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Help and advice for Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

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Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


ABERY Richard Draper 12 Shambles
ADAMS Kate Mrs Greengrocer 10 Shambles
ADYE Arthur H.B. Deputy Registrar 9 Woolley Street
ADYE Chas Septimus Architect/Surveyor Westbury Ho.St Margt St.
ADYE William Physician/Registrar 9 Woolley Street
ADYE Wm. John Alex. Surgeon Church Ho.Church Street
ALEXANDER Henry Carpenter/Grocer 1 Gordon Terrace
ALLEN James Baker 23 Wine Street
ANDREWS David Boot Maker 1A Frome Road
ANDREWS John Boot Repairer 8 Middle Rank
ANDREWS Maria Mrs. Shopkeeper 1 Frome Road
ANDREWS Thomas Queen's Head PH 2 St Margaret Street
ANGELL Fredk Wm. Boot Maker 6 Silver Street
APPLEGATE Bros Woollen Cloth Mkrs Greenland Mills
ARCHARD Alice Miss Dressmaker 20 Newtown
ARCHARD Emily Mrs. Milliner 4 White Hill
ARCHARD Henry Carpenter 51 Newtown
ARCHARD Thomas Grocer 70 Newtown
ARCHARD William Shopkeeper 20 Newtown
ARTHUR Samuel Butcher 5 Newtown
AUST Emily Mrs Shopkeeper 22 Frome Road
BAILEY Jane Mrs Beer Retailer 14 Frome Road
BAILEY Thomas Wheelwright 33 Frome Road
BAILEY William Henry Hairdresser & toys 11 Shambles
BANTING William Hy. Swan Hotel 1 Church Street
BARKER John Artist 27 Trowbridge Road
BARNETT Alfred Keeper Cemetery, Holt Road
BARNETT Matilda Mrs Tea Rooms 1 St Margaret Street
BARRETT Patrick Old Bear Public Ho 17 Silver Street
BATCHELOR Edward Shopkeeper 51 Woolley Street
BATCHELOR Frank Dairyman 29 Trowbridge Rd
BATCHELOR James Boot Repairer 9 Newtown
BATCHELOR Philip Boot Maker 5 Mason's Lane
BEAVEN & COMPTON Solicitors 16 St Margaret Street
BEAVEN A. Fox Auctioneeer/Valuer 45 St Margaret Street
BEAVEN E. & Son Plumbers/Decorator 2 Mason's Lane
BEAVEN John Dep Sup Registrar 16 St Margaret Street
BEAVEN John Henry Draper 5 Silver Street
BEDDOE John Physician/Surgeon Chantry, Barton Orchard
BEDFORD Anna & Mary Confectioners 5 Market Street
BENDLE Edward Umbrella Repairer 10 Coppice Hill
BIGWOOD Thomas Plumber 38 Newtown
BIGWOOD William Plumber 33 Market Street
BLAKE J.E. Miss Girls High School Avon Ho. Kingston Road
BLANCHARD Benjamin Sec Co Op Society 5 White Hill
BOWDEN William James Fishmonger 13 Shambles
BRAVEN John Sec. Conserv. Club 21 Church Street
BRICKER Charles Plasterer 43 St Margaret Street
BROWN Edwin Bill Poster/Crier 40 St Margaret Street
BROWN Jn. Alex. Ironmonger 11-13 Silver Street
BRYANT George Shopkeeper 2 Bearfield Blgs
BRYANT James Shopkeeper 14 Sladesbrook
BULL David Farmer Leigh
BULLOCK Arthur Watchmaker 30 Market Street
BURGESS Flo. Ellen Dressmaker Mount Pleasant
BURGESS Sarah Mrs. Baker 19 St Margaret Street
BUSH George Carriage Builder St Margaret Street
BUTCHER Edward Shopkeeper 1 Silver Street
BUTT T.B. Sec Benefit Soc 29 Silver Street
BYFIELD Alice Miss Shopkeeper 3 Huntingdon Street
CABELL Ellen Mrs. Confectioner 33 Silver Street
CABELL George Baker 20 Silver Street
CAINES & Son Tailors 37 Silver Street
CARTER James Butcher 32 Silver Street
CHAPMAN Sarah Mrs. Apartments 63 White Hill
CHARD Joseph Farmer Barton Farm, Frome Road
CHARMBURY Martha Mrs Dressmaker 24 Newtown
CHATTERTON Walter Railway Agent 12 St Margaret Street
CHATTERTON Walter Railway Goods Agent 12 St Margaret Street
CLARK T.H. Captain Wilts 1st Rifles Armoury, Silver Street
CLEVELAND Herbert J. Butcher 7 Silver Street
COCKROM Percy J. Vaccination Off. 1 Westfield Villas
COLLETT George Henry Boot & Shoe maker 54 White Hill
COLLINS Chas Atkins Reg. County Court Town Hall Chambers
COLLINS John Farmer Crop Farm, Holt Road
COMLEY William Chimney Sweeper 25 Wine Street
COMPTON James Solicitor 16 St Margaret Street
COOPER Alice Jane Dressmaker 60 Trowbridge Road
COUPLAND Thomas Grocer/Patent Med. 5 Shambles
COUZENS George Alex. Master Mariner Cotham Vil. Trowbrdg Rd
COWARD D.J. Caretaker Temp Hal Sladesbrook
COX Richard Photographer 1A Huntingdon Street
CREED Richard Powell Farmer Woolley Park Farm
CRISP & Sons Brass/iron Founder 16 Bridge Street
CROKER William Market Gardener Bradford Leigh
CROMPTON John English Teacher County Day School
DAINTON Charles Baker 1 Bridge Street
DERRICK Arthur Farmer Bradford Leigh
DERRICK Fredk.Arthur Farmer Leigh Farm
DILLAM George Apartments 8 Wine Street
DORY George Market Gardener 18 Trowbridge Rd
DOTESIO & TODD Printers/Stationer 15 Silver Street
DOTESIO William Rep. Telephone Co. 15 Silver Street
DYKE William Canal Lock Keeper The Lock Frome Rd
EARLE Charles George Carpenter White Hill
EATON Miss Sec Primrose League 21 Church Street
EDWARDS Thomas Pork Butcher 38 Silver Street
ENGLAND George Boot & Shoe Maker 25 St Margaret Street
EVERETT Francis Linen Draper 8 Market Street
EVERETT Kate Miss Music Teacher 13 Trobridge Rd
EYRES Elizabeth Mrs. Dressmaker 34 Bath Road
FARTHING John Master Workhouse Avoncliff, Westwood
FARTHING Margaret Mrs Matron Workhouse Avoncliff, Westwood
FIELDING Frederick Tailor 6 Bridge Street
FISHLOCK Emma Miss Pork Butcher 7 Shambles
FRANCIS Herbert Chas Farmer Woolley Grange
FRICKER Albert John Tailor 23 Trowbridge Road
FRICKER Hebert H. Dep Registrar 10 St Margaret Street
GAY Paul Market Gardener 44 Winsley Road
GERRISH & Co. Ltd Canal & Gen Carrier The Lock Frome Rd
GERRISH Mary Ann Mrs Beer Retailer 31 Ashley Road
GIBSON Charles Market Gardener 25 Huntingdon Street
GIDDINGS Richard Sanitary Inspector Morley Villa, Frome Road
GILES Harriet Mrs Laundress Bradford Leigh
GINGELL Hannah Mrs Laundress Bradford Leigh
GINGELL Martha Mrs Laundress Bradford Leigh
GOLLEDGE Henry Sch Attendance Off 3 Wine Street Terrace
GOODALL Jn. Frank Draper & Outfitter 34 & 35 Silver Street
GORE Agnes Miss Dressmaker 9 Poulton Terrace
GORE Charles & Son Builders 13 & 50 St Margaret St
GORE James & Co. Grocers 31 Silver Street
GORE Joseph Thomas Rose & Crown PH 2 Kingston Road
GRAVETT Henry Manager Gas Coy. Frome Road
GRAVETT Henry Manager Gas Works Frome Road
GREEN Samuel Marine Store Dealer 56 Newtown
GREEN William Clavey Tax Collector New Road
GRIST William H. New Inn PH 69 Trowbridge Rd
GULLEY William Farmer Trowle
GUY George Grocer 18 St Margaret St
HAINES Albert Saddler 5 Wine Street
HAINES Frederick Plumber 8 Church Street
HALE Louisa Mrs Dairy 3 Church Street
HALLETT Thomas J. Art Teacher County Day School
HALLIDAY Mark Canal Agent The Lock Frome Rd
HALLIDAY Mark Canal Agent Lock House, Frome Road
HANDCOCK Alfred H. Bank Manager 2 Church Street
HANDCOCK Alfred H. Bank Manager 2 Church Street
HANNY Maria Mrs Laundress 10 Trowbridge Rd
HARDING William Robt Brewer Kings Arms 1 & 2 Coppice Hill
HARMAN John New Bear PH 29 Silver Street
HARRIS W. Caretaker Con.Club 21 Church Street
HART Charles Watchmaker 1 Shambles
HART James Upholsterer 26 Market Street
HART Micah Plasterer 22 Coppice Hill
HAYWARD William Cowkepper 72 Trowbridge Rd
HEAD Tabitha Mrs Laundress 70 Trowbridge Rd
HELLARD Bessie Mrs Apartments 20 White Hill
HENDY Rowland Harness Maker 5 Church Street
HILLIER Emma Mrs George Inn 41 Woolley Street
HILLIER Rowland Market Gardener Bradford Leigh
HISKINS William Agent Canal Carrier The Lock Frome Rd
HOBSON Ada U. Miss Nurse Workhouse Avoncliff, Westwood
HOWARD Sydney Mgr Water Works Town Hall Chambers
HOWARD Sydney Town Surveyor etc Town Hall, Church Street
HOWELL Fredk. Chas. Plasterer 24 Silver Street
HUNT William Draper 27 Silver Street
JAMES Helen Mrs Laundress Woolley
JAMES Mary & Edith Dressmakers 17 Sladesbrook
JAMES Simeon Boot maker 11 Sladesbrook
JENNINGS John Edward Insurance Agent 3 Trowbridge Rd
JONES Annie Mrs Apartments Sundial ho. 1 Whitehad
JONES Charles John Solicitor Town Hall Chambers
JONES Herbert H. Grocer & Agent 8,9,10&40 Silver Street
JONES Isaac Builder &c 19 Frome Rd
KING Arthur Cullum Bank Manager Bank Ho, Church Street
KING Arthur Cullum Bank Manager 1 Church Street
KNIGHT Job Farmer Budbury
KNIGHT John Builder Trowbridge Rd
KNOTT Florence Miss Dressmaker 28 Trowbridge Rd
KYTE John Furniture Dealer 15 St Margaret Street
LANE Sydney Septimus Boys Boarding Sch Avonfield, Trowbridge Rd
LEDBURY Fran.Rowland Tailor 11 St Margaret Street
LONG Albert William Builder &c 46 Newtown
LONG Arthur Wilson Tailor 4 Gordon Terrace
LONG C.E. & Sons Furniture Dealers 2 Shambles
LONG Edmund Sup. Fire Brigade Town Hall Yd Market St
MARTIN Jn. Millwright &c 2 Bridge Street
MATTICK Benj. Chard Farmer 18 Ashley Road
MATTOCK Wm. Henry Seven Stars PH 71 Newtown
MAYELL George Shopkeeper 37 Market Street
McLEAN John Wilts 1st Rifles Armoury, Silver Street
MEAD Eliza Mrs Lamb Inn PH 2 Silver Street
MERRETT Emily & Alice Stationers 43 Silver Street
MERRICK Henry Barrister 1 Bath Road
MINER Albert J. Builder 6 Gordon Terr, Trowbr.Rd
MITCHELL William Farmer Cumberwell Farm
MIZEN Edward Tax Collector 36 St Margaret Road
MIZEN Edward Secy. Market coy. Market Street
MIZEN Thomas Wheelwright/Smith Frome Road
MOBBS Thomas F. Ironmonger/Cycles 7 Market Street
MOBBS Thomas F. Agent Parcel Carr. 7 Market Street
MOCK Edward Shopkeeper 21 St Margaret Street
MOODY William Castle PH Mount Pleasant
MOORE James Shopkeeper 33 Newtown
MOORE Joshua Furniture Dealer 16 St Margaret Street
MOORE Tom Carpenter 26 Church Street
MOORE Tom Order Forresters 17 Newtown
MORRIS Henry Chimney Sweep 57 Newtown
MOULD George Plough Inn Bradford Leigh
MUNDY Annie Miss Dressmaker 24 St Margaret Street
NICHOLS Albert Grocer &c 4 Market Street
NORRIS William Chemist 14 Silver Street
OBORNE William Farmer/Dairyman Poplar Farm,Woolley Grn
OTLEY James Cowkeeper Trowbridge Rd
OTRIDGE Alfred Bootmaker 36 Wine Street
PAFFORD John Porter Workhouse Avoncliff, Westwood
PAYNE Edgar Watchmaker 27 Market Street
PEGLER Mary Ann Mrs ? ?