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Minehead Marriages 1776-1815

Transcribed by Ireen Warbrooke

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19 Oct 1776 by Banns
William Murray
Mary Haddon, Spinster

27 Jan 1777 by Banns
John Tomms
Betty Godfrey, Spinster

2 May 1777 by Licence
John Brown
Mary Dabb, Spinster

23 May 1777 by Licence
Samuel Hayman Warren
Ann Blake, Spinster

13 Jul 1777 by Banns
George Govier?
Mary Adams, Spinster

20 Nov 1777 by Banns
John Williams
Elizabeth Freck, Spinster

24 Jan 1778 by Banns
Thomas German
Betty Norcombe, Spinster

27 Jan 1778 by Banns
Robert Leigh
Elizabeth Sydenham, Spinster

14 Feb 1778 by Banns
Benjamin Gard
Joan Widlake, Spinster

29 Mar 1778 by Banns
John Court
Sarah Milton

25 May 1778 by Banns
Christopher Harding
Ann Williams

9 Aug 1778 by Banns
William Spear
Hannah Collings

6 Sep 1778 by Banns
Thomas Clogg
Betty Pope?

31 Jan 1779 by Banns
Thomas Griffith Husbandman
Mary Hurford, Spinster

28 Feb 1779 by Banns
Henry Chellacombe?
Betty Jones

18 Apr 1779 by Banns
Joseph Belford
Ann Jones

16 Jun 1779 by Banns
Jenkin Jenkins
Mary Jones

20 Jun 1779 by Banns
Richard Leach, Widower
Sarah Hole, Widow

27 Jul 1779 by Banns
Samuel Richmond
Joan Watts

18 Aug 1779 by Licence
John Merrick
Sarah Hooper of Selworthy

6 Sep 1779 by Banns
Andrew Bouchier
Betty Creech

12 Sep 1779 by Banns
Joseph Wilcox
Ann Mico

26 Oct 1779 by Licence
George Bennett
Jane Wackrill

16 Jan 1780 by Licence
John Jenkins
Mary Underwood

6 Feb 1780 by Banns
James Cane
Joan Cording

6 Feb 1780 by Licence
John Radford
Ann Widlake

27 Mar 1780 by Banns
William Long
Alice Rawle

9 Apr 1780 by Banns
Thomas Bryant
Jane Howe

6 Jul 1780 by Banns
John Williams
Nancy Ware

9 Jul 1780 by Banns
George Hensley
Sarah Boone

17 Jul 1780 by Banns
Edward Collard of Brushford
Mary Leigh

10 Oct 1780 by Banns
Henry Dugdall
Ann Frank

30 Oct 1780 by Banns
Edward End of Ireland
Elinor Sullivan of Of The Same Kingdom!

30 Oct 1780 by Banns
Nathaniel Wallis of Froome
Martha Pritchat of Newland Glocester

4 Nov 1780 by Banns
James Purse
Joan Melton

15 Nov 1780 by Banns
Peter Woodley
Frances Adams

8 Mar 1781 by Licence
John Wells
Mary Harrison

20 Mar 1781 by Banns
Michael Flannigan
Rebecca Edbrook

13 May 1781 by Banns
Bartholemew Richmond
Charity Bryant

30 May 1781 by Licence
Edward May jnr
Betty Thomas alias poulsfo

4 Jun 1781 by Banns
David D'arques
Nancy James

16 Jun 1781 by Banns
John James
Rachel Fraser of St Georges

2 Oct 1781 by Banns
Edward Davis
Sarah James

27 Oct 1781 by Banns
Joseph Fortune
Betty Wescott

25 Dec 1781 by Banns
Richard Howe
Joan Poare?

1 Jan 1782 by Licence
John Adams
Sarah Jenkins

21 Mar 1782 by Banns
Thomas Cooper
Mary Pugsley

25 Jul 1782 by Licence
Thomas Huxtable
Betty Alford

21 Sep 1782 by Banns
John Rawle
Mary Stacey

15 Oct 1782 by Banns
George Bryant
Hannah Escot

9 Nov 1782 by Banns
James Purse
Betty Priscott

19 Nov 1782 by Licence
Samuel Tidball
Frances Martin

28 Jan 1783 by Banns
Thomas Cobly
Elizabeth Venn

3 Mar 1783 by Banns
Robert Chaplin of Luccombe
Ann Young of Lydiard St Laurence Somerset

29 Apr 1783 by Licence
Patrick O'malley of Burronson? In The Kingdom Of I
Ann Taylor, Widow

17 Jul 1783 by Licence
Thomas Lott
Joanna Forrest of

2 Nov 1783 by Banns
James White
Betty Merrick

30 Nov 1783 by Licence
Thomas Baggs
Catharine Franks

24 Feb 1784 by Licence
Thomas Manston
Margaret Poole, Widow

27 Mar 1784 by Banns
Benjamin Gard of Old Cleeve Somerset
Mary Hensley

2 May 1784 by Banns
John Thomas
Mary Bugg

9 May 1784 by Banns
James Hensley
Mary Hill

30 May 1784 by Banns
John Bennett of Dunster
Eleanor Hardwicke

13 Jun 1784 by Banns
Jabez/Afer? Young
Betty Sages?

25 Sep 1784 by Banns
Richard Griffis
Mary Creech

2 Oct 1784 by Banns
Robert Thorn of Selworthy
Ann Atkins

9 Oct 1784 by Banns
John Hulett
Margaret Cobley

30 Oct 1784 by Banns
Francis Rice
Betty Clogg

13 Dec 1784 by Licence
George Davis
Sarah Hardwicke

30 Dec 1784 by Banns
John Cobly
Mary Poole

6 Jan 1785 by Licence
John North of Fitzhead Somerset
Joan Kent

4 Mar 1785 by Licence
Phillip Ball
Elizabeth Catharine Hollings

26 Mar 1785 by Banns
Robert Hill
Mary Watts

27 Mar 1785 by Banns
William Griffith
Mary Cunibeer

30 Mar 1785 by Banns
Thomas Mogford
Ann Hill

19 May 1785 by Banns
Charles Joans
Betty White

3 Jul 1785 by Banns
William Morris
Sarah Burge

22 Jul 1785 by Banns
John James, Widower
Mary Seaman, Spinster

22 Jul 1785 by Licence
Edward Smith
Mary Cording

3 Aug 1785 by Banns
Samuel Jenkins, Widower
Mary Drew, Spinster

28 Oct 1785 by Banns
Thomas Short Husbandman
Mary Chapman, Spinster

31 Jan 1786 by Licence
John Wells
Martha Tayler

31 Jan 1786 by Banns
William Wyatt
Betty Ward

16 Feb 1786 by Licence
John Jenkins
Mary Deake

17 Apr 1786 by Licence
Henry Ball
Mary Hollings

18 Apr 1786 by Banns
John Bennett
Mary Roberts

28 Apr 1786 by Banns
Thomas Richards
Mary Jones

29 Jun 1786 by Licence
Thomas Trap of Chard Somerset
Christian Tudball

8 Jul 1786 by Banns
John Moggridge
Betty Partridge

29 Aug 1786 by Licence
William Bucknoll of Huish? Champflower
Catharine Bryant

7 Sep 1786 by Banns
John Hensley
Mary Slape

30 Sep 1786 by Banns
George Withy
Charity Carett

26 Nov 1786 by Banns
Henry Callaway
Mary Chilcott

5 Jan 1787 by Banns
Walter Edwards of Bampton Devon
Betty Roberts

27 Feb 1787 by Licence
Robert Bindon/Ward
Mary Ward/Bindon

25 Mar 1787 by Banns
William Kent
Mary Litley

2 Apr 1787 by Banns
Joseph Morgin
Joan Allen

4 Apr 1787 by Licence
Francis Pearce
Margaret Tanner

21 Jun 1787 by Banns
John Kinner
Anne Moreman

29 Jul 1787 by Banns
William Cunnibeer
Mary Cunnibeer

4 Aug 1787 by Banns
James Stacey
Elizabeth Davis

21 Aug 1787 by Licence
James Cooth of Liverpool Lancaster
Susanna Browne Vicary

17 Sep 1787 by Banns
Henry Strong
Hannah Pearce

27 Nov 1787 by Licence
Murdoch Mackenzie
Sarah Ann Cox

29 Jan 1788 by Banns
Heffner James
Sarah Richards

2 Feb 1788 by Banns
William Kemp
Ann? Bastone of Porlock

2 Mar 1788 by Banns
Richard Emett
Elizabeth Knight

28 Mar 1788 by Banns
John Mudon?? of Luckham
Mary Milton

6 Apr 1788 by Banns
James White
Elizabeth Hensley

26 Sep 1788 by Banns
Richard Richards
Sarah Quinke?

28 Sep 1788 by Banns
John Cobly
Mary Conniberr

23 Nov 1788 by Banns
William Stacy
Mary Reed

30 Nov 1788 by Banns
John Lucas of Dunster
Mary Floyd

21 Dec 1788 by Banns
William Jenkins
Joanna Hoyle

14 Apr 1789 by Banns
John Knight
Elizabeth Widlake

31 Aug 1789 by Banns
George Bryant
Dorothy Gully

9 Sep 1789 by Banns
James Crockford
Grace Roberts

22 Nov 1789 by Banns
Richard Hole
Mary Knight

25 Jan 1790 by Banns
William Richmond
Betty Morgan

22 Feb 1790 by Banns
George Case
Jane Jones

22 Feb 1790 by Banns
Thomas Chapman
Sarah Reed

1 Mar 1790 by Banns
Nathaniel Alloway
Jenny Cobley

28 Mar 1790 by Banns
James Duddridges
Ann Bale

20 Apr 1790 by Banns
Henry James
Ann Barnes of Cutcombe???

24 May 1790 by Banns
Edward Short
Jane Pasmore

13 Nov 1790 by Licence
John Gore? Devonshire
Elizabeth Matthews

5 Dec 1790 by Banns
James Jones
Mary Dollin

16 Jan 1791 by Banns
John Smith
Mary Brown

24 Jun 1791 by Banns
John Melton
Jane Priscott

26 Jun 1791 by Banns
Thomas Huxtable
Ann Broadmead

14 Aug 1791 by Banns
George James
Agnes Dyer

2 Oct 1791 by Banns
John Coles of Dunster
Peggy Pinn?

20 Nov 1791 by Banns
Robert Philpott
Mary Glass

31 Jan 1792 by Banns
John Reed
Jane Bale

9 Jul 1792 by Banns
James White of Luxborough
Sarah Beague

9 Sep 1792 by Banns
James Four ackres
Peggy Horman

13 Sep 1792 by Licence
John Deake, Bachelor
Sarah Griffiths, Spinster

21 Oct 1792 by Banns
James Edbrooke
Betty Leigh Griffith

13 Jan 1793 by Banns
Joshua Wood
Mary Guppy

2 Feb 1793 by Banns
George Bushin
Sarah Shurt

7 Mar 1793 by Banns
William Griffith
Elizabeth Tudball

11 Apr 1793 by Licence
Thomas Williams
Berry Martin

29 Apr 1793 by Banns
William Berry
Elizabeth Strong

21 Sep 1793 by Banns
Philip Headford
Mary Chapman, Spinster

26 Sep 1793 by Licence
George Radford
Mary Jenkins

22 Jan 1794 by Banns
Thomas Baker
Hannah Sully

28 Jan 1794 by Banns
Robert Smith
Sarah Milton

20 Feb 1794 by Licence
James Priscott of Wootton Courtney
Joan Griffith

20 Apr 1794 by Banns
Robert Hooper
Mary Berry

17 Jul 1794 by Banns
John Callaway
Jane Carpenter

7 Sep 1794 by Banns
Samuel Tackel
Nancy Leigh

8 Sep 1794 by Banns
John Hensley
Ann Swanger

6 Dec 1794 by Banns
John Chegge
Betty Check

30 Mar 1795 by Banns
Thomas Dyer
Mary Horn

5 Apr 1795 by Banns
Willm. Griffiths
Margaret Hunt

29 May 1795 by Banns
Joseph Shurp
Charity Richmond

11 Nov 1795 by Licence
John Emra of Holberton Devon
Elizabeth Bastone Blake

6 Jan 1796 by Licence
Richard Sawyer of St Augustine's City of Bristol
Elizabeth Tanner

3 Apr 1796 by Banns
Thomas Nichols
Elizabeth Baker

20 Apr 1796 by Banns
John Thomas
Mary Winter

23 May 1796 by Banns
Anthony Mogford
Mary Guard

26 Jun 1796 by Licence
William Hawkins of Barnstaple Devon
Mary Bulls

6 Aug 1796 by Licence
William Cobley, Widower
Susanna Barnstable, Widow

16 Sep 1796 by Banns
William Groves
Ann Mogford

1 Dec 1796 by Licence
Joseph Rawle
Elizabeth Blake

6 Dec 1796 by Banns
John Wey
Jenny Cooxly

15 Aug 1797 by Banns
John Reed
Elizabeth Copley

19 Nov 1797 by Banns
Isaac Moore
Mary Kent

13 Jan 1798 by Licence
John Callaway
Susanna Blake

8 Apr 1798 by Banns
James Moore of Timberscombe
Mary Jones

24 Jun 1798 by Banns
Samuel Cann?
Ann Venn

9 Jul 1798 by Banns
Robert Baker Batchalor!
Ann James, Spinster

17 Sep 1798 by Banns
John Harman
Mary Sully

14 Nov 1798 by Banns
Richard Smith
Mary Bushen

1 Jan 1799 by Banns
Mark Coles
Jane Slade

20 Feb 1799 by Banns
Richard How
Joan Kemp

11 Mar 1799 by Banns
Charles Fry
Elizabeth Slade

27 Jun 1799 by Licence
James Needs
Elizabeth Chapple Buller

8 Jul 1799 by Licence
Edward Graddon of Bishop Lydeard
Elizabeth Joyce

14 Jul 1799 by Licence
Samuel Joyce
Sarah Mudon

14 Oct 1799 by Banns
Henry Guppy
Mary Taylor

20 Oct 1799 by Licence
John Widlake of John
Mary Berry of Callaway

28 Oct 1799 by Licence
John Rich of Lydeard St Lawrence
Ann Craigg

31 Dec 1799 by Banns
Thomas Hooper
Elizabeth Short

17 Feb 1800 by Banns
Peter Martin of
Ann Reed

1 Mar 1800 by Licence
Edward Troth
Frances Tedball

30 Mar 1800 by Banns
William Gardner of Old Cleeve
Mary James

31 Mar 1800 by Licence
James Taylor of Selworthy
Mary Tapscott

18 Jun 1800 by Licence
William Philips of Bridgwater
Joanna Needs

27 Jul 1800 by Licence
John Fry
Sarah Martin

29 Sep 1800 by Banns
William Jones
Joan Hensley

5 Nov 1800 by Banns
Thomas Williams
Mary Heard

6 Jan 1801 by Banns
James Chapman
Elizabeth Griffith

19 Jan 1801 by Banns
John Tout
Betty Bourchier

23 Mar 1801 by Banns
Henry Cane
Martha Jervis

17 May 1801 by Banns
John Bushin
Sarah Pain?

4 Jun 1801 by Banns
John Parfett
Mary Conybere

18 Jun 1801 by Licence
John Corrins of Backenford Devon
Catharine Ann Land

3 Sep 1801 by Licence
Joseph Guerin, Bachelor of West Bagborough
Maria Lucy Eliza Shuldham

15 Sep 1801 by Banns
James Ingram
Hannah Lott

20 Jun 1802 by Licence
Joseph Court
Mary Hensley

20 Jun 1802 by Licence
James Joyce
Jane Jones

26 Jul 1802 by Banns
Thomas Carse??, Widower of Dulverton
Mary Graddon, Spinster

15 Aug 1802 by Banns
John Wheddon
Mary Alloway

30 Sep 1802 by Banns
Nathaniel Long
Mary Barns

18 Oct 1802 by Licence
William Horn
Elizabeth Burnell

20 Nov 1802 by Banns
William Slade
Mary Burnell

24 Jan 1803 by Banns
Henry Nichols of Dunster
Joan Thorn

2 Apr 1803 by Banns
William Boyles
Catharine Clatworthy

17 Apr 1803 by Banns
Robert Slade
Ann Brailey

21 Apr 1803 by Banns
James Ware of Timberscombe
Elizabeth Kidnor

30 Apr 1803 by Banns
Thomas Brewer of Timberscombe
Sarah Smith

30 May 1803 by Banns
William Lewry, Bachelor
Mary Richards, Widow

30 Jul 1803 by Banns
Thomas Stacey, Bachelor
Joanna Craigg Brewer, Spinster

4 Oct 1803 by Banns
James Lewry, Bachelor
Betty Toutt, Widow

7 Nov 1803 by Banns
Thomas Williams, Widower
Mary Hensley, Widow

28 Nov 1803 by Banns
William Barnes, Bachelor
Edith Ridler, Spinster

29 Jan 1804 by Banns
Samuel Thomas Hill, Bachelor
Rachael Mogridge, Spinster

27 Mar 1804 by Licence
William Griffith, Bachelor
Jane Widlake, Spinster

3 Aug 1804 by Banns
William Hole, Bachelor of Dunster
Mary Lott, Spinster

6 Aug 1804 by Banns
John Passmore Jewell, Bachelor
Jane Nicholls, Spinster

6 Jan 1805 by Banns
William Webber, Bachelor
Fany Partridge, Spinster

19 Feb 1805 by Licence
William Atkins, Bachelor
Elizabeth Harding, Widow

24 Mar 1805 by Banns
Thomas Graddon, Bachelor
Sarah Stenner, Spinster

18 Apr 1805 by Banns
John Rawle, Widower
Elizabeth Berry, Widow

19 Jul 1805 by Licence
Thomas Eastway of Ilfracombe
Elizabeth Needs, Spinster

5 Sep 1805 by Licence
James Tudor, Bachelor of Timberscombe
Ann Williams, Spinster

6 Feb 1806 by Licence
Joseph James Barnes, Bachelor
Ann Hensley, Spinster

28 Apr 1806 by Banns
Michael Thomas, Bachelor
Betty Hobbs, Spinster

10 May 1806 by Licence
Thomas Parsells, Bachelor of St Tipells Pembrokeshire
Sarah Crockford, Spinster

8 Jun 1806 by Banns
William Reed, Bachelor
Ann Sellick, Spinster

17 Jun 1806 by Banns
George Pile, Bachelor
Grace Kemp, Widow

25 Dec 1806 by Banns
George Warr, Bachelor
Sarah Cobley, Spinster

28 Dec 1806 by Banns
John Tribe, Bachelor
Susannah Smith, Spinster

6 Jan 1807 by Banns
Richard Winter, Bachelor
Frances Baker, Spinster

7 Feb 1807 by Banns
James Hensley, Bachelor
Joanna Reed, Spinster

3 Mar 1807 by Licence
William Summers, Bachelor
Sarah Richards, Widow

31 Mar 1807 by Banns
William Bryant, Bachelor
Ann Howe, Spinster

17 May 1807 by Banns
William Barnes, Widower
Salome Rew, Spinster

28 Jun 1807 by Banns
William Bushin, Bachelor
Mary Fry, Spinster

12 Oct 1807 by Banns
William Jones, Bachelor
Sarah Lang, Spinster

25 Dec 1807 by Banns
William Reed, Bachelor of Dunster
Jane Kent, Spinster

24 Jan 1808 by Banns
George Jones, Bachelor
Joan Jones, Widow

5 Apr 1808 by Banns
William Hurford, Bachelor
Elizabeth Mills, Spinster

27 Dec 1808 by Banns
John Webber, Bachelor
Joan Gard, Spinster

11 Feb 1809 by Banns
Joseph Jervis, Bachelor
Mary Rawle, Spinster

6 May 1809 by Licence
James Merrick, Bachelor
Ann Butterfill, Spinster

3 Jun 1809 by Banns
James Webber, Widower
Sarah Chapman, Spinster

26 Jun 1809 by Licence
Joseph Porters, Bachelor
Louisa Cross, Spinster

22 Mar 1810 by Licence
William Warren, Widower
Anna Roberts, Spinster

27 Mar 1810 by Licence
Michael Cross, Bachelor
Jane Greensill, Spinster

1 Apr 1810 by Banns
Hugh Crockford, Bachelor
Sarah Rendell, Spinster

7 May 1810 by Banns
John Cobley, Bachelor
Ann Burge, Spinster of Dunster

29 May 1810 by Banns
Nathanael Long, Widower
Elizabeth Thomas, Widow

30 May 1810 by Licence
John Coles, Bachelor
Jane Callaway, Widow

1 Jul 1810 by Licence
William Edmonds, Bachelor
Elizabeth Summerfield, Spinster

18 Sep 1810 by Licence
Thomas Atkins, Bachelor
Sarah Fry, Widow

14 Nov 1810 by Banns
John Ellard, Bachelor
Grace Kingdom, Spinster

1 Dec 1810 by Licence
Robert Blake, Bachelor
Elizabeth Birchinhay?, Spinster

30 Dec 1810 by Banns
George Pasmore, Bachelor
Ann Mogford, Widow

17 Feb 1811 by Banns
John Vincent Broadmead, Bachelor
Grace Pile, Spinster

24 Mar 1811 by Banns
William Hensley, Bachelor
Sarah Cobley Brewer, Spinster

26 Mar 1811 by Banns
John Richards, Bachelor
Mary Cobley, Spinster

19 May 1811 by Banns
John Thorne, Bachelor
Prudence Dyer, Spinster

11 Sep 1811 by Banns
James Gay of Dunster
Rachel Wicklen

27 Mar 1812 by Banns
John Mooreman, Bachelor
Elizabeth Balmond, Spinster

19 Apr 1812 by Licence
Richard Morle, Bachelor of St Decumans
Mary Lee, Spinster

27 Jun 1812 by Banns
James Nicholls, Bachelor
Mary Jones, Spinster

29 Jun 1812 by Banns
William Barnes, Widower
Grace Tink, Spinster

23 Nov 1812 by Banns
Thomas Davis, Widower of Timberscombe
Jane Short, Widow

19 Dec 1812 by Banns
John Thorne, Bachelor
Mary Court, Spinster

29 Dec 1812 by Banns
Robert Staddon, Bachelor of Wivelscombe
Mary Baker, Spinster

14 Jan 1813 by Banns
Robert Baker, Widower
Susanna Passmore, Spinster

6 Mar 1813 by Licence
Amos Greenslade
Charlotte May, Widow

15 Mar 1813 by Licence
Edward Short, Bachelor
Charlotte Dugdale, Spinster

20 May 1813 by Licence
William Harrison, Bachelor
Ann Floyde

30 May 1813 by Banns
Thomas Edwards, Bachelor
Sarah Morish

15 Jun 1813 by Licence
Samuel Joyce, Widower
Grace Escott??

2 Sep 1813 by Licence
Richard Russell of Cheltenham Gloucester
Mary Wells

9 Jan 1814 by Banns
Robert Slade, Bachelor
Margaret Huxtable, Spinster

28 May 1814 by Licence
Francis Merrick, Bachelor
Ann Radford, Spinster

4 Aug 1814 by Licence
Samuel Bourchier, Bachelor
Mary Hill, Spinster

10 Sep 1814 by Banns
John Slade, Bachelor
Elizabeth Horn, Spinster

7 Oct 1814 by Banns
Edward Jones
Elizabeth Allen

8 Oct 1814 by Banns
Richard Rawle
Ann Hill

15 Oct 1814 by Banns
William Pollard, Widower of Porlock
Jane Wheddon

8 Nov 1814 by Banns
John Poole, Bachelor of Old Cleeve
Sarah Chapman, Spinster

21 Nov 1814 by Banns
John Stedfold, Bachelor
Mary Edbrooke

24 Dec 1814 by Banns
John Cullum, Bachelor
Jane Wethers, Spinster

21 Mar 1815 by Banns
Thomas Dyer, Widower
Sarah Kent, Spinster

17 Apr 1815 by Banns
James Chapman, Widower
Ann Court, Spinster

30 Dec 1815 by Banns
William Thorne, Bachelor
Elizabeth Cane

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