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Brinkworth - Baptisms (S-T)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BAPTISMS: 1659 - 1856


Transcribed by Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.

?implies that data was missing or illegible.
ddaughter of.
sson of
Note:The original spelling has been preserved throughout.


SADDLERWilliam01 Jan 1804s John & Mary
SADLERMary04 Jul 1703d William
SADLERWilliam09 Oct 1701s William
SALTERSusanna18 Sep 1842d James & Ann, yeoman
SANDERSSarah28 Nov 1817d John & Ann, clock-maker
SANDSAnn02 Dec 1669d Robert
SANDSWilliam05 Feb 1673s Robert
SASTERSimeon02 Feb 1845s Charles & Sarah, higgler
SASTONMary12 Oct 1834d James, Junior & Ann, labourer
SAVIOURYAlfread20 Oct 1814s William & Mary, yeoman
SAVIOURYJane20 Oct 1814d William & Mary, yeoman
SAVOURYAnn14 Oct 1817d William & Mary, yeoman
SAVOURYJames21 Jan 1821s William & Mary, yeoman of Charlton
SAVOURYMartha21 Jan 1821d William & Mary, yeoman of Charlton
SCOTCharles?? Jan 1715s ?
SCOTCharles05 Sep 1722s Charles
SCOTHannah08 Oct 1719d Charles
SCOTMary06 Nov 1748d Charles & Sarah
SCOTSusannah22 Dec 1713d Charles & Mary
SCOTTAnn14 Sep 1783d Isaac & Betty
SCOTTCharles23 Nov 1725s Charles
SCOTTCharles15 Jan 1737s Charles & Sarah
SCOTTCharles22 Dec 1765s Isaac & Elizabeth
SCOTTElizabeth25 Dec 1775d Isaac & Betty
SCOTTIsaac04 Oct 1743s Charles & Sarah
SCOTTIsaac11 Apr 1770s Isaac & Betty
SCOTTJoseph04 Sep 1785s Isaac & Betty, a pauper
SCOTTMary26 Nov 1769d William Hatch & Sarah
SCOTTMary03 May 1778d Isaac & Betty
SCOTTRebecca26 Mar 1780d Isaac & Elizabeth
SCOTTSarah15 Jul 1739d Charles & Sarah
SCOTTSarah23 Apr 1789d Isaac & Betty, a pauper
SCOTTThomas30 Jan 1774s Isaac & Betty
SCOTTWilliam02 Mar 1768s Isaac & Elizabeth
SCULLJacob04 Nov 1804s John & Mary
SELLWOODJesse02 Feb 1812s Richard & Sarah
SELLWOODNathaniel16 Jul 1848s Richard & Martha, yeoman
SELLWOODPlato06 Mar 1808s Richard & Sarah
SELMANMary06 Oct 1736d William & Martha
SELMANSusannah03 May 1743d William & Martha
SELMANThomas21 Nov 1738s William & Martha
SELMANWilliam08 Aug 1740s William & Martha
SELWOOD??? Sep 1809s Richard & Sarah
SELWOODAndrew28 Jun 1850s Richard & Martha, yeoman
SELWOODAnn Dyer18 May 1806d Richard & Sarah
SELWOODEllen31 May 1854d Richard & Ann, yeoman
SELWOODFrederic01 Aug 1852s Richard & Martha, yeoman
SELWOODRichard18 May 1806s Richard & Sarah, aged 3 yers
SELWOODWilliam23 Oct 1836s Richard & Martha, labourer
SEMERSarah07 Dec 1660d William
SHAWORDMaria16 Dec 1844d Richard & Martha, labourer
SHEARERAbraham23 Oct 1785s John & Ann
SHEARERMary15 Apr 1705d Henry
SHEARERMary16 Jun 1706d John, Junior
SHERERAllice29 Apr 1724d William
SHERERAnn14 Dec 1679d John
SHERERAnn17 Aug 1707d Henry
SHERERAnn12 Jun 1808d Henry & Mary
SHERERAnne06 May 1759d Robert & Sarah
SHERERAnne23 Jun 1782d John & Anne
SHERERBenjamin11 Jan 1801s Robert & Elizabeth
SHERERElizabeth31 Jan 1667d William
SHERERElizabeth26 Feb 1667d John
SHERERElizabeth12 Nov 1677d John
SHERERElizabeth15 May 1682d Roger
SHERERElizabeth29 Aug 1686d William
SHERERElizabeth24 Jul 1757d Robert & Sarah
SHERERElizabeth24 Jun 1792d Robert & Elizabeth
SHERERElizabeth29 Mar 1807d Henry & Mary
SHERERFrances14 Sep 1849d William & Elisabeth, labourer
SHERERFrancis02 Feb 1689s William & Alice
SHERERGeorge19 Apr 1670s William
SHERERHannah16 Oct 1715d John
SHERERHannah11 Sep 1747d William & Susannah
SHERERHannah24 May 1756d Robert & Sarah
SHERERHenry07 Apr 1681s Henry
SHERERHenry01 Feb 1682s John
SHERERHenry03 Aug 1690s William & Alice
SHERERHenry03 Dec 1775s John & Anne
SHERERHester08 Oct 1671d John, junior
SHERERJane01 Dec 1692d Roger & Sarah
SHERERJohn31 May 1660s William
SHERERJohn07 Oct 1675s John
SHERERJohn27 Nov 1687s William & Alice
SHERERJohn30 May 1708baseborn s John Wayts
SHERERJohn08 Aug 1708s John, Junior
SHERERJohn13 Jun 1779s John & Anne
SHERERLucy ???14 Feb 1777d John & Anne
SHERERMarie10 Dec 1668d John
SHERERMartha01 May 1687d John & Mary
SHERERMary16 Jun 1704d John
SHERERMary12 Jun 1737d Richard & Susannah
SHERERRachel18 Apr 1745d William & Susannah
SHERERRebecca10 Aug 1673d John
SHERERRebecca13 Apr 1679d Roger
SHERERRichard21 Jun 1818s John & Hannah, aged 3 years, labourer
SHERERRobert24 Feb 1711s John
SHERERRobert23 Aug 1767natural s Mary
SHERERRobert16 Sep 1798s Robert & Elizabeth
SHERERRobert21 Jun 1818s John & Hannah, labourer
SHERERSarah16 Jul 1680d Roger
SHERERSarah21 Dec 1742d William & Sarah
SHERERSevilla05 Apr 1778d John & Anne
SHERERStephen20 Jul 1783s John & Anne
SHERERStephen02 Feb 1794s Robert & Elizabeth
SHERERSusannah25 May 1783d William & Jane
SHERERSusannah26 Jun 1785d William & Jane
SHERERThomas30 Apr 1663s William
SHERERThomas22 Mar 1695s William & Alice
SHERERWilliam25 Jul 1691s William & Alice
SHERERWilliam17 Apr 1712s Henry
SHERERWilliam19 Jul 1741s William & Susannah
SHERERWilliam20 Sep 1752s William & Susannah
SHERERWilliam21 Jan 1781s John & Anne
SHERRERAnne07 Jan 1736d William & Susannah
SHERRERJohn29 Mar 1734s John & Elizabeth
SHERRERJohn16 Oct 1825s Stephen & Jane, labourer of Purton
SHERRERMary27 Feb 1704baseborn d William
SHERRERMary15 Apr 1827d Stephen & Jane, labourer of Purton
SHERRERRobert16 Oct 1825s Stephen & Jane, labourer of Purton
SHERRERSarah05 Jul 1739d William & Ann
SHERRERWilliam17 Nov 1703s Henry
SHERRERWilliam16 Oct 1825s Stephen & Jane, labourer of Purton
SHERWOD or SHERRERJacob13 Aug 1820s John & Hannah, labourer
SHERWOODAnn07 Dec 1794d James & Judith
SHERWOODAnn24 Mar 1799d Robert & Susanna
SHERWOODAnn04 Jul 1813d John & Hannah, labourer
SHERWOODBetty26 Dec 1811d John & Hannah
SHERWOODBetty04 Jul 1813d John & Hannah, labourer
SHERWOODJacob02 Feb 1794s Robert & Susanah
SHERWOODJohn27 Mar 1791s Robert & Susanah
SHERWOODThomas13 May 1803s Robert & Susanah
SHERWOODWilliam13 Nov 1796s Robert & Susanna
SILLWOODJohn31 May 1846s Richard & Martha, yeoman
SIMMONDSLouisa Rebecca19 Nov 1843d William & Rebecca, yeoman
SIMMONDSRebecca Archer23 Apr 1854d William & Rebecca, yeoman
SIMMONSElisabeth05 Nov 1848d Job & Rebecca, yeoman
SIMMONSJames26 Apr 1846s William & Rebecca, yeoman
SIMMONSWilliam04 Apr 1852s William & Rebecca, yeoman
SIMPKINSAnn19 Feb 1677d John
SIMPKINSAnn07 Aug 1684d John & Mary, the second daughter of that name
SIMPKINSMary25 Nov 1679d John
SIMSJohn18 Jul 1841s William & Ann, labourer
SIPHERAnn08 Aug 1830d John & Harriet, labourer
SKEATEEdward18 Jun 1690s Robert & Joane
SKEATEElizabeth02 Jun 1673d Robert
SKEATEElizabeth06 Sep 1678d Robert
SKEATEJane21 Mar 1681d Robert
SKEATERobert24 Feb 1684s Robert
SKEENERJohn05 Feb 1665s William of Lidyeard, uppon request
SKINNERMary06 Jan 1696d John & Mary
SKUCEBenjamin23 Sep 1781s Benjamin & Elizabeth
SKUCEJohn31 Oct 1686s Richard
SKUCELucy12 Oct 1692d Richard & Mary
SKUCEMary18 Jan 1683d Richard
SKUCERebecca31 Aug 1684d Richard
SKULLAnna09 Jul 1662d George
SKULLAnne08 Jun 1663d John
SKULLBetty07 Mar 1731d James
SKULLBredget06 Mar 1678d Thomas
SKULLCharles27 Aug 1754s George & Elizabeth
SKULLDavid29 Aug 1762s George & Dorothy
SKULLDavid19 Mar 1775s George & Dorothy
SKULLDavid22 Feb 1812s John & Mary
SKULLEdward23 Apr 1682bastard child of Charity
SKULLElizabeth18 Aug 1667d Thomas
SKULLElizabeth11 Sep 1687d Jeffery & Eleanor
SKULLElizabeth08 Jan 1716d William
SKULLElizabeth24 Sep 1769d George & Dorothy
SKULLElizabeth15 Jun 1791d William & Elizabeth
SKULLElizabeth03 Mar 1816d James & Sarah, labourer of Dauntsey
SKULLElizabeth21 Mar 1824d John & Ann, labourer of Dauntsey
SKULLFrancis21 Nov 1669s John
SKULLGeorge28 Nov 1726s James
SKULLGeorge14 Apr 1850s Daniel & Martha, labourer
SKULLHannah12 Apr 1761d James & Betty
SKULLJacob21 Sep 1777s James & Betty
SKULLJacob13 Oct 1839s Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer of Lidiard Millicent
SKULLJames12 Oct 1690s James & Elizabeth
SKULLJames08 Jun 1735s James & Sarah
SKULLJames19 Mar 1775s James & Betty
SKULLJane19 Mar 1667d John
SKULLJane02 Dec 1673d John
SKULLJeffery04 Jun 1677s John
SKULLJohn?? Feb 1661s Thomas
SKULLJohn02 Nov 1690s Jeffery & Elianor
SKULLJohn05 Dec 1713s William & Mary
SKULLJohn21 Jun 1752s George & Elizabeth
SKULLJohn05 Jan 1766s George & Dorothy
SKULLJohn24 Nov 1833s Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer of Lidiard Millicent
SKULLLarrance10 Feb 1676s Thomas
SKULLMargaret24 Jun 1663d Thomas
SKULLMargaret15 Jan 1832d Jacob & Elisabeth, labourer of Lydiard Millicent
SKULLMarie30 Apr 1665d Thomas
SKULLMary31 Dec 1671d Thomas
SKULLMary25 Sep 1723d James
SKULLMary18 Aug 1760d George & Dorothy
SKULLMary05 Jun 1763d James & Betty
SKULLMary07 Apr 1771d George & Dorothy
SKULLMary17 Apr 1772d James & Betty
SKULLMary15 Jun 1791d William & Elizabeth
SKULLMary15 Jan 1797d John & Mary
SKULLSarah15 Mar 1660d William
SKULLSarah12 Feb 1764d James & Mary
SKULLSarah05 Apr 1767d George & Dorothy
SKULLSarah18 Mar 1787d William & Elizabeth
SKULLSarah11 May 1788d William & Elizabeth, a pauper
SKULLThomas28 Feb 1661s John
SKULLThomas28 May 1693s Jeffery & Elianor
SKULLThomas25 Sep 1718s William
SKULLThomas17 Oct 1784s William & Elizabeth
SKULLThomas30 Apr 1786s William & Elizabeth
SKULLWilliam19 Apr 1696s Jeffery & Elianor
SKULLWilliam02 Jan 1721s William
SKULLWilliam27 Aug 1758s James & Betty
SKULLWilliam27 Jun 1790s William & Elizabeth, a pauper
SKULLWilliam09 Oct 1836s Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer of North Lydiard
SKUSEJohn13 Aug 1749s William & Susannah
SLADEWilliam29 Sep 1734natural s Elizabeth
SLYAlbert?? Sep 1855s Timothy & Edith, labourer
SLYAmaziah09 Jul 1843s Daniel & Hannah, labourer
SLYAnn17 Oct 1790d John & Ann, a pauper
SLYAnn26 Aug 1792natural d Mary
SLYAnna Maria08 Feb 1846d David & Hannah, labourer
SLYAnne28 Jul 1782d Joseph & Mary
SLYAron21 May 1809s Joseph & Sarah
SLYCharles08 Jan 1826s David & Mary, labourer
SLYCharlotte29 Aug 1841d David & Susanna, labourer
SLYChristian22 May 1774d David & Jane
SLYChristian05 Jan 1777d David & Jane
SLYCornelius04 Jun 1802s John & Ann
SLYDavid19 May 1742s Joseph & Anne
SLYDavid?? Dec 1805s Isaac & Sarah
SLYEdwin12 Jun 1853s Timothy & Edith, labourer
SLYElisabeth16 Mar 1851d David & Hannah, labourer
SLYElizabeth26 Apr 1713d Richard
SLYElizabeth07 Aug 1796d John & Ann
SLYElizabeth06 Jul 1828d Joseph & Sarah, labourer
SLYElizabeth Jane10 Dec 1815d Jacob & Grace, labourer
SLYFrances24 Aug 1823d Cornelius & Hannah, labourer
SLYGeorge06 Apr 1828s David & Mary, labourer
SLYGeorge07 Feb 1855s David & Hanah, labourer
SLYHannah04 May 1794d Isaac & Betty
SLYHannah15 Apr 1821d Cornelious & Hannah, labourer
SLYIsaac13 Mar 1768s Joseph & Mary
SLYJacob14 Mar 1784s Joseph & Mary
SLYJacob07 Aug 1796s John & Ann
SLYJacob13 Apr 1851s Timothy & Edith, labourer
SLYJames21 Oct 1770s Richard & Betty
SLYJames12 Jul 1829s Jonathan & Sophia, labourer
SLYJasper03 Mar 1765s David & Jane
SLYJohn08 Sep 1706s Richard
SLYJohn23 Oct 1763s Joseph & Mary
SLYJohn24 Feb 1788s John & Ann, a pauper
SLYJohn03 May 1795natural s Mary
SLYJohn16 Sep 1827s Sophia
SLYJonathan23 Feb 1817s John & Ann, aged 9, labourer
SLYJoseph11 Apr 1710s Richard
SLYJoseph12 Dec 1736s Joseph & Anne
SLYJoseph02 Mar 1766s Richard & Betty
SLYJoseph12 Nov 1780s Joseph & Mary
SLYJoshph28 Dec 1806s Joseph & Sarah
SLYLydia18 Sep 1765d Joseph & Mary
SLYMaria30 Dec 1787d Joseph & Mary
SLYMartha18 Oct 1797natural d Mary
SLYMary20 Sep 1701d Richard? & Ann
SLYMary07 Sep 1708d Richard
SLYMary18 Mar 1770d Joseph & Mary
SLYMary05 May 1805d Joseph & Sarah
SLYMary Ann17 Jun 1804d John & Ann
SLYMary Anne11 Sep 1825d Cornelius & Hannah, labourer
SLYPatience16 Mar 1851d David & Hannah, labourer
SLYPeter20 Nov 1768s David & Jane
SLYR....16 Mar 1851d David & Hannah, labourer
SLYRichard26 Dec 1738s Joseph & Ann
SLYRose12 Jun 1803d Joseph & Sarah
SLYSarah23 Jun 1741d Joseph & Anne
SLYSarah05 Dec 1746d Joseph & Anne
SLYSarah17 Apr 1763d David & Anne
SLYSarah13 Dec 1767d Richard & Betty
SLYSarah22 May 1773d Joseph & Mary
SLYSarah15 Jul 1777d Joseph & Mary
SLYSarah21 Jan 1821d Isaac & Sarah, labourer
SLYSarah12 Jul 1829d Cornelius & Hannah, labourer
SLYSevilla17 Mar 1771d David & Jane
SLYSolomon02 Dec 1744s Joseph & Anne
SLYSophiah15 Jul 1810d Isaac & Sarah
SLYTimothy12 Nov 1815s Isaac & Sarah, labourer
SLYWilliam19 Jun 1763s Richard & Betty
SLYWorthy05 Jan 1832s David & Mary, labourer
SMITH??? Jan 1721d Henry, Junior
SMITH??? Dec 1779s William & Martha
SMITHAbraham08 Feb 1735s Abraham & Ann
SMITHAbraham21 Feb 1776s Benjamin & Dorothy
SMITHAdam10 Jul 1698s William & Mary
SMITHAlice05 Apr 1683d Henry & Jane
SMITHAnn13 Jun 1701d Thomas
SMITHAnn10 May 1702d Edward & Ann
SMITHAnn24 May 1728d John
SMITHAnn21 Nov 1729baseborn d David of Swindon
SMITHAnn19 Jan 1730d Henry
SMITHAnn02 Jun 1733d Abraham
SMITHAnne22 May 1747d Abraham & Anne
SMITHAnne20 Feb 1774d John & Dorothy
SMITHBenjamin04 Oct 1739s Abraham & Ann
SMITHBenjamin13 Feb 1816s Abraham & Elizabeth, aged 2, yeoman
SMITHBetty?? Nov 1716d Henry
SMITHBetty Godard25 May 1777d John & Dorothy
SMITHCaroline03 Apr 1825d Robert & Mary, yeoman
SMITHCharles02 Jan 1673s James
SMITHCharles27 Jun 1701s Thomas & Rebecca
SMITHCharles27 Jun 1701s William & Mary
SMITHCharles17 Sep 1739natural s Sarah
SMITHCharles06 May 1743s Robert & Dorothy
SMITHCharles Jacob22 Mar 1835s Charles & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SMITHDeborah08 Nov 1795natural d Ann
SMITHDorothy01 Feb 1801natural d Mary
SMITHDorothy15 Nov 1818d Abraham & Elizabeth, yeoman
SMITHEdmund15 Dec 1782s Joseph & Grace
SMITHEdward24 Jan 1686s Thomas
SMITHEdward15 Apr 1694s Edward & Ann
SMITHEdward15 Feb 1730s Norrise
SMITHEliza30 Sep 1821d Henrey & Mary, yeoman
SMITHEliza25 Dec 1831d Abraham & Elizabeth, yeoman
SMITHEliza18 Dec 1842d James & Eliza, sawyer
SMITHElizabeth13 Apr 1673d Thomas
SMITHElizabeth11 Jul 1680d William
SMITHElizabeth12 Jan 1696d William, Junior & Mary
SMITHElizabeth?? Nov 1716d Henry
SMITHElizabeth20 Nov 1796d George & Elizabeth
SMITHElizabeth13 Oct 1811d Abraham & ?
SMITHElizabeth09 Feb 1817d Abraham & Elizabeth, yeoman
SMITHEllen20 Mar 1842d Benjamin & Jane, labourer
SMITHEllen?? Aug 1845d Hannah Smith
SMITHEthiopia12 Apr 1696d Thomas & Mary
SMITHFrances12 Oct 1684d William
SMITHFrances19 Apr 1800d Abraham & Elizabeth
SMITHFrances02 Jul 1837d Henry & Mary, labourer. Born before the First of July.
SMITHFrancis28 Mar 1678s James
SMITHFrancis03 Mar 1738s Abraham & Ann
SMITHGeorge08 Jun 1684s Mathewe
SMITHGeorge20 Oct 1850s William & Ann, labourer
SMITHGrace23 Apr 1699d Edward & Ann
SMITHHannah19 Feb 1769d Henry & Johannah
SMITHHannah03 Apr 1825d Henry & Mary, labourer
SMITHHenry06 Jul 1687s Henry & Jane
SMITHHenry26 Mar 1732s Robert
SMITHHenry18 Oct 1829s Abraham & Elisabeth, yeoman
SMITHHester07 Oct 1770d John & Dorothy
SMITHIsaac24 Apr 1838s Charles & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SMITHJacob11 Jun 1710s William
SMITHJacob09 Jul 1714s Henry
SMITHJacob27 May 1716s John
SMITHJacob06 Apr 1742s Abraham & Anne
SMITHJacob26 Dec 1802s Abraham & Elizabeth
SMITHJacob25 Jan 1810s Abraham & Elizabeth
SMITHJacob31 Jan 1819s Robert & Mary, labourer
SMITHJames27 Jan 1691s John & Jane
SMITHJames28 Nov 1723s Abraham
SMITHJames25 Jan 1767s James & Mary
SMITHJames14 Sep 1806s William & Martha
SMITHJames17 Oct 1824s Abraham & Elizabeth, yeoman
SMITHJames18 Sep 1825s Charlotte
SMITHJames01 Jan 1826s Abraham & Elizabeth, yeoman
SMITHJane09 Dec 1678d Henry
SMITHJane24 Aug 1693d James & Mary
SMITHJane02 Nov 1707d Henry
SMITHJane07 Jan 1739d Robert & Dorothy
SMITHJane28 Dec 1760d Henry & Johannah
SMITHJeremiah13 Oct 1833s William & Elizabeth, labourer
SMITHJohn18 Jan 1686s John
SMITHJohn06 Oct 1695s Edward & Ann
SMITHJohn29 Jul 1705s William, Junior
SMITHJohn01 Mar 1731s Abraham
SMITHJohn30 May 1746s Robert & Dorothy
SMITHJohn26 Feb 1780s Dorothy, widow
SMITHJohn11 Mar 1792natural s Ann
SMITHJohn20 Jan 1805s William & Martha
SMITHJohn05 Apr 1812natural s Mary
SMITHJohn25 Jun 1815s Robert & Mary, labourer
SMITHJohn17 Oct 1819s John & Martha, labourer
SMITHJohn Dodson11 Apr 1784natural s Dorothy
SMITHJoseph19 Nov 1752s James & Mary
SMITHJudith14 Feb 1723d John
SMITHLenard27 Aug 1820s Robert & Mary, labourer
SMITHMargaret21 Jul 1768d John & Dorothy
SMITHMaria23 Apr 1826d Robert & Mary, yeoman
SMITHMartha28 May 1778d William & Martha
SMITHMartha25 Jun 1815d Robert & Mary, aged 4, labourer
SMITHMartha18 Dec 1842d James & Eliza, sawyer
SMITHMartha Mary11 Aug 1839d Charles & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SMITHMary19 Mar 1693d Thomas & Mary
SMITHMary13 Oct 1700d William & Mary
SMITHMary10 Feb 1719d Henry
SMITHMary14 Feb 1723d John
SMITHMary09 Jan 1726d Abraham
SMITHMary15 Mar 1772d John & Dorothy
SMITHMary Ann02 May 1808d Abraham & Elizabeth
SMITHMary Ann20 Mar 1842d Benjamin & Jane, labourer
SMITHMary Ann28 Nov 1847d William & Ann, labourer
SMITHMary Bushell20 Feb 1771d Henry & Johannah
SMITHNahum13 Oct 1833s William & Elizabeth, labourer
SMITHNorris19 Dec 1697s Edward & Ann
SMITHPiatie11 Sep 1726d John
SMITHPrudence11 Sep 1726d John
SMITHRaymond25 Nov 1744s Abraham & Anne
SMITHRemote28 Sep 1739d John & Ann
SMITHRichard08 Oct 1674s Richard of Charlton
SMITHRichard04 Mar 1675s James
SMITHRichard02 Jul 1837s Henry & Mary, labourer. Born before the First of July.
SMITHRichard Sidney21 Aug 1836s Charles & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SMITHRobert05 Nov 1740s Robert & Dorothy
SMITHRobert31 Oct 1757s Henry & Susannah
SMITHRobert10 Feb 1791natural s Mary, a pauper
SMITHRobert04 May 1828s Robert & Mary, yeoman
SMITHRobert15 Oct 1843s William & Ann, labourer
SMITHSalina18 Nov 1705d Thomas
SMITHSarah26 Sep 1670d Henry
SMITHSarah03 Jun 1681d Henry
SMITHSarah05 Sep 1686d William
SMITHSarah18 Jan 1719d John
SMITHSarah24 Oct 1736d Robert & Dorothy
SMITHSarah24 May 1767d Henry & Johannah
SMITHSarah10 Nov 1833d Charles & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SMITHSarah Jane01 Apr 1821d Abraham & Elizabeth, yeoman
SMITHSimeon02 Jul 1837s William & Elizabeth, labourer. Born before the First of July.
SMITHSusanna06 Nov 1688d Francis of London
SMITHSusanna27 Mar 1853d William & Ann, labourer
SMITHThomas31 May 1675s Thomas
SMITHThomas10 Sep 1679s John
SMITHThomas15 Dec 1690s Thomas & Mary
SMITHThomas26 Jan 1713s Henry
SMITHThomas17 Sep 1738baseborn s Mary
SMITHThomas28 Apr 1751s James & Mary
SMITHThomas02 Jul 1837s Henry & Mary, labourer. Born before the First of July.
SMITHWilliam10 may 1671s James
SMITHWilliam29 Jan 1688s William & Mary
SMITHWilliam15 Sep 1693s William & Mary
SMITHWilliam29 Sep 1719s Henery
SMITHWilliam12 Apr 1734s Robert & Dorothy
SMITHWilliam27 Dec 1759s Henry & Johannah
SMITHWilliam11 Oct 1795s Mary
SMOCKAMHester31 May 1778natural d Elizabeth
SMYTHJames24 Jan 1669s James
SMYTHJohn16 Jun 1667s James
SMYTHE(blank)31 Oct 1661? John
SOMERWilliam10 May 1666s William
SPACKMANAnn03 Jun 1683d Nicholas
SPARROUGHMilborough10 Oct 1720baseborn d Martha
SPENCERAaron24 Sep 1837s William & Martha, yeoman
SPENCERAnn04 Jun 1786d William & Elizabeth
SPENCERAnn12 Aug 1804d Henry & Ann
SPENCERAnn10 Apr 1825d William & Martha, yeoman
SPENCERAnne23 Jan 1757d John & Mary
SPENCERAnthony07 Feb 1697s John & Ann
SPENCERAnthony21 Dec 1776s John & Mary
SPENCERAnthony Spencer16 Nov 1774natural s Mary
SPENCERCaroline22 Aug 1830d Moses & Savilla, labourer
SPENCERCharles06 Jun 1813s Isaac & Marget, labourer
SPENCERCharles Matthews17 Jun 1832s Isaac & Miriam, baker
SPENCERDavid27 Nov 1796s Henry & Ann
SPENCERDavid28 Sep 1828s John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERDavid26 Aug 1851s John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERDelia09 Sep 1810d Isaac & Margaret
SPENCERDiana20 Feb 1842d Edwin & Sarah, labourer
SPENCEREdward13 Oct 1816s Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
SPENCEREdward12 Nov 1837s Isaac & Miriam, baker
SPENCEREdwin27 Aug 1820s Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer of Lydiard Treygooz
SPENCEREli12 Oct 1828s Matthew & Margaret, labourer
SPENCERElijah30 Jan 1831s Matthew & Margaret, labourer
SPENCEREliza25 May 1806d Isaac & Margaret
SPENCEREliza15 Jul 1827d William & Martha, yeoman
SPENCERElizabeth08 Apr 1764d William & Sarah
SPENCERElizabeth21 Jul 1793d John & Mary, a pauper
SPENCERElizabeth13 Apr 1800d Henry & Ann
SPENCERElizabeth09 May 1802natural d Judith
SPENCERElizabeth12 Oct 1817d Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
SPENCERElizabeth17 Mar 1833d William & Martha, yeoman
SPENCEREllen18 Oct 1829d William & Elisabeth, labourer
SPENCEREllen14 Oct 1832d John & Maria, labourer
SPENCEREmily12 Oct 1834d John & Maria, labourer
SPENCEREmily Jane15 Oct 1854d John & Maria, labourer
SPENCEREmma21 Feb 1661d Francis
SPENCEREmma22 May 1836d Moses & Jane, labourer
SPENCEREzra25 Jun 1837s Matthew & Margaret, labourer
SPENCERGeorge17 May 1795s William & Mary
SPENCERHanah05 Oct 1817d William & Martha, carpenter
SPENCERHannah08 Feb 1804d Anthony & Elizabeth
SPENCERHeber26 Sep 1824s Isaac & Martha, yeoman
SPENCERHeber31 May 1846s Heber & Hannah, labourer
SPENCERHenry25 Apr 1736s Anthony & Anne
SPENCERHenry09 Oct 1768s John & Mary
SPENCERHester26 Jan 1812d Henry & Ann
SPENCERIsaac27 Feb 1780s John & Mary
SPENCERIsaac08 Sep 1799s William & Betty
SPENCERIsaac16 Nov 1834s Isaac & Marian, baker
SPENCERJacl25 Jun 1837d Matthew & Margaret, labourer
SPENCERJacob20 Jan 1760s William & Sarah
SPENCERJacob04 Jul 1762s William & Sarah
SPENCERJacob24 Jul 1763s John & Mary
SPENCERJacob15 Feb 1789s John & Mary
SPENCERJacob13 Mar 1808s Isaac & Margaret
SPENCERJames20 Mar 1791s John & Mary, a pauper
SPENCERJames15 Apr 1849s John & Maria, labourer
SPENCERJane23 Apr 1826d Jacob & Elizabeth of Liddiard
SPENCERJane20 Sep 1829d Isaac & Miriam, baker
SPENCERJemima10 Mar 1822d John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERJesse07 Jun 1840s John & Maria, labourer
SPENCERJohn21 Mar 1667s Francis
SPENCERJohn17 Feb 1735s Anthony & Ann
SPENCERJohn01 Mar 1767s John & Mary
SPENCERJohn07 Feb 1768s William & Sarah
SPENCERJohn03 Apr 1774s John & Mary
SPENCERJohn21 May 1797s William & Elizabeth
SPENCERJohn16 Apr 1809s Anthony & Elizabeth
SPENCERJohn26 May 1822s William & Martha, sawyer
SPENCERJohn11 Oct 1845s John & Maria, labourer
SPENCERJoseph27 Aug 1815s Anthony & Elizabeth, labourer
SPENCERJoseph14 Mar 1830s William & Martha, yeoman
SPENCERKerenhappuch22 Feb 1824d John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERLucy Ann01 Jul 1838d John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERMargaret01 May 1831d John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERMaria26 Jan 1812d Henry & Ann
SPENCERMartha22 May 1774d William & Mary
SPENCERMartha15 Jul 1798d Henry & Ann
SPENCERMartha27 Apr 1806d Henry & Ann
SPENCERMartha Maria30 Jan 1853d Ellen
SPENCERMary07 Jul 1740d Anthony & Ann
SPENCERMary17 May 1761d William & Sarah
SPENCERMary20 May 1762d John
SPENCERMary06 Apr 1766d William & Sarah
SPENCERMary01 Mar 1767d John & Mary
SPENCERMary07 Oct 1770d John & Mary
SPENCERMary14 Oct 1792d William & Betty, a pauper
SPENCERMary Ann19 Mar 1814d Anthony & Elizabeth, labourer
SPENCERMathew04 Aug 1850s Peter & Hannah, labourer
SPENCERMatthew09 Jun 1804s James & Margaret
SPENCERMoses31 Mar 1805s Anthony & Elizabeth
SPENCERMoses15 Oct 1843s Moses & Jane, gamekeeper
SPENCERPeter06 Jun 1802s Henry & Ann
SPENCERPhilip30 Apr 1826s John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERRhoda Susanna19 Jan 1834d Matthew & Margaret, labourer
SPENCERRobert03 Jul 1774s William & Sarah
SPENCERRuth08 Feb 1804d Anthony & Elizabeth
SPENCERSarah17 Mar 1765d John & Mary
SPENCERSarah01 Apr 1770d William & Sarah
SPENCERSarah26 Mar 1820d William & Martha, yeoman
SPENCERSavilla24 Nov 1833d Moses & Jane, labourer
SPENCERSimeon13 Oct 1816s Henry & Ann, labourer
SPENCERSimeon04 Jun 1843s John & Maria, labourer
SPENCERSimon Wayte06 Aug 1837s John & Maria, labourer
SPENCERSusannah05 Jun 1814d Jacob & Elizabeth, labourer
SPENCERSylvia Horsel01 Aug 1852d Heber & Hannah, labourer
SPENCERThomas23 Oct 1836s Isaac & Miriam, baker
SPENCERThyrza07 Mar 1826d Matthew & Margaret, labourer
SPENCERWilliam07 Jul 1740s Anthony & Ann
SPENCERWilliam07 Oct 1759s John & Mary
SPENCERWilliam18 Apr 1772s William & Sarah
SPENCERWilliam14 Sep 1790s William & Betty
SPENCERWilliam13 Jul 1834s John & Mary, labourer
SPENCERWilliam06 Jan 1839s Moses & Jane, labourer
SPENSERAnthony14 Feb 1691s Richard & Sarah
SPENSERElizabeth?? Mar 1687d John
SPENSERLouisa24 Sep 1826d Elizabeth
SPENSERMary17 Feb 1685d Richard
SPENSERMatthewe28 Jun 1674s Matthewe
SPENSERRichard18 Feb 1687s Richard & Mary
SPENSERSarah26 Apr 1689d Richard & Sarah
SPICERDaniel11 May 1735s Francis & Anne
SPRATGiles10 Oct 1742s William & Elizabeth
SPRATJane07 Dec 1701d Leonard
SPRATTWilliam14 Feb 1736s Richard & Mary
STANLEYMary08 Jul 1742d Martha, widow
STEVENSJohn06 Jan 1704s Walter
STILLSSusannah03 Mar 1724d John
STOCKHAM ???? Sep 1802s William & Letitia
STRAINGEAnn03 Jan 1689d Anthony & Susanah
STRAINGEAnn03 May 1696d Richard & Jane
STRAINGEMary02 Aug 1684d Anthony
STRAINGEMary16 Dec 1684d Mathewe
STRAINGERichard30 Jul 1693s Mathewe & Mary
STRAINGERobert19 Oct 1690s Mathewe & Mary
STRAINGESusanna02 Feb 1686d Anthony
STRAINGESusanna18 Aug 1687d Anthony
STRAINGEWilliam21 Jan 1694s Anthony & Susanna
STRANGEAlice15 Aug 1830d Ann
STRANGEAnn09 Jul 1683d Anthony
STRANGEAnn08 Jun 1728d Edmond
STRANGEAnn03 Nov 1822d Anne
STRANGEAnn01 Aug 1852d John & Julia, labourer
STRANGEAnna Mapson21 May 1780d Richard & Martha
STRANGEAnn Darentling11 Apr 1847d Mary
STRANGEAnne05 Apr 1741d Robert & Mary
STRANGEAnne27 May 1750d John & Elizabeth
STRANGEAnthony14 Oct 1832s Ann
STRANGEEdmond28 Sep 1730s Edmond
STRANGEEdmond04 Sep 1803s Thomas & Priscila
STRANGEEdmund11 Jan 1761s Edmund & Rebecca
STRANGEEdmund09 Jun 1782s Edmund & Sarah
STRANGEEdwin04 Aug 1850s John & Julia, labourer
STRANGEElizabeth26 Apr 1675d Richard
STRANGEElizabeth02 Mar 1788d Thomas & Pricilla Brown, a pauper
STRANGEHannah23 Feb 1817d Thomas & Lucy, labourer
STRANGEHannah15 Mar 1829d James & Ann, labourer
STRANGEHannah12 Oct 1834d Ann
STRANGEHannah30 Jul 1854d John & Julia, labourer
STRANGEHarriot23 Feb 1817d Thomas & Lucy, labourer
STRANGEIsaac Hayward18 Oct 1840s Hannah
STRANGEJames15 Oct 1826s Lucy
STRANGEJane09 Sep 1838d William & Elizabeth, labourer
STRANGEJohn26 Jan 1722s Robert
STRANGEJohn?? Mar 1794s Thomas & Pricilla
STRANGEJohn12 Feb 1826s Ann
STRANGEJohn25 Nov 1838s Hannah
STRANGEMargret11 Jan 1729d Robert
STRANGEMary12 Nov 1724d Robert
STRANGEMary10 Jul 1737d Robert & Mary
STRANGEMary12 Feb 1748d John & Elizabeth
STRANGEMary15 Oct 1826d Lucy
STRANGERichard29 Dec 1672s Richard
STRANGERichard31 May 1757s John & Anne
STRANGERobert10 Jul 1734s Robert & Mary
STRANGERobert24 Jul 1791s Richard & Martha, a pauper
STRANGESarah01 May 1768d Edmund & Rebecca
STRANGESarah30 Dec 1798d Thomas & Pricilla
STRANGESarah17 Aug 1806d Thomas & Prisilla Brown
STRANGESoneth07 Aug 1836d James & Elizabeth, labourer of Grittenham
STRANGEThomas08 Oct 1758s Edmund & Rebecca
STRANGEThomas06 Nov 1796s Thomas & Pricilla Brown
STRANGEWilliam09 Jul 1665s Richard
STRANGEWilliam20 Mar 1785s Thomas & Pricilla Brown, a pauper
STRANGEWilliam15 Jan 1792s Thomas & Prissila Brown
STRANGEWilliam25 Nov 1821natural s Lucy
STRATTONAnn11 Dec 1686d Samuel
STRATTONAnn15 Oct 1733d Richard & Mary
STRATTONAnne19 Aug 1756d Mr Jasper & Mrs Grace
STRATTONAnne29 Aug 1757d Mr Jasper & Mrs Grace
STRATTONAnn Phelps07 Sep 1702d John
STRATTONCaleb24 Feb 1751s Mr Jasper & Grace
STRATTONClemantine25 Apr 1845d William & Louisa, saddler Catherine
STRATTONDorothy06 Dec 1738d Richard & Mary
STRATTONEdward12 Jun 1695s Samuel & Elizabeth
STRATTONEdward11 Feb 1705s Mr John
STRATTONElizabeth23 Aug 1697d Sammuel
STRATTONElizabeth06 Apr 1760d Richard & Jane
STRATTONEmily Martha15 Jul 1843d William & Louisa, sadler
STRATTONFrederick John27 Oct 1846s William Ayliffe & Louisa Wyatt, saddler
STRATTONGrace07 Oct 1723d John
STRATTONGrace19 Sep 1790d Jasper & Sarah, duty paid
STRATTONGrace24 Jun 1792d Jasper & Sarah
STRATTONGrace Lucy05 Aug 1850d Undecimus & Ann, yeoman of Mortimer in the County of Berks
STRATTONHanna21 Feb 1802d William & Ruth
STRATTONHarry Horton15 Feb 1831s Undecimus & Sarah, yeoman
STRATTONHenry07 Jan 1678s John, gent
STRATTONHenry20 May 1681s Mr John
STRATTONHenry04 Apr 1692s Samuel & Elizabeth
STRATTONHepesibah04 Mar 1822natural d Prudence, aged 2 years
STRATTONHonnour22 May 1728d John
STRATTONIsaac11 Jul 1809s William & Ruth
STRATTONJames13 Dec 1846s John & Mary, labourer
STRATTONJane30 Sep 1703d Mr John
STRATTONJane28 Nov 1709d Mr John
STRATTONJane15 Mar 1775d John & Sarah
STRATTONJasper02 Feb 1729s Richard
STRATTONJasper15 Jun 1749s Jasper & Grace
STRATTONJasper03 Feb 1805s Jasper & Sarah
STRATTONJasper30 Dec 1835s Undecimus & Ann, yeoman of Purton
STRATTONJohn01 Jul 1669s John, gent
STRATTONJohn19 Jun 1684s Mr Samuel
STRATTONJohn28 Feb 1695s John, gent & Mary
STRATTONJohn18 Mar 1720s John
STRATTONJohn11 Feb 1733s Robert & Jane
STRATTONJohn12 Jul 1741s Robert & Jane
STRATTONJohn15 Nov 1761s Richard & Jane
STRATTONJohn04 Dec 1807s John & Martha
STRATTONLavinia Louisa30 May 1849d William & Louisa, saddler
STRATTONLucy12 Jul 1752d Mr Jasper & Grace
STRATTONLucy06 Aug 1754d Mr Jasper & Grace
STRATTONLucy19 Sep 1790d Jasper & Sarah, duty paid
STRATTONMargaret24 Jun 1801d Jasper & Sarah
STRATTONMary16 Nov 1675d Mr John
STRATTONMary05 Sep 1689d Samuel & Elizabeth
STRATTONMary03 Oct 1700d Mr John
STRATTONMary22 Apr 1731d Richard
STRATTONMary04 Jan 1739d Robert & Jane
STRATTONMary05 Nov 1752d Mr Richard & Susannah
STRATTONMary13 Jan 1760d Mr Jasper & Mrs Grace
STRATTONMary16 Feb 1762d Mr Jasper & Mrs Grace
STRATTONMary Ann Horton17 Jun 1845d Undecimus & Ann, yeoman of Mortimer in the County of Berks
STRATTONMary Jane Phelps30 Apr 1826d Richard & Ann, baker
STRATTONMary Stratton10 Apr 1831d Robert & Margaret, gent
STRATTONOnesimus06 Apr 1838s Undecimus & Ann, yeoman of Purton
STRATTONPatience13 Mar 1727d John
STRATTONPrudence05 Dec 1718s John
STRATTONPrudence02 Oct 1734d Robert & Jane
STRATTONPrudence15 Jun 1797d Jasper & Sarah
STRATTONRebecca03 Mar 1667d John, junior
STRATTONRichard05 Sep 1697s Mr John
STRATTONRichard24 Feb 1727s Richard
STRATTONRichard James30 Apr 1826s Richard & Ann, baker Stratton
STRATTONRichard Willies11 Aug 1714s John
STRATTONRobert05 Dec 1679s Mr John
STRATTONRobert06 Jul 1682s Mr Samuell
STRATTONRobert29 Oct 1683s Mr John
STRATTONRobert25 Jul 1725s John
STRATTONRobert23 Mar 1766s Richard & Jane
STRATTONRobert20 Mar 1768s Richard & Jane
STRATTONRobert13 Aug 1786s Joseph & Grace
STRATTONRobert14 Oct 1855s Robert & Martha, goatman
STRATTONRobert Stratton10 Apr 1831s Robert & Margaret, gent
STRATTONSarah30 Mar 1741d Richard & Mary
STRATTONSarah27 Jul 1772d John & Sarah
STRATTONSarah29 Jan 1799d Jasper & Sarah
STRATTONSarah29 Jun 1806d William & Ruth
STRATTONSarah Ann23 Apr 1827d Undecimus & Anna, yeoman
STRATTONSarah Margaret14 Jun 1848d Undecimus & Ann, yeoman of Mortimer in the County of Berks
STRATTONSusanna17 May 1829d Undecimus & Sarah, yeoman
STRATTONThomas13 Mar 1701s Samuel
STRATTONThomas09 Nov 1707s Mr John
STRATTONThomasJun 1731s John
STRATTONThomas01 Apr 1764s Richard & Jane
STRATTONUndecimus19 Dec 1802s Jasper & Sarah
STRATTONUndecimus04 Aug 1833s Undecimus & Sarah, yeoman of Purton
STRATTONWilliam10 Apr 1722s John
STRATTONWilliam15 Dec 1753s Mr Richard & Mrs Susannah
STRATTONWilliam16 Nov 1795s Jasper & Sarah
STRATTONWilliam30 May 1804s William & Ruth
STRATTONWilliam .....17 Jun 1845s Undecimus & Ann, yeoman of Mortimer in the County of Berks
STRATTON alias AYLIFFEJasper Stratton09 Apr 1813s Richard & Ann
STRATTON alias AYLIFFELucy Ann20 Oct 1816d Richard & Ann, aged 2, wool-comber
STRATTON alias AYLIFFEMargret14 Mar 1819d Richard & Ann, wool-comber, Wilington
STRATTON alias AYLIFFEThomas Stratton28 May 1821s Richard & Ann, wool-comber
STRATTON alias AYLIFFEWilliam Stratton20 Oct 1816s Richard & Ann, wool-comber
SUTTENJane14 Jan 1750d Edward & Betty
SUTTONAnn01 Nov 1768d Edward & Sarah
SUTTONAnn14 Apr 1797d David & Hester
SUTTONAnn27 Mar 1808d James & Sarah
SUTTONAnn11 Mar 1810d Daniel & Joyce
SUTTONAnn06 Oct 1839d Banjamin & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONAnn30 Jul 1848d Benjamin & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONAnne18 Feb 1781d John
SUTTONBenjamin30 Nov 1788s Peter & Mary
SUTTONBenjamin20 Mar 1793s Peter & Mary, a pauper
SUTTONBenjamin24 Nov 1816s Job & Mary, labourer
SUTTONBenjamin13 Sep 1818s Daniel & Joyce, labourer
SUTTON(blank)27 Dec 1670? Daniell
SUTTONCharles04 Jul 1810natural s Ruth
SUTTONDaniel06 Jun 1661s John
SUTTONDaniel11 May 1777s Peter & Mary
SUTTONDaniel12 Sep 1847s Benjamin & Ann, labourer
SUTTONDavid19 Nov 1758s Edward & Betty
SUTTONDavid04 Dec 1774s John & Hannah
SUTTONDavid02 Feb 1812s Job & Mary
SUTTONDavid05 Feb 1826s Jane
SUTTONDinah08 Aug 1819d James & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONEdward28 Jan 1673s George
SUTTON ??Edward ???? Dec 1779s Edward & Sarah ??
SUTTONEdward04 Jan 1792s David & Hester
SUTTONEdward02 Jun 1799natural s Ruth
SUTTONEdward25 Dec 1824s Job & Mary, labourer
SUTTONEdwin14 Oct 1832s Maria
SUTTONEdwin03 Nov 1850s James & Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONEleanor17 Jul 1763d Edward & Betty
SUTTONElisabeth16 Oct 1836d Hester of Stroud
SUTTONElisabeth11 Jan 1846d Banjamin & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONEliza14 Oct 1827d Benjamin & Hannah, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONElizabeth11 Feb 1794d David & Hester
SUTTONElizabeth22 Nov 1807d Daniel & Joyce
SUTTONElizabeth06 Mar 1814d James & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONElizabeth04 Feb 1827d Nathan & Jane, labourer
SUTTONEliza Jane12 Sep 1828d Sarah
SUTTONEllen02 Nov 1834d Benjamin & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONEmily13 May 1849d James & Ann, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONFanny02 Jul 1854d Benjamin & Mary, labourer
SUTTONFrederick02 Aug 1846s James & Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONFrederick James20 Apr 1856s Thomas & Susanna
SUTTONGeorge08 Apr 1816natural s Elizabeth
SUTTONGeorge28 Mar 1842s Benjamin & Jane, labourer
SUTTONGeorge30 Apr 1844s James & Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONHannah22 Apr 1810d James & Sarah
SUTTONHannah26 Dec 1819natural d Hester
SUTTONHenry26 Feb 1837s James & Charlotte, labourer of Lea
SUTTONHester19 Sep 1669d Daniel
SUTTONHester04 Aug 1773natural d Jane
SUTTONHester26 Jul 1795d David & Hester
SUTTONHester08 Feb 1829d Nathan & Jane, labourer
SUTTONHester12 Mar 1843d Charles & Sarah, labourer
SUTTONJacob09 Mar 1777s John & Hannah
SUTTONJacob14 Jan 1821s Jobe & Mary, labourer
SUTTONJacob14 Oct 1827s Benjamin & Hannah, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONJames26 May 1771s John & Hannah
SUTTONJames12 Jan 1812s James & Sarah
SUTTONJames22 May 1814s Daniel & Joice, labourer
SUTTONJames23 Dec 1838s James & Ann, yeoman
SUTTONJane07 Aug 1715d Abraham
SUTTONJane20 Jun 1801d David & Hester
SUTTONJane03 Oct 1841d Benjamin & Mary, labourer
SUTTONJasper12 Feb 1837s James & Ann, yeoman
SUTTONJob08 Dec 1782s Peter & Mary
SUTTONJohn26 Aug 1744s John & Sarah
SUTTONJohn04 May 1789s Edward & Sarah
SUTTONJohn30 Mar 1806s James & Sarah
SUTTONJohn14 May 1809s Job & Mary
SUTTONJohn04 Nov 1832s Benjamin & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONJohn19 Oct 1834s David & Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONJosiah Jesse19 Oct 1834s David & Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONMargaret23 Jul 1665d John
SUTTONMargaret11 Jul 1830d Benjamin & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONMargaret09 Jun 1844d Benjamin junr & Jane, labourer
SUTTONMargaret13 Oct 1850d Benjamin & Jane, labourer
SUTTONMaria09 Jul 1786d Peter & Mary, a pauper
SUTTONMaria05 Aug 1805d Daniel & Joyce
SUTTONMartha09 Jun 1799d David & Hester
SUTTONMartha08 Jul 1821d James & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONMartha26 Jun 1825d Nathan & Jane, labourer
SUTTONMary08 Apr 1773d John & Hannah
SUTTONMary ?30 May 1804d James & Sarah
SUTTONMirieam08 Sep 1822natural d Jane
SUTTONNathan05 Jan 1762s Edward & Betty
SUTTONNathan06 Mar 1803s David & Hester
SUTTONNathan24 Mar 1805s David & Hester
SUTTONPrudence08 Mar 1752d Edward & Betty
SUTTONRebecca18 Jul 1675d Daniell
SUTTONRichard Hathway08 Oct 1854s Thomas & Susanna, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONRobert09 Aug 1756s Edward & Betty
SUTTONRobert19 Jun 1774s Edward & Sarah
SUTTONRobert17 Apr 1814s Job & Mary, labourer
SUTTONRoland30 Oct 1853s James & Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONRuth30 Jan 1780d Peter & Mary
SUTTONRuth27 Mar 1836d Charles & Sarah, labourer
SUTTONSabina25 Dec 1840d Charles & Sarah, labourer
SUTTONSarah12 Sep 1680d Daniell
SUTTONSarah18 Oct 1777d Edward & Sarah
SUTTONSarah27 Mar 1779d John & Hannah
SUTTONSarah26 Jul 1790d David & Hester
SUTTONSarah24 Jul 1803d Daniel & Joyce
SUTTONSarah31 Dec 1815d James & Sarah, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONSarah31 Jan 1841d James & Ann, yeoman of Grittenham
SUTTONSarah15 Nov 1846d Charles & Sarah, labourer
SUTTONStephen11 Jan 1776s Edward & Sarah
SUTTONStephen10 Dec 1837s Charles & Sarah, labourer
SUTTONThomas07 Apr 1844s Benjamin & Mary, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONWilliam18 Apr 1754s Edward & Betty
SUTTONWilliam11 Dec 1769s Edward & Sarah
SUTTONWilliam19 Oct 1817natural s Ann
SUTTONWilliam19 Oct 1828s Benjamin & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
SUTTONWilliam29 Feb 1852s Benjamin & Sarah, labourer of Grittenham
SWAIN?23 May 1712d Arthur
SWAINAnnah23 Aug 1713d Arthur
SWAINAnne01 May 1743d John & Mary
SWAINAnne31 Mar 1745d John & Mary
SWAINAnne07 Sep 1772d John & Betty
SWAINElizabeth Lewis22 Jun 1788natural d Sarah
SWAINJohn09 Nov 1716s Arthur
SWAINJohn07 Jan 1739s John & Mary
SWAINJoseph16 Oct 1717s Robert
SWAINMary27 Apr 1735natural d Jane
SWAINMary29 Apr 1740d John & Mary
SWAINMary19 Feb 1764d John & Betty
SWAINMary30 Jun 1765d John & Betty
SWAINNathan01 Jul 1738s Arthur & Betty
SWAINSarah27 Mar 1769d John & Betty
SWAINThomas19 Apr 1761natural s Mary
SWAINWilliam08 Feb 1761s John & Betty
SWAINSSwain09 Apr 1704baseborn child Arthur
SWAYNAnn10 May 1708d Arthur
SWAYNEdmund31 May 1752s Nathan & Mary
SWAYNEdmund02 Jun 1754s Nathan & Mary
SWAYNJane09 Mar 1711d Arthur
SWAYNLove20 Jan 1751d Hannah, a base born child
SWAYNMary09 Mar 1711d Arthur
SWAYNSarah10 May 1708d Arthur
TAGLECharlotte18 Dec 1774d George & Betty
TAGLEChristian21 Feb 1779d George & Betty
TAGLEJohn ?21 Feb 1779s George & Betty
TANNERCharles12 Aug 1804s John & Sarah
TANNERCharles28 Jan 1821s William & Elenor, labourer of Grittenham
TANNERCharles26 Oct 1823s Mary of Charlton
TANNERChrles19 Nov 1809s William & Ellenor
TANNERElizabeth17 Jan 1808d William & Elenor
TANNERGeorge Adolphus31 Aug 1851s Mary
TANNERHannah02 Mar 1817d William & Elinor, labourer of Grittenham
TANNERJames26 Mar 1820s John & Hannah, yeoman
TANNERJohn02 Oct 1814s William & Elenor, labourer of Grittenham
TANNERLouisa?? Jul 1826d William & Eleanor, labourer of Grittenham
TANNERLucy03 Mar 1833d Thomas & Hannah, yeoman
TANNERMary17 Nov 1822d John & Hannah, labourer
TANNERMary Ann13 Dec 1826d Richard & Diana, carpenter
TANNERMary Hilliar01 Jun 1823d William & Eleanor, labourer of Grittenham
TANNERSarah27 Sep 1812d Thomas & Hannah
TANNERWilliam08 Mar 1812s William & Elenor
TANNERWilliam12 Oct 1828s Richard & Maria, carpenter of Wootton Bassett
TANNERWilliam18 Jan 1846s Mary of Grittenham
THATHERJane11 Nov 1723d John
THOMASMargaret05 Mar 1660d William
THOMPSONAlice15 Oct 1843d Jane
THOMPSONCharles16 Oct 1831s Robert & Susanna, blacksmith
THOMPSONCharlotte17 Oct 1852d Robert & Charlotte, blacksmith of Malmesbury
THOMPSONDaniel18 May 1834s Robert & Susanna, blacksmith
THOMPSONDorothy Young13 Oct 1816d Thomas & Elizabeth, blacksmith
THOMPSONEdward03 Feb 1833s Thomas & Jane, blacksmith
THOMPSONEliza05 Dec 1812natural d Elizabeth
THOMPSONElizabeth Hannah17 Oct 1819d Thomas & Elizabeth, blacksmith
THOMPSONEllen10 Feb 1848d Jeremiah & Elisabeth, labourer
THOMPSONHannah04 Mar 1838d John & Eliza, blacksmith
THOMPSONHenry02 May 1754s John & Jane
THOMPSONHenry11 Jul 1841s John & Eliza, blacksmith
THOMPSONHester28 Jun 1835d Thomas & Jane, blacksmith
THOMPSONJames20 Sep 1761s John & Jane
THOMPSONJames12 Apr 1762s William & Eleanor
THOMPSONJames14 Apr 1765s William & Eleanor
THOMPSONJane09 Jun 1772d William & Eleanor
THOMPSONJane09 Jun 1776d William & Jane
THOMPSONJane18 Feb 1781d Thomas & Sarah
THOMPSONJohn23 Jun 1765s William & Jane
THOMPSONJohn21 Sep 1770s William & Jane
THOMPSONJohn11 Jun 1815s Robert & Susannah, yeoman
THOMPSONJohn George28 Jan 1851s Thomas & Sarah, labourer
THOMPSONJoseph17 Nov 1766s William & Eleanor
THOMPSONJoseph05 Jan 1770s William & Eleanor
THOMPSONJoseph04 Feb 1849s Thomas & Sarah, labourer
THOMPSONLucy23 Jun 1847d Thomas & Sarah, labourer
THOMPSONLydia23 May 1763d William & Jane
THOMPSONMary23 Dec 1759d William & Jane
THOMPSONMary12 Dec 1773d William & Jane
THOMPSONMary Ann22 Aug 1824d Thomas & Elisabeth, blacksmith
THOMPSONMary Ann31 Aug 1828d William & Elizabeth, shoemaker
THOMPSONMary Ann22 May 1831d William & Naomi, labourer of Christian Malford
THOMPSONMary Jane22 Oct 1826d Thomas & Elizabeth, blacksmith
THOMPSONRichard07 Nov 1756s John & Jane
THOMPSONRobert19 Aug 1759s John & Jane
THOMPSONRobert23 Jun 1765s William & Jane
THOMPSONRobert18 Aug 1782s Thomas & Sarah
THOMPSONRobert14 Mar 1824s John & Mary, labourer
THOMPSONSarah09 Mar 1788d Thomas & Sarah
THOMPSONSarah26 May 1822d Thomas & Elizabeth, blacksmith
THOMPSONSarah16 May 1846d John & Eliza
THOMPSONSarah15 Nov 1846d John & Eliza, blacksmith
THOMPSONSilvester20 Feb 1761s William & Jane
THOMPSONThomas29 Aug 1830s Thomas & Elizabeth, blacksmith
THOMPSONWilliam24 Aug 1766s William & Jane
THOMSON?Jun 1800s James & Martha
THOMSONAnn22 Nov 1789d William & Ann
THOMSONAnn12 Jun 1791d James & Martha
THOMSONDaniel04 Jul 1784s Thomas & Sarah
THOMSONElinor11 May 1788d James & Martha
THOMSONElizabeth08 Dec 1793d Thomas & Sarah
THOMSONElizabeth14 Apr 1805d John & Sarah
THOMSONEnoch26 May 1844s John & Eliza, blacksmith
THOMSONHenry13 Aug 1848s John & Eliza, blacksmith
THOMSONJames25 Oct 1786s James & Martha
THOMSONJames24 Aug 1794s James & Martha, a pauper
THOMSONLidia05 Jul 1792d William & Ann
THOMSONThomas31 Jul 1791s Thomas & Sarah
THOMSONWilliam25 Dec 1788s William & Ann
THOMSONWilliam11 Jun 1797s James & Martha
THORNTONAnne31 Jul 1759d Mr George & Mrs Anne
THORNTONJohn27 Apr 1749s James & Sarah
THORNTONMary05 Aug 1751natural d Mrs Susannah
THRUSHAnn02 Jun 1816d Abraham & Sarah, labourer
THRUSHGeorge23 Aug 1818s Abraham & Sarah, labourer
THRUSHJacob13 Jun 1824s Abraham & Sarah, labourer
THRUSHMary02 Jun 1816d Abraham & Sarah, labourer
THRUSHSarah12 Nov 1820d Abraham & Sarah, labourer
TIBBELSTabitha15 Oct 1826d William & Ann, labourer
TIBBOLLSDavid14 Jul 1799s John & Mary
TIBBOLLSJacob19 Jan 1794s John & Mary, a pauper
TIBBOLLSMargaret07 Sep 1828d Betty
TIBBOLLSRobert08 Jan 1797s John & Mary
TIBBOLLSSarah19 Jul 1789d John & Mary
TIBBOLLSWilliam03 Apr 1791s John & Mary
TIBBOLLS or WESTALLJacob17 Oct 1824s William & Ann, labourer
TIBBOLSHannah17 Jun 1787d John & Mary
TIBBOLSRobert16 Nov 1817s William & Ann, labourer
TIBBOLTSHannah25 Dec 1811d John & Betty
TIBOLTSAnn25 May 1820natural d Betty
TIBOLTSAnn03 Feb 1822d William & Ann, labourer
TIBOLTSLewesea18 Jul 1819d William & Ann, labourer
TOCKNELLMarie13 Feb 1662d John
TOCKWELLRebecca03 Feb 1667d John of Sumerford Pva
TOMPSONElizabeth10 Jul 1757d William & Jane
TOMPSONThomas10 Feb 1751s John & Jane
TOMSONElizabeth20 Nov 1722d John
TOMSONJane09 Aug 1697d Thomas & Mary
TOMSONJohn06 Jan 1707s Thomas
TOMSONJohn31 Jan 1715s John
TOMSONLydia30 Apr 1717d John
TOMSONMary17 Sep 1695d Thomas & Mary
TOMSONMary28 Jan 1726d John
TOMSONSilvester24 Feb 1720s John
TOMSONThomas07 Feb 1746s John & Mary
TOWNSENDCharles08 Feb 1835s Charles & Elizabeth
TOWNSENDHannah04 Nov 1832d Charles & Elizabeth, labourer
TOWNSENDJob04 Nov 1832s Charles & Elizabeth, labourer
TOWNSENDJohn24 Jun 1838s Charles & Elizabeth, labourer
TOWNSHENDMartha16 Mar 1828d Charles & Elizabeth, labourer
TREBRETJohn07 Nov 1659s Thomas
TUCKAnn25 Jul 1830d Isaac & Eliza, labourer
TUCKCharles Matthews07 May 1848s Margaret Tuck
TUCKEdward23 May 1847s Thomas & Eliza, labourer
TUCKEmma18 Apr 1841d Elisabeth
TUCKHephzibah26 Feb 1856d William & Hephzibah
TUCKIsaac11 Nov 1838s Isaac & Eliza, yeoman
TUCKJane23 Jul 1843d Thomas & Eliza, labourer
TUCKMargaret07 Apr 1833d Isaac & Eliza, labourer
TUCKMartha09 Oct 1836d Isaac & Eliza, labourer
TUCKSarah Ann26 Feb 1856d William & Hephzibah
TUCKSophia13 Jan 1839d Thomas & Eliza, labourer
TUCKERAnn Dora22 Mar 1812d Robert & Elizabeth
TUFFHanah15 Aug 1808d Thomas & Elizabeth
TUFFHannah14 Oct 1810d Thomas & Elizabeth
TUFFRichard09 Dec 1804s Thomas & Elizabeth
TUFFThomas13 Apr 1802s Thomas & Elizabeth
TWEENIE(blank)07 Nov 1661s John
TWEENIEElizabeth25 Feb 1666d Thomas
TWEENIEHester10 Apr 1666d Phillipp
TWEENIEJohn26 Jun 1663s Phillipp
TWEENIEJohn19 Jan 1669s Thomas
TWEENIEJohn01 Dec 1670s John
TWEENYJane29 Apr 1681d John
TWEENYJohn23 Jun 1674s John
TWEENYSarah20 May 1678d John
TWEENYWilliam21 Mar 1680s Phillipp
TWENIEElizabeth06 Feb 1660d John
TWENYHannah12 Jun 1714d John
TWENYHester10 May 1701d William & Martha
TWENYHester12 Dec 1703d William
TWENYJane08 Dec 1707d John
TWENYJohn30 Jun 1711s John
TWENYThomas21 Nov 1703s John
TWENYWilliam02 Feb 1719s John
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