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Bishops Hull Marriages 1562-1812

Unknown Surnames

Surname Forenames Spouse Marriage Date
[-] [-] Abraham Smale [sic] [not stated] 1756
[-] Jane John Verncom, of [? No]rton 27 Oct 1574
[-] Margaret Richard Kimpland 02 Feb 1659
[-] Rachell William Davies was married to Rachell [sic]  1645
[-]more [-] Susann Manners 29 May 1657
[?G]ifing Hannah Henry Donman 05 Apr 1722
[?Gilliott] Jane George Dunman 05 Nov 1717
[S]hute Marga[ret] Johannes Tucker 26 Nov 1562
Transcription by Roy Parkhouse
Email: roy@parkhouse.org.uk
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