Blackland, Wiltshire - Parish Records
Marriages: 1594 - 1835

Annette Nelson has transcribed the parish records of Blackland from various sources in the Wiltshire Archives. Here are the marriages 1594-1835 in date order.
1594 29-Jun Hull, Robert   Browne, Christian     BT
1606 21-Jul Robbins, John   Beckett, Joane     BT
1606 13-Oct Peirce, George   Lea, Jane     BT
1614 no marriages           BT
1616/17 3-Mar Smithe, John   Williams, Alce     BT
1617/18 1-Jan Dolman, William   Tayler, Eliner   Widow BT
1618 24-Nov Dornell, Jonathan   Peerce, Sibell     BT
1626 20-Apr Harris, John   Batte, Susanna     BT
1626/27 12-Feb Page, Robert   Bishop, Anne     BT
1628 9-Oct Harris, Wm   Shipway, Elizabeth     BT
1630 25-Apr Chapman, Wm   Hale, Marie     BT
1637 6-Nov Pierce, Tho.   Burgesse, Elizabeth     BT
1638 22-Oct Burden, James   Wastfielde, Joane     BT
1640 9-Aug Coole, John   Godwinne, Margerie     BT
1668 no marriages           BT
1669 11-Apr Cooke, John   Browne, Deborah     BT
1671 18-Dec Leigh, James   Keynes, Mary     BT
1673 20-May White, Richard   Hale, Anne     BT
1674 20-Apr Hughes, John   Summers, Mary     BT
1675 10-Oct Orchard, Edward   Bevan, Joane     BT
1738 24-Dec Seager, Thomas   Nutt, Mary     BT
1739 7-Oct Atwood, James   Stump, Alice     BT
1739 4-Nov Hicks, John   Catchmay, Mary     BT
1740 13-Sep Tucker, Mr. Thomas Calne Mayo, Eliza Calne   BT
1741 21-Aug White, Daniel   Neat, Avis     BT
1742 26-Dec Mullins, Joab   Wilkins, Catharine     BT
1743 29-Jun Strange, John Calne White, Sarah Calne   BT
1757 none given Russ, James Blackland Reeves, Betty Blackland   T&I
1760 2 Jul (by licence) Oakford, Charles Calne Baily, Sarah Blackland Carpenter; Spinster T&I
1761 10 May (by licence) Cleveland, Richard Heddington Gardner, Sarah Blackland   T&I
1762 08-Aug Russel, John Blackland Mapput, Betty Blackland Labourer; Spinster T&I
1763 13-Mar Oriel, William Calne Stump, Elizabeth Blackland Collarmaker; Spinster T&I
1764 8-Apr Reeves, Isaac Overton Reeves, Christian Blackland Labourer; Spinster T&I
1770 15-Nov Clifford, Joseph Calne Bewley, Ann Blackland Carpenter; Spinster T&I
1771 3-Nov Reeves, Daniel Blackland Clifford, Frances Calne Labourer; Spinster T&I
1773 17-Jun Hyat, James Compton Bassett Blackman, Ann Blackland   T&I
1774 3-Oct Cleverly, George Calne Savory, Betty Blackland   both
1776 12 Aug (by licence) Henley, William Christian Malford Waterman, Anne Blackland Glasier; Spinster T&I
1776 1-Sep Reeves, William Blackland Burrow, Mary Blackland Weaver; Spinster T&I
1776 24 Dec (by licence) Barnett, Edward St. Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex Burrough, Elizabeth Blackland Bach; Spinster T&I
1777 19 Jul (by licence) Thrush, Joseph Bremhill Horton, Ann Blackland Widower; Widow T&I
1778 23-Mar Carpenter, William Blackland Manners, Rebecca Calne Labourer; Spinster T&I
1780 10 Feb (by licence) Bagnold, Thomas Portsmouth, Southampton Burrough, Thomasin Blackland Gentleman, Spinster both
1783 14-Apr Cleverly, John Blackland resident Hazel, Ann Blackland Labourer both
1788 25-Feb Head, Daniel Calne Reeves, Maria Blackland Laborer; Spinster both
1791 8-Dec Broom, John Corsham Richence, Anne Blackland   T&I
1798 28 Aug (by licence) Yerbury, John William Bradford Baily, Hester Blackland Spinster both
1798 25 Oct (by licence) Essington, Robert Calne Dowding, Hester Martha Blackland Spinster both
1798 25 Oct (by licence) Essington, Robert Calne Dowding, Martha Blackland Spinster BT
1800 15-Dec Duck, Isaac Blackland Reeves, Elizabeth Blackland   both
1801 18 Jul (by licence) Pullin, John Brislingdon, Somerset Maundrell, Elizabeth Blackland   both
1805 8-Apr Reeves, Stephen Blackland Mustow, Ann Blackland Labourer; Spinster both
1806 26-Jan Reeves, Isaac Blackland Kirton, Jane Beckington, Somerset Shearman both
1809 13-Nov Alexander, Henry Blackland Dolman, Mary Blackland   both
1813 2-Nov Groom, John Blackland Townsend, Jane Blackland   both
1815 no marriages           BT
1818 22-Nov Elkins, James Sutton Veny Southwood, Rebecca Blackland   both
1821 no marriages           BT
1824 27-Dec Hadrell, Wm Calne Reevs, Hannah Calne   both
1825 6 Oct (by licence) Carpenter, Abraham Blackland Hadrell, Honour Blackland   both
1827 27 Feb (by licence) Stevenson, Horatio Nelson Calne Horton, Jane Blackland   both
1832 24-Mar Ward, Daniel Calne Gale, Elizabeth Blackland Widower both
1835 22-Apr Green, James Calne Cleverley, Eliza Blackland   both
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1) BT = Bishop's Transcripts
2) T&I = Transcript and Index by Kenneth G. Lewis, Calne, 1979
This Index checked by Robert Jago (Archivist), Wiltshire & Swindon Record Office, Sept 2003 -- many thanks to him! [Contributed 28 Dec 2003 by Annette Nelson]