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1851 Census of Merriott, Somerset

(PRO Piece No. H0107/1928)

Transcribed by Sue Osborne

Surname Order       As Enumerated
ALFORD, Maryanne to CHANT, Thomas
CHANT, William to DRAYTON, Thomas F
DRUCE, Ann to ENGLAND, Joseph
ENGLAND, Lavinia to GEEB, Susan
GEEB, Uriah to HOCKEY, Josiah
HOCKEY, Mary to LACEY, William
LACY, Ann to LAWRENCE, Anna?
LAWRENCE, Betty to LAWRENCE, Susanna
LAWRENCE, Thomas to MITCHELL, Robert
OSBORNE, George to OSBORNE, Susannah
PATTEMORE, Louisa to PAUL, Henry
PAUL, Isaac to ROUSELL, Honor?
ROUSELL, Isaac to SHUTLER, Sarah
SHUTLER, Thamasin to SWEET, Emma
SWEET, G- to SWEET, William
TEMPLEMAN, John to WARRY, Onisephorus
WARRY, Richard to WILLS, Joseph
WILLS, Lucy to Unknown Surnames

Folios 312 to 314
Folios 314 to 316
Folios 317 to 318
Folios 319 to 320
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Folios 332 to 333
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Folios 338 to 340
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Folios 350 to 353
Folios 353 to 355
Folios 355 to 357
Folios 357 to 474
Folios 475 to 498

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