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Brinkworth - Burials (T-Y)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BURIALS: 1653 - 1883


Transcribed and Indexed by: Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.


TAGLEBetty177927 Sep w George
TAGLEChristain178016 Dec d George
TAGLEGeorge177909 Dec s George
TAGLEJohn178005 Jan s George
TANNERAustin188130 Mar10 months 
TANNERCharles181526 Aug5 yearss William & Elenor of Grittenham
TANNERCharles182224 Sep18 years 
TANNEREleanor185712 Feb81 years 
TANNERMary Ann187328 May33 years 
TANNERSarah187425 Aug69 years 
TANNERWilliam Mapson186731 Dec23 months 
TEAGLEGeorge180324 Mar65 years 
TEAGLEJohn187504 Jan74 years 
TERRITMartha179809 Feb w Thomas of Trowbridge
THEOBALDSWilliam182713 Feb36 years 
THOMASHanna169602 Aug d Will & Mary
THOMASMargaret166010 Mar d Phillipp
THOMASMargaret168506 Jul  
THOMASMary170424 Oct w William
THOMASWilliam171921 Oct  
THOMPSONAnn182022 Aug72 yearsw William
THOMPSONCharles185222 Jan21 yearsof Malmesbury
THOMPSONCharlotte185311 Dec15 monthsof Malmesbury
THOMPSONDaniel G.183306 Mar14 years 
THOMPSONDaniel Young178602 Aug s Thomas & Sarah
THOMPSONElizabeth183018 Feb37 years 
THOMPSONElizabeth183813 Jan19 years 
THOMPSONHenry184528 Feb3 years 
THOMPSONJames176127 Sep s John & Jane
THOMPSONJames176424 Jan s William & Eleanor
THOMPSONJohn1765?? Aug s William & Jane
THOMPSONJohn185119 Dec81 years 
THOMPSONJoseph176919 Nov s William & Eleanor
THOMPSONJoseph177013 Jun s William & Eleanor
THOMPSONLydia176401 Apr d William & Jane
THOMPSONMark184815 Apr4 years 
THOMPSONMartha182623 Nov83 years 
THOMPSONMary177013 Jun d William & Jane
THOMPSONMary177919 Mar d William & Jane
THOMPSONMary185108 Jan73 years 
THOMPSONMary Ann182529 Oct1 year 7 months 
THOMPSONRobert176511 Sep s William & Jane
THOMPSONRobert182520 Nov infant
THOMPSONRobert187329 Mar90 years 
THOMPSONSarah181621 Jul34 yearsw John
THOMPSONSarah182115 Sep68 yearswidow of Sandy Lane, Calne
THOMPSONSarah183601 May14 years 
THOMPSONSel... William186421 Mar66 years 
THOMPSONSilvester177809 Feb s William & Jane
THOMPSONSusanna187209 Sep82 years 
THOMPSONSusannah183625 Dec7 weeks 
THOMPSONThomas180026 Jun  
THOMPSONWilliam182530 Oct84 years 
THOMPSONWilliam183411 Feb68 years 
THOMSONAnn179124 Apr d William & Ann, a pauper
THOMSONElenor179727 Jan w William
THOMSONJames179030 Mar s James & Martha
THOMSONJane179919 Feb widow
THOMSONJohn176417 Jan  
THOMSONLydia179409 Feb d William & Ann, a pauper
THOMSONSilvester172006 Mar  
THOMSONThomas171202 Apr  
THORNTONAnne175001 Apr w Rev. Mr
THORNTONMary175605 Dec w Mr George
THORNTONWilliam176018 Feb Rector of the church
THRUSHAbraham186013 May68 years 
THRUSHMary187122 Mar48 years 
THRUSHSarah183618 Sep51 years 
TIBBLESAnn185224 Mar30 yearsof Wotton Bassett
TIBBOLLSMary179307 Feb a pauper
TIBBOLTSJacob182527 Nov infant
TIBBOLTSJohn182520 Jul67 years 
TIBOLTSLouisa182019 Jan6 monthsd William & Ann
TIBOLTSWilliam181901 Aug53 years 
TOLTERElisabeth185719 Jun40 years 
TOMKINSJane174413 Jun  
TOMKINSMary174523 Mar d John & Mary
TOMSONHenry171212 Dec  
TOMSONJohn173110 Oct  
TOMSONMary172812 Feb w Thomas
TOMSONMary174628 Feb w John
TOMSONThomas173206 Apr  
TOMSONThomas174519 Apr s John
TOOPGeorge184207 Jul25 yearspolice man
TORNELJames178514 Dec s Thomas & Martha
TOWNSENDCharles184812 Nov13 years 
TOWNSENDCharles184905 Jun64 years 
TOWNSENDDiana187720 Jul35 years 
TOWNSENDElisha Edwin Ernest187502 Apr10 months 
TOWNSENDElizabeth188320 Jan88 years 
TOWNSENDHannah187709 Aug9 yearsof Wootton Bassett
TOWNSENDJohn184913 Apr11 years 
TOWNSENDMary Ellen188101 Jul15 years 
TREBRETSusan167030 Jun  
TREBRETTJohn167020 May  
TREBRETTSusan167704 Feb  
TUCKAlfred James188323 Feb18 months 
TUCKAndrew187614 Dec28 yearsDied suddenly of disease
TUCKCharles184128 Mar2 days 
TUCKEli186017 Dec8 years 
TUCKEliza185904 Aug59 yearsof Purton
TUCKEliza186028 Dec32 years 
TUCKEliza186429 Mar48 years 
TUCKFrank188222 Mar12 yearsof The Workhouse, Brokenbro'
TUCKHephzibah185603 Mar2 days 
TUCKIsaac185224 Feb54 yearsof Purton
TUCKJohn183501 Mar infant
TUCKSarah Ann185603 Mar2 days 
TUCKThomas187925 Sep61 yearsDied suddenly of disease of the heart
TUFFJohn183105 Oct31 yearsof Grittenham
TUGWELLWilliam170114 Mar s Humphry & Mary
TURNERWilliam185529 Jul76 yearsof Grittenham
TURNEYHarriet Bath?185916 Apr3 weeks 
TURTLEEllen187930 Jul2 years 
TURTLEMary Jane188026 Jan9 years 
TWEENIE 166223 Mar  
TWEENIE 166217 Apr  
TWEENIEJohn166124 Nov  
TWEENIEJohn167002 Dec an infant
TWEENIEJohn167423 May  
TWEENIEJohn169825 Mar s John
TWEENIEPhillip166616 Oct  
TWEENYJane168104 Jun  
TWEENYPhilip169817 May s Philip
TWEENYSarah168303 Mar ch John
TWENYHester170019 May d Phillip
TWENYJohn169716 May  
TWENYJohn172926 Jul  
TWENYMary170519 Apr d William
TWENYPhilip170008 Jul  
TWENYSarah169729 May w John
TWENYSarah170607 Oct  
TWENYWilliam171918 Sep  
TWINIEElizabeth165826 Dec  
TWINYJane165516 Oct d John
VAUGHANWilliam187916 Jun15 years 
VINCENT?1678  w John
VINCENT 171908 Nov  
VINCENT 172509 Jun  
VINCENT 172708 Aug  
VINCENTElizabeth171530 Jan w Thomas
VINCENTFabie172717 Feb w John
VINCENTJacob170912 Jun s Thomas, Junior
VINCENTJohn172912 Jan  
VINCENTJohn177314 Jun  
VINCENTJohn177414 Jun  
VINCENTJoyce170324 Jun  
VINCENTMary172018 Mar w Thomas
VINCENTNathaniel170907 Mar  
VINCENTPiatie172802 Dec d John
VINCENTSarah186130 Mar74 yearsof Union House
VINCENTThomas171520 Jan ch Thomas
VINCENTThomas172014 Mar  
VINCENTThomas173126 Aug  
VINCENTWilliam177505 Nov s Jane, widow
VINECENTMary174005 Oct w John
VINES 166117 Nov  
VINES 166603 Jan of Grittnum
VINESAnn171526 Apr w John
VINESAnn174017 Feb  
VINESAnn185510 Aug23 years 
VINESBenjamin176411 Apr  
VINESBenjamin184418 Oct27 years 
VINESBetsy184914 Jun8 ? 
VINESCharles171902 Sep  
VINESCharles178616 Apr  
VINESCharles179713 Feb75 years 
VINESCharles184920 Jul39 years 
VINESChristian171701 Mar d Daniel
VINESChristian173026 Dec  
VINESDeborah174410 Aug  
VINESEdward169602 Feb ch John
VINESEdward178528 Feb  
VINESEdward178519 Dec  
VINESElizabeth176822 Jan widow
VINESElizabeth183725 Jun13 years 
VINESElizabeth188109 May68 years 
VINESEllen186610 Nov22 years 
VINESEllen187204 Jun7 months 
VINESFrank188203 Oct7 weeks 
VINESGeorge168421 Nov ch John
VINESGeorge186912 Jul5 months 
VINESHannah172107 Jan d John
VINESHenry183601 Jul20 years 
VINESIsaac182911 Mar17 years 
VINESJacob174122 Nov s Edward & Mary
VINESJacob178014 May  
VINESJacob183921 Mar17 years 
VINESJacob184215 Jun65 years 
VINESJacob187924 Nov1 year 
VINESJames184809 Jul9 years 
VINESJohn167617 Dec and his wife
VINESJohn170323 May s Robert
VINESJohn171320 Aug  
VINESJohn175216 Feb  
VINESJohn178408 Nov a Pauper
VINESJohn180808 Apr s John & Elizabeth, infant
VINESJohn181725 Feb16 monthss Jacob & Sarah of Cricklade
VINESJoseph174317 Jul s Benjamin & Sarah
VINESJoseph183616 May72 years 
VINESJoshua183720 Aug11 years 
VINESMargaret168809 Aug w Robert
VINESMargaret177211 Oct w John
VINESMargery170609 Jul aged 109
VINESMargret171423 Oct d Robert
VINESMary171002 Nov w Robert
VINESMary174301 Aug w Charles
VINESMary176219 Nov d Edward & Mary
VINESMary176415 Jul d Edward & Anne
VINESMary176802 Apr d Edward & Ann
VINESMary178528 Dec  
VINESMary182105 Apr76 yearswidow of Clack
VINESMary188331 Jan18 years 
VINESMary Ann180003 Nov natural d Charity of Lea
VINESMary Anne181301 Mar13 weeksof Grittenham
VINESPeter174716 Apr s Peter & Elizabeth
VINESPeter179627 Mar aged 71 yers
VINESRobert171219 Feb  
VINESRobert171318 Nov s Robert
VINESSarah174521 Oct w John
VINESThomas170118 Jun  
VINESThomas174317 Jul s Benjamin & Sarah
VINESWilliam171015 May s William
VINESWilliam171627 May s William
VINESWilliam175220 Aug  
VINESWilliam182614 Mar75 years 
VINESWilliam185503 Jul6 months 
VINSJohn167408 May  
VINSOMThomas167111 Mar  
VINSONElizabeth167222 Nov d John
VINSUM 167031 Sep  
VINSUMJohn167005 Oct the Younger
VIVASHWilliam176606 Dec  
VIZARD 171909 Feb  
VIZARD 172626 Oct  
VIZARD 172930 Apr  
VIZARDAbraham178220 Oct s John & Sarah
VIZARDAlice178601 Feb d Ruben & Ann, a pauper
VIZARDAlice180112 Mar  
VIZARDAllice177720 Mar w Gabriel
VIZARDAnn179331 Jan a pauper
VIZARDAnn182307 Feb83 yearswidow
VIZARDAnn185108 Oct98 yearsof Swindon
VIZARDAnne174307 Jun d Reuben & Mary
VIZARDBetty176415 Oct d Gabriel & Allice
VIZARDCatharine175201 Dec d Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDCatharine178320 Jul w Thomas
VIZARDDeborah174016 Dec w John
VIZARDEdward173728 Jul natural s Mary
VIZARDElijah184807 Sep6 years 
VIZARDElinor175416 Aug w Gabriel
VIZARDEliza180505 Aug natural d Joanna
VIZARDElizabeth171903 Mar d Gabriel
VIZARDElizabeth173007 May  
VIZARDElizabeth175715 Mar widow
VIZARDElizabeth182514 Dec56 years 
VIZARDElizabeth182608 May2 years 
VIZARDElizabeth183006 Jan9 months 
VIZARDEzra184807 Feb11 months 
VIZARDGabriel176322 Feb  
VIZARDGeorge183522 Mar2 years 
VIZARDGeorge184216 Apr17 weeks 
VIZARDGeorge184811 Oct5 years 
VIZARDGiles175101 Sep s Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDGiles1824?? Jun71 years 
VIZARDGrace171604 May  
VIZARDHannah176319 Jun w Peter
VIZARDHester184507 Nov1 week 
VIZARDJacob176315 Jul s Peter
VIZARDJacob?1801?? Jan  
VIZARDJames183303 Feb7 months 
VIZARDJane179704 Apr d William & Mary
VIZARDJohn171502 Aug  
VIZARDJohn172328 Jun s Gabriel
VIZARDJohn172417 Nov s John
VIZARDJohn175226 Jun  
VIZARDJohn178618 Jun s Mary, widow
VIZARDJohn182127 Dec83 yearsof Grittenham
VIZARDMartha180111 Nov widow
VIZARDMartha184530 Oct36 years 
VIZARDMartha185406 Jun13 weeks 
VIZARDMary171202 Jul d Gabriel
VIZARDMary172421 Jan w Gabriel
VIZARDMary174718 Feb w Gabriel
VIZARDMary176516 Apr w Peter
VIZARDMary177326 Feb w Robert
VIZARDMary178004 Feb widow
VIZARDMary183709 Oct65 years 
VIZARDMary183809 Nov infant
VIZARDMary186112 Apr85 yearsof Union House
VIZARDMary186109 May86 years 
VIZARDMary186916 Oct81 years 
VIZARDPeter179722 Apr  
VIZARDReuben176713 Dec  
VIZARDReuben180914 Janaged 70 years 
VIZARDRichard182727 Dec2 weeks 
VIZARDRichard183017 Mar45 years 
VIZARDRichard184009 Feb8 years 
VIZARDRichard185130 Nov11 months 
VIZARDRobert179631 Mar aged 94 yers
VIZARDRuben175121 Jul s Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDRuben178603 Sep s Ruben & Ann
VIZARDSarah179530 Apr widow
VIZARDSarah183006 Jan8 years 
VIZARDSarah Ann186617 Dec8 weeks 
VIZARDThomas171912 Apr s Gabriel
VIZARDThomas172308 Oct  
VIZARDThomas174706 Jun  
VIZARDThomas175420 Mar s Gabriel & Elinor
VIZARDThomas178303 Aug  
VIZARDThomas183308 Feb1 year 
VIZARDThomas183510 Nov68 years 
VIZARDThomas183707 Apr68 years 
VIZARDWilliam175204 Oct s Gabriel & Allice
VIZARDWilliam1806?? Nov34 years 
VIZARDWilliam188218 Sep84 years 
VIZZARDMary172013 Mar d Thomas
WAITEdward183313 Oct6 months 
WAITFrancis185721 Aug86 years 
WAITHannah181302 Aug59 years 
WAITJacob187506 Jan80 years 
WAITJames180220 Nov  
WAITJames180929 Oct20 years 
WAITMargaret187106 Mar26 yearsof Grittenham
WAITMartha169807 Jun w John
WAITMartha1807?? Jan27? yearsw Nathaniel
WAITMary170118 May d Henry
WAITNathaniel180803 Jul69 years 
WAITWilliam180308 Apr  
WAITWilliam185704 Jul  
WAITE?1765?? Jul s John
WAITEAnn182506 Feb90 years 
WAITEElizabeth178112 Jan d James & Anne
WAITEElizabeth182009 Jan95 yearswidow
WAITEFrances176413 Feb w John
WAITEJane184012 Jul70 years 
WAITEJohn178026 Mar s John & Hannah
WAITEMary174924 Dec  
WAITEMary177309 Sep w Nathaniel
WAITEMary183719 Mar6 months 
WAITENathaniel178020 Jun s Nathaniel
WAITERebecca173924 Feb d John & Ann
WAITERobert183214 Feb61 years 
WAITESimon183625 Nov34 years 
WAITEThomas183826 Jan infant
WAITEWilliam175807 Jul s William & Elizabeth
WALISWilliam165504 Nov  
WALKER 167231 Jan  
WALKERAbner184114 Nov4 weeks 
WALKERAlice182915 Nov11 years 
WALKERAnn180513 Jun d Edward & Margaret
WALKERAnne178120 May widow
WALKERCatharine174114 Dec  
WALKEREdward1684?? Sep  
WALKEREdward177704 Jul  
WALKEREdward183711 Feb75 yearsof Charlton
WALKEREdward187108 Nov83 years 
WALKEREleanor183020 Apr36 years 
WALKEREleanor183018 Jun9 weeks 
WALKERElice167803 Feb  
WALKERElizabeth167527 Aug  
WALKERElizabeth168417 Apr w William
WALKERElizabeth186201 Aug62 years 
WALKEREnoch186630 Apr9 months 
WALKERFrancis172815 Apr s William
WALKERHannah168501 Feb spinster
WALKERJane170111 May d John & Catharine
WALKERJane171016 Feb w Thomas
WALKERJane173007 Jun  
WALKERJane174216 Apr d William & Mary
WALKERJoane170504 Sep d John
WALKERJohn166815 Nov  
WALKERJohn172313 Jan  
WALKERJohn186119 Dec72 yearsof Union House
WALKERJudith172902 Jan w William
WALKERJudith181921 Apr55 yearsw William
WALKERLydia180519 May d Edward & Margaret
WALKERMargaret180525 Mar w Edward
WALKERMargery168603 Feb w William
WALKERMary167619 Apr d William
WALKERMary176902 May widow
WALKERMary1807?? Mar10? yearsd Edward
WALKERMary180813 Nov58 yearsw William
WALKERPrudence186719 Oct71 years 
WALKERSarah169321 May  
WALKERSarah169924 Sep d Thomas
WALKERSarah179002 Dec w William
WALKERSarah183418 Nov70 years 
WALKERSarah187414 Sep82 yearsof The Union House, Malmesbury
WALKERSarah Ann185809 Dec13 months 
WALKERSusan167410 Apr  
WALKERThomas1742?? Jan  
WALKERWilliam168424 Apr  
WALKERWilliam169816 Nov s Thomas
WALKERWilliam172926 Feb  
WALKERWilliam176630 Oct of Charlton
WALKERWilliam181520 Aug8 monthss John & Sarah
WALKERWilliam182722 Feb2 years 9 months 
WALKERWilliam183124 Apr26 years 
WALKERWilliam183726 Jul77 years 
WALKERWilliam186824 Oct71 years 
WALLIS 166331 Aug  
WALLISAnne166123 May  
WALLISElisabeth183707 Jan78 years 
WALLISElizabeth180120 Aug d Francis & Elizabeth
WALLISFrancis183807 Mar74 years 
WALLISRobert166718 Oct  
WALLISThomas166222 Jan  
WALLISThomas179225 Mar natural s Mary, a pauper
WATTSAnne175114 Apr  
WAYT 167511 Apr of Grittenham
WAYTCatharine175103 Feb  
WAYTElizabeth171123 Sep  
WAYTHannah184315 Feb32 years 
WAYTHenry171514 Mar of Grittenham
WAYTHenry172929 May  
WAYTMargret170712 Oct d Henry
WAYTMargrett172419 Mar  
WAYTMary170401 Sep d Henry
WAYTMary172003 May  
WAYTMoses168005 Dec ch John
WAYTRebecca168213 Nov ch John
WAYTWilliam166904 Jan mercer
WAYTWilliam169703 Apr  
WAYTE?1673?? Apr  
WAYTEAles165423 Dec w Hendry
WAYTEAnn1679  ch Henry of Grittnum
WAYTEAnn168931 Jan d Henry of Grittenham
WAYTEAnn179120 Oct widow, a pauper
WAYTEAyliffe166901 Nov  
WAYTECatharine183712 Jan79 yearsof the Union Work-House, Malmesbury
WAYTEDaniel182321 Dec61 years 
WAYTEElizabeth168029 Mar w Henry
WAYTEElizabeth178113 Jun d William & Catharine
WAYTEElizabeth178601 Sep d James & Ann
WAYTEElizabeth179104 Oct w Daniel
WAYTEGrace Stratton178311 May natural d Anne
WAYTEHariot181801 Nov13 years 
WAYTEHenery166005 Jan s John of Christian Malford
WAYTEHenry166519 Jan of Grittenum
WAYTEHenry166708 Oct  
WAYTEHenry169106 Dec  
WAYTEHonor182725 Jul18 years 
WAYTEIsaac178215 Jul s Nathaniel
WAYTEJacob178415 Apr  
WAYTEJames178420 Jun natural s Hannah, a pauper
WAYTEJane184409 Aug76 years 
WAYTEJoane166511 Sep  
WAYTEJohn178911 Aug a pauper
WAYTEMargaret166923 Aug  
WAYTEMaria178521 Aug w Daniel
WAYTEMary165327 Sep w Hendry
WAYTEMary1679  w William
WAYTEMary177725 Nov d James & Anne
WAYTEMary178227 Aug d Nathaniel
WAYTEPeter178209 Jan natural s Hannah
WAYTERuth166207 Jan  
WAYTESarah181628 Oct46 years 
WAYTESarah183201 Jul6 years 
WAYTESusanna168828 May w Henry
WAYTESusanna169502 Dec ch John
WAYTEWilliam166525 Jun of Dantesie, s Margaret widow
WAYTEWilliam183712 Jan78 yearsof the Union Work-House, Malmesbury
WEBB?1755?? Apr ? of William & Susannah
WEBB?1794?? Oct s Anthony & Ann?
WEBBAaron186130 Jul2 years 6 months 
WEBBAlice179521 Apr  
WEBBAmelia186122 Oct30 years 
WEBBAmelia186831 Oct52 years 
WEBBAnn170013 Dec d Henry
WEBBAnn171530 Jan w John
WEBBAnn173317 Jun d John
WEBBAnn179119 Jun a pauper
WEBBAnn179908 Dec natural d Sarah
WEBBAnn182018 Jan2 daysd Henry & Rebecca
WEBBAnn182523 Oct10 years 
WEBBAnn182717 Oct68 years 
WEBBAnn183816 Dec6 years 
WEBBAnn184906 Apr5 weeks 
WEBBAnn185612 Mar93 years 
WEBBAnne176926 Apr widow
WEBBAnthonie166409 Mar  
WEBBAnthony173625 Dec  
WEBBAnthony173707 Feb s Mary
WEBBAnthony175321 Jan s John & Mary
WEBBAnthony175705 May s William & Susannah
WEBBAnthony184005 Nov83 years 
WEBBAnthony186822 Aug75 years 
WEBBBetty175318 May d Richard & Catharine
WEBBBetty1769?? Sep natural d Alice
WEBBEdward166408 May  
WEBBEdward173018 Jan s John
WEBBEdward177929 Sep  
WEBBElisabeth183226 Aug1 day 
WEBBElisabeth184108 Nov9 years 
WEBBElisabeth184320 Apr25 years 
WEBBEliza184427 Apr10 months 
WEBBElizabeth169703 Dec  
WEBBElizabeth170113 Feb ch Henry
WEBBElizabeth173730 Jan d Mary
WEBBElizabeth176520 Oct d Henry & Mary
WEBBElizabeth180827 Feb natural d Ruth, infant
WEBBElizabeth182501 Sep32 years 
WEBBElizabeth183417 Apr3 years 
WEBBElizabeth185928 Oct4 years 
WEBBElizabeth188103 Dec27 years 
WEBBEllen184801 Oct3 years 
WEBBEnoch184203 Nov2 years 
WEBBHannah182812 Jun5 years 
WEBBHannah183310 Nov6 months 
WEBBHannah184424 Jul10 years 
WEBBHenry180214 Jun  
WEBBHenry184719 Feb84 years 
WEBBHenry188129 Dec46 yearsof The Workhouse, Brokenborough
WEBBHenry John187621 Oct7 weeksof The Union House, Malmesbury
WEBBJames183811 Nov infant
WEBBJames185011 Feb38 years 
WEBBJane170017 Dec  
WEBBJane170526 Aug d John
WEBBJane172915 Aug  
WEBBJane176819 Jan d Edward & Sarah
WEBBJane178206 Sep  
WEBBJane182813 Jan20 years 
WEBBJasper178316 Mar s Anthony & Ann
WEBBJohn166710 Sep  
WEBBJohn170507 Jun  
WEBBJohn175711 May  
WEBBJohn176011 Jun  
WEBBJohn178003 Mar natural s Hester
WEBBJohn178511 Feb a pauper
WEBBJohn179905 Aug s Nathan & Ann
WEBBJohn182612 Feb25 yearsof Grittenham
WEBBJohn183528 Jun75 years 
WEBBJohn Hardin178930 Aug  
WEBBJoseph183627 Mar5 months 
WEBBJoseph185806 Jun18 years 
WEBBJoseph186913 Apr69 years 
WEBBJoseph188009 Dec36 yearsof Cardiff. Was killed
by accident at work in the employment .......
WEBBJudith183525 Dec75 years 
WEBBJudith186319 Sep58 years 
WEBBLucy183603 Jun85 years 
WEBBMargaret187630 Jun68 years 
WEBBMargerie166327 Dec  
WEBBMaria185718 Nov1 year 
WEBBMary170826 Aug d Henry
WEBBMary171528 Jan ch John
WEBBMary175905 Jul w Henry
WEBBMary177018 Mar widow
WEBBMary178014 Oct widow
WEBBMary178108 May w John
WEBBMary179529 Mar  
WEBBMary180219 May w Henry
WEBBMary183826 Sep16 years 
WEBBMary185920 Mar1 year 
WEBBMary187309 Jun79 years 
WEBBMary Ann187429 Jan20 months 
WEBBNancy176122 Nov d William & Susannah
WEBBNancy178423 Jun d Anthony & Ann
WEBBNathan184111 Apr78 years 
WEBBNathan187524 Feb22 years 
WEBBRebecca183230 Dec56 years 
WEBBReuben180902 Oct36 years 
WEBBReuben183717 May4 years 
WEBBRichard176220 Jun s John & Mary
WEBBRichard176708 Jun s Edward & Sarah
WEBBRichard187917 Mar69 years 
WEBBRuth186324 Jun87 years 
WEBBSarah178021 May d William & Sarah
WEBBSarah179507 Dec widow
WEBBSarah179821 Oct d John & Judith
WEBBSarah181914 Jan79 yearswidow
WEBBSarah187603 Apr46 years 
WEBBSusannah177716 Dec w William
WEBBThomas166426 Mar  
WEBBThomas169912 Apr s Henry
WEBBThomas187127 Feb4 days 
WEBBWilliam169716 Aug s Henry
WEBBWilliam171106 May  
WEBBWilliam171216 Apr s John
WEBBWilliam178318 Jun s William
WEBBWilliam178727 Feb s Nathan & Ann, a pauper
WEBBWilliam179226 Feb  
WEBBWilliam179423 May a pauper
WEBBWilliam183318 Jun34 years 
WEEKESAne165501 Dec d Hendry
WEEKESAne165611 Sep widow
WEEKESAnn166928 Jul d John
WEEKESAnn168112 Nov w Henry
WEEKESAnn169204 May  
WEEKESAnn170108 Aug d Richard & Susanna
WEEKESArthur169024 Jan  
WEEKESArthur169326 Dec  
WEEKESBurgess169309 Dec gent
WEEKESDaniell167716 Dec  
WEEKESElizabeth172606 Dec  
WEEKESHendry165424 Dec s Hendry
WEEKESHenry169424 Oct  
WEEKESJane166922 Jan  
WEEKESJane1679  widow
WEEKESJohn167207 Aug  
WEEKESJohn168728 Sep of Purton
WEEKESJohn169307 Jan ch Richard
WEEKESJohn174526 Jul  
WEEKESKatherine167805 Jun d Arthur
WEEKESMargaret169110 Mar w Henry
WEEKESMary167108 Oct  
WEEKESOliffe169730 Mar d Richard & Susana
WEEKESRichard165523 Jan  
WEEKESRichard166730 May  
WEEKESRichard173216 Nov  
WEEKESRobert165511 Mar s Hendry
WEEKESRobert167129 Oct  
WEEKESTobias166919 Apr  
WEEKESWilliam168828 Jun ch John of Purton
WEEKSDaniel185519 Oct60 years 
WEEKSEdmund177329 Nov  
WEEKSEleanor170320 Jan d Arthur
WEEKSElizabeth174824 Mar w Mr John
WEEKSJohn176228 Nov gent
WEEKSMartha185629 Aug78 years 
WEEKSRobert167227 Jul s John, Junior
WEEKSSusanna1766?? Aug w Edmund Weeks, gent
WEEKSSusannah173819 Jun widow
WEEKSThomas175713 Apr  
WELLIYIMMargett165819 Sep  
WELLSTEEDEdith169517 Jan  
WELSTEEDHannah171010 Jul  
WEST 166722 Aug  
WESTAnna178924 Jun d Joseph & Sarah, a pauper
WESTElizabeth177123 Jul d Simon & Mary
WESTElizabeth178309 May d Joseph & Sarah
WESTJane180231 Oct d Simon & Jane
WESTJane180322 Feb w Simon
WESTJesse Spencer183723 Nov2 years 4 months 
WESTJohn185228 Dec90 years 
WESTJohn187113 Dec75 yearsof Purton
WESTJoseph187519 Jul67 years 
WESTJulia182921 Sep infant
WESTLydia184218 Sep76 years 
WESTMary182203 Feb89 yearswidow
WESTPrudence184918 Mar73 years 
WESTRebecca173224 Sep  
WESTSarah187630 Oct58 years 
WESTSimon181906 Jan85 years 
WESTSimon185507 Oct86 years 
WHALEAnn182801 Jun36 years 
WHALEAnn183528 May1 year 
WHALEAnn185722 Nov76 years 
WHALECaroline183917 Feb4 years 
WHALEJohn1801?? Jan  
WHALEJohn184310 Oct66 years 
WHALELeah183420 Mar28 years 
WHALELemsach Hatton185002 Dec10 monthsof Swindon
WHALEMary187022 Nov13 days 
WHALEMary Ann185017 Feb27 yearsof Swindon
WHALEPhilip187305 Feb49 years 
WHALEPhillip185903 Oct62 years 
WHALESarah183509 Aug65 years 
WHALESarah187205 Sep73 yearsof Grittenham
WHALESusannah186702 Nov20 years 
WHALEThomas183523 Apr4 years 
WHEALMary177101 Nov natural d Jane
WHEELERElisabeth185011 Mar81 years 
WHEELEREliza183009 Dec1 year 
WHEELERElizabeth185431 Oct50 years 
WHEELERElizabeth186022 Oct13 yearsof Union House
WHEELEREmily184926 Apr16 years 
WHEELERJasper183413 Feb2 years 
WHEELERJasper184424 Apr11 months 
WHEELERJohn184015 Oct50 years 
WHEELERJohn184815 Sep4 years 
WHEELERJoseph186324 Nov60 years 
WHEELERMary181602 Jul2 daysd Thomas & Mary
WHEELERRichard184016 Jan76 years 
WHEELERSarah184016 Nov44 years 
WHEELERSarah188015 Jan54 years 
WHILEJames180027 Jul s William & Pheby
WHITEElizabeth165811 Sep w Henry
WHITEHenry166924 Nov  
WHITESarah185417 Aug25 years 
WHITESarah185407 Oct17 weeks 
WHITFIELDMary Jane183801 Feb1 week 
WHITTINGJohn186807 Mar5 weeks 
WHITTINGOrlando186704 May4 years 3 months 
WIGHTWICKCharles186125 Jun82 yearsMr Wightwick was Rector of the Parish for 20 years
WIGHTWICKWalter181425 Jan6 weeks 
WILKINSMatilda187503 Feb50 years 
WILLANDiana183221 Aug30 years 
WILLIAMSAnne165821 Dec  
WILLICEHannah171222 Nov w Richard
WILLICEMargret171907 Aug  
WILLICERichard171526 Nov  
WILLIS 167109 Nov  
WILLSHERJohn165711 Oct  
WILLSHIREJohn170310 Feb  
WILSHERRichard165431 Oct s John
WILSHIERJohn166512 Sep  
WILSHIERMargaret168305 Jan  
WILSHIRE 168820 Apr  
WILSHIRE?Anthony172510 Mar s Benjamin
WILSHIREGeorge168501 Jul  
WILSHIREGeorge169012 Aug  
WILSHIRERebecca168801 Mar  
WILTSHIREBenjamin172830 Nov  
WILTSHIREElizabeth176311 Sep widow
WILTSHIREFrances172913 Nov  
WILTSHIREJeffery173006 Aug  
WILTSHIREJoseph175814 Mar  
WILTSHIREMargaret173902 Jan  
WILTSHIREMary171712 May w Jeffry
WILTSHIREMary172828 Feb  
WILTSHIRERichard173904 Nov  
WINCHCUMBSarah166112 Aug  
WITTJane167721 May  
WITTMary168230 May  
WOODJames187905 Apr9 monthsof Stratton St Margaret, Wilts
WOODThomas166225 May  
WOODMANAnn187315 Apr46 years 
WOODMANBetty188003 Nov4 months 
WOODMANCharles183818 May1 year 3 monthsof the Union Workhouse, Malmesbury
WOODMANFrances188108 Apr9 months 
WOODMANHenry186904 Jan38 years 
WOODROFFEJoseph174613 Mar s Joseph & Hannah
WOODROFFEMary167527 Jan w John
WOODROFFEMary167527 Jan d John
WORMEElizabeth1682?? Sep w Richard
YEOJohn Flood186417 Feb9 months 
YEOMary Jane185607 Mar3 weeks 
YEORebecca187809 Oct  
YEOThomas187217 Feb58 years 
YORKCharles170128 Nov  
YOUNGAbraham178713 Jul  
YOUNGAbraham179413 Jul of Little Summerford
YOUNGAbraham185230 Mar69 years 
YOUNGAlice182029 Apr21 years 
YOUNGAnn173728 Jul d John & Jane
YOUNGAnn173828 Jan w John
YOUNGAnna Maria184202 Apr2 yearsof Grittenham
YOUNGAnne176923 Nov d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGBenjamin175314 Dec  
YOUNGCathrine182024 Jan40 yearsof Crudwell
YOUNGCharles1807?? Jan s Nathaniel & Mary, infant
YOUNGDaniel174123 Oct  
YOUNGDaniel177819 Jun  
YOUNGDavid180402 Apr s Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGDorothy177822 Feb d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGElizabeth173412 Nov d John & Joane
YOUNGJane176305 Mar widow
YOUNGJohn175420 Jan s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGJohn176116 Jan  
YOUNGJohn179915 May90 years 
YOUNGLucey181531 Aug18 years 
YOUNGLucy179703 Apr d Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGLydia177711 Feb d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGMargaret177216 Apr w Mr Abraham
YOUNGMargaret186904 Feb67 yearsof Purton
YOUNGMary175008 Sep w Benjamin
YOUNGMary177912 Dec  
YOUNGMary180827 Jun34 yearsw Nathaniel
YOUNGMary183125 Feb74 yearsof Little Somerford
YOUNGNathaniel184202 Apr2 yearsof Grittenham
YOUNGNathaniel184926 Mar83 years 
YOUNGSarah178620 Apr d Thomas & Sarah
YOUNGSarah180709 Dec72 yearsw Thomas
YOUNGSarah181930 Apr89 yearswidow
YOUNGSarah182927 Oct13 years 
YOUNGSusanna178421 Mar widow, a pauper
YOUNGThomas172403 Apr s John
YOUNGThomas181326 Mar87 years 
YOUNGWilliam176318 May s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGWilliam176401 Nov s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGEJoane169927 Mar w Henry
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