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Brinkworth - Baptisms (H-L)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BAPTISMS: 1659 - 1856


Transcribed by Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.

?implies that data was missing or illegible.
ddaughter of.
sson of
Note:The original spelling has been preserved throughout.


HADELEYHannah09 Feb 1834d Daniel & Mary, yeoman
HADERILAnn24 Apr 1803d William & Ann
HADERILCharlotte??? Nov 1805natural d Sarah
HADERILCharlotte12 Jul 1807d John & Sarah
HADERILGeorge31 Jul 1797s William & Ann
HADERILJohn02 Jun 1799s William & Ann
HADERILJohn17 Apr 1803s John & Sarah
HADERILJudith17 Mar 1805d John & Sarah
HADERILRuth18 Oct 1797natural d Christian
HADERILSeaborah18 Jun 1810d John & Sarah
HADERILWilliam07 Jan 1810s William & Ann
HADRELLElizabeth16 Sep 1764d Benjamin & Judeth
HADRIELSarah20 Jun 1813d John & Sarah, labourer
HADRILLElizabeth27 Jan 1805d William & Ann
HAINESLucy09 Aug 1778d William & Hannah
HAINESMary08 Sep 1776d William & Hannah
HALEAlexander?? Feb 1785s Alexander & Elizabeth, a pauper
HALEAnn14 Jan 1787d Alexander & Elizabeth, a pauper
HALEAnn03 Sep 1788d Allexander & Elizabeth, a pauper
HALEAnn12 Oct 1788d John & Ann
HALEAnthony19 Feb 1797s Alexander & Elizabeth
HALEBetty09 Feb 1783d Alexander & Elizabeth
HALECharles23 Nov 1800s Alexander & Elizabeth
HALEClifford21 Feb 1808s Isaac & Elizabeth
HALEElizabeth08 Jan 1769d William & Anne
HALEElizabeth14 Oct 1781d John & Anne
HALEElizabeth28 Oct 1781d John & Ann
HALEGrace03 Jul 1791d Alexander & Elizabeth, a pauper
HALEGrace15 Dec 1798d Alexander & Elizabeth
HALEHannah17 Jan 1796s Allixander & Elizabeth
HALEIsaac?? Dec 1779s Alexander & Elizabeth
HALEIsaac26 Feb 1792s John & Ann
HALEJohn30 May 1790s Allexander & Elizabeth, a pauper
HALEJohn09 Sep 1792s Alexander & Elizabeth
HALEMargaret15 Mar 1772d William & Anne
HALEMartha12 Jun 1796d John & Ann
HALEMary22 Nov 1767d Robert & Sarah
HALERuth12 May 1822d Thomas & Hariote, yeoman of Dauntsey
HALESarah14 Sep 1777d Robert & Rebecca
HALESophia08 Nov 1778d Alexander & Elizabeth
HALESusanna02 Feb 1806d Isaac & Elizabeth
HALESusannah09 Jun 1793d John & Ann
HALEThomas05 Dec 1819s Thomas & Harriet, yeoman of Dauntsey
HALEWilliam29 Apr 1750s William & Mary
HALEWilliam12 Mar 1809s John & Sarah
HALLEJohn09 Dec 1759s John & Susannah
HAMANDGeorge18 Apr 1666s Richard
HAMANDHenry25 May 1680s Henry
HAMANDHenry12 Feb 1683s Henry
HAMANDJohn07 May 1663s Richard
HAMANDNicholas14 May 1674s Richard
HAMANDSusana15 Jun 1673d Jeremiah
HAMANDSusana13 Nov 1675d Henry
HAMENSAnne12 Jul 1660d Richard
HAMMANDAnna08 Oct 1678d Henry
HAMMANDElizabeth18 Nov 1692d Richard & Blanch
HAMMANDMary01 May 1671d Richard
HAMMERSarah25 Nov 1660d William
HANCOCKAnn12 Aug 1691d William & Ann
HANCOCKSarah31 Dec 1686d William
HARBUTEliza15 Apr 1819natural d Ann
HARBUTElizth11 Sep 1748d Jno & Elizabeth
HARDINGAnn04 Oct 1818d Daniel & Ann, baker
HARDINGAnn05 Nov 1826d Thomas & Grace, yeoman
HARDINGJane20 May 1821d Thomas & Grace, yeoman
HARDINGMargaret01 Jun 1831d Thomas & Grace, yeoman
HARDINGMary06 Sep 1829d Thomas & Grace, yeoman
HARDINGSarah20 May 1821d Thomas & Grace, aged 2 years, yeoman
HARDINGWilliam12 Mar 1820s Daniel & Ann, baker
HARDYHenry William11 Mar 1842s Samuel & Hanna, schoolmaster
HARDYIsabella Jane31 Dec 1844d Samuel Dixon & Joanna, schoolmaster
HARDYJoanna21 Oct 1838d Samuel & Joanna, schoolmaster
HARDYSamuel21 Oct 1838s Samuel & Joanna, schoolmaster
HARILLMary Jane31 Mar 1853d Joseph & Margaret, mason of Paddington
HARNYAnthony02 May 1685s Nicholas
HARNYJohn06 Sep 1678s Nicholas
HARNYRichard17 Apr 1681s Nicholas
HARTAnne15 Mar 1781d Francis & Sarah
HARTElizabeth21 Feb 1773d Francis & Sarah
HARTJames22 Nov 1789s Francis & Sarah
HARTJohn18 Feb 1776s Francis & Sarah
HARTLucy01 Mar 1849d Uriah & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
HARTMary22 Jan 1786d Francis & Sarah
HARTRichard John30 May 1824s Eliza
HARTRobert Hart26 May 1847s Uriah & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
HARTSarah30 Jul 1826d William & Jane, labourer
HARTThomas07 Sep 1783s Francis & Sarah
HARTWilliam04 Feb 1776s George & Hannah
HATCHETTEdward25 Feb 1695s Thomas & Mary
HATCHETTHenry?? Aug 1696s Thomas & Mary
HATCHETTThomas27 May 1673s Thomas
HATHARILLJoseph13 Feb 1842s John & Ann, labourer
HATHERALAmelia21 Jan 1838d John & Ann, labourer
HATHERALElizabeth09 Oct 1831d John & Ann, labourer
HATHERALGeorge26 Dec 1824s John & Anne, labourer
HATHERALJames17 Apr 1831s John & Ann, carpenter
HATHERALMargaret19 Oct 1834d John & Ann, labourer
HATHERALThomas08 Dec 1822s John & Ann, labourer
HATHERALWilliam26 Apr 1829s John & Ann, labourer
HATHERILGeorge27 Jul 1794s William & Ann
HATHERILHanna09 Oct 1801d William & Ann
HATHERILJames28 Dec 1800s John & Sarah
HATHERILLAnn?? Apr 1827d John & Ann, labourer
HATHERILLChristian01 Apr 1776d Benjamin & Judeth
HATHERILLJames28 Sep 1823s Whim of Grittenham
HATHERILLJames09 Nov 1851s Thomas & Jane, labourer
HATHERILLMartha29 Nov 1855d George & Mary, labourer
HATHERILLMary Jane22 Dec 1854d Thomas & Jane, labourer of Lideard Millicent
HATHRIELBenjamin06 Dec 1818s John & Sarah, labourer
HATHRIELCharles21 Oct 1821s John & Sarah, labourer
HATHRIELRuth12 May 1816d John & Sarah, labourer
HATHRILHannah18 Oct 1795d William & Ann
HATHRILLBenjamin17 Jan 1779s Benjamin & Judeth
HATHRILLElizabeth28 Apr 1793d William & Ann
HATHRILLJohn19 Feb 1769s Benjamin & Judeth
HATHRILLJudeth10 Feb 1771d Benjamin & Judeth
HATHRILLMary06 Apr 1766d Benjamin & Judeth
HATHRILLSarah30 Jun 1782d Benjamin & Judeth
HATHRILLWilliam28 Feb 1773s Benjamin & Judeth
HAVENSJohn21 Feb 1698s William & Barbery
HAWKINCEJane14 May 1815d Lenard & Mary, yeoman
HAWKINCELenard21 Jun 1818s Lenard & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
HAWKINSAnn14 Nov 1703d Edmond
HAWKINSHaryett08 Mar 1812d Leonard & Mary
HAWKINSJohn Alfred08 Jul 1838s Joseph & Jane, labourer
HAWKINSSusanna07 Oct 1810d Leonard & Mary
HAWKSJohn18 Aug 1816s Robert & Elizabeth, yeoman of Lea
HAWKSRichard Jeffries15 May 1814s Humphry & Henrietta Ann, yeoman of Lea
HAWKSRobert24 May 1818s Robert & Elizabeth, yeoman
HAWKSWilliam Robert15 May 1814s Humphry & Henrietta Ann, yeoman of Lea
HAYWARDAnn22 Sep 1686d Humphrey
HAYWARDAnn23 May 1784d Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDElizabeth20 Feb 1757d Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDGrace09 Sep 1764d Humphry & Honour
HAYWARDHannah09 Sep 1792d John & Mary
HAYWARDHelen26 May 1844d John & Hannah, carpenter
HAYWARDHumphry03 Jan 1779s Humphry & Hannah
HAYWARDHumphry22 Mar 1801s Joseph & Jane
HAYWARDHumphry10 Oct 1851s John? & Hannah, carpenter
HAYWARDIsaac01 Dec 1754s Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDJacob12 Aug 1745s Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDJames08 Jun 1760s Humphry & Honour
HAYWARDJane06 Jan 1692d Humphrey & Mary
HAYWARDJane15 May 1842d John & Hannah, carpenter
HAYWARDJohn07 Aug 1763s Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDJohn10 Mar 1799s Joseph & Jane
HAYWARDJohn19 Jul 1846s John & Hannah, labourer
HAYWARDJoseph05 May 1744s Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDJoseph26 May 1753s Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDJoseph13 Jul 1760s Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDJoseph24 Mar 1805s Joseph & Jane
HAYWARDJoshua16 Apr 1780s Humphry & Hannah
HAYWARDMary26 Dec 1689d Humphrey & Mary
HAYWARDMary21 Jan 1750d Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDMary03 Sep 1758d Humphry & Honour
HAYWARDMary22 Feb 1807d Joseph & Jane
HAYWARDMary11 Jun 1854d John & Hannah, carpenter
HAYWARDRobert06 Sep 1761s Humphrey & Honour
HAYWARDSarah25 Jan 1767d Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDSarah14 Feb 1777natural d Elizabeth
HAYWARDThomas22 May 1714s William & Ann
HAYWARDThomas14 Apr 1751s Thomas & Mary
HAYWARDThomas19 Dec 1802s Joseph & Jane
HAYWARDThomas11 Feb 1849s Charles & Elisabeth, labourer
HAYWARDWilliam04 Oct 1687s Humphrey
HAYWARDWilliam13 Mar 1763s Humphry & Honour
HAYWARDWilliam10 Jul 1768s Humphry & Honour
HAYWARDWilliam20 Jan 1771s Humphry & Honour
HAYWOODHumphry25 Apr 1730s William & Anne
HAYWORDAnn12 Mar 1726d William
HAYWORDAnn26 Feb 1748d Thomas & Mary
HAYWORDBetty28 Oct 1722d William
HAYWORDJacob09 Jul 1727s William
HAYWORDMary06 Feb 1720d William
HAYWORDSarah27 Sep 1715d William
HAYWORDWilliam03 Feb 1717s William
HAYWORDWilliam30 Sep 1721s William
HAYWORDWilliam13 Mar 1732s William & Ann
HEALAnne01 Nov 1736d John & Elizabeth
HEALElizabeth18 Apr 1702d William & Elizabeth
HEALElizabeth18 Jul 1765d John & Susannah
HEALGeorge06 Jun 1762s John & Susannah
HEALIsaac16 Jan 1774s William & Anne
HEALJacob25 Dec 1760s William & Anne
HEALJacob12 Mar 1762s William & Anne
HEALJohn20 Jul 1704s William
HEALJudeth22 Feb 1761d Robert & Sarah
HEALMary15 Nov 1743d William & Mary
HEALMary26 Apr 1754d William & Mary
HEALRobert14 Jan 1748s Willm & Mary
HEALStephen18 Mar 1759s Robert & Sarah
HEALThomas22 Aug 1756s John & Susannah
HEALWilliam28 Jan 1743s William & Mary
HEALEAlexander14 Mar 1756s William & Anne
HEALEAnn10 Aug 1673d George
HEALEBetty31 Jul 1709d William
HEALEBetty26 Jan 1724d Robert
HEALECatherine30 May 1671d Robert
HEALEElizabeth01 Mar 1674d Robert
HEALEElizabeth28 Nov 1675d George
HEALEElizabeth30 Mar 1740d John & Elizabeth
HEALEIsaac27 Jul 1673d Robert of Grettenham
HEALEJohannah26 Apr 1752d William & Mary
HEALEJohn01 Nov 1718s Robert
HEALEJohn20 Oct 1721s Robert
HEALEJohn02 Feb 1730s John
HEALEKatherine10 Aug 1673d George
HEALEMartha28 Jan 1694d William & Mary
HEALEMary10 Apr 1673d William
HEALEMary07 Apr 1678d George
HEALEMary25 Aug 1716d Robert
HEALEMary02 Oct 1757d Robert & Sarah
HEALEPatience17 Mar 1734d John
HEALEPatience18 Jun 1758d William & Anne
HEALERebecca14 Mar 1669d William
HEALERebecca09 Aug 1745d William & Mary
HEALERobert?? Oct 1689s William & Mary
HEALERobert18 Dec 1728s Robert
HEALESarah13 May 1688d William & Mary
HEALESarah06 Apr 1726d Robert
HEALEThomas18 Jul 1727s John
HEALEWilliam22 Sep 1666s William
HEALEWilliam25 Apr 1706s William
HEALEWilliam04 Oct 1714s Robert
HEALEWilliam25 Apr 1725s John
HEALEWilliam16 Feb 1756s William & Mary
HEAVENSAnn?? Aug 1696d Will & Barbary
HEDGESAbraham06 Feb 1737s George & Jane
HEDGESAnn30 Aug 1727d George
HEDGESAnn16 Jan 1825d Maria
HEDGESBenjamin09 Jul 1739s William & Ann
HEDGESBetti28 Dec 1733d George
HEDGESGeorge11 Oct 1730s George
HEDGESHannah21 Sep 1742d William & Anne
HEDGESHenry17 Jul 1715s Robert
HEDGESJane27 Feb 1743d George & Jane
HEDGESJoan30 Mar 1735d Robert & Anne
HEDGESJohn27 Apr 1712s Robert
HEDGESJohn27 Dec 1739s George & Jane
HEDGESMary30 May 1745d William & Anne
HEDGESWilliam02 Feb 1720s Robert
HEDGGESElizabeth28 Mar 1704d Robert
HEDGGESGeorge22 Sep 1706s Robert
HEGGESRobert03 Jun 1702s Robert
HENDINGHannah12 Sep 1828d Richard & Elizabeth, labourer
HENDINGHenry07 Nov 1847s Henry & Susan, labourer
HENDLYAlexander11 May 1680s John
HENDLYAnn15 Nov 1683d John
HENDLYJohn29 Jan 1674s John
HENDLYMarie19 Feb 1660d William
HENDLYSarah19 Jul 1668d William
HENDLYThomas14 May 1663s William
HENDLYWilliam24 Mar 1682s John
HENDONJohn25 Dec 1825s Henry & Elizabeth, labourer
HENLYAnn22 Feb 1738d John & Mary
HENLYElexander05 Dec 1703s John & Margeret
HENLYJohn03 Sep 1702s John & Margeret
HENLYMargret10 Mar 1706d John & Margret
HENLYMartha11 Jun 1843d George & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
HENLYMary21 Oct 1741d John & Mary
HERBERTAnne27 Dec 1741d John & Jane
HERBERTEliza15 Apr 1819natural d Ann
HERBERTJane23 Feb 1744d John & Jane
HERBERTJohn25 May 1823s Anne
HESKENSThomas04 Jan 1680s Richard
HEWERRobert Harding23 Apr 1819s Francis & Ursula, yeoman
HEWERShusannah05 Feb 1822d Francis & Ursela, yeoman
HEWERThomas14 Jan 1825s Francis & Ursula, yeoman
HEWSJohn12 Aug 1714d John
HEWSSarah15 Aug 1746d William & Mary
HEWSE??? Jan 1721s John
HEWSEBetty23 May 1718d John
HEWSEEleanor04 Dec 1726d John
HEWSEHester26 Feb 1748d William & Mary
HEWSEJohn29 Jan 1748s John & Mary
HIBBARDJoseph22 Apr 1678s Joseph
HICKCOCKJane23 Dec 1764d William & Betty
HICKINGSAnn22 Mar 1812d Henery & Mary
HILLCharlotte27 Jul 1834d Benjamin & Judith, wool.... of Hamutel Westrop
in the Parish of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
HILLDavid09 Jan 1842s William & Jane, labourer
HILLEllen05 Mar 1843d John & Sarah, labourer
HILLMANThomas18 Jan 1809s William & Jane
HISCOXFraunces16 Dec 1661d Thomas
HISCOXJohn24 Jun 1666s Thomas
HITCHENSElizabeth12 Jun 1814d Henry & Elizabeth, labourer
HITCHINSCaroline08 Mar 1835d Henry & Ann, baker
HITCHINSHester25 Dec 1809d Henry & Elizabeth
HITCHINSSophia16 Oct 1836d Henry & Ann, innholder of Charlton
HOLLYSarah05 Dec 1827d Jane of Dauntsey
HOOKEdward19 Jun 1688s Edward & Mary
HOOKEEphraim22 May 1695s Edward & Mary
HOOKEMary06 Jul 1682d Edward
HOOKERebecca29 Apr 1685d Edward
HOOKEThomas?? Feb 1680s Edward
HOOPERElizabeth16 Apr 1682d William
HOOPERWilliam03 Feb 1687s William
HOPKINSAnna Maria23 Sep 1792d William & Hanah
HOPKINSElizabeth Mary11 Aug 1851d Thomas & Ann, yeoman
HOPKINSHariott11 Nov 1787d William & Hannah
HOPKINSWilliam13 May 1798s Thomas & Mary
HORRELAbraham17 Jun 1827s William & Elizabeth, shopkeeper
HORSELAbraham19 Dec 1803s Abraham & Elizabeth
HORSELCharles03 Sep 1820s William & Elizabeth, shop-keeper
HORSELElizabeth20 Oct 1811d William & ?
HORSELElizabeth07 Apr 1816d Abraham & Elizabeth, yeoman
HORSELJane13 Mar 1825d William & Elizabeth, labourer
HORSELJohn04 May 1806s Abraham & Elizabeth
HORSELMartha13 Aug 1809d William & Elizabeth
HORSELMary03 Apr 1785natural d Jane
HORSELMary Jane25 Dec 1842d Nathan & Elisabeth, yeoman
HORSELNathan09 Sep 1810s Nathan & Sarah
HORSELRebecca09 Aug 1818d William & Elizabeth, shop-keeper
HORSELSarah06 Jun 1802d Abraham & Elizabeth
HORSELThomas27 Oct 1822s William & Elizabeth, shop-keeper
HORSELWilliam12 Apr 1807s William & Elizabeth
HORSELLAbraham01 Nov 1772s John & Mary
HORSELLAbraham John12 Nov 1848s Nathan & Elizabeth, yeoman
HORSELLAnn18 Aug 1816d William & Elizabeth, labourer
HORSELLAnn Mary28 Nov 1841d William & Sarah, yeoman
HORSELLAnn Matilda17 May 1846d Nathan & Elisabeth, yeoman
HORSELLElisabeth Sophia05 Jan 1851d Nathan & Elisabeth, yeoman
HORSELLElizabeth27 Sep 1812d Abraham & Elizabeth
HORSELLJacob Nathan11 Dec 1853s Nathan & Elisabeth, labourer
HORSELLJoseph12 Feb 1815s William & Elizabeth, shop-keeper
HORSELLJoseph20 May 1856s Abraham & Ann, labourer
HORSELLMary Wilkins16 Apr 1786d Mary (deceased)
HORSELLNathan09 Apr 1775s John & Mary
HORSELLNathan12 Jun 1814s Nathan & Sarah, yeoman
HORSELLNathan Robert21 Mar 1852s William & Sarah, labourer
HORSELLRosanna02 Feb 1845d Nathan & Elisabeth
HORSELLSarah23 Mar 1701d Christopher
HORSELLSarah05 Nov 1848d John & Sarah, yeoman
HORSELLWilliam29 Jun 1783natural s Jane
HORSELLWilliam12 Jun 1814s Nathan & Sarah, yeoman
HORSILLHenry26 Nov 1843s William & Sarah, yeoman
HORSSELJohn20 Apr 1751s George & Mary
HUGHESAnn15 Oct 1815d John & Hannah, yeoman
HUGHESElenor20 Dec 1818d James & Sarah, yeoman
HUGHESElizabeth22 Jul 1821natural d Ann
HUGHESJohn Smart16 Oct 1814natural s Ann
HUGHESRachel23 Feb 1817d Thomas & Elizabeth, labourer
HUGHESWilliam23 Feb 1817s Thomas & Elizabeth, labourer
HUGHSAnn30 Mar 1794d James & Elizabeth
HUGHSCornelius24 Jul 1796s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSDavid11 Jan 1801s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSElizabeth14 Oct 1792d Nathan & Mary
HUGHSHannah17 Aug 1794d Nathan & Mary
HUGHSJohn05 Oct 1788s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSJohn Matthews13 May 1798natural s Sarah
HUGHSJonathan11 Jul 1790s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSJonathan11 Jan 1801s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSJoshua11 Jun 1792s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSJoshua28 Mar 1798s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSKeleb11 Jun 1792s James & Elizabeth
HUGHSMary30 Dec 1787d Nathan & Mary
HUGHSNathan16 Oct 1785s Nathan & Mary
HUGHSNathan27 Oct 1802s Nathan & Mary
HUGHSRuth04 May 1800d Nathan & Mary
HUGHSSarah05 Sep 1790d Nathan & Mary
HULBARDPhebe25 Dec 1778natural d Hannah the wife of William
HULBERTAnne15 Jul 1773d William & Hannah
HULBERTHester06 Aug 1783natural d Hannah
HUMPHERYElisabeth28 Jul 1850d Elisabeth
HUMPHRIESWilliam29 Aug 1852s Elizabeth
HUNTAbraham17 Jul 1752s Joseph & Avis
HUNTAbraham23 Jan 1780s John & Jane
HUNTAbraham12 Sep 1824s David & Hester, labourer
HUNTAdoniiah10 Mar 1695s Josephus & Margaret
HUNTAlixander01 Jul 1792s John & Jane
HUNTAllice25 Nov 1821natural d Elizabeth
HUNTAnn16 Oct 1682d Roger
HUNTAnn12 Jul 1789d Jacob & Ann
HUNTAnn01 May 1814d Edward & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
HUNTAnn31 Dec 1820d Jacob & Martha, labourer
HUNTAnn10 Mar 1822d David & Hester, labourer
HUNTAnne26 Jun 1774d Samuel & Sarah
HUNTAvis24 Nov 1799d Jacob & Ann
HUNTAvis09 Feb 1823d David & Hester, labourer
HUNTBetty06 Oct 1747d Thomas & Betty
HUNTDavid26 Apr 1761s Joseph & Avis
HUNTDavid09 Nov 1791s Jacob & Ann, a pauper
HUNTDavid18 Mar 1827s David & Hester, labourer
HUNTEdward21 Mar 1784s Thomas & Ruth
HUNTEleanor20 Mar 1831d Jacob & Martha, labourer
HUNTEliza11 Nov 1806natural d Elizabeth
HUNTEliza10 Sep 1815natural d Elizabeth, spinster
HUNTElizabeth01 Apr 1666d Roger
HUNTElizabeth10 Apr 1706d Josephus
HUNTElizabeth07 Sep 1777d Thomas & Ruth
HUNTElizabeth26 Jun 1787d Jacob & Ann
HUNTElizabeth24 Feb 1788d Samuel & Sarah, a pauper
HUNTElizabeth29 Feb 1792d William & Hannah
HUNTElizabeth19 Apr 1812d Edward & Elizabeth
HUNTElizabeth29 Sep 1812d David & Prudence
HUNTElizabeth13 Jul 1818d Peter & Amy, labourer
HUNTElizabeth14 Mar 1824d Jacob & Martha, labourer
HUNTEmily Norris01 Jun 1839d Elizabeth
HUNTFrancis20 Nov 1679s Roger
HUNTGeorge17 Jun 1832s Edward & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
HUNTHannah15 Jun 1820d Edward & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
HUNTIsaac09 Mar 1755s Joseph & Avis
HUNTIsaac21 Oct 1798s Jacob & Ann
HUNTIsaac30 Aug 1818s Jacob & Martha, labourer
HUNTIsaac26 May 1822s Edward & Ann, labourer
HUNTJacob02 Jul 1758s Joseph & Avis
HUNTJacob16 Nov 1794s Jacob & Ann
HUNTJacob19 Jun 1796s Jacob & Ann
HUNTJacob22 Nov 1812natural s Elizabeth
HUNTJacob26 Jun 1825s Jacob & Martha, labourer
HUNTJacob10 Jun 1827s Robert & Jane, labourer
HUNTJames?? May 1782s Samuel & Sarah
HUNTJames09 Dec 1821s Petter & Amy, labourer
HUNTJames31 Aug 1828s Edward & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
HUNTJames10 Dec 1845s John & Elisabeth, labourer of Grittenham
HUNTJane15 Jul 1804d Jacob & Ann
HUNTJane11 Feb 1827d Peter & Amy, labourer
HUNTJohn23 Aug 1674s Roger
HUNTJohn?? Sep 1696s John & Mary
HUNTJohn09 May 1697s Josephus & Margaret
HUNTJohn20 Mar 1749s Joseph & Avis
HUNTJohn12 Jan 1773s Samuel & Sarah
HUNTJohn07 Sep 1777s Thomas & Ruth
HUNTJohn08 Sep 1782s John & Jane
HUNTJohn29 Oct 1809s Edward & Elizabeth
HUNTJohn09 Oct 1814s David & Prudence, labourer
HUNTJoseph21 Apr 1681s Roger
HUNTJoseph29 Jan 1723s Dianetious
HUNTJoseph28 Mar 1784s John & Jane
HUNTJoseph26 Jun 1785s Samuel & Sarah, a pauper
HUNTJoseph18 Jun 1815s Petter & Emah, labourer
HUNTJoseph12 Apr 1829s David & Hester, labourer
HUNTKatherine27 Mar 1670d Roger
HUNTLaetitia19 Jun 1831d David & Hester, labourer
HUNTMarie08 May 1664d John
HUNTMary01 Jan 1684d Roger
HUNTMary26 Jan 1696d Robert & Rebecca
HUNTMary15 Jan 1700d Josephus & Margaret
HUNTMary09 Jan 1746d Joseph & Avis
HUNTMary11 Dec 1763d Joseph & Avis
HUNTMary02 Aug 1767d Thomas & Ruth
HUNTMary20 Aug 1786d John & Jane
HUNTMary11 Nov 1793d Samuel & Sarah
HUNTMary Jane16 Apr 1833d William & Jane, yeoman
HUNTMary Jane27 Jun 1837d David & Hester, labourer
HUNTPeter30 Jan 1791s Samuel & Sarah, a pauper
HUNTPrecilla12 Nov 1672d Roger
HUNTRebecca08 Nov 1835d Jacob & Martha, labourer
HUNTRebecca Jane31 Mar 1833d Jacob & Martha, labourer
HUNTRebecca Jane16 Oct 1853d Isaac & Bethia, labourer
HUNTRuth25 Jun 1780d Thomas & Ruth
HUNTSamuel27 Mar 1750s Thomas & Eliz
HUNTSamuel22 Dec 1776s Samuel & Sarah
HUNTSara07 Jun 1841d Jacob & Martha, dealer
HUNTSarah01 Jul 1706d Robert
HUNTSarah30 Jun 1754d Thomas & Betty
HUNTSarah24 Jan 1779d Samuel & Sarah
HUNTSarah03 Nov 1816d David & Prudence, labourer
HUNTSophia03 Jun 1838d David & Hester, labourer
HUNTSusanna21 Jan 1686d Roger
HUNTThomas28 Aug 1692s Josephus & Margaret
HUNTThomas12 Jan 1773s Samuel & Sarah
HUNTThomas14 Feb 1773s Thomas & Ruth
HUNTWilliam08 Jan 1668s Roger
HUNTWilliam08 Jul 1770s Thomas & Ruth
HUNTWilliam18 Jan 1816s Edward & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
HUNTWilliam Henly15 Mar 1781s John & Jane
HUNTEJohn16 Nov 1675s Roger
HUNTEJosephus04 May 1668s John
HUNTERichard07 Apr 1678s William
HUNTERobert21 Sep 1673s William
HUNTERoger15 Nov 1678s Roger
HURDISJames05 Dec 1670s Robert
HURLBATAnn18 May 1700d Thomas & Rebecca
HURLBATElizabeth07 Nov 1703d Thomas
HURLBATThomas02 Nov 1698s Thomas & Rebecca
HURLBATWilliam17 Jun 1701s Thomas & Rebecca
HURLEBATAnn17 Apr 1681d William
HURLEBATTDeborah13 Dec 1691d William & Emm
HURLEBATTElizabeth24 Jan 1676d William
HURLEBATTElizabeth13 Sep 1678d William
HURLEBATTEmm09 Jan 1677d William
HURLEBATTHannah25 Mar 1683d William & Emm
HURLEBATTMary31 Aug 1689d William & Emm
HURLEBATTRebacca01 Sep 1686d William
HURLEBATTThomas04 May 1688s William & Emme
HURLEBATTWilliam03 Mar 1680s William
HUSEAlice21 May 1739d John & Mary
HUSEChristian13 Apr 1755d William & MAry
HUSEEdward29 Jul 1749s William & Mary
HUSEElizabeth22 Feb 1756d John & Mary
HUSEElizabeth04 Nov 1781s Thomas & Anne
HUSEHester13 May 1753d William & Mary
HUSEJames14 Feb 1725s John
HUSEJames22 Aug 1731s John
HUSEJames19 Mar 1786s James & Elizabeth
HUSEJames19 Jul 1812s Thomas & Elizabeth
HUSEJohn15 Jan 1749s John & Mary
HUSEMargaret21 Oct 1781d Alexander & Elizabeth
HUSEMaria24 Nov 1751d John & Mary
HUSEMartha Davis21 Mar 1784d James & Elizabeth
HUSEMary20 Nov 1757d William & Mary
HUSEThomas28 Jul 1751s William & Mary
HUSEThomas25 Jul 1808s Thomas & Elizabeth
HUSEWilliam24 Nov 1751s William & Mary
HUSTISJohn16 May 1749s William & Mary
HYATTPriscilla25 Apr 1852d Edwini & Mary Ann, labourer
ILESAlice13 Oct 1850d Thomas & Hannah, labourer
ILESJohn18 Jan 1818natural s Mary
ILESMark20 Nov 1836s William & Elizabeth, labourer
ILESWilliam25 Aug 1833s William & Elizabeth, labourer
ILLSMary25 Aug 1698d Thomas & Mary
INDBettsey27 May 1821d Charles & Hester, yeoman
INDEleanor Sophia11 Jul 1813d Charles & Hester, yeoman
INDFrances Jane11 Jul 1813d Charles & Hester, yeoman
INDGeorge01 Jun 1817s Charles & Hester, yeoman
INDGeorge28 Jan 1849s William & Charlotte, labourer
INDJonathan28 Jun 1846s William & Charlotte, labourer
INDMary28 Jan 1849d William & Charlotte, labourer
INDRichard11 Oct 1818s Charles & Hester, yeoman
ISLESMary24 Dec 1694d John & Mary
JEFFERIS(blank)25 Oct 1683s Robert
JEFFERISGiles13 Oct 1682s Robert
JEFFERYSMary26 Aug 1692d Robert & Mary
JEFFERYSRobert15 Jul 1688s Robert & Mary
JENNINGSJohn19 May 1743s William & Mary
JENNINGSJohn26 Apr 1747s William & Mary
JENNINGSThomas25 Apr 1749s Willm & Mary
JENNINGSWilliam07 Sep 1733s William
JEROMJoseph30 Jan 1825s Mary
JOACHUMMarie21 Jan 1660d William
JONESJohn20 Mar 1774natural s Margaret
JORDANJane28 Oct 1827d Rachel
JUNTJoane25 Mar 1687d Roger
KEMBELEliza Hill13 Oct 1813natural d Martha, pauper
KIBBLEWHITEElizabeth18 Jan 1761d William & Anne
KIBBLEWHITEElizabeth26 Jan 1766d William & Anne
KIBBLEWHITEHannah11 Apr 1762d William & Anne
KIBBLEWHITEIsrael18 Dec 1768d William & Anne
KIBBLEWHITEJohn01 Feb 1754s William & Anne
KIBBLEWHITEWilliam02 Apr 1758s William & Anne
KIBLEWHITEMary15 Oct 1752d William & Ann
KILLMISTEREliza Jane09 Jan 1816d John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILLMISTERWilliam09 Jan 1816d John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERAnn Maria15 Nov 1827s John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTEREdward Matthews15 Nov 1827s John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERElizabeth Julia26 Mar 1833d John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTEREmily Mary25 Mar 1833d John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERGeorge26 Mar 1833s John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERJohn04 Jan 1820s John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERMartha04 Feb 1823d John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERRichard04 Jan 1820s John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERRobert04 Feb 1823s John & Jane, yeoman of Grittenham
KILMISTERWilliam22 Mar 1814s John & Jane, yeoman
KINGGeorge Edwards27 Apr 1817natural s Elizabeth of Purton, aged 1 year & half
KINGEJohn22 Oct 1683s Alexander
KINGSTONMary19 Jan 1812d John & Ann
KINNETAnthony13 May 1798natural s Mary
KINNETBenjamin05 Aug 1781s James & Sarah
KINNETElizabeth22 Oct 1732d John
KINNETElizabeth13 May 1798natural d Mary
KINNETJames03 Jun 1792natural s Elizabeth
KINNETJohn25 Dec 1732d John
KINNETLydia16 Sep 1770d Peter & Elizabeth
KINNETMartha01 Nov 1772d Peter & Elizabeth
KINNETMary02 Aug 1761d Robert & Elizabeth
KINNETPeter01 Feb 1767s Robert & Elizabeth
KINNETPeter08 Nov 1767s Peter & Elizabeth
KINNETPeter30 Oct 1768s Peter & Elizabeth
KINNETPeter08 Jan 1797natural s Elizabeth
KINNETSarah30 Dec 1764d Peter & Elizebeth
KINNETSarah30 Dec 1781natural d Elizabeth
KINNETTElizabeth06 Apr 1755d John & Anne
KINNETTElizabeth21 Oct 1759d Robert & Elizabeth
KINNETTElizabeth02 Jan 1763d Peter & Elizabeth
KINNETTJacob01 Jan 1758s Robert & Elizabeth
KINNETTMary09 Mar 1760d John & Anne
KINNETTMary26 Jan 1783d Richard & Sarah
KINNETTOliver04 Jun 1786natural s Elizabeth, a pauper
KINNETTPeter26 Dec 1734s John
KINNETTPeter24 Jan 1762s Peter & Elizabeth
KINNETTRichard12 Dec 1759s Peter & Elizabeth
KNAPLove Ackwell06 Nov 1768natural d Mary
KNAPPMary01 Feb 1685d Edward
KNAPPRebecca06 Sep 1660d William
KNAPPThomas02 Nov 1661s William
KNAPPThomas05 Jan 1680s Edward
LACYJames26 Mar 1710s James
LACYMary22 Aug 1702d James
LACYNicholas08 Dec 1707s James
LACYThomas21 May 1704s James
LACYWilliam28 Dec 1699s James & Mary
LAKERAnne04 Apr 1661d John
LANGFARESarah16 Feb 1812d Thomas & Ann
LANGFEARAndrew26 Apr 1829s Thomas & Ann, labourer
LANGFEARMary H..ler24 Aug 1834d Sarah
LANGFEARMeshach16 Feb 1823s Thomas & Anne, labourer
LANGFEREJohn04 Dec 1810s Thomas & Ann
LANGLEYBenjamin04 Jun 1843s Francis & Mary Ann, labourer
LANGLEYEliza17 Apr 1840d Francis & Mary Ann, labourer
LANGLEYElizabeth22 Apr 1742d William & Mary
LANGLEYEllen05 Aug 1849d John & Elisabeth, labourer
LANGLEYFrancis01 Sep 1671s Oliver
LANGLEYGiles15 Oct 1820s William & Sarah, sawyer
LANGLEYHannah29 Jul 1739d Oliver & Mary
LANGLEYHarriet26 Jun 1837d William & Sarah, sawyer
LANGLEYJacob28 Jul 1844s John & Elisabeth, labourer
LANGLEYJoseph26 Jun 1837s William & Sarah, sawyer
LANGLEYJoseph Matthews26 Dec 1841s John & Elisabeth, labourer
LANGLEYMary05 Sep 1741d Oliver & Mary
LANGLEYMary Jane03 Jun 1838d Francis & Mary Ann, labourer
LANGLEYOliver19 Jul 1743s Oliver & Mary
LANGLEYSarah03 May 1840d John & Elizabeth, labourer
LANGLEYSarah Ann25 Dec 1838d Francis & Mary Anne, labourer Fregard
LANGLEYWilliam25 Apr 1847s John & Elizabeth, labourer
LANGLY??? Feb 1744s William & Mary
LANGLYAnn25 Jul 1784d Francis & Elizabeth
LANGLYAnn26 May 1822d William & Sarah, sawyer
LANGLYAnne24 Apr 1747d William & Mary
LANGLYElizabeth15 Sep 1748d William & Mary
LANGLYElizabeth20 Nov 1814d William & Sarah, labourer
LANGLYFrancis29 Jun 1777s Francis & Elizabeth
LANGLYFrancis12 Feb 1809s William & Sarah
LANGLYGiles05 Mar 1780s Francis & Elizabeth
LANGLYHanna05 May 1803natural d Susana
LANGLYHenry30 Sep 1775s Oliver & Susannah
LANGLYJacob16 Jul 1792s Francis & Elizabeth
LANGLYJames03 Feb 1788s Francis & Betty
LANGLYJohn22 Nov 1812s William & Sarah
LANGLYLucy18 Nov 1750d William & Mary
LANGLYMary19 Nov 1752d William & Mary
LANGLYMary12 Oct 1777d Oliver & Susannah
LANGLYMary14 Oct 1810d William & Sarah
LANGLYOliver12 Sep 1773s Oliver & Susannah
LANGLYSamuel06 May 1781s Francis & Elizabeth
LANGLYSarah11 May 1817d William & Sarah, sawyer
LANGLYSusannah27 Feb 1780d Oliver & Susannah
LANGLYThomas15 Aug 1782s Oliver & Susannah
LANGLYThomas26 Oct 1783s Oliver & Susannah
LANGLYWilliam03 Nov 1745s William & Mary
LANGLYWilliam22 Oct 1775s Francis & Elizabeth
LANGPERESellena15 Apr 1821d Thomas & Ann, labourer
LANGPHERJohn14 Nov 1813s Thomas & Ann, labourer
LANGPHERThomas04 Aug 1816s Thomas & Ann, labourer
LANPHERJoseph28 Mar 1819s Thomas & Ann, labourer
LEAJohn05 Dec 1738s Thomas & Martha
LEAWCEJohn30 Dec 1674s John
LEEThomas17 Jun 1683s William
LEWCEThomas25 Sep 1684s John
LEWENAnn26 Jan 1668d Thomas, junior
LEWENAnn06 Jan 1682d Edward
LEWENAnn28 Mar 1708d Thomas & Catharine
LEWENEdward19 Feb 1680s Edward
LEWENEdward?? Oct 1689s Edward & Ann
LEWENFrances27 Oct 1670d Thomas
LEWENFraunces20 Oct 1675d Thomas, dyed sudenly
LEWENJane19 Feb 1688d Edward & Ann
LEWENMary06 Mar 1673d Thomas
LEWENRebecca19 Feb 1688d Edward & Ann
LEWENThomas12 Apr 1664s Thomas of the Hill
LEWENThomas16 Jul 1671a child of Thomas, junior, buryed
LEWENThomas01 Feb 1684s Edward
LEWENThomas11 Dec 1691s Edward & Ann
LEWENWilliam21 Feb 1660s Thomas
LEWENWilliam27 Apr 1666s Thomas
LEWESAnne10 Aug 1746d Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWESCharles27 Nov 1679s John
LEWESDorothy25 Feb 1682d John
LEWESEliza04 Apr 1819d John & Martha, yeoman
LEWESGrace03 Jun 1781d John & Jane
LEWESHannah21 Apr 1722d Thomas
LEWESJames07 Nov 1720s Thomas
LEWESJames28 Jan 1724s Thomas
LEWESJane27 Feb 1677d John
LEWESJohn15 Jun 1718s Thomas
LEWESJohn04 Aug 1726s Joseph
LEWESMary14 May 1693baseborn d Joan
LEWESMary07 Sep 1726d Thomas
LEWESMary23 Jan 1730d Owin
LEWESRobert01 Mar 1818s Nathan & Mary, labourer
LEWESSarah24 Jan 1779d John & Jane
LEWESWilliam02 Jan 1737natural s Mary
LEWIESBenjamin23 May 1819natural s Lydia
LEWIESDaniel24 Feb 1751s Thomas & Betty
LEWIESJohn27 May 1821natural s Sarah
LEWIESSarah16 Dec 1821d John & Martha, yeoman
LEWIS??? Feb 1785d Robert & Ann, a pauper
LEWISAnn25 Apr 1687d John & Joane
LEWISAnn09 Sep 1792d Edward & Sarah
LEWISAnn09 Dec 1792d Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISAnn05 May 1805d Hary Boulton & Mary
LEWISAnna07 Jul 1816d John & Martha, farmer
LEWISAnne18 May 1766d John & Jane
LEWISBetty08 Feb 1769d John & Jane
LEWISCharles15 Jan 1797s Thomas & Elizabeth of Charlton
LEWISChristian03 Jun 1785d Joseph & Hanah, a pauper
LEWISDaniel15 May 1785s Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISDaniel07 Jan 1787s Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISDaniel16 Nov 1823s John & Martha, yeoman
LEWISDavid23 Feb 1777s William & Mary
LEWISDavid28 Mar 1790s Edward & Sarah
LEWISEdward31 Jan 1742s Thomas & Elezabeth
LEWISEdward16 Aug 1778s Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISEdward02 Aug 1801s Edward & Sarah
LEWISEliza01 Aug 1812natural d Elizabeth
LEWISElizabeth04 Jan 1778d Joseph & Hannah
LEWISElizabeth09 Jan 1780d Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISElizabeth26 Jul 1795d Robert & Ann
LEWISElizabeth11 Nov 1798d Avery & Hanna
LEWISElizabeth16 Jun 1811d John & Martha Davis
LEWISEsther ?05 May 1804d Edward & Sarah?
LEWISFrancis21 Aug 1853s Henry & Elisabeth, labourer
LEWISGrace18 Nov 1739d Thomas & Betty
LEWISHannah16 May 1830d Sarah
LEWISHarry Boulton20 Jan 1771s John & Jane
LEWISHary17 Apr 1757s Thomas & Betty
LEWISHenrey10 May 1818s Harry & Mary, labourer
LEWISHenry14 Aug 1796s Avery & Hanna
LEWISHenry30 Jan 1825s Henry & Mary, labourer
LEWISHenry12 Feb 1826s Elizabeth
LEWISIsaac01 Jun 1794s Robert & Ann, a pauper
LEWISJacob15 Jun 1766s William & Mary
LEWISJames25 Oct 1787s Robert & Ann, a pauper
LEWISJane21 Jun 1807d Hary Boulton & Mary
LEWISJasper01 Nov 1772s John & Mary
LEWISJohn15 Jan 1738s Thomas & Betty
LEWISJohn12 Aug 1744s John & Elizabeth
LEWISJohn20 Apr 1755s John & Betty
LEWISJohn04 Jan 1778s Joseph & Hannah
LEWISJohn07 Oct 1781s Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISJohn08 Jun 1783s Robert & Anne
LEWISJohn07 Apr 1799s Edward & Sarah
LEWISJohn14 May 1815s Henrey & Mary, labourer
LEWISJoseph01 Mar 1752s John & Betty
LEWISLidia03 Jun 1785d Joseph & Hanah, a pauper
LEWISLizey19 Feb 1764d John & Betty
LEWISMargaret17 Apr 1791d Robert & Ann, a pauper
LEWISMaria12 Oct 1783d Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISMartha?? Aug 1802d Avery & Hanna
LEWISMartha01 Apr 1827d Mary
LEWISMary22 Nov 1735d Thomas & Betty
LEWISMary05 Jan 1762d John & Betty
LEWISMary23 Jan 1774d John & Jane
LEWISMary09 Dec 1792d Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISMary28 Aug 1842d Mary
LEWISMary-Humfrys13 Apr 1777d Edward & Betty
LEWISNathan24 Sep 1791s Edward & Sarah
LEWISNehemiah21 Mar 1830s John & Martha, yeoman
LEWISObadiah25 Mar 1753s Thomas & Betty
LEWISRobert08 May 1757s John & Betty
LEWISRobert06 Jan 1760s John & Betty
LEWISSarah09 Mar 1755d Thomas & Betty
LEWISSarah20 Nov 1796d Edward & Sarah
LEWISSarah22 Mar 1799d Robert
LEWISSarah?? Sep 1809natural d Lidia
LEWISSarah Hopkins22 Feb 1789d Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISSophia28 Jan 1849d Eliza
LEWISTabitha02 Apr 1826d John & Martha, yeoman
LEWISTamer28 Jul 1771d William & Mary
LEWISThomas22 Jan 1749s Thomas & Elizabeth
LEWISThomas14 Apr 1776s John & Jane
LEWISThomas15 Jan 1797s Thomas & Elizabeth, aged 2 yers of Charlton
LEWISThomas29 Oct 1809s John & Martha Davis
LEWISThomas Lanfair07 Jul 1850s Tabitha
LEWISWilliam04 Jun 1769s William & Mary
LITTLEDiana26 Jan 1766d Isaac & Sarah
LITTLEElizabeth24 Jun 1726d John
LITTLEElizabeth02 Nov 1732d John
LITTLEIsaac19 May 1730s John
LITTLEIsaac26 Oct 1760s Isaac & Sarah
LITTLEJohn12 Feb 1690s William & Margaret
LITTLEJoseph25 Dec 1734s John & Sarah
LITTLEMargret07 Apr 1728d Thomas
LITTLEMary08 Dec 1704d William
LITTLEMary20 Mar 1763d Isaac & Sarah
LITTLERuth15 Aug 1769d Isaac & Sarah
LITTLESarah04 Mar 1759d Isaac & Sarah
LITTLEThomas12 Apr 1730s Thomas
LITTLEThomas20 Apr 1735s Thomas & Sarah
LITTLEWilliam18 Feb 1687s William
LITTLEWilliam01 Apr 1729s John
LITTLEWilliam09 Jan 1732s Thomas
LOCKJohn27 Dec 1775s Charles & Sarah
LONGJames28 Mar 1729s John
LONGJohn02 Oct 1726s John
LONGMary29 Aug 1731d John
LONGEHannah09 May 1731baseborn child of John
LONGPHENZaccheus10 Jun 1826s Thomas & Ann, labourer
LOOCKERGeorge27 Aug 1727s John
LOOKERElizabeth09 Oct 1698d Georg
LOOKERGeorge16 Jan 1701s George
LOOKERJohn11 Mar 1703s George
LOOKERJohn23 Nov 1705s George
LOOKERMary10 Mar 1697d George
LOOKERMary05 Jul 1730d John
LOOKERSarah27 Apr 1732d John
LORDAnne20 Jun 1824d Lucy
LOVELOCKWilliam05 May 1728s John
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