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Brinkworth - Baptisms (M-O)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BAPTISMS: 1659 - 1856


Transcribed by Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.

?implies that data was missing or illegible.
ddaughter of.
sson of
Note:The original spelling has been preserved throughout.


MALLETTWilliam25 Jun 1837s Sarah
MAPSON??? Apr 1677s Richard
MAPSON??? Nov 1701s Robert
MAPSON??? Jan 1721d Robert
MAPSONAlice27 Feb 1674d Robert
MAPSONAnn21 Dec 1671d Robert
MAPSONAnne05 Oct 1724d Robert
MAPSONAnne07 Mar 1773d Jeremiah & Mary
MAPSONAthiopia11 May 1734d Richard & Anne
MAPSONBetty24 Mar 1776d Jeremiah & Mary
MAPSONCharles15 Oct 1854s Jeremiah & Elizabeth, labourer
MAPSONCharlotte08 Nov 1778d Jeremiah & Mary
MAPSONCharlotte13 Oct 1833s Jeremiah & Elizabeth, labourer
MAPSONElisabeth14 Jan 1838d Jeremiah & Elisabeth, labourer
MAPSONElizabeth26 Jan 1668d Richard
MAPSONElizabeth02 Apr 1669d Richard
MAPSONElizabeth16 May 1689d Robert & Elizabeth
MAPSONElizabeth18 Oct 1818d William & Elizabeth, butcher
MAPSONEmily Jane23 May 1847d Jeremiah & Jane, shoemaker
MAPSONJane11 Oct 1845d Jeremiah & Elisabeth, labourer
MAPSONJeremia28 Mar 1810s William & Elizabeth
MAPSONJeremiah22 Aug 1730s Robert
MAPSONJohn19 Aug 1669s Robert
MAPSONJohn17 Jun 1679s Robert
MAPSONJohn29 Jan 1696s Robert & Elizabeth
MAPSONJohn05 Jan 1723s Thomas
MAPSONJoseph18 Feb 1704s Robert
MAPSONMary05 Jan 1729d Thomas
MAPSONMary Ann16 Oct 1814d William & Elizabeth, butcher
MAPSONMary Ann07 Jun 1840d Jeremiah & Elizabeth, labourer
MAPSONRebecca?? Apr 1737d Richard & Ann
MAPSONRhoda04 Jun 1843d Samuel & Elisabeth, labourer
MAPSONRichard11 May 1662s Richard
MAPSONRichard19 Feb 1671s Richard
MAPSONRobert06 Feb 1668s Robert
MAPSONRobert28 Aug 1692s Robert & Elizabeth
MAPSONRobert08 Nov 1722s Robert
MAPSONRobert10 Apr 1758s Jeremiah & Sarah
MAPSONRobert18 Oct 1763s Robert & Jane
MAPSONRobert24 Oct 1766s Robert & Jane
MAPSONRobert02 Jun 1812s William & Elizabeth
MAPSONRobert18 Oct 1835s Jeremiah & Elizabeth, labourer
MAPSONSarah18 Dec 1726d Thomas
MAPSONSarah04 Aug 1728d Robert
MAPSONThomas18 Jun 1676s Robert
MAPSONThomas31 Jan 1699s Robert & Elizabeth
MAPSONThomas13 Sep 1724s Thomas
MAPSONThomas24 Oct 1766s Robert & Jane
MAPSONWilliam29 Aug 1674s Richard
MAPSONWilliam18 Sep 1726s Robert
MAPSONWilliam01 Oct 1732s Robert & Ann
MAPSONWilliam24 May 1767s Jeremiah & Mary
MAPSONWilliam26 Aug 1770s Jeremiah & Mary
MAPSONWilliam17 Oct 1852s Jeremiah & Elisabeth, labourer
MAPSONWilliam Ovens26 Jun 1751s Thomas & Hannah
MARSHALLCharles16 Jun 1850s Richard & Mary Ann, labourer of Lydiard
MARSHALLGeorge24 Dec 1854s Richard & Mary Ann, labourer of Lideard Millicent
MARSHALLMary Ann02 May 1852d Richard & Mary Ann, bailiff
MARSHALLRosanna18 Feb 1855d Henry & Charlotte, labourer of Lidiard Millicent
MASLYNAnn21 Nov 1672d Robert
MASLYNElizabeth13 Mar 1682d Robert
MASLYNFrances05 Oct 1675d Robert
MASLYNFrances15 Dec 1687d Robert & Ann
MASLYNJohn06 Jan 1703s John of Wootton Basset
MASLYNMarie27 Jan 1669d Robert
MASLYNMary17 Jul 1679d Robert
MASLYNRobert23 Jul 1666s Robert
MATHEWAllison22 Mar 1714s John
MATHEWAnn16 Apr 1699d William & Dorothy
MATHEWAnn21 Mar 1703d Walter
MATHEWAnn17 May 1705d Walter
MATHEWAnn18 Feb 1711d Joseph, Junior
MATHEWAnn29 Nov 1714d Thomas
MATHEWAnn06 Apr 1720d Henry
MATHEWAnn09 Aug 1720d Edward
MATHEWAnn02 Jun 1733d Nathaniel
MATHEWAnthony22 Apr 1705s Anthony
MATHEWAnthony23 Jan 1711s Charles
MATHEWAnthony16 Feb 1711s Ralph
MATHEWBetty08 Mar 1714d Charles
MATHEWBetty06 Feb 1721d Charles
MATHEWBroom03 Dec 1722s Thomas
MATHEWCatherine08 Oct 1665baseborn child of Marie
MATHEWCharles15 Jul 1705s Charles
MATHEWCharles20 Jul 1707s Willi & Dorothy
MATHEWCharles25 Jan 1733s Charles
MATHEWDaniel06 Jun 1708s Joseph
MATHEWDaniel30 Dec 1723s Thomas
MATHEWDorothy26 Sep 1708d William
MATHEWEdward04 Jul 1699s Jonas & Avice
MATHEWEdward19 Jun 1706s Thomas
MATHEWElizabeth04 Aug 1700d Thomas
MATHEWElizabeth28 Aug 1700d William
MATHEWElizabeth20 Feb 1709d Richard
MATHEWElizabeth08 Jun 1729d Thomas
MATHEWElizabeth07 Sep 1730d William
MATHEWGabriel14 Oct 1703s Ralph
MATHEWGeorge14 Mar 1721s George
MATHEWHarry01 May 1730s Henry
MATHEWJacob09 Oct 1745s Edward & Elizabeth
MATHEWJames09 Jan 1698s Stephen & Elizabeth
MATHEWJames05 Dec 1714s Henry
MATHEWJames09 Feb 1716s Henry
MATHEWJane31 Dec 1673d Henry
MATHEWJane22 Apr 1713d Richard
MATHEWJane28 Jan 1720d Joseph
MATHEWJohannah14 Aug 1722d Phillip
MATHEWJohn02 Oct 1698s Thomas & Mary
MATHEWJohn06 Dec 1702s Nathaniel
MATHEWJohn05 Oct 1703s Steven
MATHEWJohn20 May 1705s Richard, Junior
MATHEWJohn27 Jan 1706s William
MATHEWJohn15 Sep 1707s Ralph
MATHEWJohn08 May 1712s Thomas
MATHEWJohn09 Mar 1723s Charles
MATHEWJohn24 Jul 1726baseborn child of Sarah
MATHEWJohn18 Jul 1731s Henry
MATHEWJonas23 Aug 1702s Jonas
MATHEWJonathan15 Apr 1703s Thomas of Sundays Hill
MATHEWJoseph08 Jul 1705s Ralph
MATHEWJoseph29 Feb 1708s Charles
MATHEWJoseph15 Aug 1714s William
MATHEWJoseph30 Nov 1715s Richard
MATHEWJoseph20 Sep 1719s Thomas
MATHEWJoseph23 Jun 1723s Joseph
MATHEWJoseph19 Feb 1727s Charles
MATHEWJoseph28 Aug 1747natural s Betty
MATHEWJoyce19 Jul 1674d Richard
MATHEWMargret05 Mar 1731d Nathaniel
MATHEWMary30 Jul 1704d William & Dorathy
MATHEWMary01 Oct 1717d Henry
MATHEWMary05 Nov 1717s Richard
MATHEWMary26 May 1719d Thomas, Junior
MATHEWMary13 Apr 1720d Thomas
MATHEWMary08 Dec 1725d John
MATHEWMary14 Aug 1729d Nathaniel
MATHEWMary27 Oct 1731d John
MATHEWMary02 Nov 1732d John
MATHEWMordecay03 Oct 1713s Charles
MATHEWNathaniel30 Jun 1700s Nathaniel
MATHEWNathaniel28 Apr 1722s Nathaniel
MATHEWNathaniel30 Apr 1724s Nathaniel
MATHEWPeter17 May 1724s Thomas
MATHEWPhillip29 Jul 1721
MATHEWRalph05 Jul 1702s Ralph
MATHEWRichard09 Mar 1707s Richard
MATHEWRobert21 Apr 1712s Thomas & Mary
MATHEWRobert25 Jul 1725baseborn child of Robert Knighton
MATHEWRobina12 Apr 1698d Walter & Rebecca
MATHEWSarah30 Jun 1700d Jeffery
MATHEWSarah28 Feb 1712d William
MATHEWSarah17 Nov 1722d Thomas
MATHEWSarah08 Oct 1726d Nathaniel
MATHEWSarah31 Aug 1729d Joseph
MATHEWSarah29 Nov 1733d John
MATHEWSarah13 Jan 1734d Henry
MATHEWSteven21 Oct 1699s Steven & Elizabeth
MATHEWSusanna26 May 1724d George
MATHEWTheophilus07 Jan 1707s Nathaniel
MATHEWTheophilus17 Apr 1709s Nathaniel
MATHEWThomas09 Aug 1702s Thomas
MATHEWThomas01 Nov 1705s Thomas
MATHEWThomas12 Dec 1717s Thomas
MATHEWThomas02 Sep 1718s Charles
MATHEWThomas19 Sep 1747s Thomas & Susannah
MATHEWWalter20 Mar 1709s Walter
MATHEWWilliam12 Jan 1701s Steven & Elizabeth
MATHEWWilliam20 Apr 1702s William & Dorothy
MATHEWWilliam21 May 1704s Thomas & Mary
MATHEWWilliam05 Dec 1714s Henry
MATHEWWilliam31 Jan 1725s Charles
MATHEWWilliam11 Apr 1726s Joseph
MATHEWWilliam14 Aug 1729s Nathaniel
MATHEWWilliam02 Dec 1732s William
MATHEWEAnn14 May 1671d George
MATHEWEAnn26 Oct 1681d Henry
MATHEWEAnn17 Nov 1681d Mordeky
MATHEWEAnn08 Jan 1682d Joseph
MATHEWEAnn20 Nov 1692d Joseph & Mary
MATHEWEAnn06 Nov 1695d Stephen & Elizabeth
MATHEWEAnne20 Dec 1659d James
MATHEWEAnne24 Apr 1662d William
MATHEWEAnthony24 May 1694s Ralph & Elizabeth
MATHEWE(blank)05 dec 1661s Anthonie
MATHEWECharles03 Feb 1662s Joseph
MATHEWECharles09 Sep 1677s George
MATHEWECharles11 Nov 1677s Anthony
MATHEWECharles17 Nov 1678s Joseph junior
MATHEWEDaniel13 Apr 1679s Henry
MATHEWEElinor03 Feb 1670d Thomas
MATHEWEElizabeth21 Nov 1666d Thomas
MATHEWEElizabeth02 Feb 1669d Richard
MATHEWEElizabeth19 Mar 1679d Thomas
MATHEWEElizabeth15 Nov 1688d Thomas & Joyce
MATHEWEElizabeth19 May 1689d Jonas & Alice
MATHEWEElizabeth14 Apr 1693d Ralph & Elizabeth
MATHEWEGeorge21 Apr 1663s George
MATHEWEHenry08 Mar 1666s Henry
MATHEWEHenry09 Jun 1690s Jeffery & Anne
MATHEWEJames31 Jan 1686s Joseph
MATHEWEJames01 Mar 1696s Jeffery & Anne
MATHEWEJames29 Mar 1696s Walter & Rebecca
MATHEWEJane28 Mar 1669d George
MATHEWEJane22 Oct 1671d Richard
MATHEWEJohn29 Jul 1666s George
MATHEWEJohn02 Nov 1667s Richard
MATHEWEJohn30 Apr 1676s Mary, baseborne
MATHEWEJohn18 May 1684s Henry
MATHEWEJohn22 Feb 1691s John & Elizabeth
MATHEWEJohn19 Nov 1692s John & Elizabeth
MATHEWEJohn01 Sep 1695s Jonas & Alice
MATHEWEJohn07 Dec 1707baseborn s John Writes
MATHEWEJoyce06 Feb 1670d Anthony
MATHEWEMarie14 Jul 1667d James
MATHEWEMartha18 May 1688d Henry & Martha
MATHEWEMary30 Sep 1674d Anthony
MATHEWEMary23 Sep 1677d Henry
MATHEWEMary02 Sep 1683d Joseph
MATHEWEMary03 Dec 1689d Nathaniel & Ann
MATHEWEMary11 Mar 1692d Thomas & Mary
MATHEWEMary17 Jul 1692d Stephen & Elizabeth
MATHEWEMordecay16 Jan 1687s Mordecay
MATHEWENathanell06 Jan 1669s Theophillis
MATHEWERalph21 Feb 1661s Anthonie
MATHEWERebecca19 Feb 1690d Stephen & Elizabeth
MATHEWERebecca24 Mar 1693d Nathaniel & Ann
MATHEWERebecca21 Aug 1694d George, Senior & Rebecca
MATHEWERichard23 Jun 1677s Richard
MATHEWESamuell02 May 1680s Samuell
MATHEWESarah11 Mar 1675d Thomas
MATHEWESimon14 Mar 1680s Mordekie
MATHEWEStephen17 Oct 1661s James
MATHEWEStephen15 Jan 1694s Stephen & Elizabeth
MATHEWETheophillis15 Oct 1682s Theophilles
MATHEWEThomas17 Dec 1665s Thomas
MATHEWEThomas10 Feb 1667s Thomas
MATHEWEThomas29 Nov 1671s Thomas
MATHEWEThomas10 Jun 1672s Henry
MATHEWEThomas24 May 1674s Theophills
MATHEWEThomas01 Jul 1677s Joseph
MATHEWEThomas15 Jan 1688s Joseph & Mary
MATHEWEThomas04 Oct 1692s Jonas & Alice
MATHEWEThomas18 Jun 1693s Jeffery & Amie
MATHEWEThomas14 Jul 1695s Edward & Mary
MATHEWETobias04 Jan 1661s Thomas
MATHEWETobias15 Feb 1675s George
MATHEWEWalter04 Sep 1664s James
MATHEWSAbednego05 Aug 1787s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATHEWSAbraham12 Oct 1806s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATHEWSAbraham14 Oct 1810s Abraham & Christian
MATHEWSAnn29 Sep 1716d Thomas, tweens
MATHEWSAnn27 Apr 1788d Abraham & Ann, a pauper
MATHEWSAnn22 Dec 1810d Walter & Charlotte
MATHEWSAnn03 Sep 1815d Jonas & Elizabeth, aged 1 year & 4 months, labourer
MATHEWSAnn or Eliza15 Apr 1819d Isaac & Hannah labourer of Purton
MATHEWSAnthony07 Jun 1753s Anthony & Sarah
MATHEWSAnthony18 Dec 1785s Abraham & Ann, a pauper
MATHEWSBetty21 Jan 1718d Joseph
MATHEWSCaroline02 Jun 1822d William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATHEWSCharles10 Feb 1732s Joseph
MATHEWSCharles02 Apr 1809s Richard & Hannah
MATHEWSDianah19 Feb 1809d John & Sarah
MATHEWSElizabeth06 Dec 1789d William & Elver
MATHEWSElizabeth03 May 1807d William & Elizabeth
MATHEWSGeorge20 Dec 1807s Thomas & Elizabeth
MATHEWSGeorge21 Apr 1811s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATHEWSHannah02 Jun 1747d Charles & Elizabeth
MATHEWSHannah17 Feb 1788d William & Elver
MATHEWSHannah26 Mar 1811d Richard & Hannah
MATHEWSHannah11 Jul 1824d Jonas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATHEWSJacob08 Apr 1801s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATHEWSJacob09 Aug 1807s Jacob & Mary
MATHEWSJacob26 Jun 1808s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATHEWSJacob04 Apr 1813s William & Elizabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
MATHEWSJacob Brinsdon18 Aug 1806s Richard & Hannah
MATHEWSJeremiah25 May 1806s Walter & Charlotte
MATHEWSJohn27 Nov 1728s William
MATHEWSJohn21 Oct 1733s William
MATHEWSJohn12 Feb 1809natural s Hannah
MATHEWSJohn14 Oct 1810s Isaac & Hannah
MATHEWSJohn Stratton16 Feb 1811s Shadrach & Jane
MATHEWSJoseph08 Aug 1731s John
MATHEWSJoseph20 Jun 1762s Charles & Mary
MATHEWSJoseph07 Nov 1807s Richard & Hanah
MATHEWSMargaret26 Mar 1811d Richard & Hannah
MATHEWSMargarett23 Mar 1806d Thomas & Elizabeth
MATHEWSMaria04 Jan 1807d John & Sarah
MATHEWSMaria01 May 1811d William & Elizabeth
MATHEWSMark04 Jun 1809s John & Sarah
MATHEWSMartha23 Apr 1780d William & Martha
MATHEWSMary09 Sep 1715d Charles
MATHEWSMary29 Sep 1716d Thomas, tweens
MATHEWSMary02 Feb 1746d John & Margaret
MATHEWSMary19 Jul 1746d George & Mary
MATHEWSMary08 Feb 1809d William & Elizabeth
MATHEWSMary19 Jan 1812d Thomas & Elizabeth
MATHEWSMary18 Oct 1812d Jonas & Elizabeth
MATHEWSMary Ann16 Feb 1807d Abraham & Christian
MATHEWSRichard09 Oct 1808s Walter & ?
MATHEWSRobert14 Feb 1790s John & Christian
MATHEWSSarah12 Sep 1731d Charles
MATHEWSSarah08 Feb 1809d William & Elizabeth
MATHEWSSevilla02 Sep 1744d Anthony & Anne
MATHEWSStephen11 Feb 1810s Thomas & Elizabeth
MATHEWSThomas22 Aug 1813s Thomas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATHEWSWilliam04 Mar 1810s John & Sarah
MATHEWSWilliam23 Jul 1815s Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
MATHUEAnthonie06 Oct 1659s Anthonie
MATTHEWS??? Sep 1802d William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSAaron13 Jul 1828s Jeremiah & Mary, labourer
MATTHEWSAbel21 Feb 1779natural s Anne
MATTHEWSAbraham07 Mar 1748s George & Mary
MATTHEWSAbraham18 Apr 1748s Abraham & Martha
MATTHEWSAbraham22 Jan 1769s Anthony & Alice
MATTHEWSAbraham19 Dec 1773s Charles & Mary
MATTHEWSAbraham11 May 1778s Abraham & Ann
MATTHEWSAbraham04 Aug 1833s George & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSAdele02 Jul 1837d George & Jane, labourer. Born before the First of July.
MATTHEWSAgnes Blunsdon12 Jul 1835d Elizabeth
MATTHEWSAlbert11 Oct 1851s Daniel & Martha, labourer
MATTHEWSAlbert James22 Jun 1851s Jeremiah & Jane, cordwainer
MATTHEWSAlfread13 Aug 1820s William & Rebeca, yeoman
MATTHEWSAlfred20 Jul 1845s Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSAnn14 Jul 1738d John & Amy
MATTHEWSAnn08 Oct 1740d Anthony & Ann
MATTHEWSAnn12 May 1793d John & Christian
MATTHEWSAnn17 Aug 1800d William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSAnn29 May 1803d Jacob & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSAnn25 May 1817d Jonas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSAnn09 Aug 1818d William & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSAnn25 Feb 1821d Anthony & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSAnn10 May 1829d Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSAnne16 Jun 1736d Edward & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSAnne17 Sep 1749d John & Margarett
MATTHEWSAnne14 Oct 1750d Henery & Mary
MATTHEWSAnne05 Apr 1778d William & Martha
MATTHEWSAnthoney31 Jan 1748s Charles & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSAnthony28 May 1734s Charles & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSAnthony04 May 1755s Anthony & Sarah
MATTHEWSAnthony06 Mar 1791s Abraham & Ann, a pauper
MATTHEWSAnthony18 Oct 1818s Anthony & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSArthur17 Nov 1765s John & Mary
MATTHEWSArthur16 Oct 1792s William & Elver
MATTHEWSAurther08 Nov 1818s William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATTHEWSBetsey10 Jun 1826d Henry & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSBetty06 Jun 1725d Thomas
MATTHEWSBetty20 Oct 1734d Thomas & Susannah
MATTHEWSBetty03 Sep 1736d Henry & Mary
MATTHEWSBetty14 Dec 1736d John & Amy
MATTHEWSBetty29 Jan 1741d Nathaniel & Jane
MATTHEWSBetty06 Apr 1766d Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSBetty27 Apr 1767d Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSBetty06 Jun 1773d Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSBetty09 Dec 1781d Abraham & Anne
MATTHEWSBetty08 Feb 1782d William & Hester
MATTHEWSBetty12 Apr 1789d Jacob & Betty
MATTHEWSBetty26 Feb 1818d Jacob & Betty, labourer
MATTHEWSCaroline13 Oct 1823d John & Sarah, labourer
MATTHEWSCaroline25 Dec 1836d Anthony & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSCaroline Rachel25 Jun 1837d William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATTHEWSCatharine27 Feb 1757d Thomas & Anne
MATTHEWSCatharine13 Jul 1760d Charles & Sarah
MATTHEWSCatharine06 Apr 1761d Joseph & Catharine
MATTHEWSCharles23 May 1744s Thomas & Susannah
MATTHEWSCharles21 Jan 1759s Charles & Mary
MATTHEWSCharles28 Mar 1802s Thomas & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSCharles17 Oct 1824s Abraham & Eliza, labourer
MATTHEWSCharles07 Sep 1834s Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSCharles16 Oct 1836s William & Hanna, miller
MATTHEWSCharles20 Aug 1837s Meschach & Keziah, labourer
MATTHEWSCharles05 Apr 1840s Joseph & Maria, yeoman
MATTHEWSCharles Tuck02 Feb 1834s Abraham & Martha, labourer
MATTHEWSCharlotte02 May 1830d Jacob & Mary, labourer
MATTHEWSCharlotte07 Feb 1836d Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSCharlotte29 Aug 1852d Joseph & Eliza, cordwainer Matilda
MATTHEWSCharlotte Na..03 Sep 1826d William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATTHEWSClarinda25 Dec 1848d Heber & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSDaniel24 Mar 1844s Charles & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSDaniel Potter18 Oct 1829s Abraham & Sarah, labourer
MATTHEWSDebborah?? Jan 1790d Jacob & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSDiana18 Apr 1847d Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSDinah30 Jul 1843d George & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSEdward26 Nov 1738s Edward & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSEdward27 Nov 1785s John & Cristiana
MATTHEWSEdward29 Mar 1818s Thomas & Betty, labourer
MATTHEWSEdwin11 Jun 1848s John & Margaret, labourer
MATTHEWSEdwin Wickes12 Aug 1838s Abraham & Elisabeth, shopkeeper
MATTHEWSElijah13 Oct 1833s William & Eliza, labourer
MATTHEWSEliza18 Oct 1812d John & Sarah
MATTHEWSEliza19 Mar 1820d Jonas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSElizabeth05 Oct 1738d Charles of Sundays Hill
MATTHEWSElizabeth30 Sep 1750d Willm & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSElizabeth01 May 1757d Charles & Mary
MATTHEWSElizabeth28 Mar 1762d Joseph & Catharine
MATTHEWSElizabeth06 Dec 1772d Thomas & Mary
MATTHEWSElizabeth30 Dec 1773d Walter & Sarah
MATTHEWSElizabeth01 Feb 1777d Richard & Hannah
MATTHEWSElizabeth11 May 1779d William & Elver
MATTHEWSElizabeth?? May 1782d Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSElizabeth27 Jul 1783natural d Anne
MATTHEWSElizabeth03 Nov 1793d Jacob & Betty, a pauper
MATTHEWSElizabeth04 May 1794natural d Mary, a pauper
MATTHEWSElizabeth14 Nov 1801d Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSElizabeth11 Jun 1815d Walter & Charlote, wool-comber
MATTHEWSElizabeth05 Oct 1817d Jacob & Mary, labourer
MATTHEWSElizabeth25 Dec 1825d Richard & Hannah, yeoman
MATTHEWSElizabeth04 Mar 1832d Misach & Kesiah, labourer
MATTHEWSElizabeth Ann19 Jan 1840d Ann
MATTHEWSEllen28 Nov 1847d Charles & Mary, labourer
MATTHEWSEmily10 Mar 1856d Richard & Hannah
MATTHEWSEnoc15 Nov 1835s George & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSFrances?? May 1772d John & Mary
MATTHEWSFrederic18 Oct 1829s Abraham & Martha, labourer
MATTHEWSGeorge03 Oct 1743s George & Mary
MATTHEWSGeorge07 Nov 1802s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSGeorge30 Jan 1820s Jacob & Mary, labourer
MATTHEWSGeorge17 Oct 1824s Judith
MATTHEWSGeorge25 Jun 1837s William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATTHEWSGeorge08 May 1842s Jacob & Mary Ann, labourer
MATTHEWSGeorge Goddard31 Jan 1830s Shadrach & Rebecca, labourer
MATTHEWSHanna05 Jun 1803d Abraham & Christian
MATTHEWSHannah02 Mar 1735d William & Mary
MATTHEWSHannah06 Apr 1742d Henry & Mary
MATTHEWSHannah14 Jun 1761d John & Mary
MATTHEWSHannah21 Dec 1769d Nathaniel & Jane
MATTHEWSHannah03 Mar 1782d William & Martha
MATTHEWSHarriet17 Apr 1853d Jacob & Mary Ann, labourer
MATTHEWSHenry25 Jun 1837s William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATTHEWSHenry09 Oct 1842s Antony & Ann, labourer
MATTHEWSHenry Davis28 Nov 1841s Charles & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSHester27 Jun 1762d Charles & Sarah
MATTHEWSHester Goddard04 Nov 1827d Shadrach & Rebecca, schoolmaster
MATTHEWSIsaac22 Sep 1734s Joseph & Jane
MATTHEWSIsaac14 Nov 1756s Anthony & Sarah
MATTHEWSIsaac30 Jan 1780s Abraham & Ann
MATTHEWSIsaac08 Nov 1797s William & Elver
MATTHEWSIsaac10 Nov 1822s Thomas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSIsaac10 Aug 1826s William & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSIsaac07 Jun 1840s Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSJacob20 May 1751s Nathaniel & Mary
MATTHEWSJacob17 Apr 1757s William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJacob13 May 1764natural s Sarah
MATTHEWSJacob29 Aug 1779s John & Christian
MATTHEWSJacob17 Dec 1780natural s Ann
MATTHEWSJacob12 Oct 1783s Abraham & Anne
MATTHEWSJacob11 Jan 1829s Antony & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSJames20 Nov 1741s Edward & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJames16 Jun 1804s Thomas & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJames31 Jan 1819s John & Sarah, labourer
MATTHEWSJames16 Oct 1820s William & Elizabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
MATTHEWSJames17 Feb 1828s Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSJames06 May 1832s Mary
MATTHEWSJames18 Jan 1835s William & Eliza, labourer of Grittenham
MATTHEWSJames26 May 1836s Walter & Elisabeth, shopkeeper
MATTHEWSJames27 Jun 1841s John & Margaret, labourer
MATTHEWSJames29 Dec 1850s John & Margaret, labourer
MATTHEWSJane18 Jul 1830d Meshach & Keziah, labourer
MATTHEWSJane11 Nov 1841d George & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSJane16 Dec 1849d George & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSJasper12 Apr 1734s Charles & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJasper25 Jan 1756s Charles & Sarah
MATTHEWSJeremiah14 Jul 1822s Robert & Sopiah, shoemaker
MATTHEWSJohn31 Mar 1737s John & Mary
MATTHEWSJohn06 Dec 1747s John & Marget
MATTHEWSJohn21 Feb 1752s Nathaniel & Mary
MATTHEWSJohn23 May 1756s John & Margaret
MATTHEWSJohn05 Sep 1762s John & Mary
MATTHEWSJohn31 Mar 1766natural s Betty
MATTHEWSJohn22 Jan 1769s William & Martha
MATTHEWSJohn25 Feb 1770s William & Martha
MATTHEWSJohn04 Nov 1781s William & Elver
MATTHEWSJohn08 May 1791s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJohn04 Jul 1813s Jacob & Betty, labourer
MATTHEWSJohn09 Feb 1817s William & Elizabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
MATTHEWSJohn22 Apr 1827s Marion
MATTHEWSJohn17 Feb 1828s William & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSJohn11 Sep 1831s Abraham & Martha, labourer
MATTHEWSJonas11 Mar 1787s William & Martha, a pauper
MATTHEWSJoseph12 Feb 1736s Charles, junior & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJoseph12 Aug 1744s Charles & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJoseph12 Apr 1752s William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSJoseph09 Jan 1763s Isaac & Sarah
MATTHEWSJoseph14 May 1769s Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSJoseph06 Sep 1776s Abraham & Anne
MATTHEWSJoseph10 Oct 1790s Joseph & Anna Maria
MATTHEWSJoseph02 Feb 1794natural s Sarah
MATTHEWSJoseph21 Jan 1816s Walter & Charlott, shop-keeper
MATTHEWSJoseph01 Mar 1818s Walter & Charlote, shop-keeper
MATTHEWSJoseph05 Jun 1831d Anthony & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSJudeth17 Jul 1763d Charles & Mary
MATTHEWSJudith03 Feb 1805d Abraham & Christian
MATTHEWSJulia12 Nov 1826d Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSJulia24 Apr 1831d Walter & Elizabeth, shopkeeper
MATTHEWSJustinian07 Oct 1823s Robert & Sophia, shoemaker
MATTHEWSLouisa16 Nov 1823d Anthony & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSLouisa17 Oct 1824d William & Elisabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
MATTHEWSMargaret20 Jan 1771d Thomas & Mary
MATTHEWSMaria11 Oct 1851d Richard & Hannah, yeoman
MATTHEWSMark09 Mar 1757s Charles & Sarah
MATTHEWSMartha15 Aug 1756natural d Mary
MATTHEWSMartha23 Jun 1782s William & Martha
MATTHEWSMartha12 Oct 1817d William & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSMartha23 Nov 1828d Jonas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSMary27 Mar 1734d Anthony & Anne
MATTHEWSMary24 Apr 1737d William & Mary
MATTHEWSMary28 Dec 1737d Nathaniel & Jane
MATTHEWSMary03 Jun 1739d Henry & Mary
MATTHEWSMary31 Dec 1742d John & Mary
MATTHEWSMary11 May 1755d William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSMary10 Oct 1756d John & Mary
MATTHEWSMary22 Mar 1761d Charles & Mary
MATTHEWSMary08 Apr 1767d Joseph & Cathrine
MATTHEWSMary29 May 1768d Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSMary19 Mar 1769d Charles & Mary
MATTHEWSMary22 Dec 1771d William & Martha
MATTHEWSMary04 Dec 1774d Thomas & Mary
MATTHEWSMary16 Apr 1780d Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSMary11 Jul 1784d John & Christian
MATTHEWSMary03 Oct 1790d Thomas & Mary, a pauper
MATTHEWSMary24 May 1795d Jacob & Betty
MATTHEWSMary?? Sep 1804d Walter & Charlotte
MATTHEWSMary23 Jul 1820s Joseph & Rachel, labourer
MATTHEWSMary07 Jul 1833s Walter & Elisabeth, woolstapler
MATTHEWSMary12 Apr 1840d Walter & Elizabeth, shopkeeper
MATTHEWSMary Ann21 Jan 1816d Jacob & Mary, labourer
MATTHEWSMary Ann15 Jun 1845d Jacob & Mary Ann, labourer
MATTHEWSMary Ann31 May 1846d George & Julia, labourer
MATTHEWSMary Jane11 May 1845d John & Margaret, labourer
MATTHEWSMatilda16 Mar 1834d Meshac & Keziah, labourer
MATTHEWSMeshach23 Apr 1805s Jacob & Mary
MATTHEWSMeshack02 Oct 1785s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSMillier04 Feb 1759d Joseph & Catharine
MATTHEWSPatience16 Jun 1737d Charles & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSRalph15 Feb 1740s William & Rebecca
MATTHEWSRebecca24 Mar 1734d William & Rebecca
MATTHEWSRebecca17 Feb 1738d Walter & Betty
MATTHEWSRebecca13 Jul 1760d Anthony & Mary
MATTHEWSRebecca07 Aug 1820s William & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSRichard19 Jan 1752s Charles & Betty
MATTHEWSRichard24 Feb 1760s Charles & Mary
MATTHEWSRichard05 Nov 1780s Richard & Hannah
MATTHEWSRichard16 Oct 1820s William & Elizabeth, yeoman of Grittenham
MATTHEWSRichard24 Feb 1828s Walter & Elizabeth, shopkeeper
MATTHEWSRichard07 Sep 1834s Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSRobert18 Mar 1759s William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSRobert15 Mar 1781s John & Christian
MATTHEWSRobert20 Sep 1786s William & Elver
MATTHEWSRobert27 Jul 1800s Walter & Charlott
MATTHEWSRobert04 Nov 1827s Shadrach & Jane, schoolmaster. Born 4 Mar 1811
MATTHEWSRuth25 Feb 1798natural d Rebecka
MATTHEWSSarah23 Mar 1740d Jane, widow
MATTHEWSSarah13 Aug 1743d Thomas & Martha
MATTHEWSSarah?? Dec 1743d Nathan & Jane
MATTHEWSSarah18 Nov 1764natural d Rebecca
MATTHEWSSarah18 Mar 1770d Charles & Leah
MATTHEWSSarah ???? Feb 1785d William & Hester, a pauper
MATTHEWSSarah22 Apr 1798d Jacob & Betty
MATTHEWSSarah19 Jan 1823d Isaac & Hannah, shoemaker of Purton
MATTHEWSSarah Ann02 Jul 1837d Elizabeth, labourer. Born before the First of July.
MATTHEWSSarah Ann29 Dec 1839d Jacob & Mary Ann, labourer
MATTHEWSSarah Jane21 Jan 1838d Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSShadrack14 Jul 1783s Jacob & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSSophia11 May 1783d Mr John & Mrs Eleanor
MATTHEWSSophia20 Apr 1834d Anthony & Hannah, labourer
MATTHEWSSophia Matilda28 Jun 1851d Jeremiah & Jane, cordwainer
MATTHEWSStephen24 Jul 1763s John & Mary
MATTHEWSStephen19 Mar 1780s William & Hester
MATTHEWSStephen25 Dec 1804s John & Sarah
MATTHEWSSusan25 Jul 1824d William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATTHEWSSusanna10 Nov 1822d Thomas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSSusanna12 Feb 1832d Joseph & Maria, labourer
MATTHEWSSusanna15 Jul 1832d Jacob & Mary, labourer
MATTHEWSSusanna17 Jan 1836d Joseph & Elisabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSSusannah01 Dec 1740d George & Mary
MATTHEWSSusannah03 Jan 1779d Thomas & Mary
MATTHEWSThirza09 Apr 1837d Jacob & Mary Ann, labourer
MATTHEWSThomas16 Dec 1736s Nathaniel & Jane
MATTHEWSThomas07 Feb 1737s Thomas & Susannah
MATTHEWSThomas09 Feb 1737s Walter & Betty
MATTHEWSThomas07 Apr 1740s Joseph & Jane
MATTHEWSThomas27 Dec 1742s John & Margaret
MATTHEWSThomas31 Jan 1748s Edward & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSThomas09 Mar 1749s Tho: lately deceased & Susannah
MATTHEWSThomas23 Feb 1765s Joseph & Mary
MATTHEWSThomas28 Jan 1781s Thomas & Mary
MATTHEWSThomas05 Feb 1843s John & Margaret, labourer
MATTHEWSThomas William17 Oct 1847s Julia
MATTHEWSUrania06 Mar 1825d Robert & Sophia, shoemaker
MATTHEWSWalter09 Feb 1737s Walter & Betty
MATTHEWSWalter18 Aug 1776s Sarah, widow
MATTHEWSWalter02 Jun 1793s William & Hester
MATTHEWSWalter24 Feb 1828s Walter & Charlotte, shopkeeper
MATTHEWSWalter25 Jun 1837s William & Rebecca, yeoman
MATTHEWSWalter Henry07 Oct 1847s Alfred & Jane, yeoman
MATTHEWSWilliam10 Nov 1736s Anthony & Anne
MATTHEWSWilliam24 Feb 1737s William & Rebecca
MATTHEWSWilliam23 Mar 1738s Thomas & Susannah
MATTHEWSWilliam26 Apr 1739s Charles & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSWilliam20 Nov 1741s Edward & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSWilliam30 Apr 1744s John & Margarett
MATTHEWSWilliam23 May 1744s Thomas & Susannah
MATTHEWSWilliam08 Dec 1748s William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSWilliam30 May 1756s Walter & Eleanor
MATTHEWSWilliam22 Feb 1761s Isaac & Sarah
MATTHEWSWilliam11 Dec 1763s John & Mary
MATTHEWSWilliam29 Jan 1769s John & Mary
MATTHEWSWilliam01 May 1774s William & Martha
MATTHEWSWilliam04 Feb 1776s William & Martha
MATTHEWSWilliam23 Jun 1782s William & Martha
MATTHEWSWilliam10 May 1795s John & Christian
MATTHEWSWilliam29 Jul 1798s Walter & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSWilliam26 Feb 1805s William & Elizabeth
MATTHEWSWilliam15 Oct 1815s Thomas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSWilliam25 Feb 1816s Jonas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSWilliam09 Mar 1817s Isaac & Hannah, labourer of Purton
MATTHEWSWilliam03 Jun 1821s Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSWilliam20 Jan 1822s Jonas & Elizabeth, labourer
MATTHEWSWilliam12 Oct 1834s Jacob & Mary Ann, labourer
MATTHEWSWilliam08 May 1842s William & Eliza, labourer of Cricklade
MATTHEWSWilliam Clark15 Mar 1846s Alfred & Jane, labourer
MATTHEWSWilliam Reynolds24 Dec 1805natural s Hanah
MAULEJohn03 Oct 1739s John & Betty
MERRITTCharles25 Dec 1853s Jacob & Eliza, labourer
MERRITTEmma07 Nov 1841d Mary Ann
MERRITTJane18 Jul 1830d Katharine
MERRITTWilliam31 Aug 1851s Jane
MILLJohn17 Sep 1665s Edward
MILLERMartha02 Dec 1804d George & Elizabeth
MILLESMary Ann26 Jan 1845d Robert & Louisa, labourer
MILLSAnn07 Aug 1831d John & Mary, yeoman of Vastern, Wootton Bassett
MILLSEmma26 Sep 1839d Richard & Patricia, yeoman of Grittenham
MILLSLuke17 Aug 1826s William & Ann of Purton, aged 64
MILLSUMThomas28 Jan 1775s Jacob & Betty
MILSOMSarah Ann27 Dec 1846d Thomas & Mary, police man of Grittenham
MILSOMThomas22 Dec 1844s Thomas & Mary of Grittenham
MINCHINElizabeth04 Jul 1703d Daniel
MINCHINMary02 Nov 1702d Daniel
MOODIEFrancis04 Sep 1664s Francis
MOODIEJeffery15 Oct 1665s Jeffery
MOODIEJoana12 Aug 1660d Jeffery
MOODIEJohn09 Dec 1666s Francis
MOODIESarah17 Jul 1660d Francis
MOODYAbel24 Jul 1853s Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
MOODYAlice20 Aug 1827d William & Maria, sawyer
MOODYBetty26 Jan 1729d John
MOODYDavid20 Apr 1845s James & Ann, labourer
MOODYEber24 Jul 1853s John & Ann, labourer
MOODYElijah06 Jun 1830s William & Maria, labourer
MOODYEliza31 Dec 1815d Richard & Sarah, labourer
MOODYElizabeth10 Apr 1700d John & Elizabeth
MOODYElizabeth01 Jul 1792d Joseph & Ann
MOODYElizabeth26 Feb 1826d William & Maria, Sawyer
MOODYEllen14 Apr 1848d William & Elisabeth, labourer
MOODYEmma11 Oct 1845d Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
MOODYEmma17 Sep 1854d Richard & Elizabeth, labourer
MOODYFrances31 Jul 1698d John & Elizabeth
MOODYFrances15 Feb 1731d John
MOODYGeorge06 Sep 1840s James & Ann, labourer
MOODYIsaac21 Mar 1819s William & Mariah, sawyer
MOODYJacob07 Jun 1752s John & Sarah
MOODYJacob20 May 1822s William & Maria, sawyer
MOODYJacob14 Oct 1849s James & Mary, labourer
MOODYJames15 Mar 1761s John & Sarah
MOODYJames01 Oct 1774s Richard & Mary
MOODYJames15 Apr 1821s Richard & Sarah, age 8 years, labourer
MOODYJames05 Aug 1849s James & Ann, labourer
MOODYJeffery06 Dec 1669s Jeffery
MOODYJesse13 Dec 1846s Isaac & Elisabeth, labourer
MOODYJohn06 Apr 1702s John & Elizabeth
MOODYJohn21 Oct 1725s John
MOODYJohn06 Nov 1748s John & Sarah
MOODYJohn14 Oct 1775s Thomas & Elizabeth
MOODYJohn14 Oct 1832s Joseph & Mary, labourer
MOODYJoseph02 May 1773s Richard & Mary
MOODYJoseph10 Feb 1805s Richard & Mary Wilkins
MOODYJoseph31 Dec 1810s William & Maria
MOODYJoseph12 Apr 1846s William & Elisabeth, labourer
MOODYJoseph23 Sep 1855s James & Ann, labourer
MOODYLouise01 Jul 1849d Isaac & Elisabeth, labourer
MOODYLucy04 Feb 1753natural d Betty
MOODYMartha19 Apr 1742d John & Allice
MOODYMartha27 Mar 1768d Thomas & Elizabeth
MOODYMary22 Sep 1671d Francis
MOODYMary04 Mar 1733d John
MOODYMary18 Nov 1760d William & Allice
MOODYMary21 Feb 1770d Richard & Mary
MOODYMary20 Jan 1778d Thomas & Elizabeth
MOODYMary15 Mar 1812d William & Maria
MOODYMary Ann28 Nov 1841d Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
MOODYPatience20 May 1779d Thaomas & Elizabeth
MOODYPhebe23 Mar 1777d Richard & Mary
MOODYPrudence25 Dec 1736d John & Alice
MOODYPrudence24 Nov 1737d John & Alice
MOODYRichard14 Nov 1737s Thomas & Martha
MOODYRichard23 May 1742s Thomas & Martha
MOODYRichard18 Sep 1757s John & Sarah
MOODYRichard04 Sep 1771s Richard & Mary
MOODYRichard16 Sep 1827s Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
MOODYRichard23 Mar 1851s William & Elisabeth, labourer
MOODYSamuell18 Mar 1674s Francis
MOODYSarah22 Sep 1769d Thomas & Elizabeth
MOODYSarah13 Jan 1807d Richard & Mary
MOODYThomas15 May 1670s Francis
MOODYThomas20 May 1673s Jeffery
MOODYThomas24 May 1708s John
MOODYThomas30 Aug 1735s Thomas & Martha
MOODYThomas08 May 1774s Thomas & Elizabeth
MOODYWilliam09 Jan 1705s John
MOODYWilliam31 Mar 1735s John & Allice
MOODYWilliam05 Jul 1746s Thomas & Alice
MOODYWilliam02 Oct 1747s John & Sarah
MOODYWilliam01 Mar 1755s John & Sarah
MOODYWilliam15 May 1756s John & Sarah
MOODYWilliam06 Jun 1779s Richard & Mary
MOODYWilliam27 Jan 1782s Richard & Mary
MOODYWilliam16 Jun 1816s William & Maria, sawyer
MOODYWorthy James30 Jan 1853s Richard & Elisabeth, labourer
MORGANJohn15 Jun 1851s John & Eliza, labourer
MORSEAmelia08 Nov 1846d Edward & Ann, labourer
MORSEEmma30 Sep 1838d George & Eliza, labourer of Purton
MORSEGeorge27 Nov 1842s George & Eliza, labourer of Purton
MORSEJacob18 Apr 1847s George & Eliza, labourer of Purton
MOSE?Edward06 Sep 1701s Henry
MOULDINGJames28 Nov 1802s John & Elizabeth
MTHEWSAbraham26 Jul 1741s Charles & Elizabeth
MUBLEYEdward31 Mar 1822natural s Mary
NEATJoseph21 Mar 1777s Esau & Anne
NEWHenry14 Dec 1823s Henry & Susanna, yeoman of Purton
NICHOLElizabeth09 Mar 1721d John
NICHOLJohn01 Nov 1722s John
NICHOLLSAnn05 Sep 1830d John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLLSCharles14 Aug 1853s James & Eleanor, yeoman
NICHOLLSJacob19 May 1734s William & Mary
NICHOLLSJeremiah17 Jan 1728s John
NICHOLSAlbert03 Nov 1839s John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSEdith01 Aug 1845d Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSEdward02 Dec 1798s Jacob & Ann
NICHOLSEdward18 Oct 1835s John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSEliza17 Aug 1851d James & Eleanor, yeoman
NICHOLSElizabeth23 Jan 1750d John & Sarah
NICHOLSElizabeth19 Apr 1835d Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSEmily Phermutio16 Oct 1846d Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSEmma26 Nov 1837d John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSFrancis02 Sep 1747s John & Sarah
NICHOLSGeorge13 Jul 1856s Jacob & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSHannah16 Aug 1744d John & Sarah
NICHOLSJacob06 Mar 1803s Jacob & Ann
NICHOLSJacob17 Apr 1825s John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSJacob18 Apr 1832s Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSJames16 Jun 1754s William & Mary
NICHOLSJames21 Apr 1772s William & Mary
NICHOLSJames27 May 1797s Jacob & Ann
NICHOLSJames16 Oct 1826s John & Elisabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSJane22 Jan 1837d Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSJane26 Nov 1837d John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSJohn30 Aug 1752s William & Mary
NICHOLSJohn10 Jun 1764s William & Mary
NICHOLSJohn20 Mar 1796s Jacob & Ann
NICHOLSJohn16 Mar 1834s John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSJohn22 Dec 1850s Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSJohn22 Dec 1855s James & Elinnor, yeoman
NICHOLSMargaret11 Jun 1843d Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSMargarett27 Sep 1750d Willm & Mary
NICHOLSMargret07 Mar 1726d John
NICHOLSMartha22 Sep 1760d William & Mary
NICHOLSMary01 Apr 1722d John
NICHOLSMary25 Jun 1727d William
NICHOLSMary27 May 1753d John & Sarah
NICHOLSMary25 Jun 1755d William & Mary
NICHOLSMary14 Oct 1832d John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSMary Ann Knight24 Mar 1834d Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSRobert Sutton06 May 1838s Jacob & Mary, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSSarah18 Jan 1801d Jacob & Ann
NICHOLSSarah27 Jul 1823d John & Elisabeth, farmer
NICHOLSStephen03 Nov 1839s Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSSusanna05 Mar 1848d Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSThomas15 Mar 1742s John & Sarah
NICHOLSThomas06 Apr 1828s John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICHOLSThomas08 Nov 1840s Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSThomas11 Apr 1842s Jacob & Mary Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
NICHOLSWilliam23 Mar 1721s William
NICHOLSWilliam10 Oct 1751s William & Mary
NICHOLSWilliam12 Oct 1788s John & Grace
NICHOLSWilliam31 Mar 1822s John & Elizabeth, yeoman
NICKALLSAnn17 Jan 1674d John
NICKALLSAnne04 Apr 1661d William
NICKALLSElizabeth?? Feb 1660d William
NICKALLSElizabeth12 Jul 1673d Robert of Badmington
NICKALLSGeorge10 Jun 1666s Anthonie of Charlton
NICKALLSMary27 Apr 1688d William & Elizabeth
NICKALLSThomas31 Oct 1686s John
NICKALLStwo children01 May 1681of John of Gretenham, baptised tweens privately at home
NICKALLSWilliam03 Jan 1666s William
NICKOLLSJames10 Sep 1732s William
NICKOLSThomas13 Aug 1724s John
NIKOLLSJohn10 Feb 1724s William
NORRICEAnn08 Jul 1673d William
NORRISElizabeth26 Jul 1835d Edwin & Martha, labourer
NORTONJoseph22 Jun 1817s Joseph & Anne, yeoman
NORTONMaria16 Oct 1825d Joseph & Ann, yeoman
OCWELLTryphenia05 Dec 1830d Sarah
ODEYMary01 Jan 1815d Noah & Sarah, yeoman
ODYSarah09 Oct 1659d John, deceased
ORAMRobert28 Apr 1765s John & Betty
ORAMRobert24 Apr 1767s John & Betty
ORCHARDBetty12 Feb 1749natural d Rachel
ORHAMElizabeth18 Oct 1756d John & Betty
ORHAMFrancis10 Apr 1763s John & Betty
ORHAMHenry31 May 1761s John & Betty
ORHAMJohn20 May 1759s John & Betty
ORHAMWilliam09 Feb 1755s John & Betty
ORUMAnne06 Aug 1769d John & Betty
ORUMWilliam04 Feb 1787s Henry & Mary
OVENAnn06 Feb 1695d Gabriel & Mary
OVENEdward09 Oct 1664s Edward
OVENJohn14 Apr 1689s Gabril & Mary
OVENKatherine29 Aug 1689d William & Mary
OVENMarie20 Nov 1665d Edward
OVENMary10 Dec 1693d Gabriel & Mary
OVENSusana19 Nov 1679d Clement
OVENWilliam23 Oct 1691s William & Mary
OVENWilliam10 Apr 1692s Gabriel & Mary
OVENSAlice28 Mar 1830d John & Charlotte, carpenter
OVENSAlice26 Sep 1852d Alice
OVENSAnn25 Feb 1681d Clement
OVENSAnn28 Jul 1718d William
OVENSEdward18 Aug 1682s Edward
OVENSEdward10 Nov 1695s Edward & Ann
OVENSEdward06 Oct 1703s John
OVENSElizabeth16 Sep 1677d Clement
OVENSElizabeth14 Feb 1727d John
OVENSEmily26 Sep 1852d Alice
OVENSFrances24 Aug 1682d Clement
OVENSFrances06 Jul 1823d Thomas & Charlotte, carpenter
OVENSHannah02 Sep 1716d William
OVENSHannah30 Oct 1736d Charles & Hannah
OVENSHannah26 Nov 1820d John & Charlotte, carpenter
OVENSHarry23 Feb 1734s Charles
OVENSHenry10 Feb 1684baseborn child of Joane
OVENSHenry10 Apr 1853s John & Julia, labourer
OVENSJane09 Dec 1740d John, Senior & Elizabeth
OVENSJohn18 Feb 1684s John
OVENSJohn25 Feb 1706s John
OVENSJohn05 Dec 1718s John
OVENSJohn19 Apr 1741s Arthur & Joan
OVENSJohn27 Mar 1825s John & Charlotte, carpenter
OVENSMargaret18 Feb 1684d John
OVENSMargaret29 Jun 1828d John & Charlotte, carpenter
OVENSMary06 Feb 1681d John
OVENSMary17 Feb 1684d Clement
OVENSMary05 Nov 1710d John, Junior
OVENSMary06 Jan 1715d ?
OVENSMary27 Nov 1721d John
OVENSMary04 Apr 1743d John & Elizabeth
OVENSRebecca31 Mar 1700d Gabrell
OVENSRobert02 Jul 1716s John
OVENSSarah05 Jul 1724d John
OVENSThomas09 Feb 1709s John
OWENMary16 Feb 1687d Gabriel
OWENThomas12 Apr 1663s Edward
OWENSEdward26 Nov 1668s Edward
OWENSElizabeth26 Nov 1668d Edward
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