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1841 Census of Merriott, Somerset

(PRO Piece No. H0107/0940)

Transcribed by Sue Osborne

Surname Order       As Enumerated
BAILEY, Elizabeth to CRIDGE, Sarah
CROSS, Ann to EASON, William
EDMOND?, Joseph to GIBBS, Sarah
GOULD, Adam to KELLAWAY?, William
KING, Ann to LAWRENCE, Matilda
LAWRENCE, Oliver to MITCHELL, Joseph
MITCHELL, Margaret to OSBORNE, Joseph?
OSBORNE, Katherine to PATTEMORE, Robt
ROUSELL, Fanny to SWEET, Anna
SWEET, Benjamin to TRASK, Ascenith?
TRASK, Betsey to WILLS, Arthur
WILLS, Betsey to YOUNG, William

Folios 5 to 7
Folios 7 to 9
Folios 9 to 11
Folios 12 to 14
Folios 20 to 21
Folios 22 to 25
Folios 25 to 28
Folios 28 to 30
Folios 30 to 39
Folios 39 to 42
Folios 42 to 44
Folios 44 to 47

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