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Corfe St Nicholas Baptisms 1682-1894

Illegible Surnames

Surname Forenames Baptism Date Other Information
* Charles 21 May 1835 Commons?
* Edmond 15 Mar 1755 s Stephen/Ann, ?sname=Lutley
* John 18 Jan 1835 s William/Ann, lab, ?sname=Con
* John 16 May 1686 s Thomas/Mary, ?sname
* Mary 13 Mar 1836 d John/Sarah, servant, ?sname
* Mary 19 Sep 1742 d Samuel/Mary, ?sname=Fitch
* Mary 14 Jun 1761 d John/Mary, ?sname=Barusrd
* Robert 09 Mar 1719 s Samuel/Elizabeth, ?sname=Ke.
* Susanah 24 May 1730 d Robert/?, ?sname
Transcription by Roy Parkhouse
Email: roy@parkhouse.org.uk
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