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Brinkworth - Baptisms (A-C)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BAPTISMS: 1659 - 1856


Transcribed by Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.

?implies that data was missing or illegible.
ddaughter of.
sson of
Note:The original spelling has been preserved throughout.


???? Apr 1677?
??  ?   1686?
??  ?   1686?
??  ?   1686?
??  ?   1686?
??  ?   1686?
??  ?   1712s
??  ?   1713 
??11 Nov 1729 
?Ann24 Mar 1733d Thomas
?Betty09 Jun 1800d
?David05 Oct 1808s John & ...
?Eleanor21 Aug 1729d John
?Elizabeth01 Sep 1729d Robert
?Hester01 Jun 1800d Mark ?? & Lucy ??
?John?? Apr 1798s Thomas & Elizabeth
?John18 Sep 1808s Thomas & Ann
?Joseph?? Mar 1794s Jonathan & Sarah
?Joseph16 Sep 1804s
?Joseph18 Sep 1808s Thomas & ...
?Mary12 Oct 1729 
?Mary Ann13 Oct 1811d Charles & Hester
?Richard20 Jan 1723s Thomas
?Richard20 Oct 1811s William &
?Robert  ?   1712s John
?Sarah03 Oct 1729 
?Thomas15 Jan 1715s ?
?Thomas08 Jul 1804s Abraham & Elizabeth
ABNEBERLESusana13 Nov 1670d Merideth
ADAMJosiah09 Dec 1662s (blank)
ADEYBetty23 Sep 1781d William & Betty
ADEYHannah20 Nov 1785d Jonas & Mary
ADY?22 Oct 1789? William & Betty
ADYAllan Morris18 Oct 1835s John & Mary, yeoman
ADYElizabeth Ann17 Oct 1815d John & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
ADYEllen17 Jun 1821d John & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
ADYHenry17 Jun 1821d John & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
ADYJames18 Oct 1835s John & Mary, yeoman
ADYJohn03 Feb 1740s Henry & Mary
ADYJohn07 Jun 1785s William & Betty
ADYJohn28 Apr 1787s William & Betty
ADYJohn12 Oct 1817s John & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
ADYJonas14 Oct 1787s Jonas & Mary
ADYThomas18 Dec 1828s John & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
ADYWilliam18 Nov 1781s Jonas & Mary
ADYWilliam13 Jul 1783s William & Betty
ADYWilliam18 Dec 1828s John & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
ALLAWAYAnn14 Feb 1671d Jonas
ALLAWAYJoseph02 Dec 1672s Jonas
ALLAWAYEJane02 Feb 1669d Jonas
ALLISONEdmond19 Jun 1726s John
ALLISONHenry05 Jun 1729s John
ANDEREWSMark05 May 1811s John & Joanna
ANDREWSEliza Jane17 Nov 1844d Matthew & Eliza, labourer
ANDREWSGeorge06 Mar 1836s Matthew & Eliza, labourer
ANDREWSJacob26 May 1833s Matthew & Eliza, labourer
ANDREWSJohn01 Jan 1826s Matthew & Eliza, labourer
ANDREWSJoseph29 Jun 1828s Matthew & Eliza, labourer
ANDREWSLuke02 Nov 1812s John & Joanah
ANDREWSMark17 Oct 1830s Matthew & Eliza, labourer
ANDREWSMary Ann25 Nov 1838d Luke & Ann, labourer
ANDREWSMary Ann15 May 1842d Matthew & Eliza, labourer
ANDREWSMary Ann24 Apr 1856d Luke & Mary, labourer
ANDREWSThomas23 Oct 1853s Luke & Ann, labourer
ANGELMary11 Jun 1780natural d Lydia
ANGELSarah17 May 1697d William & Sarah
ARCHAnn03 Jan 1697d William & Sarah
ARCHElizabeth04 Dec 1682d William
ARCHFrances04 Dec 1682d William
ARCHGiles30 Nov 1676s Thomas
ARCHHannah26 Dec 1686d William
ARCHJohn21 Jul 1689s William & Sarah
ARCHJohn18 Feb 1692s Tobias & Sarah
ARCHJoseph22 Dec 1660s John
ARCHJoseph12 Aug 1681s Tobias
ARCHMary04 Dec 1682d William
ARCHRobert04 Apr 1666s John
ARCHRobert08 Mar 1683s Tobias
ARCHSarah12 Jul 1673d Thomas
ARCHSarah04 Dec 1682d William
ARCHShedrach28 Dec 1806natural s Lidea
ARCHSusanna26 Oct 1685d William
ARCHThomas24 Nov 1666s Thomas
ARNOLD(blank)28 Nov 1709s John
ARNOLDHenry01 Sep 1707s John
ARNOLDMark11 Dec 1704s John
ARNOLDThomas24 Aug 1662s Thomas
AVILANDMartha24 Mar 1771d Edward Painter & Margaret
AYLIFEJohn17 Oct 1673s George
AYLIFEMary05 Apr 1730d Charles
AYLIFFE??? Dec 1701d Charles
AYLIFFEAnn31 Oct 1726d Anthony
AYLIFFEAnn04 Feb 1787natural d Sarah
AYLIFFECharles30 Oct 1668s George, gent
AYLIFFECharles15 Aug 1703s Charles
AYLIFFECharles23 Sep 1750s John & Margret
AYLIFFEEdward25 Oct 1705s Charles
AYLIFFEEdward18 Nov 1731s Charles
AYLIFFEEdward03 Jun 1761s John & Margaret
AYLIFFEElizabeth19 Mar 1674d Mr Thomas
AYLIFFEFrancis26 Feb 1685s Mr Thomas
AYLIFFEGeorge21 May 1663s Mr George
AYLIFFEGeorge23 Mar 1691s Mr Thomas & Mary
AYLIFFEGeorge01 Feb 1698s Charles & Mary
AYLIFFEHephzibah10 Feb 1805d Charles & Mary
AYLIFFEJames20 Mar 1785natural s Sarah
AYLIFFEJohannah28 Sep 1733d Charles
AYLIFFEJohn16 Jun 1665s Mr George of Gritingam
AYLIFFEJohn23 Mar 1691s Mr Thomas & Mary
AYLIFFEJohn03 Mar 1700s Charles & Mary
AYLIFFEJohn11 Oct 1717s Francis
AYLIFFEJohn30 Aug 1753s John & Margaret
AYLIFFEJohn17 Nov 1754s John & Margaret
AYLIFFEJohn03 Jun 1761s John & Margaret
AYLIFFEJohn08 Feb 1778s Charles & Anne
AYLIFFEMargaret25 Jul 1693d Thomas, gent & Mary
AYLIFFEMargarett10 Feb 1805d Charles & Mary
AYLIFFEMarie24 Mar 1669d Mr Thomas
AYLIFFEMary25 Jan 1672d Mr Thomas
AYLIFFEMary?? Mar 1698d Mr Thomas
AYLIFFEMary19 Feb 1710d Mr Charles
AYLIFFEMary26 Oct 1716d Francis
AYLIFFEMary01 Aug 1730d Anthony
AYLIFFEMary17 Jan 1768d John & Margaret
AYLIFFEMary Ann31 Jul 1814d Charles & Mary, aged 2, labourer
AYLIFFEMatilda15 Aug 1824d Hepzebah
AYLIFFERichard22 Dec 1782natural s Sarah
AYLIFFERobert Stratton25 Jan 1789natural s Sarah
AYLIFFESarah16 Dec 1764d John & Margaret
AYLIFFESusannah14 Feb 1712d Charles
AYLIFFEThomas30 Nov 1682s Mr Thomas
AYLIFFEThomas12 May 1687s Mr Thomas & Mary
AYLIFFEThomas26 Nov 1707s Mr Charles
AYLIFFEThomas24 Jul 1728s Anthony
AYLIFFEWilliam24 Mar 1799s Charles & Mary
AYLLIFEJohn15 Apr 1781s Charles & Anne
BADENJacob Stephens13 May 1753natural s Betty
BADREYJacob25 May 1755natural s Betty
BAINSJane13 Oct 1801d Richard & Mary
BAKERElizabeth08 Jan 1826d Harriet
BAKERMary?    1712d Richard
BAKERRichard24 Jul 1715s Richard
BAKERRichard15 Jul 1717s Richard
BAKERWilliam11 Aug 1667baseborn child of Elizabeth
BARNARDWilliam06 Jul 1780natural s Rebecca
BARNESAlfred27 Oct 1839s John & Maria, labourer
BARNESAnn06 Nov 1670d William
BARNESAnn19 Jul 1829d Anthony & Mary, labourer
BARNESElizabeth16 Sep 1832d Thomas & Sarah, labourer
BARNESHarry20 Jun 1813s John & Sarah, labourer
BARNESJohn11 Aug 1816s John & Sarah, labourer
BARNESJohn31 Mar 1822s Anthorny & Mary, labourer
BARNESMarie22 Apr 1660d Anthonie
BARNESMary Ann31 Jul 1836d Thomas & Sarah, labourer
BARNESSamuell19 Jul 1663s Anthonie
BARNESSarah19 Jul 1829d Abraham & Mary, labourer
BARNESSarah31 Jul 1836d Thomas & Sarah, labourer
BARNESThomas05 Feb 1843s John & Maria, labourer
BARNESWilliam27 Jun 1837s Anthony & Mary, labourer
BARNSAnn18 Nov 1804d John & Sarah
BARNSAnthony10 Dec 1799s Edward & Mary
BARNSBetty05 Oct 1800d John & Phebey
BARNSJohn17 Jul 1803s John & Pheeby
BARNSMary24 Mar 1809d John & Sarah
BARNSMary16 Jun 1810d John & Sarah
BARNSWilliam15 May 1803s Edward & Mary
BARRINGTONAnne14 Oct 1759natural d Anne
BARTLETElizabeth03 Feb 1726d William
BATHBenjamin05 Apr 1795s William & Hannah
BATHBetsy25 Jul 1852d Jacob & Elizabeth, higler
BATHBetty05 Dec 1719d Thomas
BATHCharles11 May 1845s Jacob & Elizabeth, higler
BATHElizabeth09 Nov 1777d William & Sarah
BATHElizabeth24 Feb 1805d William & Hannah
BATHEmma17 Apr 1853d Robert & Elisabeth, carpenter
BATHGeorge06 Sep 1772s Thomas & Mary
BATHGeorge03 Aug 1823s Benjamin & Isabella, carpenter of Little Somerford
BATHHannah30 Sep 1792d William & Hanah
BATHJacob13 Jun 1810s William & Hanna
BATHJacob27 Jul 1847s Jacob & Elisabeth, letter carrier
BATHJacob26 Aug 1849s Jacob & Elisabeth, letter carrier
BATHJane14 Mar 1802d William & Hanna
BATHJoannah03 Dec 1854d Jacob & Elisabeth, carrier
BATHJohn Caleb27 Jan 1856s Robert & Elizabeth
BATHLouisa04 Apr 1824d Hannah
BATHMaria04 Mar 1798d William & Hanna
BATHMary16 Apr 1765natural d Mrs Sarah
BATHMary29 Jun 1807d William & Hanah
BATHMary Elisabeth02 Feb 1851d Robert & Elisabeth, carpenter
BATHRobert16 Sep 1827s William & Mary, carpenter
BATHSalina27 Nov 1814d William & Mary, carpenter
BATHSalome18 Jul 1845d John & Maria, labourer
BATHSarah04 Dec 1774d William & Sarah
BATHSarah09 Sep 1781d William & Sarah
BATHThomas28 Nov 1802s William & Hester
BATHThomas24 Aug 1817s William & Mary, carpenter
BATHThomas17 Oct 1841s Jacob & Elisabeth, labourer
BATHWilliam21 Nov 1725s Thomas
BATHWilliam11 Jul 1756s Robert & Jane
BATHWilliam18 Jul 1790s William & Hannah
BATHWilliam03 Aug 1823s Benjamin & Isabella, carpenter of Little Somerford
BATHEBenjamin06 Jun 1830s William & Mary, carpenter
BATHEElizabeth Maria28 Aug 1825d William & Mary, carpenter
BATHEJabez16 Apr 1843s Jacob & Elisabeth
BATHEJames31 Jul 1831s Benjamin & Isabella, carpenter
BATHEMary27 Jan 1828d Benjamin & Isabella, carpenter
BATHEMary Anne06 Jan 1839d Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
BATTONElizabeth07 Jul 1811d Joseph & Susana
BEALEmma21 Jan 1724d Richard
BEALIsaac14 Sep 1766s William & Anne
BEALEAbram03 Oct 1667s Tobias
BEALEJane26 Apr 1660d Robert
BEALEJane13 Mar 1664d Tobias
BEALEJohn18 Feb 1688s John & ?
BEALEJohn28 Apr 1721s Richard
BEALEMary09 Feb 1682d Tobias
BEALEMary03 Dec 1686d John
BEALEMary14 Dec 1697d John & Elizabeth
BEALERichard24 Apr 1671s Richard
BEALERichard27 Feb 1692s John & Emm
BEALERobert09 Dec 1670s Tobias
BEALERobert?? Oct 1689s John & Emm
BEALETobias02 Aug 1665s Tobias
BEALEWilliam30 jun 1672s William of Lidyeard
BEALEWilliam05 Nov 1673s Richard
BEAMEAnn19 May 1673d Thomas of Lydiard
BEDELLJohn Weeks23 May 1738s Thomas & Elizabeth
BENJAMINJohn30 Aug 1823s William & Mary, labourer
BETTSMarie19 Apr 1663d Mrs Alice, widow
BEWDONWilliam16 Oct 1842s Henry & Elisabeth, labourer of Wantinge
BINNINGMary07 Apr 1771d Robert & Anne
BINNINGMary21 Feb 1773d Robert & Anne
BINNINGMoses28 May 1780s Robert & Ann
BINNINGWilliam25 Oct 1767s Robert & Anne
BISHOPAnn Maria01 Aug 1852d Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
BISHOPDinah18 Aug 1850d Jacob & Elisabeth, labourer
BISHOPEdith20 Feb 1808d John & Ann
BISHOPEdith01 Jan 1826d John & Ann, labourer
BISHOPEdith27 Aug 1848d Jacob & Elisabeth, labourer
BISHOPEdwin17 Jan 1836s Elisa
BISHOPElisabeth25 Oct 1846d Jacob & Elisabeth, labourer
BISHOPEliza11 Nov 1810d John & Ann
BISHOPHannah14 Oct 1838d Jacob & Elizabeth, yeoman
BISHOPJacob05 Jan 1845s Jacob & Elisabeth, labourer
BISHOPJames04 Nov 1832s John & Elizabeth, labourer
BISHOPJohn06 Jan 1805s John & Ann
BISHOPMargaret02 Feb 1840d Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
BISHOPMary Ann02 Jan 1842d Jacob & Elisabeth, labourer
BLAKEJohn06 Sep 1795s Joseph & Susana
BLAKEMary10 Jun 1798d Joseph & Susanna
BLEEKEJohn23 Nov 1684s John
BLEEKEMary02 Oct 1688d John
BLEEKERobert18 Dec 1692s John & Emm
BLICKDaniel01 May 1720baseborn s Daniel
BOCWERJames14 Oct 1855s Henry & Eliza, blacksmith of Jenndon?
BOLTONJane08 Jul 1750d Thomas & Lydia
BOLTONJohn21 May 1742s Thomas & Lydia
BOLTONLydia10 Nov 1753d Thomas & Lydia
BOLTONWilliam19 Sep 1737s Thomas & Lydia
BONDAnn07 Jul 1805d Joseph & Susana
BONDAnne07 Jul 1771natural d Jane
BONDEdward07 Oct 1733s William
BONDSusannah27 Mar 1808d Joseph & Susannah
BONDThomas16 Jan 1803s Joseph & Susanna
BONDThomas14 Oct 1849s Charles & Sarah, labourer
BONDWilliam17 Apr 1770natural s Jane
BRADMOREAnn09 Mar 1811d William & Hanah
BREADMORECharles15 Oct 1826s William & Hannah, labourer
BREADMOREElizabeth21 Mar 1819d William & Hannah, labourer
BREADMOREGeorge10 Jun 1832s William & Hannah, labourer
BREADMOREHannah17 Oct 1824d William & Hannah, labourer
BREADMOREIsaac08 Aug 1830s William & Hannah, labourer
BREADMOURWilliam21 Oct 1821s William & Hannah, labourer
BREADMOUREJane14 Apr 1816d William & Hannah, labourer
BRIDGEMANEmma04 Mar 1852d Thomas & Mary Ann, labourer
BRIDGEMANHarriet17 Jan 1856d Thomas & Mary Ann, yeoman
BRIDGEMANWilliam25 Aug 1850s Thomas & Mary Ann, labourer
BRIDGWATERAyliffe07 Aug 1734d George & Ayliffe
BRIDGWATERJohn28 Jun 1733s George
BROADRobert29 Nov 1729baseborn child of Jane
BROCKTheresa23 Aug 1814d George & Theresa Mary of Elizabeth Sumersetsheare
BROOKEliza Ann15 Oct 1848d Elizabeth
BROOKE(Blank)18 Apr 1680d William
BROOKEElizabeth16 Apr 1665d William
BROOKEMargaret19 Feb 1682d William
BROOKEMary17 Sep 1677d William
BROWNRachel27 Dec 1737d Oliver & Sarah
BROWNThomas20 Dec 1772natural s Rebecca
BROWNEAnne06 Mar 1662d Samuell
BROWNEElizabeth04 Dec 1660d Samuell
BROWNEJohn22 Feb 1681s John
BROWNEJohn09 Mar 1681s John junior
BROWNEMargaret12 May 1680d John
BROWNEWilliam19 Oct 1683s John junior
BROWNEWilliam28 Feb 1689s John & Kathrine
BROWNINGEJoane05 Nov 1678d Richard?
BRUSHCharles11 Feb 1827s Abraham & Sarah, labourer
BRUSHElizabeth18 Aug 1752d Isaac & Mary
BRUSHMary04 May 1732d Thomas
BRUSHRuth22 Apr 1750d Isaac & Mary
BRUSHThomas25 Jan 1748s Isaac & Mary
BRUSHWilliam08 Feb 1746s Isaac & Mary
BRYANTElizabeth24 Jan 1779d John & Sarah
BRYANTUriah07 Dec 1777s John & Sarah
BUCKLANDAbraham04 Mar 1741s Abraham & Jane
BUCKLANDAlice20 Apr 1739d Thomas & Grace
BUCKLANDAnn30 Jan 1732d Thomas
BUCKLANDBetty01 Apr 1730d Isaac
BUCKLANDElizabeth23 Jun 1664d Anthonie
BUCKLANDElizabeth04 Jun 1677d Thomas
BUCKLANDElizabeth18 Mar 1683d Mary
BUCKLANDElizabeth11 Mar 1687d Abraham
BUCKLANDEmm10 Sep 1702d Samuel
BUCKLANDGrace07 Jun 1730d Thomas
BUCKLANDGrace11 Mar 1733d Thomas
BUCKLANDIsaac09 Sep 1685s Abraham
BUCKLANDJames13 Dec 1778s Anthony & Anne
BUCKLANDJane25 Dec 1733d Isaac
BUCKLANDMartha22 Nov 1810d Thomas & Hannah
BUCKLANDMary27 Feb 1670d Thomas
BUCKLANDMary11 Feb 1728d Thomas
BUCKLANDMary09 Jan 1734d Abraham
BUCKLANDRebecca16 Feb 1680d Henry
BUCKLANDRebecca17 Nov 1731d Isaac
BUCKLANDRobert?? Dec 1701s Samuel
BUCKLANDSamuell30 Mar 1667s Anthonie
BUCKLANDSarah23 Apr 1739d Abraham & Jane
BUCKLANDSarah15 Oct 1763d Abraham & Betty
BUCKLANDWilliam02 May 1680s Thomas
BUCKLANDWilliam12 Jul 1741s Mary, widow
BUCKLEIsaac10 Mar 1734s Isaac
BUCKLEJohn10 Mar 1734s Isaac
BUCKLEJoseph04 May 1735s Isaac & Mary
BUCKLEWilliam21 Jan 1734s Isaac
BURCHALEdwin22 Apr 1832s John & Hannah, carpenter
BURCHALEliza25 Dec 1818d John & Hannah, carpenter of Grittenham
BURCHALHannah25 Dec 1822d John & Hannah, carpenter
BURCHALHenry30 Mar 1817s John & Hannah, carpenter of Grittenham
BURCHALJane27 Aug 1815d John & Hannah, carpenter of Grittenham
BURCHALJohn25 Dec 1821s John & Hannah, carpenter
BURCHALMary06 Jun 1708d Thomas
BURCHALThomas19 Nov 1820s John & Hannah, carpenter of Grittenham
BURCHALThurza16 Mar 1834d John & Hannah, carpenter
BURCHALLAlfred07 Nov 1830s John & Hannah, carpenter
BURCHALLHannah03 May 1824d John & Hannah, carpenter
BURCHALLRobert21 Jul 1782s Richard & Jane
BURCHALLThomas14 Jun 1713s Thomas
BURCHALLUrania25 Dec 1826d John & Hannah, carpenter
BURCHELLeah18 Apr 1784d Richard & Jane
BURCHELRosanna14 Mar 1784d Thomas & Jane
BURCHELRuben04 Feb 1787s Richard & Jane
BURCHELLDavid24 Dec 1780s Richard & Jane
BURCHELLPhebie09 Jun 1782d Thomas & Jane
BURCHILLSarah03 Jan 1830d John & Hannah, labourer
BUSHELGeorge18 Dec 1808s Thomas & Hannah
BUSHELJohn19 May 1697s Thomas & Ann
BUSHELLJohn22 Nov 1812s Thomas & Hannah
BUSHELLThomas02 Apr 1695s Thomas & Ann
BUSHELLThomas06 Aug 1699s Thomas & Ann
BUSHELLWilliam22 Nov 1812s Thomas & Hannah
BUTCHERCharles21 Apr 1667s Thomas
BUTCHEREdward08 Nov 1688s Thomas & Mary
BUTCHERFrancis20 Mar 1677s Thomas
BUTCHERGabriell27 Feb 1681s Thomas
BUTCHERJohn22 Jul 1679s Thomas
BUTCHERMary12 Dec 1684d Thomas
BUTCHERRichard18 Sep 1670s Thomas
BUTCHERRobert04 Apr 1669s Thomas
BUTCHERThomas08 Jun 1673s Thomas
BUTLERHannah13 Jul 1804d Lucy, a bastard
BUTLERJames04 Nov 1705s James
BUTLERRichard01 Sep 1707s James
BUTLERSarah10 Nov 1703d James
CANTERDianna05 Aug 1802d Francis & Betty
CANTERHary03 Jul 1757natural s Betty
CANTERSarah01 Dec 1816natural d Ann
CAREYElizabeth14 Dec 1788d Thomas & Elizabeth, a pauper
CAREYElizabeth20 Apr 1790d Thomas & Elizabeth, a pauper
CAREYSarah12 Feb 1797d Thomas & Elizabeth
CAREYThomas30 Apr 1758s William & Betty
CAREYThomas26 Aug 1792s Thomas & Elizabeth
CAREYWilliam13 Jun 1784s Thomas & Elizabeth
CAREYWilliam08 Apr 1787s Thomas & Elizabeth
CARTEREliza11 Dec 1836d Sarah
CARTERMary19 Dec 1679d John
CARYAnn22 Apr 1733d John
CARYCharles13 Feb 1735s John & Martha
CARYCharles02 Jul 1769s William & Betty
CARYElizabeth21 Jul 1765d George & Susannah
CARYHannah24 Aug 1755d William & Betty
CARYJames05 Apr 1761s William & Betty
CARYJames11 Mar 1764s William & Betty
CARYJohn21 Dec 1674s Mr Francis Henry, Rector of the Church
CARYJohn08 Jun 1752s William & Betty
CARYJohn07 Oct 1781s Thomas & Elizabeth
CARYMartha11 Mar 1764d William & Betty
CARYMary02 Feb 1729d John
CARYMary?? Dec 1779d Thomas & Elizabeth
CARYRichard29 May 1737s John & Martha
CARYSarah17 Nov 1765d William & Betty
CARYThomas10 Aug 1794s Thomas & Elizabeth, a pauper
CASTERSelina27 Jul 1845d John & Mary Ann, labourer
CASTERWilliam16 Sep 1812s Nathan & Margret
CASTSAllan16 Jun 1850s John & Mary Ann, labourer
CASTSAnn14 Apr 1850d Isaac & Jane, labourer
CASTSMary05 Jul 1846d Isaac & Mary, labourer
CASTSReuben10 Feb 1844s John & Mary Ann, labourer
CHARLOCKJohn15 Jun 1766natural s Sibbelle
CHEKERJohn13 Feb 1683s Richard
CHOULESWilliam Stout15 Oct 1821s Thomas & Mary, yeoman
CHURCHAbraham25 Mar 1716s Richard
CHURCHAnn11 Sep 1670d Mr Thomas
CHURCHAnn05 May 1793d John & Ann
CHURCHAnne26 Apr 1761d Robert & Hannah
CHURCHElizabeth03 Sep 1721d Richard
CHURCHElizabeth01 Dec 1754d Robert & Mary
CHURCHHannah28 Mar 1748d Robert & Mary
CHURCHIsaac19 May 1711s Richard
CHURCHIsaac15 Aug 1714s Richard
CHURCHJacob26 Sep 1762s Robert & Hannah
CHURCHJohn21 Feb 1687s Henry
CHURCHJohn23 Oct 1745s Robert & Mary
CHURCHMary03 Sep 1690d Henry & Alice
CHURCHMary01 Feb 1702d Henry & Alice
CHURCHMary26 Jan 1713d Richard
CHURCHMary30 Dec 1750d Robert & Mary
CHURCHNicholas31 Mar 1688s Nicholas & Ann of Chadenton
CHURCHPrudence22 Jan 1787d Isaac & Hester
CHURCHRobert29 Jul 1759s Robert & Hannah
CHURCHSarah20 Apr 1688d Henry & Alice
CHURCHWilliam Mapson20 Apr 1808natural s Elizabeth
CIPHERAlexander25 Jun 1837s John & Harriet, labourer
CIPHERElizabeth25 Jun 1837d John & Harriet, daughter
CIPHERThomas17 Mar 1833s John & Harriet, labourer
CLAREKJohn21 Nov 1739s Abraham & Ann
CLARK??? Feb 1785s Nathan & Ann
CLARKAbraham19 Apr 1712s Francis
CLARKAbraham27 May 1787s Abraham & Dianna
CLARKAnn16 Jan 1820d Richard & Mary, labourer of Dauntsey
CLARKAnne27 Jan 1856d Jacob & Betty
CLARKEdward24 Jan 1671s Walter
CLARKEdward23 Feb 1701s Edward
CLARKElizabeth08 Aug 1667d John
CLARKElizabeth?? Mar 1698d John
CLARKElizabeth15 Oct 1820d Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKFrances04 Jan 1848d Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKFrancis15 Mar 1725s Francis
CLARKFrancis12 Oct 1823s Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKHannah18 Jan 1788d Walter & Hannah
CLARKJacob25 Dec 1832s Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKJames04 Jun 1854s Jacob & Betty, yeoman
CLARKJane16 Oct 1825d Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKJeffry18 Mar 1723s John
CLARKJohn02 May 1697s Thomas & Jane
CLARKJohn08 May 1698s Charles
CLARKJohn31 Mar 1709s Francis
CLARKJohn30 Apr 1727s Thomas
CLARKJohn23 Oct 1814s Abraham & Cathrine, yeoman of Charlton
CLARKJohn16 Jan 1831s Richard & Mary, labourer of Dauntsey
CLARKJohn Nichols04 Aug 1802natural s Elizabeth
CLARKJonathan10 Sep 1704s Edward
CLARKJonathan14 Sep 1707s Edward
CLARKJonathan30 Nov 1717s Thomas
CLARKLetitia25 Dec 1832d Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKMargeret23 May 1697d Edward & Ann
CLARKMary19 Apr 1715d Thomas
CLARKMary12 Aug 1739d John & Elizabeth
CLARKMary Ann13 Oct 1839d Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKMary Dyer02 Jul 1786d Nathan & Ann
CLARKNathan10 Aug 1746s John & Elizabeth
CLARKNathan27 Dec 1835s Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKNathan16 Oct 1842s John & Ann, yeoman of Purton
CLARKRebecca03 Jan 1697d John & Ann
CLARKRobert06 Apr 1729s Thomas
CLARKSarah07 May 1699d Edward & Ann
CLARKSarah05 Feb 1826d Richard & Mary, labourer of Dauntsey
CLARKThomas20 Apr 1702s Thomas & Jane
CLARKThomas25 Dec 1832s James & Ann, labourer
CLARKWalter05 Oct 1752s Abraham & Mary Willince
CLARKWalter16 Apr 1843s Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKWalter Francis16 Jul 1848s Francis & Elisabeth, yeoman
CLARKWilliam16 Jan 1699s Thomas & Jane
CLARKWilliam18 Jul 1731s Thomas
CLARKWilliam16 Jun 1822s Richard & Mary, labourer of Dauntsey
CLARKWilliam10 Jun 1838s Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKEAbraham20 Sep 1741s John & Elizabeth
CLARKEAbraham14 Sep 1777s William & Hannah
CLARKEAbram23 Jan 1669s Mr Robert
CLARKEAnn07 Aug 1664d John
CLARKEAnn01 Mar 1668d Charles
CLARKEAnn31 Aug 1669d Charles
CLARKEAnn19 May 1693d Edward & Ann
CLARKEAnn01 Jan 1695d John & Ann
CLARKEAnn11 Mar 1797d Walter & Hannah
CLARKEAnne14 Feb 1661d Walter
CLARKE(blank)02 Mar 1668d John
CLARKECatherine Mary14 Jul 1839d John & Ann, yeoman of Purton
CLARKECharles27 Apr 1692s Charles & Ann?
CLARKEDorothy20 Feb 1693d Abraham & Dorothy
CLARKEElizabeth05 Jul 1663d Walter
CLARKEElizabeth12 Mar 1691d Abraham & Dorothy
CLARKEElizabeth27 Mar 1744d John & Elizabeth
CLARKEElizabeth24 Feb 1779d Nathan & Anne
CLARKEElizabeth13 Aug 1780d Walter & Hannah
CLARKEFrances11 May 1662d John
CLARKEFrancis28 Mar 1779s Walter & Hannah
CLARKEFrancis23 Apr 1780s Nathan & Ann
CLARKEGabriell11 Jun 1672s Walter
CLARKEHannah14 Dec 1788d Abraham & Dianna
CLARKEHannah23 Mar 1828d Jacob & Ruth, yeoman
CLARKEHenry03 Oct 1676s Henry
CLARKEHenry04 Oct 1681s Henry
CLARKEIsaac19 Jun 1791s Abraham & Dianna
CLARKEJacob11 Jan 1795s Walter & Hannah
CLARKEJames17 Feb 1788natural s Sarah
CLARKEJames16 May 1799natural s Sarah
CLARKEJane02 Dec 1675d Henry
CLARKEJane10 Jan 1678d Walter
CLARKEJeffery01 Nov 1678s Henry
CLARKEJoanna21 Sep 1692d John & Ann
CLARKEJohn21 Nov 1661s William
CLARKEJohn06 Mar 1662s John
CLARKEJohn05 Oct 1665s Walter
CLARKEJohn08 Apr 1666s John the thatcher
CLARKEJohn10 Aug 1673s Robert
CLARKEJohn20 Sep 1719s John
CLARKEJohn04 Aug 1737s John & Elizabeth
CLARKEJohn14 Apr 1776s Walter & Hannah
CLARKEJoseph25 Jul 1802s Walter & Hanna
CLARKEJudith13 Jun 1695d Edward & Ann
CLARKEKatherine28 Aug 1661d Robert
CLARKELetitia16 Jul 1799d Walter & Hanna
CLARKEMarie08 Mar 1660d John
CLARKEMarie26 Feb 1661d Henry
CLARKEMarie26 Jan 1669d Walter
CLARKEMary06 Apr 1673d Henry
CLARKEMary12 Dec 1691d John & Rebecca
CLARKEMary10 Feb 1695d Abraham & Dorothy
CLARKEMary08 Feb 1782d Walter & Hannah
CLARKENathan13 Jun 1788s Nathan & Ann
CLARKERebecca21 Jun 1690d John & Rebecca
CLARKERobert02 Jun 1793s Walter
CLARKESarah01 May 1666d Mr Robert
CLARKESarah10 Oct 1672d Charles
CLARKESarah24 Feb 1696d Thomas & Jane
CLARKESarah06 Apr 1777d Nathan & Anne
CLARKESarah26 Jul 1789d Walter & Hannah
CLARKEThomas26 Jan 1669s Walter
CLARKEThomas20 Jan 1670s John, clark
CLARKEThomas09 Dec 1681s Walter
CLARKEThomas10 Jul 1689s Abraham & Dorothy
CLARKEWalter17 Oct 1790s Walter & Hannah
CLARKEWilliam30 Mar 1665s John
CLIFFORDHannah18 Oct 1733d Jeremiah
CLIFFORDJeremiah01 Feb 1738s Jeremiah & Elizabeth
CLIFFORDRobert18 Jan 1835s James & Elisabeth of Grittenham
COLEDavid04 Jun 1850s David & Ann, labourer of Minety
COLINBORNHester30 Nov 1747d Francis & Dorothy
COLINBURNJohn12 Oct 1765s Thomas & Betty
COLINBURNMargaret03 Aug 1754d Francis & Dorothy
COLINGBORNAnn07 Apr 1816d Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLINGBORNLois08 Dec 1839d Ann of Grittenham
COLINGBORNECaleb22 Nov 1829s Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLINGBORNECornelius07 Nov 1824s Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLINGBORNEElizabeth Mary08 Nov 1835d Caleb & Mary, yeoman
COLINGBORNEJohn08 Nov 1835s Caleb & Mary, yeoman
COLINGBORNEMary22 Oct 1826d Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLINGBOURNWilliam15 Apr 1855s Isaac & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
COLLINBORNJesper16 Nov 1713s Francis
COLLINBURNAlice06 Apr 1806d William & Hester
COLLINBURNCatharine17 Jul 1769d Thomas & Betty
COLLINBURNDorothy07 Jun 1795d William & Hester
COLLINBURNFrancis06 Apr 1767s Thomas & Betty
COLLINBURNIsaac11 Oct 1789s William & Hester
COLLINBURNJohn24 Nov 1771s Thomas & Betty
COLLINBURNJohn06 Mar 1803s William & Hester
COLLINBURNMargaret06 Mar 1791d William & Hester
COLLINBURNMary25 Feb 1798d William & Hester
COLLINGBONEMary15 Oct 1820d Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLLINGBORNAnn03 Jan 1819d Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLLINGBORNCaroline10 Jul 1853d Isaac & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
COLLINGBORNJames01 Jan 1812s Jasper & Hannah
COLLINGBORNEIsaac27 Oct 1822s Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLLINGBOURNEElizabeth22 Aug 1813d William & Hester, labourer
COLLINGBOURNEJames22 Aug 1813s William & Hester, labourer
COLLINGBOURNEWorthey28 Feb 1813s Jasper & Hannah, yeoman
COLLINGBURNHeber20 Apr 1800s William & Hester
COLLINGBURNHester20 Aug 1787d William & Margaret
COLLINGBURNJames11 Apr 1809s William & Hester
COLLINGBURNJasper07 May 1809s Jasper & Hannah
COLLINGBURNNathaniel20 Apr 1817s Isaac & Mary, yeoman
COLLINGBURNThomas16 Oct 1810s Jasper & Hannah
COLLINGBURNWilliam06 Jan 1793s William & Hester
COMELYThomas03 Jul 1737s William & Ann
COMELYWilliam25 Feb 1739s William & Ann
COMLEYJoseph09 May 1762natural s Mary
COMLEYWilliam19 Jul 1812s Joseph & Elenor
COOKMartha Sarah31 Jul 1856d Thomas & Maria, labourer of Lea
COOKMary03 Jan 1779d Isaac & Mary
COOPERMary Ann09 Feb 1851d John & Eliza, carpenter of Grittenham
COPSON??    1712s Richard, Rector of Church
COPSONMary06 Sep 1714d Mr Richard, Rector of the Church
COPSONRichard01 Dec 1717s Richard, Rector of the Church
COPSONSarah05 Aug 1716d Mr Richard, Rector of the Church
COSTARAnn25 Dec 1825d Nathan & Elizabeth, farrier
COSTARCharles18 Jul 1841s Sarah
COSTER?23 Oct 1808d Nathan & Margaret
COSTERAnn04 Dec 1785d Thomas & Ann
COSTERElizabeth10 Sep 1780d Thomas & Ann
COSTERHannah20 Aug 1795d Thomas & Ann
COSTERHezekiah18 Dec 1829s John & Elizabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
COSTERJane09 Jul 1797d Thomas & Ann
COSTERJohn16 Nov 1781s Thomas & Anne
COSTERJohn20 Jul 1783s Thomas & Anne
COSTERJohn22 Jan 1792s Thomas & Ann
COSTERMaria21 Feb 1790d Thomas & Ann
COSTERMary14 May 1786d Nathan & Jane
COSTERMary23 Nov 1788d Thomas & Ann
COSTERNathan25 Dec 1810s Nathan & Margaret
COSTERSarah20 Jul 1783d Thomas & Anne
COSTERSarah16 Nov 1783d Nathan & Jane
COSTERSarah20 May 1787d Thomas & Ann
COSTERSarah24 Oct 1809d Nathan & Margaret
COSTERSarah16 Oct 1814d Nathan & Margret
COSTERSusanna10 Nov 1793d Thomas & Ann
COSTERThomas19 Sep 1784s Thomas & Ann
COSTERThomas13 Dec 1807s Nathan & Margaret
COSTERThomas18 Dec 1829s John & Elizabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
COSTERThomas07 Aug 1831s John & Elisabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
COSTERUrania18 Dec 1829d John & Elizabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
COSTERWilliam?? Sep 1811s John & Margaret
COSTERWilliam26 May 1844s Sarah
COTTINOREChristopher19 Dec 1762s William & Amey
COWLEYElizabeth30 Apr 1815d Richard & Mary, yeoman
COXCharles13 Jun 1824s Charles & Mary, labourer
COXElizabeth28 Nov 1734d William & Joan
COXElizabeth15 Oct 1809natural d Sarah
COXFrancis21 Jan 1681s John
COXGeorge13 Apr 1828s Charles & Mary, labourer
COXHannah12 Oct 1834d Charles & Mary, labourer
COXJames28 Aug 1836s Charles & Mary, labourer
COXJohn22 Sep 1811natural s Sarah
COXMartha25 Jun 1837d Charles & Mary, labourer
COXMary Ann11 Aug 1822d Charles & Mary, labourer
COXWilliam03 Sep 1721s Peter
COXEBetty06 Mar 1757d John & Mary
COXEWilliam12 Jun 1755s John & Mary
CRIPPSAnn08 Aug 1681d Edward
CRIPPS...ard22 Jul 1688s Francis & Mary
CRIPPSEdward07 Apr 1689s Edward & Ann
CRIPPSElizabeth29 Oct 1674d Francis
CRIPPSGeorge11 Sep 1682s Francis
CRIPPSHannah15 Aug 1746s John & Mary
CRIPPSJoane26 Oct 1684d Edward
CRIPPSJohn13 Mar 1677s Francis
CRIPPSJohn28 Nov 1691s Edward & Ann
CRIPPSJohn10 Apr 1746s Richard & Elizabeth
CRIPPSJudith18 Jun 1693d Edward & Ann
CRIPPSMary12 Dec 1686d Edward
CRIPPSMary29 Jul 1693d John & Martha
CRIPPSMary11 Nov 1750d John & Sarah
CRIPPSMary?? Aug 1845d Edward & Martha, labourer
CRIPPSRichard18 Mar 1691s Francis & Mary
CRIPPSSarah06 Mar 1825d Jasper & Mary, labourer
CRIPPSThomas21 Dec 1685s Francis
CRIPPSWilliam30 Jan 1680s Francis
CRIPPSWilliam20 May 1852s Edward & Martha, labourer
CRIPSAlice06 Aug 1698d John & Martha
CRIPSAmelia19 Nov 1815d Jasper & Mary, labourer
CRIPSAnn03 Jan 1697d Francis & Mary
CRIPSAnn27 Nov 1785d John & Hannah, a pauper
CRIPSAnn24 Aug 1788d John & Elizabeth
CRIPSAnn16 Jul 1809d Jasper & Mary
CRIPSAnna07 Feb 1703d John & Martha
CRIPSAnne27 Jun 1757d Mr John & Mrs Mary
CRIPSCharles27 Aug 1748s John & Sarah
CRIPSEdward26 Dec 1737s Richard & Elizabeth
CRIPSEdward13 Mar 1776s Edward & Hannah
CRIPSEdward16 Jul 1780s John & Hannah
CRIPSEdward12 May 1822s Jasper & Mary, labourer
CRIPSElizabeth08 Jun 1705d John & Martha
CRIPSElizabeth28 Nov 1776d John & Elizabeth
CRIPSElizabeth11 Apr 1784d John & Elizabeth
CRIPSElizabeth14 Aug 1803d Jasper & Mary
CRIPSHannah26 Jul 1812d Jasper & Mary
CRIPSJane05 Jun 1709d John & Martha
CRIPSJane02 Feb 1806d Jasper & Mary
CRIPSJasper18 Dec 1763s Mr John & Mrs Mary
CRIPSJasper01 Jul 1770s John & Betty
CRIPSJasper Stratton02 Sep 1771natural s Mary
CRIPSJohn08 Dec 1700s John & Martha
CRIPSJohn21 Oct 1781s John & Elizabeth
CRIPSJohn21 Apr 1784s John & Hannah
CRIPSJohn11 Mar 1792s John & Hannah, a pauper
CRIPSMartha13 Mar 1775d John & Hannah
CRIPSMary10 Aug 1740d Richard & Ann
CRIPSMary02 Feb 1752d John & Mary
CRIPSMary26 Jul 1772d John & Betty
CRIPSMary13 Dec 1778d John & Hannah
CRIPSPrudence19 Mar 1712d John & Martha
CRIPSRichard24 Sep 1786s John & Elizabeth
CRIPSSamuel21 May 1779s John & Elizabeth
CRIPSSarah19 Apr 1774d Edward & Hanah
CRIPSSarah28 May 1775d John & Elizabeth
CRIPSSarah09 Sep 1810natural d Mary
CRIPSSusannah13 Dec 1818d Jasper & Mary, labourer
CRIPSThomas05 Jul 1739s John & Sarah
CRIPSThomas13 Aug 1788s John & Hannah, a pauper
CRIPSWilliam02 May 1755s Mr John & Mrs Mary
CRIPSEAnne16 Dec 1744d John & Sarah
CRIPSEEdward11 Apr 1742s John & Mary
CRIPSEJohn05 Jul 1744s John & Mary
CRIPSEMartha18 Mar 1743d Richard & Elizabeth
CRIPSERichard22 Aug 1741s John & Sarah
CRIPSEThomas22 Jan 1749s John & Mary
CROMEJames12 Sep 1706s James
CROOMElizabeth26 Nov 1732d Robert
CROOMJohn26 Dec 1710s James
CROOMRobert09 Jan 1705s James
CROOMRobert01 Jul 1708s James
CURLMargaret Ann20 Jun 1852d William & Ann, labourer of Compton
CURRANTAdelaide04 Nov 1832d Benjamin & Winifred, labourer
CURRANTAlfred29 Apr 1827s Benjamin & Winifred, labourer
CURRANTJeremiah18 Oct 1829s Benjamin & Winifred, labourer
CUSSAbraham20 Apr 1760s William & Betty
CUSSElizabeth29 Jan 1764d William & Betty
CUSSElizabeth05 Jan 1766d William & Betty
CUSSElizabeth03 Dec 1769d William & Betty
CUSSElizabeth16 Jan 1776d William & Rebecca
CUSSElizabeth28 Nov 1790d Abraham & Ann, a pauper
CUSSWilliam17 Jul 1737s William & Mary
CUSSWilliam16 Jul 1758s William & Betty
CUSSWilliam18 Nov 1792s Abraham & Ann, a pauper
CUTTSAmbrose01 Aug 1852s John & Mary Ann, labourer
CUTTSAnne31 Oct 1779d John & Elizabeth
CUTTSElizabeth01 Jun 1777d John & Elizabeth
CUTTSEllen27 Jul 1856d Isaac & Jane, labourer
CUTTSJames19 Feb 1782s John & Elizabeth
CUTTSJames27 Mar 1853s Jonas & Jane, labourer
CUTTSJoseph21 Nov 1824s John & Mary, labourer
CUTTSMary16 Apr 1775d John & Elizabeth
CUTTSMary19 Feb 1782d John & Elizabeth
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