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Brinkworth - Baptisms (P-R)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BAPTISMS: 1659 - 1856


Transcribed by Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.

?implies that data was missing or illegible.
ddaughter of.
sson of
Note:The original spelling has been preserved throughout.


PAGGINTONAnn07 Jul 1839d Thomas & Mary, labourer of Purton
PAGLERJames14 Apr 1753s George & Mary
PAGLERThomas01 Mar 1752s George & Mary
PAINTERAdam15 Mar 1772s Joseph & Anne
PAINTERJohn30 Jan 1774s Joseph & Anne
PAINTERSarah29 Apr 1770d Joseph & Anne
PALMERAnn20 Feb 1696d George & Mary
PALMERHannah20 Feb 1670d Nathaniell
PALMERJane24 Jun 1711d George
PALMERJohn08 Sep 1674s Jane, suposed spurious
PALMERJohn23 Jun 1717baseborn s Susannah
PALMERMargerie17 Apr 1664d Nathanell
PALMERMary24 Sep 1700d Georg & Mary
PALMERMary31 Sep 1706d George
PALMERNathaniel?? Nov 1701s George
PALMERNathaniel24 Feb 1703s George
PALMERSusana13 May 1666d Nathaniel
PALMERSusanna21 Aug 1692d George & Mary
PANTINGEJoane21 Jul 1664d John
PANTINGERobert01 Oct 1668s John
PARSONSAnn31 Jul 1785d Thomas & Susanah
PARSONSAnne14 Apr 1754d Anne, widow
PARSONSAnne16 Nov 1777natural d Anne
PARSONSDaniel15 Oct 1781s Thomas & Susannah
PARSONSJoseph09 Sep 1804s John & Elizabeth
PARSONSSusanna16 Nov 1851d William & Margaret, labourer
PARSONSThomas19 Feb 1752s Joseph & Ann
PEACEJohn18 Apr 1717baseborn s Hannah
PEACESalina18 Feb 1705d Richard
PEACOCKEAnne20 Jan 1661d Richard
PEGLERAnne07 Jun 1778d Samuel & Lucy
PEGLERLucy29 Oct 1775d Samuel & Lucy
PEGLERMary12 Sep 1773d Samuel & Lucy
PEGLERSamuel09 Jan 1780s Samuel & Lucy
PENEGERAnn23 Jan 1696d Humphrey & Mary
PENEGERElizabeth26 Sep 1683d John
PENEGERHumphrey32 Jan 1687s Humphrey
PENEGERHumphrey07 Apr 1695s John & Dorothy
PENEGERJoane08 Oct 1671d John
PENEGERJohn25 Oct 1685s John
PENEGERJohn16 Feb 1698s ? & Mary
PENEGERJudeth25 Jan 1691d Humphery & Mary
PENEGERMargaret08 Dec 1667d John
PENEGERMargaret29 Jan 1688d John & Dorothy
PENEGERMargaret06 Jul 1693d Humphrey & Mary
PENEGERMartha09 Feb 1690d John & Dorothy
PENEGERMary24 Jul 1681d Thomas
PENEGERMary28 Nov 1691d Thomas & Mary
PENEGERRobert29 Feb 1680s John
PENEGERThomas03 Feb 1689s Humphrey & Mary
PENEGERThomas29 May 1692s John & Dorothy
PENNILLMary15 Mar 1723d Thomas
PHELPSAnn20 Nov 1715baseborn d John Selwood
PIKEDorothy03 Sep 1780d Samuel & Olive
PIKEJoseph13 Oct 1782s Samuel & Ollive
PINEGARBetty29 Oct 1739d Thomas & Margaret
PINEGARJohn18 Dec 1744s Thomas & Margaret
PINEGARJohn17 Feb 1788s Humphry & Cathrine
PINEGARMartha25 Jan 1784d Humphry & Catharine
PINEGARThomas18 Jul 1742s Thomas & Margaret
PINEGARThomas22 Sep 1793s Humphry & Catherine, a pauper
PINEGERElizabeth03 May 1747d Thomas & Margaret
PINEGERJames07 Nov 1720s Thomas
PINEGERJoane27 Jan 1717d Thomas
PINEGERJoseph23 Apr 1715s Thomas
PINEGERMary Peace27 Mar 1715baseborn child Joan
PINEGERThomas22 Mar 1705s Thomas
PINEGERThomas27 May 1707s Thomas
PINEGERWilliam27 Sep 1704s Humphry
PINELFrancis18 Oct 1719s Richard
PINELJoseph22 May 1763s Charles & Mary
PINELLRichard26 Mar 1755s Richard & Susannah
PINIGARSusana06 Dec 1795d Humphry & Cathrine
PINIGERThomas11 Apr 1813s John & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
PINILElizabth20 Nov 1747d William & Ann
PINNEGARAlice26 Nov 1854d Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNEGARAnn20 Aug 1786d Humphry & Catherine
PINNEGARAnn15 Nov 1789d Humphry & Catharine
PINNEGARAnn17 Mar 1822d John & Ann, labourer
PINNEGARAnn16 Jun 1856d Joseph & Martha, labourer
PINNEGARAnn Drew30 May 1784d William & Elizabeth
PINNEGARBroom15 May 1785s John & Betty
PINNEGARCatherine03 Mar 1844d William & Amelia, labourer
PINNEGARCharles10 Dec 1820s John & Elizabeth
PINNEGARCharles07 Sep 1834s Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNEGARElizabeth08 Jun 1823d Susanna of Grittenham
PINNEGARElizabeth26 Apr 1826d Henry & Lucy, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGARElizabeth03 Aug 1828d Henry & Lucy, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGAREmma03 Jun 1836d Humphry & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGARHenery12 Jun 1803s Humphry & Cathrine
PINNEGARHumphry27 Aug 1797s Humphry & Catherine
PINNEGARIsaac17 Aug 1823s Thomas & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGARJane22 Jun 1823d John & Ann, labourer
PINNEGARJane14 Oct 1832d Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNEGARJohannah?? Mar 1782natural d Elizabeth
PINNEGARJohn13 Aug 1786s William & Betty
PINNEGARJohn25 Mar 1832s Humphry & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGARJoseph10 May 1801s Humphry & Catherine
PINNEGARMargaret26 Nov 1854d Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNEGARMaria07 Aug 1836d Henry & Lucy, labourer
PINNEGARMartha30 May 1841d Humphrey & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGARMary17 Feb 1839d Humphry & Hannah, labourer
PINNEGARMary Ann17 Oct 1830d William & Catherine, labourer
PINNEGARPhilip04 Nov 1827s John & Ann, labourer
PINNEGARReuben20 Feb 1831s Joseph & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNEGARRichard18 Sep 1831s Henry & Lucy, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGARSarah31 Aug 1851d Joseph & Martha, labourer
PINNEGARSophia29 Jun 1851d William & Amelia
PINNEGARSusan13 Feb 1825d John & Anne, labourer
PINNEGARSusanna13 Jul 1785d Humphry & Cathrine
PINNEGARUriah13 Oct 1839s Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNEGARWilliam11 Mar 1792s Humphry & Cathrine
PINNEGARWilliam12 Jun 1825s William & Catherine, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEGARWilliam16 Feb 1834s Humphry & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
PINNEL??? Sep 1802?
PINNELAlice01 Feb 1818d Joseph & Recheal, labourer
PINNELAlice09 Mar 1828d George & Lucy, labourer
PINNELAlice11 Oct 1845d Bartholomew & Rebecca, labourer
PINNELAllice23 Nov 1788d Jeremiah Mapson & Hanah
PINNELAllice03 Feb 1795d Robert & Jane
PINNELAmelia01 Mar 1818d William & Susannah, labourer
PINNELAnn20 Jun 1785natural d Elizabeth, pauper
PINNELAnn20 Feb 1791d Thomas & Hannah
PINNELAnn15 Feb 1795d Jeremia Mapson & Hanna
PINNELAnn19 Mar 1815d John & Mary, labourer
PINNELAnn24 May 1840d Bartholomew & Rebecca, labourer
PINNELAnn Clarke11 Jun 1837d Alice of Lydiard Tregooze
PINNELAnne23 May 1752d William & Anne
PINNELAnne07 Jun 1755d Francis & Jane
PINNELAnne17 Feb 1760natural d Susannah
PINNELAnne15 Nov 1761d John & Mary
PINNELAnne24 Oct 1762d Thomas & Sarah
PINNELAnne30 Mar 1775d George & Anne
PINNELAnne04 Nov 1781d Richard & Sarah
PINNELBarthollomew16 Jun 1805s Robert & Jane
PINNELBartholomew19 Jun 1803s Robert & Jane
PINNELBetty14 Dec 1751d Richard & Mary
PINNELBetty27 Nov 1759d Thomas & Sarah
PINNELBetty10 May 1789d Thomas & Elizabeth
PINNELDavid07 Feb 1796s Jeremiah Mapson & Hanna
PINNELDavid25 Jun 1797s Jeremiah Mapson & Hannah
PINNELDavid27 Dec 1801s Jeremia & Hanna
PINNELDavid14 Mar 1824s Robert & Ann, labourer
PINNELEdward28 Aug 1796s Thomas & Mary
PINNELEdward Sutton30 Oct 1825s Robert & Ann, labourer
PINNELElisabeth12 Jan 1840d Joseph & Sarath, labourer
PINNELElizabeth05 Jan 1772d John & Sarah
PINNELElizabeth?? Nov 1779natural d Elizabeth
PINNELElizabeth15 Jun 1806natural d Mary
PINNELElizabeth19 Mar 1811d James & Mary
PINNELElizabeth27 Mar 1831d Jacob & Martha, labourer
PINNELEliza Jane03 Apr 1825d George & Lucy, labourer
PINNELEllen18 Oct 1829s Joseph & Elisabeth, labourer
PINNELEllen16 Feb 1834d John & Margaret, shopkeeper
PINNELEmma Selcomb25 Jun 1837d Eliza
PINNELFrances02 May 1753d Thomas & Jane
PINNELFrancis15 Jul 1759s William & Anne
PINNELGeorge23 Feb 1752s John & Anne
PINNELGeorge15 Jan 1792s Thomas & Elizabeth, a pauper
PINNELGeorge05 Jun 1836s John & Margaret, labourer
PINNELHannah31 Mar 1797natural d Betty
PINNELIsaac14 Feb 1808s Thomas & Mary
PINNELIsaac06 Aug 1810natural s Mary
PINNELJacob16 Feb 1791s Jeremiah Mapson & Hannah
PINNELJacob19 Feb 1792s Jeremiah Mapson & Hannah
PINNELJacob13 Oct 1793s Jeremiah Mapson & Hannah
PINNELJacob15 Oct 1826s Samuel & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNELJames22 Aug 1755s John & Anne
PINNELJames20 Jul 1777s Thomas & Elizabeth
PINNELJames28 Mar 1779s John & Mary
PINNELJames20 Feb 1780s Richard & Sarah
PINNELJames11 Mar 1792s Robert & Jane
PINNELJames07 Mar 1830s Isaac & Hannah, labourer
PINNELJane12 Feb 1758d Francis & Jane
PINNELJane25 Jul 1790d Robert & Jane, a pauper
PINNELJane Fraler21 Jun 1835d Hester of Calne
PINNELJeremiah Mapson03 Jun 1761natural s Mary
PINNELJohn16 Mar 1783s Thomas & Elizabeth
PINNELJohn31 Dec 1786s Thomas & Elizabeth
PINNELJohn18 Mar 1789s Thomas & Mary
PINNELJohn03 Mar 1805s Jeremiah & Hannah
PINNELJohn24 Jun 1808s Robert & Jane
PINNELJohn10 Jun 1832s Joseph & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNELJohn Cutts07 Dec 1817natural s Mary
PINNELJoseph10 Aug 1794s Thomas & Elizabeth, a pauper
PINNELJoseph26 Aug 1794s Thomas & Mary, a pauper
PINNELKatherine26 May 1811d Thomas & Mary
PINNELMargaret03 May 1761d Francis & Jane
PINNELMargret12 Oct 1817d James & Mary, labourer
PINNELMaria10 Jul 1800d Jeremia & Hanna
PINNELMartha27 Feb 1757d William & Anne
PINNELMartha07 Nov 1760d John & Mary
PINNELMary27 Jul 1784natural d Ann, a pauper
PINNELMary08 Jun 1828d Samuel & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
PINNELMary Ann09 Dec 1838d John & Margaret, labourer
PINNELPaul13 Mar 1831s Joseph & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNELPaul28 Dec 1834s Joseph & Jane, labourer
PINNELPhebey22 Sep 1793d Robert & Jane, a pauper
PINNELPhebey28 Apr 1799d Robert & Jane
PINNELPhoebe30 May 1830s John & Margaret, labourer
PINNELRebecca20 Jul 1797d Robert & Jane
PINNELRebecca27 Jan 1827d James & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNELRechal19 Mar 1809d James & Mary
PINNELRichard29 Aug 1750s Francis & Jane
PINNELRichard08 Dec 1782s Thomas & Hannah
PINNELRichard16 Sep 1805s Thomas & Mary
PINNELRichard23 Oct 1825s Edward & Martha, labourer
PINNELRobert27 Mar 1698s Robert
PINNELRobert29 May 1741s Richard & Mary
PINNELRobert27 Oct 1772s John & Mary
PINNELRobert02 Sep 1798s Thomas & Mary
PINNELRobert26 Apr 1801s Robert & Jane
PINNELSamuel25 Oct 1801natural s Elizabeth
PINNELSarah24 Feb 1756d Thomas & Sarah
PINNELSarah23 May 1756d Richard & Mary
PINNELSarah22 Jun 1760d John & Anne
PINNELSarah03 Jun 1761d Richard & Mary
PINNELSarah18 Feb 1781d Thomas & Hannah
PINNELSarah31 Aug 1800d Thomas & Mary
PINNELSarah22 Dec 1822d Samuel & Anne, labourer
PINNELSarah Jane10 Apr 1836d Bartholomew & Rebecca, labourer of Grittenham
PINNELStephen27 May 1787s Thomas & Ann, a pauper
PINNELThomas12 Sep 1778s Richard & Sarah
PINNELThomas23 Jan 1785s Thomas & Ann
PINNELThomas19 Jan 1800s Thomas & Elizabeth
PINNELWilliam10 Apr 1758s Thomas & Sarah
PINNELWilliam15 Jul 1759s William & Anne
PINNELWilliam21 Apr 1765s John & Mary
PINNELWilliam31 Aug 1777s Thomas & Hannah
PINNELWilliam28 Nov 1790s Thomas & Mary, a pauper
PINNELWilliam02 Aug 1807s James & Mary
PINNELLAaron29 Jul 1838s Emma
PINNELLAnne05 Nov 1780d Thomas & Elizabeth
PINNELLElisabeth06 Oct 1833d Joseph & Elisabeth, labourer
PINNELLElizabeth22 Apr 1798d Thomas & Elizabeth
PINNELLElizabeth14 Oct 1827d Alfred & Ann, labourer
PINNELLFrances18 Nov 1705d Robert
PINNELLGeorge02 Feb 1701s Thomas
PINNELLGeorge29 Jul 1838s Joseph & Jane, labourer
PINNELLJames04 Aug 1776s John & Mary
PINNELLJane05 Aug 1702d Thomas
PINNELLJohn19 Jun 1702s Thomas & Sarah
PINNELLJohn21 Jun 1743s Richard & Mary
PINNELLJohn12 Jan 1823s Joseph & Rachel, labourer
PINNELLJohn28 Nov 1850d Bartholomew & Rebecca, labourer
PINNELLLizey02 Jun 1765d Francis & Jane
PINNELLLot16 Oct 1836s Joseph & Anne, labourer
PINNELLMartha12 Oct 1828d Joseph & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNELLMary11 Dec 1705d Robert
PINNELLMary09 Mar 1707d Jeffry
PINNELLMary09 May 1736d William & Joan
PINNELLMary11 Jan 1739d Thomas & Sarah
PINNELLMary11 Mar 1746d Richard & Mary
PINNELLMary18 Sep 1752d Thomas & Sarah
PINNELLMary11 Dec 1752d Francis & Jane
PINNELLMary14 Oct 1827d Isaac & Hannah, labourer
PINNELLMary Clarke14 Oct 1827d Alice
PINNELLMary Hopkins12 Jul 1772natural d Mary
PINNELLPhebe26 Dec 1828d John & Margaret, labourer
PINNELLRebecca19 Apr 1735d Thomas & Sarah
PINNELLRichard08 Jun 1758s Peter & Elizabeth
PINNELLRichard07 Jan 1779s Thomas & Hannah
PINNELLRichard24 Jul 1825s Samuel & Ann, labourer
PINNELLRobert09 Dec 1739s Richard & Mary
PINNELLRobert05 Mar 1843s Bartholomew & Rebecca, labourer
PINNELLSamuel25 Jun 1754s Thomas & Sarah
PINNELLSarah25 Jan 1737d Robert & Rebecca
PINNELLSarah26 Feb 1740d John & Ann
PINNELLSarah15 Oct 1775d John & sarah
PINNELLThomas29 Apr 1701s Robert
PINNELLThomas08 Feb 1702s Henry
PINNELLThomas03 Feb 1735s Robert & Rebecca
PINNELLThomas28 Feb 1742s Thomas & Sarah
PINNELLThomas13 Dec 1767s John & Mary
PINNELLThomas12 Jan 1823s George & Lucy, labourer
PINNELLThomas10 Jun 1827s Joseph & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNELLWilliam23 May 1743s William & Joan
PINNETTMary19 Oct 1777d Peter & Elizabeth
PINNIELJohn15 May 1748s Thomas & Sarah
PINNIELSarah23 Oct 1748d Francis & Jane
PINNIGARAnn25 Jun 1837d Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNIGAREamon18 Jul 1845s Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNIGARIsaac14 Jul 1842s Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNIGARJames04 Jun 1843s Susanna
PINNIGARJane08 Mar 1846d Humphry & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
PINNIGARMargaret17 Oct 1847d Thomas & Hannah, labourer
PINNIGARMartha11 Nov 1849d Humphry & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
PINNIGARMyra14 Jan 1849d William & Amelia, labourer
PINNIGARRichard07 Sep 1833s Henry & Lucy, labourer
PINNIGARSimeon26 Dec 1847s William & Amelia, labourer
PINNIGARUrania11 Apr 1842d William & Mary, labourer
PINNIGARWilliam James18 Jul 1845s William & Martha, labourer
PINNIGEREliza01 Aug 1819d John & Ann, labourer
PINNIGERHumphry22 Jun 1755natural s Susannah
PINNIGERJohn12 Jul 1818s John & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNIGERRobert07 Apr 1816s John & Ann, labourer
PINNIGERShusannah11 Aug 1822d William & Cathrine, labourer of Grittenham
PINNIGERThomas02 Mar 1817s William & Cathrine, labourer of Grittenham
PINNIGERWilliam16 Oct 1814s John & Ann, yeoman
PINNILAlice25 Sep 1818natural d Alice
PINNILAnn19 Oct 1817s James & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNILAnn30 Dec 1821d Joseph & Hannah, labourer
PINNILBetty03 Jun 1750d Thomas & Jane
PINNILDianah04 Aug 1822d Edward & Martha, labourer
PINNILEliza14 Oct 1821natural d Hannah
PINNILEmma07 May 1820d Edward & Martha, labourer
PINNILHester Jane17 Oct 1819d James & Elizabeth, labourer
PINNILJames03 Oct 1819s James & Mary, labourer
PINNILJohn01 Feb 1818s George & Lucey, labourer
PINNILMary05 Mar 1704d Thomas & Sarah
PINNILMary23 Jul 1820d Joseph & Rechal
PINNILNathan08 Sep 1822s Robert & Ann, labourer
PINNILPrudence05 Nov 1820d Robert & Ann, labourer
PINNILRichard22 Jul 1821s William & Shusannah, labourer
PINNILSarah31 Dec 1820natural d Allice, spinster
PINNILWilliam22 Jul 1821s Joseph & Hannah, labourer
PINNILL?10 Jan 1728s Thomas
PINNILLAnn15 Feb 1708d Henry
PINNILLAnn10 Oct 1725d Richard
PINNILLAnn03 Nov 1728d Robert
PINNILLAnn18 Nov 1733d Robert
PINNILLBenjamin08 Aug 1704s Thomas
PINNILLBetty02 Apr 1747d Thomas & Jane
PINNILLElizabeth25 Nov 1705d Jeffry
PINNILLElizabeth12 Feb 1710d Robert
PINNILLEliza Jane13 Oct 1850d Joseph & Jane, labourer
PINNILLEsther Jane18 Feb 1844d John & Margaret, labourer
PINNILLFrancis10 Sep 1725s Robert
PINNILLGeorge18 Oct 1717s Richard
PINNILLHenry03 Mar 1722s Robert
PINNILLHenry04 Mar 1733s Robert
PINNILLJoane11 Sep 1709d Robert
PINNILLJohn30 Jan 1716s Thomas
PINNILLJohn27 Mar 1720s Thomas
PINNILLJohn26 Apr 1724s Robert
PINNILLJohn30 Mar 1734s Robert & Rebecca
PINNILLJohn09 Sep 1747s John & Anne
PINNILLJohn29 Dec 1839s Mary Ann of Purton
PINNILLJonathan03 Dec 1713s Jeffry & Martha
PINNILLJoseph08 Aug 1704d Thomas
PINNILLMartha05 Nov 1815d Joseph & Reachal, labourer
PINNILLMary16 Apr 1704d Richard
PINNILLMary11 Apr 1719d Robert
PINNILLMary04 Jul 1719d Robert
PINNILLMary16 Feb 1728d Thomas
PINNILLMary25 Jan 1732d Thomas
PINNILLMary23 Oct 1733d Thomas
PINNILLMary15 Oct 1815d James & Mary, labourer
PINNILLRebecca01 Dec 1722d Richard
PINNILLRebecca01 Mar 1731d Robert
PINNILLRichard09 Jul 1705s Henry
PINNILLRichard05 Oct 1707s Robert
PINNILLRichard19 Jan 1730s Thomas
PINNILLRobert03 Jun 1717s Robert
PINNILLRobert21 Jul 1745s Thomas & Jane
PINNILLSarah17 May 1729d Thomas
PINNILLSusannah12 Jul 1727d Robert of the Common
PINNILLThomas08 Mar 1731s Thomas
PINNILLThomas23 Jul 1745s John & Anne
PINNILLThomas Pinnill21 Jul 1745s Thomas & Jane
PINNILLWilliam06 Apr 1712s Francis
PINNILLWilliam09 Dec 1717s Thomas
PINTONThomas31 May 1802s Thomas & Margaret Dolitia, born the 28th of April last
PITTAbel06 Feb 1825s Daniel & Ann, labourer
PITTMANAnn13 Feb 1677d John
PITTMANMary16 Nov 1676d John
PLOWMANThomas18 Aug 1723s Thomas
PONTINGAbraham23 May 1699s John & Sarah
PONTINGAbraham20 Sep 1736s Robert & Mary
PONTINGAbraham19 Aug 1798s Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGAnn16 Jan 1726d Abraham
PONTINGAnn02 Sep 1787d Robert & Elinor, a pauper
PONTINGAnn08 May 1791d Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGAnn12 Jan 1794d John & Sarah
PONTINGAnne09 Nov 1750d Robert & Anne
PONTINGAnthony10 Feb 1738s John & Hannah
PONTINGAyliffe?08 Jul 1705d John
PONTINGAyliffe18 Dec 1758d William & Hannah
PONTINGBenjamin18 Jan 1772s William & Hannah
PONTINGBenjamin04 Jan 1795s Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGBetty07 Jul 1708d Jo: & Sarah
PONTINGCharles24 Feb 1822s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGDelilah Dorothy17 Jul 1856d Mary
PONTINGDinah30 Apr 1809d John & Sarah
PONTINGDinah18 Oct 1829d Henry & Jane, labourer
PONTINGEdward?? Sep 1696s John
PONTINGEdward07 Mar 1756s Edward & Frances
PONTINGEdwin21 Nov 1824s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGEdwin14 May 1826s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGEdwin Westmacott27 Jan 1850s Edwin & Eliza, yeoman
PONTINGElizabeth01 Mar 1730d Abraham
PONTINGElizabeth08 Jun 1755d William & Hannah
PONTINGElizabeth25 Dec 1756d Robert & Anne
PONTINGElizabeth20 Apr 1766natural d Frances
PONTINGElizabeth15 Oct 1780d Robert & Eleanor
PONTINGElizabeth31 Jul 1796d John & Sarah
PONTINGElizabeth06 Aug 1797d Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGEllen20 Jul 1843d George & Eliza, labourer
PONTINGGeorge04 Feb 1703s John & Sarah
PONTINGGeorge25 May 1823s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGHannah07 Jul 1754d Robert & Anne
PONTINGHannah31 Jan 1790d Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGHannah03 Jun 1792d Robert & Elinor, a pauper
PONTINGHannah08 May 1796d Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGHenery18 Nov 1804s John & Sarah
PONTINGHenry09 Oct 1808natural s Prudence
PONTINGHenry20 Mar 1831s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGHenry08 Jun 1851s Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
PONTINGHester11 Apr 1762d William & Hannah
PONTINGIsaac03 Nov 1800s Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGJacob26 Jan 1812s John & Sarah
PONTINGJames20 Apr 1755s Edward & Frances
PONTINGJames23 Jun 1782natural s Mary
PONTINGJames18 May 1794natural s Hester, a pauper
PONTINGJames14 Aug 1853s Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
PONTINGJames28 Jan 1855s Joseph & Mary Ann, labourer
PONTINGJenny26 Sep 1780natural d Ayliffe
PONTINGJob26 Jun 1837s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGJohn20 Jun 1661s John
PONTINGJohn03 Dec 1699s Alexander & Elizabeth
PONTINGJohn24 Jan 1721s Robert
PONTINGJohn21 Jan 1726s John
PONTINGJohn17 Sep 1752s Robert & Anne
PONTINGJohn30 Jan 1763s Robert & Anne
PONTINGJohn19 May 1766s Robert & Anne
PONTINGJohn25 Dec 1785s Robert & Diner, a pauper
PONTINGJohn01 Sep 1799s John & Sarah
PONTINGJoseph02 Jan 1757s William & Hannah
PONTINGJoseph29 Jan 1764s William & Hannah
PONTINGJoseph23 Jun 1805s Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGJoseph16 Dec 1805natural s Prudence
PONTINGJoseph14 Jan 1821s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGLeah30 Nov 1760d William & Hannah
PONTINGLeah15 May 1768d William & Hannah
PONTINGMaria07 Oct 1753d William & Hannah
PONTINGMartha05 Jul 1789d Robert & Eleanor
PONTINGMartha19 Sep 1824d Henry & Jane, labourer
PONTINGMary06 Jun 1701d Alexander & Elizabeth
PONTINGMary31 Aug 1723d Robert
PONTINGMary13 Sep 1724d Abraham
PONTINGMary12 Jul 1752d William & Hannah
PONTINGMary29 Apr 1759d Edward & Frances
PONTINGMary12 Aug 1827d William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGMary13 Aug 1837d William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGMary Anne Smith21 Nov 1824d Anne
PONTINGMatilda10 Sep 1826d Robert & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
PONTINGMatthew18 Mar 1827s Henry & Jane, labourer
PONTINGPrudence15 Oct 1775d William & Hannah
PONTINGRobert03 Jan 1697s Robert & Sarah
PONTINGRobert19 Oct 1717s Robert
PONTINGRobert27 Dec 1734s Robert & Mary
PONTINGRobert22 Apr 1759s Robert & Anne
PONTINGRobert14 Feb 1802s John & Sarah
PONTINGRobert11 Jul 1841s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGSarah26 Feb 1701d John & Sarah
PONTINGSarah28 Jan 1728d Abraham
PONTINGSarah29 Jul 1738d Robert & Mary
PONTINGSarah29 Jan 1749d Robert & Anne
PONTINGSarah23 Aug 1761d Frances, widow
PONTINGWalter27 Jan 1850s Charles & Charlotte, carpenter
PONTINGWilliam22 Apr 1728s Robert
PONTINGWilliam13 Oct 1782s Robert & Elinor
PONTINGWilliam16 Oct 1792s Joseph & Betty
PONTINGWilliam24 Nov 1793s Joseph & Elizabeth
PONTINGWilliam24 Aug 1800natural s Elizabeth
PONTINGWilliam28 Aug 1800natural s Prudence
PONTINGWilliam12 Jul 1829s William & Dorothy, labourer
PONTINGERobert13 Aug 1693s John & Sarah
POPEAnn27 May 1810d William & Sarah
POPEJohn21 Jul 1805s William & Sarah
POTTERAbraham24 Apr 1709s Daniel
POTTERAbraham16 Dec 1729s Daniel
POTTERAbraham16 Dec 1764s John & Mary
POTTERAbraham06 Dec 1789s Abraham & Elizabeth
POTTERAlice17 Oct 1686d Daniel
POTTERAllice18 Nov 1792d Abraham & Elizabeth
POTTERAnn14 Oct 1705d Daniel
POTTERAnn03 Aug 1717d Daniel, Junior
POTTERAnn10 Nov 1723d Thomas
POTTERAnn22 Nov 1733d Abraham
POTTERAnne13 Aug 1775d Abraham & Betty
POTTERCharles22 Nov 1767s John & Mary
POTTERChristopher15 Feb 1663s Mathias
POTTERChristopher08 Jul 1723s Daniel
POTTERChristopher17 Oct 1756s Christopher & Anne
POTTERDaniel04 Mar 1694s Daniel & Mary
POTTERDaniel27 Oct 1721s Daniel
POTTERDaniel31 Aug 1726s Daniel
POTTERDaniel15 Jan 1737s Julias & Sarah
POTTERDaniel17 Mar 1762s Christopher & Anne
POTTERDaniel16 Jun 1771s Abraham & Betty
POTTERDaniel06 Mar 1808s Daniel & Prisilla
POTTERDaniel21 Mar 1843s William & Sarah, yeoman
POTTERDaniell26 Jul 1668baseborn son of Joane
POTTEREdith28 Aug 1803d Daniel & Priscila
POTTEREdith Vizard06 Mar 1821d Daniel & Prisella, labourer
POTTERFonel?13 Mar 1692d Christopher
POTTERFrederick Thomas09 Oct 1852s William & Sarah, yeoman
POTTERIsrael11 Oct 1767d Christopher & Anne
POTTERIsreal14 Feb 1732d Julius
POTTERJacob28 Nov 1714s Daniel
POTTERJacob01 May 1763s Christopher & Anne
POTTERJames William23 May 1845s William & Sarah, yeoman
POTTERJane18 Jun 1671d Mary, baseborn
POTTERJohn20 Feb 1737s Abraham & Mary
POTTERJohn17 Aug 1766s John & Mary
POTTERJohn16 Nov 1788s Abraham & Elizabeth
POTTERJohn18 Oct 1835s Martha
POTTERJoseph30 Jan 1791s Abraham & Elizabeth
POTTERJulius14 Jun 1741s Abraham & Mary
POTTERMartha20 Mar 1855d William, yeoman
POTTERMartha Crips25 Dec 1813d Daniel & Prisila, labourer
POTTERMary20 Apr 1729d Cristopher
POTTERMary12 Mar 1758d Christopher & Anne
POTTERMary17 Aug 1766d John & Mary
POTTERMary24 Jan 1768d Abraham & Betty
POTTERMary Ellen23 Mar 1847d William & Sarah, yeoman
POTTERPhoebe Vizard05 Sep 1824d Daniel & Priscilla, labourer
POTTERRichard George21 Jun 1850s William & Sarah, yeoman Lawner
POTTERRosanna19 Sep 1824d Jacob & Jane, labourer
POTTERSarah05 May 1700d Daniel
POTTERSarah30 Jun 1765d Christopher & Anne
POTTERSarah30 Jul 1797d Daniel & Mary
POTTERSarah Ann21 Jun 1850d William & Sarah, yeoman
POTTERSusannah25 Mar 1753d Christopher & Anne
POTTERThomas17 Feb 1689s Daniel & Mary
POTTERThomas12 Jan 1696s Daniel & Mary
POTTERWilliam15 Nov 1713s Daniel
POTTERWilliam05 Jan 1755s Christopher & Anne
POTTERWilliam22 Mar 1795s Daniel & Mary
PREDDYAyliffe03 Nov 1758s Thomas & Christain
PREDDYChristopher15 Feb 1758s John & Martha
PREDDYJohn18 Sep 1723s John
PREDDYJohn16 Jan 1754s Thomas & Christian
PREDDYJohn25 Oct 1812s John & Elizabeth
PREDDYMary07 Mar 1731d John
PREDDYSarah18 Feb 1754d John & Elizabeth
PREDDYSusannah15 Oct 1760d Thomas & Christian
PREDDYThomas12 Feb 1727s John
PREDDYWilliam02 Jul 1732s John
PREDDYWilliam24 Apr 1755s Thomas & Christian
PREDDYWilliam09 Apr 1756s Thomas & Christian
PREDDYWilliam11 Aug 1760s John & Martha
PREDYAnthony18 Jan 1736s Christopher & Jane
PREDYJohn19 Oct 1724s John
PREEDYMary22 Apr 1752d Thomas & Christian
PRICEMary Ann16 May 1847d Henry & Ruth, labourer
PRICHATTPhillipp25 Sep 1664d Phillipp
PRIDAYEdwin23 Aug 1840s Caroline
PRIDAYElizabeth16 Oct 1825d Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDAYFrederick26 Jan 1834s Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDAYGeorge25 May 1823s Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDAYHenry02 Mar 1828s Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDAYPhilip06 Nov 1836s Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDDYAnn01 Jul 1810d John & Elizabeth
PRIDDYAnn24 Dec 1820d Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDDYAnne11 Oct 1778d William & Jane
PRIDDYBetty09 Nov 1788d Richard & Elizabeth
PRIDDYCaroline18 Oct 1818d Richard & Sopiah, yeoman
PRIDDYChristian11 Oct 1778d William & Jane
PRIDDYChristian05 Mar 1797d Richard & Elizabeth
PRIDDYElizabeth26 Mar 1826d Henry & Sarah, yeoman
PRIDDYEmily02 Nov 1845d Ann
PRIDDYHenry13 Nov 1791s Richard & Elizabeth
PRIDDYHenry27 Jul 1828s Henry & Sarah, yeoman
PRIDDYHenry Glover22 Nov 1846s Elizabeth
PRIDDYIsaac13 Apr 1783s Richard & Elizabeth
PRIDDYIsaac27 Oct 1816s Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDDYJames29 Nov 1839s Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDDYJohn11 Oct 1778s Richard & Elizabeth
PRIDDYMary Ann26 Mar 1826d Henry & Sarah, yeoman
PRIDDYRichard22 Oct 1786s Richard & Elizabeth
PRIDDYRichard26 Mar 1826s Henry & Sarah, yeoman
PRIDDYSarah19 Jun 1831d Henry & Sarah
PRIDDYSophia29 Aug 1830d Richard & Sophia, yeoman
PRIDDYWilliam15 Apr 1781s William & Jane
PRIDDYWilliam Harding06 Dec 1818natural s Christian
PRIDYBetty06 Apr 1740d Christopher & Jane
PROBERDSMary20 Jun 1669d Merideth
PROBITSAnn10 May 1687d Robert of ?
PULFFORDCatharine22 Mar 1726d Mr William & Mrs Sarah
PUNTERAnn21 Oct 1723d Daniel
PUNTERAnna Carrilus14 Apr 1771d John & Anne
PUNTERRoger13 Sep 1725s Daniel
PYNEL?10 Oct 1696d Henry & Rebecca
PYNELLMary03 Jul 1696d Robert & Alice
PYNELLWilliam13 Jul 1696s Ralph & Elizabeth
PYNNELL?25 Feb 1666s Francis
PYNNELLAnn23 Jun 1679d Henry
PYNNELLAnne28 Dec 1662d Ralph
PYNNELL(blank)14 May 1661d Henry
PYNNELLFrances09 Jun 1695baseborn d Mary
PYNNELLFrancis24 Jun 1688s Jeffery & Mary
PYNNELLGrace11 May 1684d Thomas
PYNNELLHannah19 May 1685d Thomas
PYNNELLHenry28 Jan 1688s Thomas & Grace
PYNNELLHenry14 Feb 1692s Thomas & Elizabeth
PYNNELLHenry20 Feb 1692s Jeffery & Mary
PYNNELLJames30 Oct 1687s Charles & Joane
PYNNELLJane29 Jun 1673d Thomas
PYNNELLJane01 May 1680d John
PYNNELLJoane09 Jul 1665d Rafe
PYNNELLJohan01 Oct 1674d Henry
PYNNELLKatherine31 Mar 1668d Henry
PYNNELLKatherine30 May 1680d Jeffery
PYNNELLMarie13 Jan 1661d Francis
PYNNELLMarie19 Apr 1668d Ralph
PYNNELLMary31 May 1678d Henry
PYNNELLRebecca21 May 1699d Henry & Rebecca
PYNNELLRichard11 Sep 1679s Thomas
PYNNELLRichard19 Oct 1681s Thomas
PYNNELLRichard09 Mar 1684s Thomas
PYNNELLRichard25 Jan 1689s Charles & Joane
PYNNELLRobert23 Aug 1668s Robert
PYNNELLRobert26 Feb 1688s ?
PYNNELLThomas15 Apr 1660s Ralph
PYNNELLThomas21 Nov 1665s Henry
PYNNELLThomas03 Jul 1670s Thomas
PYNNELLThomas11 Jan 1677s Thomas
PYNNELLThomas23 Jun 1694s Robert
RANDALGrace Stratton24 May 1789d Squire & Mary
RANDALRobert12 Jun 1809natural s Grace Stratton
RANDALThomas15 May 1801s Squire & Mary
RANDALWilliam09 Jan 1791s Squire & Mary
RANDALLLucy29 Feb 1792d Squire & Mary
RANGERCharles20 Aug 1676s Charles
RANGERJane27 Jun 1703d Joseph
RANGERJohn16 May 1678s Charles
RANGERJoseph20 May 1705s Joseph & Elizabeth
RANGERJoseph08 Apr 1711s Joseph
RANGERMartha18 Sep 1673d Charles
RANGERThomas21 Feb 1675s Charles
RAYNOLDSHenry07 Jul 1771s Michael & Mary
REAMESEdward09 Jun 1822s Thomas & Ann, labourer
REAMESThomas26 Feb 1815s Thomas & Ann, labourer
REAMSAnn12 Feb 1826d Thomas & Ann, labourer
REAMSJohn29 Mar 1812s Thomas & Ann
REEKS OR RICKSSopiah22 Oct 1815natural d Ann, labourer
REEVESElisabeth27 Jan 1850d Henry & Mary Ann, labourer
REEVESHenry20 Nov 1825s Elizabeth
REEVESJohn15 Dec 1855s Henry & Mary Ann, labourer
REEVESRichard18 Oct 1829s Elisabeth
REEVESSusanna22 May 1836d Elizabeth
REEVSRichard03 May 1829s Richard & Elizabeth, labourer
REYNOLDSAnn04 Feb 1780d John & Mary
REYNOLDSAnn19 Mar 1820d Micheal & Hannah, age 3 yrs, labourer
REYNOLDSDaniel17 Oct 1813s Micheal & Hannah, yeoman
REYNOLDSElizabeth28 May 1775d Michael & Mary
REYNOLDSJohn20 Jun 1784s John & Mary
REYNOLDSJohn31 May 1809s Michael & Hannah
REYNOLDSMary02 Apr 1786d Henry ?? & Mary
REYNOLDSMary30 Jul 1815d John & Jane, yeoman
REYNOLDSMichael27 Jan 1782s John & Mary
REYNOLDSRobert22 Jun 1788s John & Mary
REYNOLDSRobert Charles21 Nov 1851s John & Ann, yeoman
REYNOLDSThomas20 Jun 1773s Michael & Mary
REYNONDSThomas31 Dec 1810s Michael & Hannah
ROACHHenretta Jane17 Dec 1820d Robert & Jane, yeoman of Dauntsey
ROACHJohn07 Sep 1817s Robert & Jane, yeoman of Dauntsey
ROACHThomas17 Dec 1820s Robert & Jane, yeoman of Dauntsey
ROBEYMary23 Apr 1769d John & Betty
ROBINSONEdward11 Feb 1705s William
ROBINSONElizabeth08 Sep 1663d William
ROBINSONJohn20 Jan 1745s Edward & Anne
ROBINSONJoseph16 Apr 1741s Edward & Anne
ROBINSONWilliam24 Sep 1738s Edward & Ann
ROBISONEdward28 Feb 1735s Edward & Anne
ROSEThomas20 Feb 1780natural s Hannah
RUSSELAnn25 Dec 1839d William & Mary Ann, taylor
RUSSELCharles18 Oct 1846s William & Mary Ann, tailor
RUSSELEdwin18 Oct 1829s William & Elizabeth, taylor
RUSSELJames15 Oct 1843s William & Mary Ann, tailor
RUSSELWilliam14 Oct 1838s William & Mary Ann, taylor
RUSSELLGeorge27 Jul 1845s William & Mary Ann, labourer
RUSSELLHenry17 Oct 1852s William & Mary Ann, tailor
RUSSELLJohn30 May 1841s William & Mary Ann, taylor
RUSSELLJuliana31 Jul 1831d William & Elizabeth, tailor
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