

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library

HARLESTON ......Sending Putrid Sausages To market.---At the Guildhall Police Court on Wednesday last, Walter DUNHAM, a butcher, residing at Harleston, in Norfolk, was summoned before Sir Robert W. CARDEN for sending putrid sausages to London for sale. Mr BAYLIS prosecuted on behalf of the Commissioners of Sewers; and Mr BEARD appeared for the defendant. Mr BAYLIS said that on the 17th November the defendant sent 29 pounds weight of sausages to Messrs DEAN and ATTWOOD, meat salesmen in the New Meat Market. The sausages had good skins, but the meat in them was found to be putrid. They were seized by one of the inspectors of the market, brought to court, and condemned. The defendant stated that they were made from the flesh of a boar which had been bought from Captain HUNTER on the 1st November, and that they had not been worked up into sausages until the 16th. Evidence as to the arrival, seizure, condition, and condemnation of the sausages having been given, the sending was admitted. Mr BEARD elicited from the witnesses that the defendant was a very respectable man, but that lately he had lost his wife and child, and in consequence of that domestic affliction, had been much more from home than he used to be, and was therefore, not able to look after his business. A witness stated that he had eaten one of the sausages and found it excellent; at the same time, he admitted that when he packed them in the hamper they smelt slightly. Mr BEARD produced a number of certificates from gentlemen in the defendant's neighbourhood testifying to his respectability. Sir Robert W. CARDEN said that in every case of sending bad to meat London the defendants always brought good characters with them. He said that if it had not been for the defendant's recent bereavement he should have sent him to prison without the option of a fine. However, it was so bad a case that he could not pass over it without inflicting the heaviest pecuniary fine the law empowered him to impose, and that was 20 Pounds, and he should also order him to pay 5 Pounds 5 Shillings costs. The fine and costs were paid.

And also: -

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 14 December 1869 Page 5, column 2

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library

LOWESTOFT ......Sudden Death.---Mrs PILE, wife of Mr Thomas PILE, builder and landlord of the Royal Oak, Kirkley, was about her usual avocations on Thursday evening, when she was attacked with violent pains in the head. Dr WORTHINGTON was immediately in attendance. After being assisted upstairs, Mrs PILE fell into a state of coma, from which she did not rally, but died between three and four o'clock on Friday morning. The deceased, through her kind disposition, had gained the respect of the neighbourhood.

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 21 December 1869 Page 5, column 5

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library


DE LA TRYME --- CUBITT. On the 16th December, at Fritton, Suffolk, by the Rev James Lee WARNER, Honorary Canon of Norwich, uncle of the bride, Charles DE LA TRYME, Esq., of Wiston, Huntingdonshire, to Sophia, third daughter of the Ref F.W. CUBITT, rector of Fritton.

FLOWERDAY --- HARVEY. On the 6th December, at the Baptist Chapel, Ingham, Norfolk, by the Rev W. H. PAYNE, of Worstead, Mr Edward FLOWERDAY, of Swaffham, to Mary Sophia, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Cook HARVEY, farmer of Stalham.


AYERS --- On the 12th December, at Lingwood, Norfolk, aged 61, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late john Wigg AYERS, Esq.

BARBER --- On the 14th December, at Beccles, Mary Ann, wife of Frederick BARBER, sailor, aged 29 years.

COCKS --- On the 14th December, at Bungay, at an advanced age. Mary Ann, relict of the late Mr Jeremiah COCKS, of Weybread.

CROWFOOT --- On the 18th December, at Beccles, William CROWFOOT, Coldstream Guards, aged 30 years.

FLICK --- On the 16th December, at Saxmundham, after a few hours' illness, in the fourth year of her age, Rose Stanford, second child of Robert and Anna FLICK.

HAMOND --- On the 13th December, at Westacre, Anthony HAMOND, Esq., aged 64.

KING --- On the 14th December, in her 68th year, Ellen, the wife of Mr KING, farmer, Reepham, Norfolk.

LAST --- On the 29th October, at Galt, Canada West, aged 19, Samuel, the second son of Samuel LAST, formerly of Aldeby, Norfolk.

SHERIFFE --- On the 13th December, at Centre Cliff House, Southwold, Miss Harriet SHERIFFE, aged 76.

TUTHILL --- On the 3rd December, at Cringleford, Norfolk, from injuries received on the previous day by a waggon passing over the lower part of his body, John TUTHILL, aged 41, greatly respected.

YOUNGS --- On the 14th December, at Millgate-street, Aylsham, aged 67, Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Peter YOUNGS, of Norwich.

In addition to the above: -

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 21 December 1869 Page 5, column 4

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library

EPITOME OF NORFOLK NEWS ......Celebration Of The Birthday Of A Centenarian.---On Tuesday evening last, the birthday of Susan STEVENSON, who completed her hundredth year, was celebrated at Mr MASON's auction room, St Gregory's, Norwich, kindly lent and decorated by him for the occasion. The vicar, churchwardens, C. TUCK, Esq., and H. ROBINSON, Esq., handsomely provided an ample tea and dessert, to which about twenty-six of the aged poor of the parish were invited. The venerable guest appeared in perfect health, and in possession of all her faculties, with the exception of a deafness. She can read without the aid of her glasses, and is a constant attendant at church twice every Sunday. The evening was enlivened with several songs, recitations, and toasts; and the old lady's health was drunk with acclamation. Her sampler, worked in 1780, was produced, and handled around the room. Amongst the company present were the vicar and Mrs WORTLEY, H. ROBINSON, Esq., and lady, Mr W. SMITH, Mr NEWMAN, Mr LINGWOOD, Mr C. OURY, relieving officer, and about thirty of the parishioners of St Gregory's, who ministered to the comfort of the old folk. The party broke up at an early hour, highly delighted with the evening's entertainment. The centenarian's daughter aged 76, was also present.

There were no marriage or death announcements in the issue of 28 December.

Instead: -

East Suffolk Gazette And Beccles And Bungay Weekly News 28 December 1869 Page 5, column 5

From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library

EPITOME OF SUFFOLK NEWS ......Shocking Accident On The Great Eastern Railway.---Early on Tuesday morning a platelayer named James DINES was walking along the Great Eastern line between Bentley and Ipswich, when he discovered the remains of a man who had been literally cut to pieces by a passing train. DINES recognised the body as that of a game keeper named WHITING in the service of Mr MORRIS, Wherstead Park, WHITING had been at a raffle at a public-house in the suburbs of Ipswich close to the railway on Monday night, but when he left was not under the influence of liquor, and at three o'clock in the morning was spoken to by a police-constable, and was then sober. There can be no doubt that the unfortunate man got on the rails to walk home, and was run over by the goods train, which arrived at Ipswich shortly after four o'clock. The driver of the train was examined at the inquest, which has been held, and stated that he felt no unusual shock between Bentley and Ipswich, and was not aware that he had run over a man. He could not see if anyone was on the line on account of the mist and darkness. The horrible manner in which the body was mutilated was thus described by the surgeon - The body was severed in two, both arms were detached, the head nearly separated from the body by a cut across the neck. A verdict of Accidental Death was given.