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Brinkworth - Baptisms (D-G)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BAPTISMS: 1659 - 1856


Transcribed by Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.

?implies that data was missing or illegible.
ddaughter of.
sson of
Note:The original spelling has been preserved throughout.


DANELJane26 Jun 1687d Beniamine & Mary
DANIELBenjamin28 Feb 1697s Benjamin
DANIELJohn16 Mar 1690s Beniamine & Mary
DANIELMargaret12 Nov 1693d Beniamin & Mary
DANIELSAlbert20 Oct 1850s William & Betty, labourer of Purton
DANIELSAnn03 Jun 1838d William & Betty, labourer of Purton
DANIELSElizabeth09 Jul 1837d Thomas & Sarah. Born June 19th 1837.
DANIELSEllen22 Aug 1841d William & Elisabeth, labourer of Purton
DANIELSGeorge05 Feb 1843s William & Betty, labourer
DANIELSHenry15 Mar 1840s William & Betty, labourer of Purton
DANIELSJacob Matthews28 Jan 1849s Peter & Betty, labourer of Purton
DANIELSJames11 Oct 1845s William & Betty, labourer of Purton
DANIELSJohn23 Sep 1810s John & Ann
DANIELSJohn04 Dec 1836s William & Elizabeth, labourer
DANIELSThomas17 Apr 1853s William & Betsy, labourer of Purton
DANNIELMary21 Mar 1703d Benjamin
DARTER??? Apr 1677d William
DARTER??? Apr 1677d William of Dolakens
DARTERAbb10 Nov 1675d William of Dolakens
DARTERAnne29 Dec 1659d Thomas
DARTERAnne10 Sep 1745natural d Elizabeth
DARTERBetty30 Dec 1710d Thomas
DARTEREdward?28 May 1680s Thomas
DARTERElizabeth06 Jun 1675d Jeffery
DARTERGiles29 May 1708s Thomas
DARTERHenry Tomson15 Jan 1710s Edith
DARTERJane01 Apr 1678d Thomas
DARTERJane10 Apr 1683d William & Alice
DARTERJeffery24 Apr 1664s Jeffery
DARTERJeffery02 Mar 1684s Thomas
DARTERJeffery10 Jul 1689s Jeffery & Katherine
DARTERJeffry?? Dec 1716s Thomas
DARTERJoanne09 Jun 1678d William
DARTERJohn04 Oct 1674s Thomas
DARTERJohn28 Apr 1681s William
DARTERJohn21 Jul 1689s William & Joane
DARTERJohn02 Sep 1718s Thomas
DARTERMargaret09 Dec 1660d Jeffery
DARTERMargaret27 May 1673d Thomas
DARTERMargaret12 Feb 1682d Thomas
DARTERMargery11 Jun 1693d Jeffery & Katherine
DARTERMary16 Mar 1688d William & Alice?
DARTERMary23 May 1704d Phillip
DARTERThomas10 Mar 1676s Thomas
DARTERThomas14 Dec 1705s Phillip
DARTERThomas28 Mar 1714s Thomas
DARTERTimothy16 Sep 1683s William
DARTERTobias28 Jun 1674s William
DARTERWilliam17 Jul 1679s William of ?
DARTERWilliam07 Sep 1690s William & Alice
DASHWilliam06 Jan 1728s Joseph & Jane
DAUXCharles25 Jun 1666s Thomas
DAVICEAmbrose24 Dec 1820s James & Sarah, sawyer
DAVICEElizabeth24 Mar 1822natural d Ann
DAVICENathan15 Oct 1815s James & Sarah, sawyer
DAVIESMartha02 Jan 1763d Jonathan & Anne
DAVISAllfred17 Oct 1819s James & Sarah, age 1 year a half, labourer
DAVISAnn10 Mar 1765d Jonathan & Ann
DAVISAnn21 Jul 1805d Jonathan & Sarah
DAVISAnna01 Feb 1835d James & Sarah, labourer
DAVISCornelius31 Oct 1773s Jonathan & Martha
DAVISCornelius16 Oct 1796s Jonathan & Sarah
DAVISElisabeth29 Aug 1830d James & Sarah, labourer
DAVISElizabeth04 Mar 1759d Jonathan & Anne
DAVISElizabeth16 Feb 1800d Jonathan & Sarah
DAVISGeorge16 Nov 1823s James & Sarah, sawyer
DAVISGeorge18 Oct 1848s Ambrose & Jane, labourer
DAVISHariett21 Sep 1785natural d Ann
DAVISJames21 Jan 1776s Jonathan & Martha
DAVISJohn23 Sep 1803s Jonathan & Sarah
DAVISJohn07 Feb 1808s Jonathan & Sarah
DAVISJonathan14 Jan 1769s Jonathan & Anne
DAVISJonathan22 Feb 1812s Jonathan & Sarah
DAVISMaria01 Dec 1811d Hary Boulton & Mary
DAVISMartha16 Nov 1760d Jonathan & anne
DAVISMary16 Jan 1757d Jonathan & Anne
DAVISMary Ann15 Mar 1807d John & Martha
DAVISMary Anne22 Oct 1826d James & Sarah, labourer
DAVISMyra Ann26 May 1844d Elisabeth
DAVISReuben30 Jun 1850s Reuben & Jane, labourer
DAVISSarah15 Mar 1778d Jonathan & Martha
DAVISSarah07 Mar 1779natural d Elizabeth
DAVISSarah Ann14 Jun 1846d Ambrose & Jane, labourer
DAVISTom Horsell29 Feb 1852s Ambrose & Jane, labourer
DAYRichard23 Aug 1752s Richard & Mary
DICKESONMary02 Jun 1691d Marke & Mary
DICKSONEdward28 Dec 1828s Joseph & Jane, shoemaker
DICKSONJane15 Jan 1832d William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DICKSONMary Ann15 Jan 1832d Robert & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
DICKSONWilliam12 May 1844s Mary of Grittenham
DIXONAaron03 Jan 1830s James & Martha, labourer
DIXONAbraham22 Mar 1795s Robert & Hannah
DIXONAbraham?? Apr 1798s Abraham & Jane
DIXONAlbert24 May 1850s Moses & Elisabeth, labourer
DIXONAlfred02 Aug 1829s Thomas & Anne, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONAlfred25 Dec 1842s Charles & Jane, labourer
DIXONAlice03 Jan 1665d Henry
DIXONAlice12 Feb 1667d Henry
DIXONAlice08 Jan 1720d Thomas
DIXONAlice09 Jan 1780d Joseph & Hester
DIXONAlice30 Sep 1810d Thomas & Elizabeth
DIXONAlice Eliza07 Apr 1850d William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONAllis19 Nov 1809natural d Sarah
DIXONAnn10 Dec 1678d Henry
DIXONAnn13 Apr 1788d Thomas & Betty, a pauper
DIXONAnn02 Aug 1801d John & Catherine
DIXONAnn14 Jun 1829d John & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONAnn21 Mar 1852d Isaac & Sarah, labourer
DIXONCarolina22 Feb 1852d David & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONCatherine27 Dec 1829d William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONCharles28 May 1758s John & Mary
DIXONCharles04 Sep 1812s John & Hannah
DIXONCharles19 Oct 1826s Thomas & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONCharles16 Jan 1831s Joseph & Jane, shoemaker
DIXONCharlotte08 Oct 1826d Robert & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONCharlotte04 Aug 1844d John & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONDavid30 Apr 1797s Thomas & Mary
DIXONDavid31 Dec 1815natural s Sarah, spinster
DIXONDiana17 Jan 1847d William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONEdward17 Oct 1852s Charles & Elizabeth, labourer
DIXONElinnor13 Oct 1844d Margaret of Grittenham
DIXONElinor01 Jan 1738d Henry & Mary
DIXONEliza23 Mar 1817d Thomas & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONEliza26 Jun 1853d Alfred & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONElizabeth17 Apr 1779d Robert & Hannah
DIXONElizabeth19 Mar 1813d Thomas & Elizabeth
DIXONElizabeth04 Dec 1814d John & Cathrine, labourer
DIXONElizabeth14 Oct 1821d Thomas & Elizabeth, labourer
DIXONElizabeth25 Oct 1828d Robert & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONElizabeth15 May 1837d William & Ann, taylor
DIXONEllen01 Feb 1747s Thomas & Anne
DIXONEllen19 Mar 1837s John & Charlotte, labourer
DIXONEmma Burchal19 Oct 1834d William & Ann, taylor
DIXONEnoch07 Feb 1836s Abraham & Hannah, labourer
DIXONEnos03 Dec 1854s Moses & Elisabeth, labourer
DIXONFanny10 Apr 1836d William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONFrances08 Feb 1846d Charlotte of Grittenham
DIXONGeorge14 Feb 1841s David & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONGeorge Law22 Jan 1854s Charles & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONHanna27 Jul 1800natural d Elizabeth
DIXONHanna12 Oct 1806d Henry & Elizabeth
DIXONHannah17 Feb 1760d Henry & Martha
DIXONHannah20 Jul 1783d Robert & Hannah
DIXONHannah27 May 1827d Mary
DIXONHannah30 Dec 1838d Abraham & Sarah, labourer
DIXONHarriet09 Oct 1852d Elizabeth of Grittenham
DIXONHarriet Sarah06 Apr 1834d Robert & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONHenry22 Apr 1706s Thomas
DIXONHenry01 May 1757s Henry & Martha
DIXONHenry06 Aug 1775s Joseph & Hannah
DIXONHenry26 Aug 1781s Robert & Hannah
DIXONHenry23 May 1804s Abraham & Jane
DIXONHenry12 Nov 1808s Henry & Elizabeth
DIXONHenry15 Feb 1835s Thomas & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONHenry15 May 1837s William & Ann, taylor
DIXONHenry14 Oct 1838s William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONHenry11 Nov 1838s John & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONHester26 Dec 1819d James & Martha, labourer
DIXONIsaac10 Mar 1765s Joseph & Elizabeth
DIXONIsaac01 Mar 1778s Joseph & Hester
DIXONIsaac12 Oct 1806s Abraham & Jane
DIXONIsaac07 Feb 1808s Thomas & Elizabeth
DIXONIsaac07 Nov 1847s Isaac & Sarah, labourer
DIXONJacob03 Jul 1842s William & Ann, tailor of Abury
DIXONJacob05 Apr 1855s Eliza of Grittenham
DIXONJames09 May 1750s Thomas & Ann
DIXONJames05 Dec 1784s Joseph & Hester, pauper
DIXONJames07 Mar 1790s Joseph & Hester, a pauper
DIXONJames04 Jan 1795s Joseph & Hester
DIXONJames20 Jan 1833s James & Martha, labourer
DIXONJane07 Aug 1663d Matthias
DIXONJane09 Mar 1675d Henry
DIXONJane06 Jun 1802d Abraham & Jane
DIXONJasper09 Dec 1821s James & Martha, labourer
DIXONJeremiah16 Oct 1825s William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONJesse09 Jun 1833s William & Ann, taylor
DIXONJoannah03 Apr 1803d John & Cathrine
DIXONJoel30 Apr 1797s Joseph & Hester
DIXONJohn07 Oct 1723s Thomas
DIXONJohn02 Feb 1727s Henry
DIXONJohn08 Dec 1744s John & Elizabeth
DIXONJohn02 Nov 1746s Henry & Mary
DIXONJohn16 Jan 1785natural s Hannah
DIXONJohn20 Mar 1785s Robert & Hannah
DIXONJohn27 Mar 1791s Abraham & Jane
DIXONJohn22 Sep 1805s Thomas & Elizabeth
DIXONJohn06 Apr 1807s John & Catherine
DIXONJohn22 Jun 1823s Abraham & Hannah, labourer
DIXONJohn14 Mar 1824s Robert & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONJohn30 Nov 1834s Charles & Jane, labourer
DIXONJohn Harding29 Feb 1784s Henry & Mary
DIXONJohn Joseph15 Apr 1827s Abraham & Hannah, labourer
DIXONJohn William22 May 1825s Abraham & Hanna, labourer
DIXONJoseph23 Apr 1716s Thomas
DIXONJoseph07 Apr 1742s John & Elizabeth
DIXONJoseph31 Dec 1751s Henry & Martha
DIXONJoseph15 Apr 1753s Thomas & Anne
DIXONJoseph ????14 Feb 1777s Joseph & Hannah ????
DIXONJoseph27 Jan 1788s Joseph & Hester, a pauper
DIXONJoseph27 Mar 1803s Thomas & Elizabeth
DIXONJoseph15 Apr 1849s Isaac & Sarah, labourer
DIXONMargaret11 Aug 1797d Robert & Sarah
DIXONMargaret13 Jun 1808d Abraham & Jane
DIXONMargaret17 Jul 1831d John & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONMargreat01 Dec 1816d John & Cathrine, labourer
DIXONMaria19 Jul 1846d David & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONMark15 Oct 1854s Isaac & Sarah, labourer
DIXONMartha16 Aug 1778d Joseph & Hannah
DIXONMartha16 Dec 1787d Robert & Hannah
DIXONMartha14 Oct 1792d Abraham & Jane
DIXONMartha27 Oct 1793d Robert & Hannah
DIXONMartha05 Sep 1813natural d Sarah, pauper
DIXONMartha14 Oct 1827d Abraham & Hannah, labourer
DIXONMartha17 Jun 1832d Thomas & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONMartha Eliza19 Mar 1843d Abraham & Hannah, labourer
DIXONMary03 Jul 1687baseborn child of Rebacca
DIXONMary29 Feb 1696d Matthewe & Elizabeth
DIXONMary19 May 1734d Henry & Mary
DIXONMary01 May 1763d John & Betty
DIXONMary04 Jan 1767d Joseph & Betty
DIXONMary26 Feb 1769d Thomas & Sarah
DIXONMary20 Nov 1776d Robert & Hannah
DIXONMary27 Jul 1788d Joseph & Hannah
DIXONMary16 Mar 1800d Robert & Sarah
DIXONMary13 Apr 1800d Abraham & Jane
DIXONMary06 Oct 1805natural d Kezia?
DIXONMary28 Oct 1821d John & Cathrine, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONMary27 Jun 1837d Mary, single woman
DIXONMary Ann08 Dec 1822d Robert & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONMary Ann16 Sep 1827d James & Martha, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONMary Jane20 Oct 1855d Alfred & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONMathewe10 Dec 1682s Thomas
DIXONMatilda05 Apr 1856d Isaac & Sarah
DIXONMatilda09 Jun 1856d Isaac & Sarah, labourer
DIXONMoses20 Jun 1824s James & Martha, labourer
DIXONNargaret24 Feb 1828d Isaac & Eliza, labourer
DIXONNathan16 Jun 1771s Joseph & Hannah
DIXONNathan04 May 1783s Joseph & Hannah
DIXONNicholas28 Feb 1667d Matha
DIXONNicholas23 Mar 1668s Mathias
DIXONRebecca23 Jan 1699d Marthew & Elizabeth
DIXONRebecca16 Oct 1808d Robert & Sarah
DIXONReuben01 Mar 1812s John & Catherine
DIXONReuben22 May 1836s John & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONRobert05 Aug 1754s Henry & Martha
DIXONRobert01 Dec 1754s Thomas & Anne
DIXONRobert08 Feb 1767s John & Ann
DIXONRobert22 Jan 1792natural s Mary
DIXONRobert08 May 1803s Robert & Sarah
DIXONRobert15 Oct 1809s John & Catharine
DIXONRobert09 Jun 1833s Elizabeth
DIXONRobert17 Nov 1844s William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONSarah13 Dec 1761d John & Betty
DIXONSarah09 May 1773d Joseph & Hannah
DIXONSarah18 Feb 1781d Joseph & Hannah
DIXONSarah10 Oct 1790d Thomas & Mary, a pauper
DIXONSarah07 Dec 1794d Abraham & Jane
DIXONSarah25 Jan 1795d Robert & Sarah
DIXONSarah25 Dec 1842d William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONSopiah12 Dec 1819d Thomas & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONSusanna21 Jun 1835d James & Martha, labourer
DIXONSusanna28 Feb 1841d William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONThomas27 Jul 1669s Henry
DIXONThomas31 Jan 1682s Henry
DIXONThomas03 Oct 1691s Matthewe & Elizabeth
DIXONThomas20 Mar 1709s Thomas
DIXONThomas22 Apr 1747s John & Elizabeth
DIXONThomas08 Mar 1771s Thomas & Sarah
DIXONThomas04 Sep 1774s Thomas & Sarah
DIXONThomas17 Feb 1782s Joseph & Hester
DIXONThomas18 Jul 1792s Robert & Sarah
DIXONThomas19 May 1793s Thomas & Mary, a pauper
DIXONThomas26 Sep 1819s John & Cathrine, labourer
DIXONThomas17 Oct 1830s Isaac & Eliza, labourer
DIXONThomas29 Nov 1846s William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONThomas15 Jun 1851s Alfred & Sarah, labourer
DIXONThomas James04 Nov 1855s Charles & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONUrania03 Feb 1828d William & Mary,labourer of Grittenham
DIXONUrania Burchall03 Jul 1842d William & Ann, taylor of Abury
DIXONWilliam27 May 1672s Henry
DIXONWilliam01 Mar 1750s John & Elizabeth
DIXONWilliam07 Mar 1773s John & Anne
DIXONWilliam17 Jun 1792s Joseph & Hester, a pauper
DIXONWilliam17 Feb 1805s John & Catherine
DIXONWilliam15 Sep 1805s Robert & Sarah
DIXONWilliam04 Apr 1813natural s Sarah, pauper of Grittenham
DIXONWilliam16 Jun 1833s John & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
DIXONWilliam02 Mar 1834s William & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
DOBSONElizabeth11 Jul 1708d Thomas
DOBSONJohn16 Sep 1709s Thomas
DOBSONMary21 Dec 1713d Thomas & Mary
DOBSONRichard26 Dec 1675s Richard
DOBSONThomas10 Feb 1678s Richard
DODSONAdolphus20 Jul 1834s Thomas & Ann, labourer
DODSONAlfred30 Sep 1827s Joseph & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONAlfred19 Aug 1832s Thomas & Ann, labourer
DODSONAlfred31 Oct 1847s Matthew & Ann, labourer
DODSONAnn03 Jan 1674d Richard
DODSONAnn26 Aug 1705d Thomas
DODSONAnn11 Jan 1708d Thomas
DODSONAnn20 May 1810d John & Elizabeth
DODSONAnn27 Feb 1813d John & Ann, labourer
DODSONAnn18 Feb 1816d John & Ann, labourer
DODSONAnna Maria01 Jan 1826d Joseph & Isabella, labourer
DODSONCaleb29 Jun 1828s William & Elisabeth, labourer
DODSONCharles?? Aug 1802s John & Ann
DODSONCharles31 Jan 1819s William & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONCharles Francis17 Oct 1819s Joseph & Isabella, labourer
DODSONCharlotte06 Dec 1846d Elisabeth
DODSONDorothy01 Jan 1826d Thomas & Ann, labourer
DODSONDorothy07 Sep 1828d Francis & Betty, labourer
DODSONEdgar17 Oct 1819s Joseph & Isabella, labourer
DODSONEdgar20 Nov 1836s Thomas & Ann, labourer
DODSONEdgar20 Jan 1849s Margaret
DODSONEleanor25 Jul 1830d William & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONElisabeth18 Jan 1824d William & Elisabeth, labourer
DODSONElizabeth18 Jan 1702d Thomas
DODSONElizabeth13 Nov 1748d Robt & Betty
DODSONElizabeth03 May 1818d John & Ann, labourer
DODSONElizabeth28 Feb 1830d Francis & Betty, labourer
DODSONFrancis02 Jul 1786s John & Dorothy, a pauper
DODSONFrancis16 Mar 1789s John & Dorothy, a pauper
DODSONFrancis25 May 1834s Francis & Betty, labourer
DODSONGeorge30 Sep 1821s Joseph & Isabella, labourer
DODSONHannah24 Mar 1805d John & Ann
DODSONHannah09 Nov 1817d John & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONHenry01 Jun 1828s Joseph & Isabella, shopkeeper
DODSONHenry Stiles22 Mar 1741s Robert & Mary
DODSONHonour22 Dec 1751d Robert & Betty
DODSONJacob14 Mar 1847s Mary Ann
DODSONJames Smith16 Apr 1815s Joseph & Isebella, labourer
DODSONJasper24 Feb 1822s William & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONJoan07 Dec 1800d John & Ann
DODSONJoan24 Mar 1805d John & Ann
DODSONJob06 May 1810s John & Ann
DODSONJohn10 Apr 1710s Thomas
DODSONJohn12 Mar 1738s Robert & Mary
DODSONJohn02 May 1773s John & Anne
DODSONJohn31 May 1807s John & Elizabeth
DODSONJonas06 Mar 1808s John & Ann
DODSONJoseph23 Sep 1775s John & Anne
DODSONJoseph17 Sep 1780s John & Anne
DODSONLucy12 Oct 1834s William & Elisabeth, labourer
DODSONMargaret01 Mar 1840d William & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONMary09 Aug 1738d John & Margaret
DODSONMary01 Jul 1832d Francis & Betty, labourer of Brinkworth
DODSONMary Ann14 Jul 1839d Thomas & Ann, labourer
DODSONMary Anne07 Dec 1823received. d Joseph & Isabella, shopkeeper
DODSONMary Anne19 Feb 1826d William & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONMatthew29 May 1825s Joseph & Elizabeth, labourer
DODSONRichard21 Aug 1715s Thomas
DODSONSarah16 Jan 1718d Thomas
DODSONSarah21 Jun 1741d John & Joan
DODSONShusannah13 May 1821d John & Ann, labourer
DODSONThomas07 Nov 1703s Thomas
DODSONWilliam07 Jan 1747s Robert & Betty
DODSONWilliam21 Jun 1778s John & Anne
DODSONWilliam11 Feb 1798s John & Ann
DODSONWilliam03 Jun 1832s William & Elizabeth, labourer
DOLDINMary12 Dec 1714d John
DOWDESWELLDeborah15 Nov 1660d William
DOWDESWELLJohn20 Jan 1662s William
DOWDSWELLCharles22 Nov 1666s Dr
DOWDSWELLElizabeth20 Oct 1664d Dr William
DOWERRobert12 Apr 1781s William & Margaret
DOWERSRobert29 Mar 1778s Wilkins & Margaret
DOWERSRobert23 Feb 1780s William & Margaret
DRESSERThomas01 Jun 1680s Mr Joseph
DREWAnn27 Jan 1722d Mr Thomas
DREWArney18 Jun 1741natural s Elizabeth
DREWArney17 Nov 1771s Arney & Elizabeth
DREWElizabeth17 Oct 1756natural s Anne
DREWGrace Stratton21 Jun 1752natural d Anne
DREWJoseph10 May 1772natural s Grace
DREWMary14 Jul 1776natural d Grace
DREWEBridget18 Jul 1691d William Esq
DREWEEdith31 Aug 1689 
DREWEGrace25 Jul 1693d William Esq & Mrs Edith
DREWERobert30 Oct 1695s William Esq & Mrs Edith
DREWEThomas31 Aug 1689s William
DUCKAnn24 Jun 1688d Nathaniell & Rebacca
DUCKBarbara20 Jun 1686d Nathaniell
DUCKJohn09 Mar 1719baseborn s Barbery
DUCKMary10 Aug 1684d Nathaniel
EDWARDWilliam28 Apr 1670s Anthony
EDWARDSAnn?? Aug 1701d John & Mary
EDWARDSAnthony29 May 1728s Edward
EDWARDSAnthony07 Jun 1730s Edward
EDWARDS(blank)22 Sep 1661d Edward
EDWARDSElizabeth27 Mar 1726d Edward
EDWARDSJohn13 May 1701s Edward
EDWARDSJohn22 Aug 1706s John
EDWARDSMarie09 Jan 1666d Edward
EDWARDSMary21 Oct 1672d Anthony
EDWARDSMary20 Feb 1721d Edward
EDWARDSNathaniel30 Jul 1704s John
EDWARDSPoole31 Oct 1702s John & Mary
EDWARDSWilliam21 Oct 1672d Francis
EDWARDSWilliam05 Apr 1724s Edward
ELISSONSarah24 Sep 1732d John
ELLISONAbbot04 Jan 1758s Henry & Mary
ELLISONAnne15 Sep 1754d Henry & Mary
ELLISONEdmond03 May 1767s Henry & Mary
ELLISONHarry03 Apr 1763s Henry & Mary
ELLISONJohn11 Jul 1756s Henry & Mary
ELLISONMary17 Mar 1765d Henry & Mary
ELLISONThomas08 Mar 1761s Henry & Mary
ELLISONTimothy11 Sep 1759s Henry & Mary
ELLISONWilliam16 Apr 1769s Henry & Mary
ENGLANDHenry01 Nov 1829s Henry & Margaret, shoemaker of Purton
ENGLANDHepzhiba Grace01 Nov 1829d Henry & Margaret, shoemaker of Purton
ENGLANDHepzibah Jane26 Aug 1832d Henry & Margaret, shoemaker
ENGLANDJane Maria26 Aug 1832d Henry & Margaret, shoemaker
EVINSElizabeth11 Oct 1789d William & Martha, duty.
EYLESHenry16 Oct 1814natural s Mary
FIELDCharles04 Apr 1732s John
FIELDEmily05 Nov 1848d John & Sarah, labourer
FIELDHenry10 Jul 1845s John & Sarah, labourer
FIELDLucy24 Dec 1837d Thomas & Jane, labourer
FIELDSamuel28 Sep 1846s Thomas & Jane, labourer
FILLBetty04 Feb 1714d John
FILLJohn16 Mar 1707s John
FILLMargaret17 Feb 1706d John
FILLWilliam30 May 1708s John
FILLWilliam22 Mar 1730s John
FLUXFrances13 Nov 1803natural d Mary
FLUXHariott29 Mar 1801natural d Mary
FLUXMary Ann28 Apr 1797natural d Mary
FOARDSThomas25 Sep 1691s Thomas & Mary
FOORDAnn23 Aug 1785d William & Mary
FOORDEdward09 Aug 1789s William & Mary
FOORDHannah13 Aug 1804s William & Elizabeth
FOORDMary26 Aug 1787d William & Mary
FOORDPeter13 Apr 1805s William & Elizabeth
FOORDRobert27 Apr 1794s William & Mary, a pauper
FOORDSarah20 Jun 1802d William & Elizabeth
FOORDWilliam30 Oct 1791s William & Mary
FOORDSDiana07 Nov 1779d Thomas & Margaret
FOORDSJane07 Nov 1756d John & Betty
FOORDSJohn09 Aug 1752s Samuel & Dinah
FOORDSRobert26 Sep 1756s Samuel & Dinah
FOORDSWilliam29 Oct 1758s John & Betty
FORCEJames22 May 1773s James & Hannah
FORDAnn05 Nov 1727d John
FORDAnn23 Aug 1818d William & Mary, labourer
FORDAnn15 Apr 1832d Peter & Jane, labourer of Purton
FORDBetty14 Nov 1725d John
FORDCharles15 Apr 1832s Peter & Jane, labourer of Purton
FORDMary13 Jun 1724d John
FORDSamuel27 Jul 1735s Samuel & Dinah
FORDThomas13 Feb 1743s Samuel & Dinah
FORDWilliam14 Dec 1737s Samuel & Dinah
FORDEElizabeth?? Feb 1750d Samuel & Dinah
FORDEJohn07 Nov 1745s Samuel & Dinah
FORDEJohn?? Feb 1750s Samuel & Dinah
FORDEMartha14 Apr 1747d Samuel & Dinah
FORDSAnn02 Jan 1729d John
FORDSAnne26 Jul 1823natural d Sarah
FORDSJohn23 May 1697s Tomas
FORDSMary25 Nov 1705d Thomas
FORDSMary23 Mar 1740d Samuel & Dinah
FORDSMary Matthews01 Nov 1761natural d Sarah
FORDSSammuel06 Feb 1703s Thomas
FORDSSarah26 Dec 1699d Thomas
FORDSSarah23 Jan 1701d Thomas
FORDSSarah17 Dec 1732d John
FORDSThomas20 Jun 1819s Robert & Grace, labourer
FOSKETT??? Jan 1661d Walter
FOSKETTJane21 Jun 1663d Walter
FOSKETTThomas27 Oct 1667s Walter
FOSTER SKEATEmma05 Mar 1848d Jacob & Phoebe, labourer
FOXDaniel14 May 1826s Charles & Mary, labourer
FRANCKUMFrances15 Jan 1682d Thomas
FRANKLIN??? Apr 1737d William & Ann
FRANKLINElizabeth29 Dec 1699d Joseph
FRANKLINGrace17 Sep 1786d James & Ann
FRANKLINJames03 Dec 1703s Benjamin
FRANKLINJoane24 Feb 1704d Joseph
FRANKLINJohn04 Nov 1700s Joseph & Margaret
FRANKLINJohn13 Sep 1778s John & Mary
FRANKLINJoseph02 Aug 1713s Joseph
FRANKLINJoseph11 Feb 1776s John & Mary
FRANKLINJoseph21 Oct 1827s John & Sarah, labourer
FRANKLINMargaret16 Jun 1811d John & Elizabeth
FRANKLINMargret19 Nov 1708d Joseph
FRANKLINMargret09 Feb 1726d John
FRANKLINMary05 Jun 1774d John & Mary
FRANKLINMary Ann20 Apr 1788d Isaac & Ann
FRANKLINRose Ann14 Oct 1855d Joseph & Ann, labourer
FRANKLINSarah16 Jun 1799d John & Betty
FRANKLINStephen28 Jan 1776natural s Rebecca
FRANKLINSusannah04 May 1779d John & Sarah
FRANKLINThomas04 Nov 1711s Benjamin
FRANKLINWilliam23 Jul 1738s William & Ann
FRANKLINWilliam04 Apr 1790s James & Ann
FRANKLINSMary26 Mar 1808d John & Elizabeth
FRANKLYNBetty06 May 1728d John
FRANKLYNJoane25 Apr 1732d John
FRANKLYNJohn23 Mar 1730s John
FRANKLYNJoseph22 Mar 1723s Benjamin
FRANKLYNMargeret14 Jun 1747d John & Martha
FRANKLYNMartha19 Jun 1747natural d Martha
FRANKLYNMary13 Oct 1725d John
FRANKLYNMary21 Apr 1734d William & Anne
FRANKLYNMary07 Nov 1736natural d Margaret
FRANKLYNMary09 Jan 1745d John & Rebecca
FRANKLYNRebecca31 Jan 1737d John & Rebecca
FRANKLYNRebecca07 May 1742d John & Rebecca
FRANKLYNRobert14 Jul 1734s John & Rebecca
FRANKLYNThomas06 Aug 1732s William
FREETHAnn01 Oct 1688d Robert & Ann
FREETHAnn08 Dec 1700d Charles & Joan
FREETHJoane27 Feb 1681d Charles
FREETHMary09 Sep 1686d Robert
FREETHMary12 Jan 1783d Charles & Mary
FREETHSarah26 Feb 1826d Charles & Jane, labourer
FREETHWilliam04 Jun 1685s Charles
FREETHWilliam26 Feb 1707s Charles
FREETHWilliam28 Nov 1784s Charles & Mary
FREETHSJudith25 Jul 1824d Charles & Anne, labourer
FROSTSarah Sutton03 Apr 1740natural d Margaret
FRYAlice16 Jun 1833d Charles & Elizabeth, butcher of Little Somerford
FRYAlice28 May 1848d Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYAlice13 Oct 1850d Charles & Letitia, cattle dealer
FRYAnn04 Apr 1681d William
FRYAnn13 Apr 1690d Henry & Salinena
FRYAnn10 Nov 1693d Samuel & Ann
FRYAnn21 Aug 1695d Henry & Salinena
FRYAnn08 Jun 1712d John
FRYAnn10 Dec 1722d William
FRYAnn27 Feb 1724d William
FRYAnn13 Feb 1725d William
FRYAnn04 Feb 1740d Henry & Ann
FRYAnn25 Nov 1838d Henry & Mary, labourer
FRYAnna20 Apr 1683d William & Salina
FRYAnne24 Apr 1763natural d Anne
FRYAnne04 May 1766d Thomas & Mary
FRYAnne26 Feb 1769natural d Hannah
FRYAnne26 Apr 1770d Thomas & Betty
FRYAnne11 Oct 1772natural d Hannah
FRYAnne04 Mar 1781natural d Hannah
FRYAnthony30 Jun 1680s George
FRYBetty09 May 1733d William & Mary
FRYBetty01 Jun 1766s Henry & Anne
FRYCaroline25 Dec 1833d Henry & Mary, labourer
FRYCatherine05 Apr 1738d Joseph & Ann
FRYCharles02 Oct 1774natural s Hannah
FRYCharles30 Aug 1778natural s Hannah
FRYCharles18 Feb 1781s Daniel & Patience
FRYCharles16 Jun 1833s Charles & Elizabeth, butcher of Little Somerford
FRYCharles26 May 1844s Mary of Grittenham
FRYEdward28 Jun 1772s Philip & Sarah
FRYEdward29 Nov 1798s John & Elizabeth
FRYEleanor30 Aug 1829d Charles & Elizabeth, butcher
FRYElizabeth26 Dec 1684d Giles
FRYElizabeth15 Sep 1703d John
FRYElizabeth01 Feb 1762d Thomas & Mary
FRYElizabeth06 May 1764d Philip & Sarah
FRYElizabeth17 Oct 1813d Peter & Sarah, butcher
FRYElizabeth06 May 1838d Jacob & Ann, labourer of Little Somerford
FRYElizabeth04 Feb 1855d Simon & Eliza, labourer
FRYEllen15 Oct 1854d Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYEmily29 Nov 1849d Joseph & Ann, labourer
FRYEmma28 May 1848d Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYGeorge03 Nov 1681s John
FRYGeorge Harding18 Oct 1840s Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYHannah11 Jan 1784natural d Hannah
FRYHarriet02 Apr 1837d Jacob & Ann, labourer of Little Somerford
FRYHenry09 Mar 1717s William
FRYHenry04 Apr 1717s William (entry crossed through)
FRYHenry24 Jun 1722s William
FRYHenry29 Jun 1766s Philip & Sarah
FRYHenry25 Oct 1772s Thomas & Betty
FRYHenry16 Aug 1812s John & Mary
FRYHester17 Nov 1684d George
FRYJacob24 Sep 1786s Joseph & Hannah
FRYJacob01 Nov 1818s Jacob & Martha of Littel Sumerford, labourer
FRYJacob19 Jul 1846s Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYJames30 Oct 1796s John & Betty
FRYJames27 Jun 1837s Henry & Mary, labourer
FRYJane21 Nov 1703d William
FRYJane26 Feb 1728d William, junior
FRYJane26 Sep 1731d William
FRYJane17 Aug 1760d Thomas & Mary
FRYJohan26 Jan 1674d Timothy
FRYJohn29 Apr 1673s John
FRYJohn10 Jan 1678s John
FRYJohn28 Apr 1697s William & Rebekah
FRYJohn08 Aug 1759s Philip & Sarah
FRYJohn14 Feb 1790s John & Elizabeth
FRYJohn31 Dec 1815s Peter & Sarah, butcher
FRYJohn25 Dec 1842s Charles & Elisabeth, butcher
FRYJoseph21 Dec 1739s Joseph & Ann
FRYJoseph15 Oct 1743natural s Anne
FRYJoseph21 Mar 1762s Philip & Sarah
FRYJoseph11 May 1791s Joseph & Hannah, a pauper
FRYJoseph12 Mar 1826s Jacob & Martha, labourer of Little Somerford
FRYJoseph25 Apr 1852s Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYLucy04 Aug 1776d Samuel & Anne
FRYMarie04 Aug 1664d William
FRYMartha08 Jul 1683d George
FRYMartha30 Jul 1815d Joseph & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
FRYMartha19 Jul 1846d Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
FRYMary03 Jun 1675d John
FRYMary10 Nov 1690d William & Rebecca
FRYMary16 Jun 1693d Henry & Salinena
FRYMary12 Jun 1718d William & Mary
FRYMary11 Aug 1762d Henry & Anne
FRYMary26 Dec 1766Thomas & Betty
FRYMary03 May 1774d Thomas & Betty
FRYMary06 Feb 1814d Joseph & Ann, labourer
FRYMary12 Oct 1823d Jacob & Martha, labourer of Little Somerford
FRYMary24 Nov 1844d Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYMary Barge30 Oct 1774d Thomas & Mary
FRYMichael21 Feb 1742s Joseph & Anne
FRYPatience09 Jun 1751d Richard & Elizabeth
FRYPhilip11 Sep 1774s Philip & Sarah
FRYPhillip20 May 1700s William & Rebecca
FRYRachel02 Jul 1786d Henry & Ruth, a pauper
FRYRebecca19 Mar 1687d William
FRYRichard26 Sep 1705s John
FRYRobert07 Oct 1713s William
FRYRobert04 Mar 1792s John & Elizabeth
FRYRobert12 Oct 1817s John & Mary, age 1 year, Fly ......
FRYSalimena17 Mar 1685d William
FRYSamuel13 Nov 1694s William & Rebecca
FRYSamuell?07 Sep 1681s George
FRYSarah31 Dec 1714d John & Ann
FRYSarah07 Mar 1748d Richard & Elizabeth
FRYSarah06 Apr 1781d Philip & Sarah
FRYSimon21 Sep 1788s Joseph & Hannah, a pauper
FRYSimon07 Jun 1818s Joseph & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
FRYSimon02 Apr 1837s Jacob & Martha, labourer of Little Somerford
FRYSophia?? Nov 1770d Thomas & Mary
FRYSophia27 Jul 1794d John & Betty
FRYSusannah25 Dec 1765natural d Hannah
FRYSusannah29 Nov 1767natural d Hannah
FRYThomas03 Oct 1708s William
FRYThomas26 Sep 1731s William
FRYThomas14 Aug 1747s Phillip & Elizabeth
FRYThomas06 Jan 1771natural s Hannah
FRYThomas14 Feb 1777s Philip & Sarah
FRYThomas20 Mar 1778s Thomas & Betty
FRYThomas19 Apr 1778s Philip & Sarah
FRYThomas24 Mar 1816s Jacob & Hannah, labourer
FRYThomas25 Apr 1852s Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYWilliam18 Jun 1691s Henry & Salinena
FRYWilliam05 Oct 1692s William & Rebecca
FRYWilliam13 Aug 1701s John & Mary
FRYWilliam08 Apr 1764s Thomas & Mary
FRYWilliam03 Apr 1768s Thomas & Betty
FRYWilliam01 Jul 1770s Philip & Sarah
FRYWilliam05 May 1776natural s Hannah
FRYWilliam30 Mar 1845s Charles & Elizabeth, butcher
FRYWilliam Haring05 Feb 1843s Jacob & Ann, labourer
FRYZephania09 Apr 1769s Thomas & Mary
GAGGAlice12 Jun 1853d David & Martha, mason
GAGGAnn30 Dec 1843d David & Martha, mason
GAGGDavid27 Nov 1812s John & Christian
GAGGElisabeth01 Jun 1851d David & Martha, mason
GAGGEmily28 Mar 1846d David & Martha, mason
GAGGJohn19 May 1839s David & Martha, mason
GAGGMary02 Apr 1848d David & Martha, mason
GAGGSarah Ann30 May 1841d David & Martha, mason
GALEJohn31 Jan 1790natural s Sarah, a pauper
GALESarah23 May 1784natural d Elizabeth
GARDENERRebecca29 Jan 1741d John & Hannah
GARDENERSarah04 Nov 1739d John & Ann
GARDNERHannah29 Jul 1744d John & Hannah
GASTRELJohn30 Jan 1740s Ephraim & Betty
GASTRELLRoger31 Mar 1713s John
GASTRILJohn06 Jan 1716s John
GEALEAaron02 Sep 1691s Moses & Mary
GEALEJoseph22 May 1687s Moses & Mary
GEALEMoses27 Apr 1688s Moses & Mary
GEGG?Jun 1800d John & Christian
GEGGJohn08 Feb 1803s John & Christian
GEGGMaria13 Nov 1808d John & Christian
GEGGSevilla12 Jan 1806d John & Christian
GEGGThomas?? Aug 1797s John & Christian
GIBBINSMary30 Mar 1688d George & Charitie
GILESEdward20 May 1717s Edward
GILESElizabeth03 Oct 1743d Edward & Mary
GILESMargaret20 Aug 1745d Edward & Mary
GILESMary26 Nov 1724d Edward
GILESMary27 Aug 1745 
GILESThomas20 Sep 1719s Edward
GILESWilliam21 Aug 1715s Edward
GILMOREAnnah or Ellen06 Jun 1824d Charles & Alice, yeoman
GILMORECharles02 Feb 1834s Charles & Alice, shopkeeper
GILMOREHenry02 Feb 1834s Charles & Alice, shopkeeper
GILMOREJane06 Jun 1824d Charles & Alice, yeoman
GILMOREThomas19 Nov 1810s Charles & Allice
GILMOURWilliam17 Mar 1816s Charles & Alice, yeoman
GILMOUREHannah28 Nov 1817d Charles & Alice, yeoman
GININGSElizabeth15 Jan 1731d William
GLEEDHenry09 Oct 1814s William & Ann, labourer of Melksham
GODARDAnn28 Mar 1721d Robert
GODARDBetty30 Nov 1723d Robert
GODARDElizabeth13 Sep 1706d John
GODARDFrancis01 Apr 1718s John
GODARDHannah04 Jul 1708d John
GODARDJohannah14 Jun 1718d Robert
GODARDJohn24 Sep 1704s John
GODARDJohn11 Nov 1723s John
GODARDJohn23 Sep 1811natural s Rebecca
GODARDJohn15 Oct 1820s Rebecca
GODARDMargaret11 Nov 1703d John
GODARDMargaret21 Jul 1768d John & Hester
GODARDMargret14 Apr 1720d John
GODARDMartha06 Jul 1690d Francis & Margaret
GODARDMartha12 Mar 1712d John
GODARDMary26 Dec 1713d John & Elizabeth
GODARDMary21 Jan 1716d Robert
GODARDRobert05 Mar 1685s Francis
GODARDRobert25 Jan 1730s Robert
GODDARDBetty01 Jun 1783d John & Rebecca
GODDARDDorothy20 Feb 1747d John & Hester
GODDARDElizabeth03 Oct 1748d John & Hester
GODDARDEsther18 Dec 1751d John & Esther
GODDARDFrancis08 Mar 1750s John & Hester
GODDARDGeorge12 Sep 1773s John & Hester
GODDARDHester03 Feb 1788d John & Rebecka
GODDARDJohn01 Apr 1743s Francis & Elizabeth
GODDARDJohn18 Aug 1745s John & Hester
GODDARDJohn29 Jan 1749natural s Anne
GODDARDJohn16 Apr 1786s John & Rebeckah
GODDARDJoseph24 Jun 1744s John & Hester
GODDARDMary18 Apr 1741d Francis & Betty
GODDARDMary16 Mar 1747natural d Anne
GODDARDRebecka15 Nov 1789d John & Rebecka
GODDWARDJohn29 Jan 1815s John & Elizabeth, labourer
GODWARDRobert27 Aug 1727s Robert
GODWINAnne27 Oct 1760d Lewis & Mary
GODWINIsaac05 Dec 1737s Philip & Mary
GODWINIsaac17 Jul 1763s Lewis & Mary
GODWINLewis29 Jan 1734s Phillip
GODWINLewis08 Feb 1736s Phillip & Mary
GOFMary16 Jul 1745d William & Sarah
GOFFJohn23 Dec 1799s Thomas & Elizabeth
GOUGHThomas John18 Aug 1835s Thomas & Rebecca, yeoman of Grittenham
GRAYElizabeth14 Oct 1821d John & Ann, labourer
GREENJohn06 Apr 1823s Henry & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
GREENMary18 Feb 1759natural d Amey
GREENWODDGeorge09 Mar 1791s William & Marian of Dauney, a pauper
GREENWOODAnn05 Jul 1807natural d Honor
GREENWOODWilliam30 Dec 1798natural s Honour
GREGORYAnn15 Aug 1784d Thomas & Mary
GREGORYAnn09 Apr 1803natural d Ann
GREGORYCharlotte Smith14 Jul 1797d Mary
GREGORYElizabeth17 Nov 1799d Mary
GREGORYHanna23 Jan 1803d Mary
GREGORYHenry03 Feb 1793s Mary
GREGORYJohn Smith06 Jan 1788s Mary
GREGORYMartha31 May 1795d Mary
GREGORYMatilda01 Jan 1826bbd Elizabeth, labourer
GREGORYThomas07 Mar 1786s Thomas & Mary
GREGORYWilliam Smith20 Jan 1805s Mary
GRENDYMary15 Feb 1681d Thomas of Charleton
GRIGOREYGeorge06 May 1783s Thomas & Mary
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