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"Sandon is a pleasant and well built village, with two good inns on the Lichfield and Stone turnpike, near the Trent and the canal, five miles NNE of Stafford, and four miles SE of Stone. It has a station on the Colwich branch of the North Staffordshire Railway. Its parish is a fertile and picturesque district, on the north-east side of the Trent, containing 586 inhabitants, and upwards of 3300 acres of land, nearly the whole of which is the property of the Earl of Harrowby, the lord of the manor, whose family seat, Sandon Hall, a large and elegant mansion, was destroyed by fire in 1848, and is now being rebuilt in a more elegant style. The ancient mansion of the Erdeswicke family stood half a mile further to the north, where the moat that surrounded it is still preserved.
Hardywicke is a hamlet, on the hill one mile N of Sandon, and the other farms and districts in the parish bear the names of Romer, Sandy Lees, Smallrise and Twerlow."
[From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851]


The population of Sandon parish was as follows:
1801 -- 332
1831 -- 558
1841 -- 586

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Church History

"The Parish Church, All Saints, stands within the park, on an eminence nearly half a mile from the village. It is a small ancient edifice and contains many handsome monuments, the most remarkable of which is one to the memory of the celebrated Staffordshire antiquary, Sampson Erdeswicke, who is said to have raised this memorial two years before his death in 1603. Here is also the family vault of the Earl of Harrowby.
The vicarage is in the patronage of the Earl of Harrowby, and incumbency of the Rev WE Coldwell, MA (rector of Stafford), for whom the Rev Edward Harland, MA, officiates."
[From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851]

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Church Records

Church of England Registers
The parish register of the church of All Saints commences in 1636. The original registers for the period 1636-1843 (Bapts), 1636-1856 (Mar) & 1636-1873 (Bur), and Banns for the period 1754-1822 are deposited at Staffordshire Record Office.
Bishops Transcripts, 1660-1868 (with gaps 1705-11, 1810-12, 1836, 1860, 1865, & 1867) are deposited at Lichfield Record Office.

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Poorhouses, Poor Law etc

Sandon parish became part of Stone Union following the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834.

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