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Brinkworth - Baptisms (V-Y)

Brinkworth, Wiltshire - Parish Registers

BAPTISMS: 1659 - 1856


Transcribed by Clive R. G. Henly BSc(Hons)
9, Renfrew Drive,
Nottingham NG8 2FX.

Copyright (C) C.R.G.Henly 1992.

?implies that data was missing or illegible.
ddaughter of.
sson of
Note:The original spelling has been preserved throughout.


VENCENTElizabeth02 Feb 1701d Thomas
VENCENTMary18 Feb 1696d John & Susanna
VENCENTMary23 Apr 1699d Thomas & Elizabeth
VINCENTAbraham26 Apr 1724s John
VINCENTAnn10 Jan 1731d John
VINCENTJacob22 Dec 1711s Thomas
VINCENTJohn17 Aug 1701s John & Susanna
VINCENTJohn05 Oct 1740s John & Mary
VINCENTJohn Vinsom12 Jun 1748s Richard & Elizabeth
VINCENTMary05 Apr 1680d Thomas
VINCENTMary14 Jun 1719d John
VINCENTMary27 Oct 1733d John
VINCENTMary12 Jul 1767d John & Jane
VINCENTMary09 Oct 1768d John & Jane
VINCENTNathaniel17 Mar 1706s John
VINCENTNathaniell27 Apr 1679s John
VINCENTPhebie04 Jun 1727d John
VINCENTSusannah16 Oct 1715d John
VINCENTThomas23 Apr 1721s John
VINCENTWilliam23 Apr 1721s John
VINCENTWilliam12 Apr 1773s John & Jane
VINESAbraham09 Jan 1698s William & Ann
VINESAnn13 Apr 1670d Jeffery
VINESAnn05 Feb 1693d William & Ann
VINESAnn27 Dec 1694d William & Ann
VINESAnna21 Jan 1737d Charles & Mary
VINESAnna Bethia08 Jul 1798d James & Margaret
VINESAnne02 Mar 1774d Edward & Anne
VINESBeniamin18 Apr 1689s John & Christian
VINESBenjamin22 Oct 1758s William & Ruth
VINESBenjamin29 Jan 1769s Edward & Anne
VINESBenjamin11 Mar 1792s James & Margret
VINESBenjamin28 Sep 1817s Jacob & Betty, yeoman of Grittenham
VINESBetsey04 Jun 1843d Charles & Elisabeth, labourer
VINESCharles11 Apr 1678s John
VINESCharles22 May 1684s John
VINESCharles06 May 1711s William
VINESCharles06 Mar 1722s Benjamin
VINESCharles29 Dec 1809s Jacob & Betty
VINESCharles15 Oct 1854s Henry & Jane, labourer
VINESChristian05 Jan 1696d Daniel & Elizabeth
VINESDaniel15 Jul 1705s Daniel
VINESDaniell13 Feb 1668s Thomas
VINESDaniell31 Mar 1670s John
VINESDavid02 Mar 1760s Edward & Anne
VINESDeborah24 Oct 1700d Daniel
VINESEdmund20 Oct 1804s Peter & Mary
VINESEdward22 Apr 1705s William
VINESEdward08 Mar 1767s Edward & Anne
VINESEdwin11 Dec 1836s Charles & Elizabeth, labourer
VINESElisabeth28 Nov 1855d Ann of Grittenham
VINESElizabeth31 Oct 1672d John
VINESElizabeth27 Jan 1676d Robert
VINESElizabeth23 Feb 1681d John
VINESElizabeth26 Dec 1694d Daniel & Elizabeth
VINESElizabeth28 Mar 1714d William
VINESElizabeth26 Apr 1731d Benjamin
VINESElizabeth03 Dec 1791d Charles & Elizabeth
VINESElizabeth06 Jun 1824d Jacob & Betty, yeoman of Grittenham
VINESElizabeth Hale21 May 1811d Jacob & Sarah
VINESEllen26 May 1844d Charles & Elisabeth, labourer
VINESHannah16 Nov 1706d John
VINESHenry15 Oct 1815s Jacob & Betty, yeoman of Grittenham
VINESHenry12 Oct 1834s Charles & Elisabeth, labourer
VINESIsaac12 May 1811s Jacob & Betty
VINESJacob02 Mar 1737s Edward & Mary
VINESJacob19 Mar 1745s Edward & Mary
VINESJacob17 Oct 1756s Edward & Anne
VINESJacob20 Dec 1785s Jacob & Mary
VINESJacob13 Jan 1803s John & Elizabeth
VINESJacob18 Oct 1813s Jacob & Sarah, yeoman
VINESJacob02 Sep 1821s Jacob & Betty, yeoman of Grittenham
VINESJacob11 Feb 1849s Charles & Elisabeth, labourer
VINESJames14 May 1758s Edward & Anne
VINESJames23 Sep 1781s James & Margaret
VINESJames22 Aug 1819s Jacob & Bettey, yeoman of Grittenham
VINESJames04 Jun 1843s Charles & Elisabeth, labourer
VINESJames07 Sep 1851s Elizabeth
VINESJane09 Aug 1846d Charles & Elisabeth, labourer
VINESJesse29 Mar 1795s James & Margaret
VINESJohn24 Mar 1667s John
VINESJohn12 Jan 1682s Robert
VINESJohn24 Sep 1699s John & Ann
VINESJohn01 Feb 1708s William
VINESJohn04 Feb 1720s Benjamin
VINESJohn11 Oct 1767s Charles & Mary
VINESJohn14 Jan 1808s John & Elizabeth
VINESJoseph13 Jul 1743s Benjamin & Sarah
VINESJoseph04 Dec 1774s Abraham & Catharine
VINESJoseph25 Feb 1798s Jacob & Lucy
VINESJoshua31 May 1761s Charles & Mary
VINESJoshua04 Dec 1825s Jacob & Betty, yeoman of Grittenham
VINESJudeth14 Mar 1745d Peter & Elizabeth
VINESLucy Ann14 Oct 1832d Charles & Elizabeth, labourer
VINESMargaret26 Oct 1687d Robert & Margaret
VINESMarie15 Mar 1663d Thomas
VINESMartha12 Jan 1766d Charles & Mary
VINESMary04 May 1679d Robert
VINESMary06 Mar 1727d Benjamin
VINESMary21 Dec 1742d Edward & Mary
VINESMary03 Mar 1754d William & Ruth
VINESMary12 Sep 1762d Edward & Anne
VINESMary19 Aug 1764d Charles & Mary
VINESMary09 Dec 1764d Edward & Anne
VINESMary09 Apr 1769d Abraham & Allice
VINESMary25 Aug 1771d Edward & Anne
VINESMary24 May 1807d John & Elizabeth
VINESMary Ann11 Nov 1798natural d Charity
VINESMary Ann17 Aug 1800d Jacob & Lucy
VINESMary Ann27 Dec 1812d Jacob & Betty
VINESPeter24 Feb 1724s Benjamin
VINESPeter14 Apr 1747s Peter & Elizabeth
VINESRichard06 Mar 1814s Jacob & Betty, yeoman of Grittenham
VINESSarah15 Jun 1698d Daniel & Deborah
VINESSarah06 Dec 1702d William
VINESSarah26 Jun 1718d Benjamin
VINESSarah27 Dec 1738d Edward & Mary
VINESSarah08 Sep 1776d Edward & Anne
VINESSophia30 Sep 1805natural d Christian
VINESThomas24 May 1666s Thomas
VINESThomas13 Nov 1673s Thomas, junior
VINESThomas13 Jul 1743s Benjamin & Sarah
VINESTom09 Jun 1856s Henry & Jane, labourer
VINESWilliam13 Feb 1729s Benjamin
VIZARDAbraham25 Feb 1700s John & Deborah
VIZARDAdam12 Jul 1767s John & Hannah
VIZARDAlice13 Jan 1740natural d Betty
VIZARDAlice21 Mar 1784d Ruben & Ann
VIZARDAllice20 May 1751d Gabriel & Allice
VIZARDAnn19 Sep 1701d Thomas
VIZARDAnn21 Oct 1739d Reuben & Mary
VIZARDAnn04 Dec 1747d Gabril & Elis
VIZARDAnn08 Jul 1812d Mary
VIZARDAnn27 Jul 1827d Elisabeth
VIZARDAnne18 Apr 1756d Thomas & Anne
VIZARDAnne26 Aug 1759d Peter & Hannah
VIZARDBetty17 Dec 1714d Thomas
VIZARDBetty11 Jun 1720d Gabriel
VIZARDBetty12 Sep 1725d John, junior
VIZARDBetty31 May 1758d Gabriel & Allice
VIZARDCatharine12 Jul 1744d Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDCatharine16 Feb 1777d John & Hannah
VIZARDDavid11 Dec 1774s Reuben & Anne
VIZARDDeborah13 May 1735d Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDEddy23 Sep 1781d Peter & Martha
VIZARDEdith14 Apr 1822d Richard & Mary, labourer
VIZARDEdward20 Nov 1734natural s Mary
VIZARDElijah04 Jun 1843s William & Martha, labourer
VIZARDElisabeth10 Sep 1854d Matilda Margaret
VIZARDEliza28 Jul 1805natural d Joanna
VIZARDEliza07 Jun 1840d John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDElizabeth11 Feb 1716d Gabriel
VIZARDElizabeth31 Oct 1761d John & Hannah
VIZARDElizabeth04 Jun 1769d John & Sarah
VIZARDElizabeth28 Jun 1798d Thomas & Mary
VIZARDElizabethJun 1800d Thomas & Elizabeth
VIZARDElizabeth13 Oct 1811d Mary Ann, widow
VIZARDElizabeth28 Nov 1824d Jane
VIZARDElizabeth31 May 1829d Peter & Rachel, labourer
VIZARDElizabeth03 Jan 1830d David & Sarah, innkeeper of Grittenham. Aged 17.
VIZARDElizabeth22 Jan 1854d John & Elizabeth, labourer
VIZARDElizabeth22 Oct 1854d Matilda Margaret
VIZARDEmma18 Jun 1848d Peter & Ann, labourer
VIZARDEmma02 Jul 1854d John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDEzra31 May 1846s William & Martha, labourer
VIZARDFanny16 Oct 1836d Hannah
VIZARDGabrell18 Apr 1682s John
VIZARDGabriel31 Mar 1724s Thomas
VIZARDGabrielJun 1731s Robert
VIZARDGeorge26 May 1833s Peter & Rachel, labourer
VIZARDGeorge06 Mar 1842s Edith
VIZARDGeorge04 Dec 1842s John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDGiles18 May 1750s Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDGiles19 Feb 1809s Reuben & Mary Ann
VIZARDGilles22 Apr 1753s Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDGrace25 Feb 1672d John
VIZARDGrace01 Oct 1710d Thomas
VIZARDGrace11 Mar 1792d Thomas & Elizabeth
VIZARDHannah23 Feb 1707d Thomas
VIZARDHannah30 Dec 1764d Ruben & Anne
VIZARDHannah05 Feb 1815d Mary, pauper
VIZARDHannah11 Mar 1832d John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDHarriet08 Feb 1846d John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDHenry03 Apr 1803s Thomas & Ann
VIZARDHenry George08 Sep 1850s John & Elisabeth, labourer
VIZARDJacob13 Dec 1761s Peter & Hannah
VIZARDJacob14 Oct 1849s Phoebe
VIZARDJames01 Nov 1835s Jane, single woman
VIZARDJames02 Jul 1854s John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDJames Merchant28 Jun 1807natural s Susanah
VIZARDJane31 Mar 1797d William & Mary
VIZARDJane30 Apr 1797d Thomas & Elizabeth
VIZARDJasper29 Apr 1770s Peter & Martha
VIZARDJohannah03 Feb 1782d John & Hannah
VIZARDJohn15 Mar 1674s John
VIZARDJohn16 May 1697s John & Daborah
VIZARDJohn06 Sep 1724s John
VIZARDJohn14 Feb 1736s John & Sarah
VIZARDJohn23 Jul 1738s Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDJohn?? Feb 1744s Reuben & Mary
VIZARDJohn13 Jul 1760s Reuben & Anne
VIZARDJohn05 Nov 1769s John & Hannah
VIZARDJohn29 May 1785s Robert & Mary, a pauper
VIZARDJohn21 Dec 1794s Thomas & Elizabeth
VIZARDJohn21 Apr 1805s Thomas & Mary
VIZARDJohn18 Jan 1818natural s Mary
VIZARDJonathan01 Dec 1782s Robert & Mary
VIZARDKezia22 Mar 1807d Reuben & Mary Ann
VIZARDKezia Anderdews19 Feb 1809natural d Joanah
VIZARDLevi16 Jun 1805s Reuben & Mary Ann
VIZARDLucy02 Jul 1854d John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDMargaret10 Oct 1762d Reuben & Anne
VIZARDMargaret02 Nov 1828d William & Martha, labourer
VIZARDMargaret10 Sep 1829d John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDMargaret06 Mar 1831d Peter & Rachel, labourer
VIZARDMargret15 Mar 1802natural d Sarah
VIZARDMartha05 Mar 1806d Richard & Mary
VIZARDMary31 Dec 1676d John
VIZARDMary03 Sep 1704d John
VIZARDMary14 Jun 1713d Gabriel
VIZARDMary14 Mar 1717d Thomas
VIZARDMary04 Jul 1731d Thomas
VIZARDMary05 Mar 1733d Rubin
VIZARDMary07 Mar 1756natural d Sarah
VIZARDMary11 Jun 1780d John & Sarah
VIZARDMary20 Dec 1812d Thomas & Mary
VIZARDMary06 Jan 1828d Richard & Mary, labourer
VIZARDMary Ann02 Nov 1828d William & Martha, labourer
VIZARDMary Anna23 Jul 1854d William & Phebe, labourer
VIZARDMary Jane14 Oct 1849d William & Sarah, labourer
VIZARDMathew Anderews10 Aug 1806natural s Joannah
VIZARDMatilda25 Dec 1833d John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDMatilda12 Oct 1834d William & Martha, labourer
VIZARDPeter12 May 1730s Rubin
VIZARDPeter30 Apr 1809s Richard Crips & Mary
VIZARDPhebe01 Nov 1772d Peter & Martha
VIZARDPhoebe22 May 1825d Richard & Mary, labourer
VIZARDPhoebe14 Oct 1849d Phoebe
VIZARDPriscilla25 Dec 1778d Peter & Martha
VIZARDReuben13 Jul 1735s Reuben & Mary
VIZARDReuben18 May 1750s Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDReubin25 Dec 1778s John & Hannah
VIZARDRichard02 May 1830s Richard & Mary, labourer
VIZARDRichard26 May 1844s Edith
VIZARDRichard Crips23 Jan 1785s Peter & Martha, pauper
VIZARDRobert24 May 1707s Gabriel
VIZARDRobert14 Nov 1727s Robert
VIZARDRobert17 May 1752s Robert & Sarah
VIZARDRobert12 Jul 1778s Robert & Mary
VIZARDRuben07 Dec 1755s Thomas & Cathrine
VIZARDRuben20 Feb 1757s Peter & Hannah
VIZARDRuben02 Mar 1777s Ruben & Ann
VIZARDSarah20 Feb 1704d Thomas
VIZARDSarah18 Sep 1779d Reuben & Anne
VIZARDSarah09 May 1790d Thomas & Elizabeth, a pauper
VIZARDSarah11 Nov 1821natural d Jane
VIZARDSusanna18 Oct 1846d John & Elisabeth, labourer
VIZARDSusannah28 Nov 1773d John & Sarah
VIZARDThomas21 Dec 1679s John
VIZARDThomas20 Apr 1707s John
VIZARDThomas01 Jun 1719s Thomas
VIZARDThomas26 Dec 1732s Thomas
VIZARDThomas22 Apr 1753s Gabriel & Elinor
VIZARDThomas09 Dec 1764s John & Hannah
VIZARDThomas20 Nov 1768natural s Anne
VIZARDThomas01 Aug 1807s Thomas & Mary
VIZARDThomas11 Mar 1832s William & Martha, labourer
VIZARDThomas16 Oct 1836s John & Ann, labourer
VIZARDWilliam12 Sep 1745s Gabriel & Allice
VIZARDWilliam01 Jun 1747s Thomas & Catharine
VIZARDWilliam04 Oct 1752s Gabriel & Allice
VIZARDWilliam20 Oct 1754s Gabriel & Alice
VIZARDWilliam14 Feb 1768s William & Martha
VIZARDWilliam06 Dec 1772s John & Hannah
VIZARDWilliam19 Feb 1775s John & Hannah
VIZARDWilliam13 Aug 1775s Peter & Martha
VIZARDWilliam30 Jan 1820s Richard & Mary, labourer
VIZARDWilliam16 Apr 1837s William & Martha, labourer
WAIT??? Sep 1802s Francis & Jane
WAITAnn18 Mar 1810d Peter & Sarah
WAITAnna Maria14 Jul 1833d Robert & Martha, labourer Spencer
WAITAnne05 Aug 1767d William & Elizabeth
WAITCharles22 Nov 1807s Peter & Sarah
WAITElizabeth23 Oct 1768d James & Anne
WAITElizabeth08 Mar 1807d Daniel & Jane
WAITElizabeth15 Oct 1809d Francis & Jane
WAITGeorge10 Mar 1722s Benjamin
WAITHannah22 Sep 1811d Peter & Sarah
WAITHonor15 Oct 1809d Daniel & Jane
WAITIsaac01 Nov 1767s Nathaniel & Mary
WAITJames07 Jun 1835s Jacob & Hannah, labourer
WAITJane05 Jan 1800d Francis & Jane
WAITJane07 Jun 1835d Edward & Ann, labourer
WAITJohn30 Dec 1779s John & Hannah
WAITMargaret?21 Aug 1701d John & Margaret
WAITMaria26 Jul 1812d Francis & Jane
WAITMary19 Feb 1775d James & Anne
WAITMary10 Dec 1806of mature age
WAITNathaniel11 Mar 1739s John & Ann
WAITRobert15 May 1803natural s Mary
WAITSarah29 Apr 1771d James & Anne
WAITSarah Jane13 Jan 1828d Simon & Ann, labourer
WAITEAnn07 Aug 1796d Francis & Jane
WAITEAnn10 Sep 1837d Edward & Ann, labourer
WAITEDaniel03 Oct 1762s William & Elizabeth
WAITEEdward26 May 1833s Edward & Ann, labourer
WAITEEllen19 Jun 1831d Robert & Martha, labourer
WAITEFrancis21 Oct 1770s Nathaniel & Mary
WAITEFrancis17 Jul 1825s Simon & Rose, labourer
WAITEHannah01 Jul 1804d Daniel & Elizabeth
WAITEHonor25 Oct 1840d Edward & Ann, labourer
WAITEHonour07 May 1771d William & Betty
WAITEJesse18 Oct 1835s Robert & Martha, labourer
WAITEJohn21 Mar 1824s Edward & Ann, labourer
WAITELucy21 Apr 1798d Francis & Jane
WAITEMargaret18 May 1828d Edward & Ann, labourer
WAITEMary20 Sep 1772d Nathaniel & Mary
WAITEPeter28 May 1780natural s Hannah
WAITEPriscilla Brown16 Jun 1765d William & Elizabeth
WAITERebecca24 Jan 1736d John & Anne
WAITERobert15 Jan 1764s John & Frances
WAITERobert02 Oct 1765s James & Anne
WAITESarah19 Jun 1825d Edward & Ann, labourer
WAITEThomas14 Mar 1824s William & Jane, labourer
WAITEWilliam02 Jul 1758s William & Elizabeth
WAITEWilliam14 Mar 1824s William & Jane, labourer
WALISFrancis30 Jan 1763natural s Betty Colinburn
WALKERAlice29 Aug 1663d William
WALKERAlice19 Apr 1818d John & Sarah, carpenter
WALKERAllice02 Dec 1790d William & Sarah
WALKERAnn08 Nov 1795d Edward & Margaret
WALKERAnn21 Dec 1823d John & Sarah, labourer
WALKERAnn15 Jun 1828d William & Eleanor, yeoman
WALKERAnn25 Jan 1829d Edward & Arabella, labourer
WALKERCharles01 Jul 1821s William & Elizabeth, carrier
WALKERClara Matilda13 Nov 1825d William & Elianor, baker Hall
WALKEREdgar03 Mar 1822s John & Sarah, carpenter
WALKEREdward02 Dec 1728s William
WALKEREdward14 Feb 1762s Edward & Anne
WALKEREdward27 Apr 1788s William & Sarah
WALKEREdward23 Jan 1820s William & Elizabeth, labourer
WALKEREdward25 Jan 1829s Edward & Arabella, labourer
WALKEREdward26 Jun 1837s Edward & Prudence, labourer
WALKERElizabeth29 Mar 1692d Thomas? & Jane?
WALKERElizabeth30 Apr 1786d William & Sarah
WALKERElizabeth18 Aug 1816d John & Sarah, labourer
WALKEREliza Jane28 Nov 1851d Jasper & Sarah, taylor
WALKEREllen03 Feb 1833d William & Elizabeth, labourer
WALKERElliza09 Feb 1800d Edward & Mary
WALKEREmily Matilda26 Oct 1850d Jasper & Sarah, higgler
WALKEREnoch06 Sep 1829s William & Elizabeth, yeoman
WALKERFrancis13 Aug 1727s William
WALKERGeorge23 Jan 1825s William & Elizabeth, labourer
WALKERHana20 Sep 1668d William
WALKERJames26 Jun 1837s Edward & Prudence, labourer
WALKERJane20 Mar 1694d John & Katherine
WALKERJane04 Jan 1730d William
WALKERJohn19 Aug 1666s William
WALKERJohn04 Mar 1668s William
WALKERJohn28 Sep 1689s John & Katherine
WALKERJohn10 May 1789s William & Sarah
WALKERJohn19 May 1793s Edward & Margaret of North Lydiard
WALKERJohn23 Apr 1820s John & Sarah, carpenter
WALKERJohn05 Aug 1827s William & Elisabeth, labourer
WALKERJohn17 Apr 1831s John & Maria, yeoman
WALKERJoseph12 Oct 1817natural s Eliza
WALKERJulia10 Mar 1844d Joseph & Amelia, cow doctor
WALKERMartha?? May 1782d Willaim & Sarah
WALKERMartha06 Jun 1802d Edward & Margaret
WALKERMary20 Feb 1697d John
WALKERMary08 Nov 1722d William
WALKERMary30 Apr 1786d William & Sarah
WALKERMary25 Dec 1790d Edward & Margaret of North Lydiard
WALKERMary Jane01 Apr 1827d William & Eleanor, baker
WALKERRichard Jasper15 Aug 1824s Edward & Prudence, yeoman
WALKERSarah21 Jan 1672d William
WALKERSarah09 May 1699d Thomas & Jane
WALKERSarah23 Sep 1700d John & Catharine
WALKERSarah07 Oct 1764d Edward & Anne
WALKERSarah10 Apr 1785d William & Sarah
WALKERSophia25 Dec 1804d Edward & Margaret
WALKERSophia18 Apr 1830d John & Maria, yeoman
WALKERSusana14 Jan 1666d William
WALKERSusanna16 Oct 1692d John & Jane
WALKERThirza09 Sep 1827d John & Sarah, carpenter
WALKERThomas16 Apr 1704s John
WALKERThomas02 Nov 1707s John
WALKERThomas12 Oct 1823s William & Elizabeth, labourer
WALKERThomas18 Sep 1825s John & Sarah, carpenter
WALKERWilliam11 Mar 1692s John & Katherine
WALKERWilliam12 Mar 1699s Thomas
WALKERWilliam06 Feb 1726s William & Judith
WALKERWilliam25 May 1760s Edward & Anne
WALKERWilliam21 Mar 1784s William & Sarah
WALKERWilliam17 Oct 1797s Edward & Margaret
WALKERWilliam08 Jan 1815s John & Sarah, labourer
WALKERWilliam15 Aug 1824s Edward & Prudence, yeoman
WALKERWilliam26 Jun 1837s Edward & Prudence, labourer
WALLACEElizabeth03 Mar 1822d Francis & Sarah, labourer
WALLACEThomas11 Apr 1852s Thomas & Edith, labourer
WALLACEWilliam13 Oct 1833s Elisabeth, singlewoman
WALLISAnn17 Apr 1791d Francis Collinburn & Betty
WALLISElizabeth04 Sep 1800d Francis & Elizabeth
WALLISElizabeth13 Jan 1805d Francis & Elizabeth
WALLISHenry12 May 1793s Francis & Betty, a pauper
WALLISMary01 Apr 1791natural d Mary, a pauper
WALLISThomas25 Dec 1787natural s Mary
WALLISThomas27 May 1798s Francis & Betty
WALLS OR WATTSGeorge30 Dec 1821s Uriah & Ruth, labourer
WATTSBenjamin11 Jan 1824s Uriah & Ruth, labourer
WATTSLucy21 Aug 1825d Uriah & Ruth, labourer
WAYTHannah08 Jun 1755d William & Elizabeth
WAYTJacob15 Nov 1761s John & Frances
WAYTJohn05 Apr 1730s John
WAYTJohn06 Jun 1754s John & Frances
WAYTE??? Jan 1661s Henry
WAYTEAbraham28 Sep 1788natural s Ann, a pauper
WAYTEAlice20 Apr 1674d Henry
WAYTEAnn03 Nov 1683d John
WAYTEAnn25 Jan 1762d Nathaniel & Mary
WAYTEAnne04 Aug 1663d Henry
WAYTEAnne24 May 1665d Henry
WAYTEBarbara26 Apr 1668d Henry
WAYTEBarbra05 Oct 1671d Henry
WAYTEEliza18 Feb 1816d Francis & Jane, labourer
WAYTEElizabeth09 Jun 1781d William & Catharine
WAYTEElizabeth14 Sep 1783d James & Anne
WAYTEGrace Stratton09 Sep 1781natural d Anne
WAYTEHenry05 Aug 1692baseborn s Mary
WAYTEJames25 Jun 1744s John & Anne
WAYTEJames16 May 1784natural s Hannah
WAYTEJames04 Dec 1786s James & Ann, a pauper
WAYTEJames28 Dec 1817s William & Jane, labourer
WAYTEJane28 dec 1817d William & Jane, age 1 year 11 months, labourer
WAYTEJohn19 Feb 1688s John & Mary
WAYTEKatherine24 May 1691d Henry & Mary
WAYTEMargaret04 Apr 1664d Edmund
WAYTEMargaret20 Oct 1687d Henry & Susanna
WAYTEMargaret15 Nov 1778natural d Hannah
WAYTEMarie07 Jul 1663d Henry
WAYTEMarie10 May 1666d Henry of Grittnum
WAYTEMary24 Aug 1690d John & Martha
WAYTEMary05 Jan 1696d Henry & Mary
WAYTEMoses24 Feb 1680s John
WAYTEPeter30 Jun 1782natural s Hannah
WAYTERebecca12 Oct 1669d Henry
WAYTERebecca08 Oct 1681d John
WAYTERebecca06 Sep 1778d James & Anne
WAYTESarah07 Apr 1689d Henry & Mary
WAYTESusanna21 Nov 1684d Henry
WAYTESusanna01 Jan 1686d John
WAYTEThomas03 Jul 1831s Edward & Ann, labourer
WAYTEWilliam03 Jun 1781s William & Catherine
WEAKFIELDMary Ann12 Oct 1817d Charles & Ann, yeoman of Shore Quinnington, Gloster
WEBEdward29 Sep 1734s John & Anne
WEBBAlfred16 Oct 1836s Elisabeth
WEBBAlice?? Feb 1744d John & Mary
WEBBAlice26 Apr 1829d John & Ann, labourer
WEBBAllice19 Feb 1809d Reuben & Martha
WEBBAmelia Spencer05 Sep 1824d William & Elizabeth, yeoman
WEBBAnn06 Nov 1700d Henry
WEBBAnn14 Jan 1731d John, junior
WEBBAnn23 Mar 1732d John
WEBBAnn29 May 1785d Anthony & Ann
WEBBAnn02 Oct 1799natural d Sarah
WEBBAnn01 May 1803natural d Sarah
WEBBAnn30 Apr 1815d Henry & Rebeca, labourer
WEBBAnn07 Jul 1842d James & Amilia, labourer
WEBBAnne04 May 1772natural d Hannah
WEBBAnthony06 Nov 1700s William
WEBBAnthony29 Aug 1736s Anthony & Mary
WEBBAnthony14 Jun 1746s John & Mary
WEBBAnthony25 Apr 1756s William & Susannah
WEBBAnthony22 Oct 1758s John, Junior & Mary
WEBBAnthony29 Jan 1792s Anthony & Ann
WEBBAnthony21 Nov 1795s Anthony & Ann
WEBBBetty13 May 1733d Anthony
WEBBBetty14 Jan 1739d John & Rebecca
WEBBBetty26 May 1752d Richard & Catharine
WEBBBetty31 Jan 1768natural d Allice
WEBBBetty04 Feb 1770d John & Mary
WEBBBetty02 Jan 1791d Nathan & Ann, a pauper
WEBBCaroline14 May 1848s Henry & Judith, labourer
WEBBEdward13 Feb 1662s John
WEBBEdward15 Jun 1729s John
WEBBElisabeth20 Jul 1845d James & Rachel, labourer
WEBBElizabeth16 Apr 1699d John & Elizabeth
WEBBElizabeth09 Jul 1699d Henry
WEBBElizabeth23 Jun 1702d Henry
WEBBElizabeth21 Jul 1765d Henry & Mary
WEBBElizabeth23 Aug 1772s Henry & Mary
WEBBElizabeth04 Oct 1778natural d Allice
WEBBElizabeth16 Feb 1808natural d Ruth
WEBBElizabeth09 Apr 1815natural d Martha, pauper
WEBBElizabeth27 Jan 1822d Anthoney & Mary, labourer
WEBBElizabeth16 Mar 1823d Henry & Rebecca, labourer
WEBBElizabeth10 Sep 1830d Reuben & Margaret, labourer
WEBBElizabeth15 Apr 1838d Richard & Mary, labourer
WEBBEllen10 Apr 1845d Elisabeth
WEBBEllen10 Nov 1850d Henry & Edith, labourer
WEBBEmily13 May 1832d William & Elizabeth, labourer
WEBBEnoch20 Sep 1840s Henry & Judith, labourer
WEBBEnoch30 Jun 1844s Henry & Julia, labourer
WEBBHanna06 Jun 1802d Reuben & Martha
WEBBHannah19 Mar 1749d Willm & Susannah
WEBBHannah18 May 1817d John & Elizabeth, labourer
WEBBHannah16 Mar 1823d Henry & Rebecca, labourer
WEBBHannah02 Jun 1833d Henry & Judith, labourer
WEBBHannah Alice17 Aug 1828d Alice
WEBBHenry18 Jan 1669s John
WEBBHenry26 Aug 1705s John
WEBBHenry22 Nov 1735s John, junior & Mary
WEBBHenry27 Apr 1766s John & Mary
WEBBHenry01 May 1808s Henry & Rebecca
WEBBHenry19 Aug 1832s Henry & Judith, labourer
WEBBHester24 Dec 1758d William & Susannah
WEBBHester07 Apr 1835d Anthony & Mary, labourer
WEBBJames17 Mar 1811s Henry & Rebecca
WEBBJames18 May 1817s Anthony & Mary, labourer
WEBBJames19 Nov 1837s Henry & Judith, labourer
WEBBJames07 Nov 1841s Elisabeth
WEBBJames18 Feb 1849s James & Amelia, labourer
WEBBJane21 Jan 1696d Henry & Jane
WEBBJane24 May 1741d John, Junior & Mary
WEBBJane04 Jul 1762d Edward & Sarah
WEBBJane14 Jan 1787d John & Judith
WEBBJasper23 Feb 1783s Anthony & Ann
WEBBJohn08 Sep 1667s John
WEBBJohn20 Mar 1673s John
WEBBJohn04 Jan 1703s John
WEBBJohn08 Apr 1733s John
WEBBJohn27 Jul 1760s Edward & Sarah
WEBBJohn12 Oct 1760s John & Mary
WEBBJohn23 Feb 1780natural s Hester
WEBBJohn11 Mar 1787s Nathan & Ann
WEBBJohn04 May 1788s Anthony & Ann
WEBBJohn10 Apr 1796s Nathan & Ann
WEBBJohn27 Apr 1800s Henry & Rebecca
WEBBJohn21 Sep 1828s Henry & Judith, labourer
WEBBJohn09 Feb 1834s Richard & Mary, labourer
WEBBJohn07 Aug 1853s John & Ellen, labourer
WEBBJohn Hardin17 Oct 1790s William & Phebe
WEBBJohn Harding26 Jul 1761s Henry & Mary
WEBBJoseph26 May 1799s Anthony & Ann
WEBBJoseph29 Nov 1835s Henry & Judith, labourer
WEBBJoseph07 Feb 1836s Alice
WEBBJoseph27 Oct 1839s James & Amelia, labourer
WEBBJoseph12 Jan 1845s Richard & Mary, labourer
WEBBLucy26 Apr 1751d William & Susannah
WEBBMargery14 Apr 1754d William & Susannah
WEBBMarie16 Dec 1664d John
WEBBMartha Bath29 Apr 1838d Alice
WEBBMary24 Jan 1694d Henry & Jane
WEBBMary21 Apr 1713d John
WEBBMary16 Mar 1729d John, junior
WEBBMary29 Aug 1756d John, Junior & Mary
WEBBMary06 Nov 1785natural d Lucy, a pauper
WEBBMary15 Jun 1788d Nathan & Ann, a pauper
WEBBMary19 May 1799d Ruben & Martha
WEBBMary ??? Aug 1802d Henry & Rebecca
WEBBMary21 Apr 1822d John & Elizabeth, labourer
WEBBMary24 Oct 1824d John & Hannah, labourer of Grittenham
WEBBMary Ann10 Dec 1848d Hannah
WEBBNancey16 May 1784d John & Ann
WEBBNancy22 Feb 1761d William & Susannah
WEBBNathan01 Apr 1764s John & Mary
WEBBNathan09 Nov 1806s Nathan & Ann
WEBBNathan11 Apr 1852s William & Phoebe, labourer
WEBBRecheal03 Oct 1819d John & Elizabeth, labourer
WEBBReuben03 Oct 1773s John & Mary
WEBBReuben23 Jun 1805s Reuben & Martha
WEBBReuben10 Mar 1833s Reuben & Margaret, labourer
WEBBRichard11 Jul 1730s Anthony
WEBBRichard04 Apr 1762s John & Mary
WEBBRichard03 Feb 1765s Edward & Sarah
WEBBRichard26 Jun 1809natural s Ann
WEBBRichard18 Feb 1810natural s Ruth
WEBBRuth21 Feb 1779d John & Mary
WEBBRuth09 Dec 1804d Henry & Rebecka
WEBBSarah28 Mar 1779d William & Sarah
WEBBSarah19 Apr 1781d William & Sarah
WEBBSarah21 Feb 1790d John & Judith, a pauper
WEBBSarah08 Mar 1840d Sarah
WEBBSarah14 Jun 1840d Richard & Mary, labourer
WEBBThomas27 Mar 1698s Henry
WEBBThomas15 May 1842s Richard & Mary, labourer
WEBBWilliam02 Sep 1677s John
WEBBWilliam19 Jan 1695s Henry & Jane
WEBBWilliam27 Jul 1702s William
WEBBWilliam17 Nov 1703s Henry
WEBBWilliam28 Nov 1709s John
WEBBWilliam30 Mar 1712s John & Ann
WEBBWilliam17 Jan 1728s John
WEBBWilliam24 Oct 1762s William & Susannah
WEBBWilliam26 Nov 1798natural s Elizabeth
WEBBWilliam02 Sep 1827s Hannah, widow
WEBBWilliam04 Sep 1836s Richard & Mary, labourer
WEEKESAnn02 Apr 1669d John
WEEKESAnn14 Nov 1695d Richard & Susanna
WEEKESCharitie06 Jan 1677d Elizabeth, baseborne
WEEKESEdward09 Oct 1697s John & Elizabeth
WEEKESEdward19 Apr 1698s Richard & Susanna
WEEKESEllenor22 Feb 1686d Arthur
WEEKESJames10 Nov 1699s John & ELizabeth
WEEKESJames10 Jun 1707s Mr John
WEEKESJohn17 Jan 1668s John, junior
WEEKESJohn21 Jul 1671a child of John, junior, buryed
WEEKESJohn11 Jul 1692s Richard & Susanna
WEEKESJohn04 Jul 1695s John & Elizabeth
WEEKESMary10 Oct 1689d Arthur & Christian
WEEKESOliffe18 Mar 1697d Richard
WEEKESRichard17 Jul 1664s Robert
WEEKESRobert29 nov 1670s John
WEEKESRobert10 Mar 1702s Mr John & Elizabeth
WEEKESRoger08 Jan 1661s Robert
WEEKESRoger28 May 1707s Richard
WEEKESSusanna19 Jul 1693d Richard & Susanna
WEEKESThomas13 Dec 1687s Arthur & Christian
WEEKESThomas06 Sep 1704s Richard
WEEKSElizabeth21 Mar 1710d Mr Jo:
WEEKSEmma07 May 1837d John & Margaret, labourer of Grittenham
WEEKSRichard27 dec 1666s John
WESTAnna19 Oct 1788d Joseph & Sarah
WESTAnna01 Dec 1793d John & Elizabeth
WESTCatherine12 Oct 1800d John & Lidia
WESTCharles?? Jul 1800s Simon & Jane
WESTCharlotte20 Jan 1799d John & Lidia
WESTElisabeth04 Dec 1828d John & Hannah, shoemaker
WESTElizabeth17 Mar 1771d Simon & Mary
WESTElizabeth26 Jul 1772d Simon & Mary
WESTElizabeth13 Aug 1781d Joseph & Sarah
WESTEmily04 Dec 1825d John & Hannah, shoemaker
WESTEmily04 Jun 1848d Henry & Thirza, labourer
WESTGeorge William17 Oct 1831s Charles & Elizabeth, blacksmith of Chippenham
WESTHannah24 Jan 1819d Simon & Prudence, labourer
WESTHenry16 Nov 1823s John & Hannah, shoemaker
WESTJames01 Jan 1792s Joseph & Sarah
WESTJane05 Feb 1775d Simon & Mary
WESTJane06 Oct 1793d Simon & Jane
WESTJane17 Sep 1812d Simon & Prudence
WESTJane26 Dec 1813d Simon & Prudence, labourer
WESTJohn04 Jul 1790s Joseph & Sarah
WESTJohn14 Aug 1796s John & Elizabeth
WESTJohn13 May 1798natural s Margaret
WESTJohn30 Mar 1834s John & Hannah, shoemaker
WESTJoseph21 May 1758s Simon & Mary
WESTJoseph16 Feb 1794s Joseph & Sarah, a pauper
WESTMarie21 Apr 1805d John & Lidia
WESTMary27 Apr 1760d Simon & Mary
WESTMary13 Aug 1781d Joseph & Sarah
WESTMary08 Sep 1805d Francis & Jane
WESTNathan25 Sep 1836s John & Hannah, shoemaker
WESTRichard11 Mar 1810s Simon & Prudence
WESTRichard14 Jun 1835s Jane
WESTSarah30 Oct 1765d Simon & Mary
WESTSarah28 Aug 1791d Simon & Jane
WESTSarah15 Jul 1821d John & Hannah, shoemaker
WESTSimon11 Dec 1768s Simon & Mary
WESTSimon07 Jun 1807s John & Lidia
WESTSimon07 Apr 1816s Simon & Prudence, labourer
WESTSophia11 Mar 1798d Simon & Jane
WESTThomas09 May 1802natural s Elizabeth
WESTWilliam13 Sep 1778s Francis & Sarah
WESTWilliam27 May 1792s John & Elizabeth
WESTWilliam16 Oct 1831s John & Harriet, shoemaker
WHALEAaron Silas26 Jun 1837s Sophia
WHALEAlice Walker01 Nov 1812d John & Ann
WHALEAndrew26 Jun 1837s Sophia
WHALECharles08 Nov 1795s James & Sarah
WHALECharles26 Jun 1837s Sophia
WHALECharles Matthews31 Dec 1826s Leah
WHALEDiana28 Jun 1838d Philip & Sarah, yeoman
WHALEEdward16 Oct 1825s Philip & Sarah, yeoman
WHALEElizabeth22 Dec 1805d John & Ann
WHALEElizabeth01 Apr 1827d William & Anne, yeoman
WHALEElizabeth30 Dec 1835d Philip & Sarah, yeoman of Lea
WHALEEllen08 May 1825d Sarah
WHALEJames08 May 1803s James & Sarah
WHALEJane25 Sep 1831d Philip & Sarah, yeoman
WHALEJane Rallins06 Sep 1807d Mark & Mary
WHALEJohn02 Aug 1778natural s Jane
WHALELeah13 Jan 1805d James & Sarah
WHALELouisa28 Jun 1837d Sophia
WHALEMargret21 Mar 1819natural d Sopiah
WHALEMark10 Dec 1797s Thomas & Sarah
WHALEMark28 Jun 1837s Sophia
WHALEMary01 May 1782natural d Jane
WHALEMary20 Apr 1800d James & Sarah
WHALEMary14 Oct 1810d Mark & Mary
WHALEMary19 Aug 1827d Philip & Sarah, yeoman
WHALEMary Ann15 Oct 1826d Sophia
WHALEMary Ann01 Aug 1841d Philip & Sarah, cattle dealer
WHALEPhilip20 Sep 1829s Philip & Sarah, yeoman
WHALESarah13 Nov 1803d John & Ann
WHALESarah Serath15 Dec 1833d Philip & Sarah, yeoman
WHALESophia26 Apr 1794d James & Sarah
WHALESusanna16 Jan 1847d Philip & Sarah, cattle dealer
WHALEThomas22 Apr 1827s James & Jane, labourer
WHALEThomas28 Nov 1830s Leah
WHALEUrania .....20 Jun 1802d Mark & Mary
WHALEUrania09 Oct 1825d William & Ann, yeoman
WHALEWilliam14 Mar 1802s John & Ann
WHALEWilliam16 Feb 1812s James & Sarah
WHEALMary24 May 1768natural d Jane
WHEELERAmos24 Jan 1836s William & Elizabeth, labourer
WHEELERAnn04 Nov 1798d Richard & Elizabeth
WHEELERCaroline20 May 1827d William & Elizabeth, labourer
WHEELEREliza03 May 1829d John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELEREliza25 Aug 1833d John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELERElizabeth12 Oct 1788d Richard & Elizabeth
WHEELERElizabeth07 Nov 1819d John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELEREmily24 Jan 1836d William & Elizabeth, labourer
WHEELEREsther30 Mar 1845d William & Elisabeth, labourer
WHEELERFrances Abigail18 Aug 1833d Thomas & Mary, yeoman
WHEELERGeorge Henry23 May 1836s Thomas & Mary, yeoman of Charlton
WHEELERHarriet13 Apr 1851d John & Ann, labourer of Wotton Underedge
WHEELERJames18 Aug 1833s Thomas & Mary, yeoman
WHEELERJasper26 Nov 1786s Richard & Elizabeth
WHEELERJasper03 May 1829s Thomas & Mary, yeoman
WHEELERJasper12 Jun 1831s John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELERJasper18 Feb 1844s William & Elisabeth, labourer
WHEELERJohn21 Feb 1679s John of ?
WHEELERJohn27 Feb 1791s Richard & Elizabeth, a pauper
WHEELERJohn12 Jun 1825s Thomas & Mary, yeoman
WHEELERJohn08 Oct 1826s John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELERJoseph28 Feb 1803s Richard & Elizabeth
WHEELERMary Ann14 Apr 1822d John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELERRichard24 May 1796s Richard & Elizabeth
WHEELERRichard29 Oct 1820s Thomas & Mary, labourer
WHEELERRosanna07 May 1848d William & Elisabeth, labourer
WHEELERSarah25 Jun 1801d Richard & Elizabeth
WHEELERSarah26 Mar 1824d John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELERThomas12 May 1793s Richard & Elizabeth, a pauper
WHEELERThomas19 Jul 1818s Thomas & Mary, labourer
WHEELERWilliam05 May 1805s Richard & Elizabeth
WHEELERWilliam19 Jul 1818s John & Sarah, labourer
WHEELERWilliam Baker22 Jun 1825s Thomas & Mary, yeoman
WHITEAnn21 Nov 1668d Henry
WHITEAnne01 Mar 1752d Edmund & Elizabeth
WHITEElizabeth Mary14 Jan 1855d Thomas & Ellen, labourer
WHITEGeorge20 Aug 1716s William
WHITEGracious08 Mar 1750d Edmund & Elizabeth
WHITEJacob14 Feb 1796natural s Sarah
WHITENathaniel13 Jan 1765s Nathaniel & Mary
WHITEThomas13 Mar 1748s Edmund & Betty
WHITEWilliam23 Mar 1760s William & Elizabeth
WHITFIELDElisabeth11 May 1845d Hungerford & Mary, labourer
WHITHEADEMary08 Oct 1683d Edward
WHITTMOREMarie18 May 1663d John
WHOPPERKatharine08 Jun 1684d William
WIGHTWICKHenry?? Sep 1809s Henry & Margarett
WIGHTWICKSusan05 Jan 1807d Revd Henry & Margaret
WIGHTWICKWalter03 Aug 1813s Revd Henery & Margrett, born & baptised
WILKINCEMary Wilkince17 Jan 1751d Abraham & Mary
WILKINCESarah09 Apr 1754d Abraham & Mary
WILKINCEWalter06 Oct 1752s Abraham & Mary
WILLSHIREBenjamin08 Jun 1718s Benjamin
WILLSHIREBetty10 Jul 1719d Joseph
WILLSHIREJohn03 May 1715s John
WILLSHIREJoseph01 Nov 1715s Benjamin
WILLSHIREMary25 Mar 1721d Joseph
WILSHEIREAnthonie31 Jan 1660s George
WILSHEIREGeorge25 Apr 1671s George
WILSHEIREJeffery26 Oct 1662s George
WILSHEIREMarie05 Mar 1666d George
WILSHEIRERachell05 Oct 1668d George
WILSHIREBeniamin15 May 1689s Anthony & Elizabeth
WILSHIREElianor27 Feb 1687d Anthony
WILSHIREHannah27 Apr 1686d John
WILSHIREJohn28 Jan 1696s Jeffery & Mary
WILSHIREJoseph15 May 1689s Anthony & Elizabeth
WILSHIRERichard13 Sep 1688s John & Mary
WILSHIRESusanna05 Dec 1688d Jeffery & Mary
WILTSHEIRMargaret12 Apr 1664d George
WILTSHIREAnthony26 Nov 1724s Benjamin
WILTSHIREFrances26 Nov 1724wife of Benjamin
WILTSHIREHannah17 Apr 1720d John
WILTSHIREJacob31 Jul 1726s Benjamin
WILTSHIREJohn29 Jul 1739s Richard & Catherine
WILTSHIREMary26 Nov 1724d Joseph
WILTSHIREMary18 Oct 1731d Joseph
WILTSHIRESarah11 Oct 1727d John
WISEJohn12 Jan 1699s Thomas & Mary
WITTThomas11 Apr 1666s Henry
WITTWilliam27 Aug 1670s Henry
WOODMANCornelius11 Dec 1836s Samuel & Hannah, carpenter of Broad Somerford
WOODMANHenry10 Sep 1829s Ann
WOODMONDorcas12 Apr 1846d Jesse & Louisa, mason
WOODROFFEJoseph27 Feb 1746s Joseph & Hannah
WOODROFFEMary26 Jan 1675d John
WOODRUFElizabeth17 Oct 1713d Richard
WORMERobert22 Oct 1681s Richard
WRITEMary11 Jul 1708d Jo: & Mary
YEOMary Jane?? Feb 1856d Thomas & Rebecca
YEORebecca15 Oct 1854d Thomas & Rebecca, carpenter
YEOWilliam David26 Dec 1852s Thomas & Rebecca, carpenter
YOUNG??? Sep 1802d Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGAbraham02 Jun 1717s Benjamin
YOUNGAbraham24 Jul 1757s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGAbraham10 Oct 1841s Abraham & Margaret, yeoman
YOUNGAlice05 Nov 1826d Abraham & Margaret, yeoman
YOUNGAllice25 Mar 1733d Benjamin & Mary
YOUNGAllicia ??24 Jun 1798d Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGAnn17 Aug 1727d John
YOUNGAnna24 Feb 1822d Abraham & Martha, carpenter
YOUNGAnne07 Aug 1769d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGBenjamin07 Apr 1728s Benjamin
YOUNGBenjamin22 Jun 1732s Daniel
YOUNGCharles03 Jul 1806s Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGCharles10 Nov 1811s Abraham & Martha
YOUNGDaniel12 Jul 1717s John
YOUNGDaniel12 Apr 1719s Benjamin
YOUNGDaniel18 Mar 1742s Daniel & Rebecca
YOUNGDaniel16 Jul 1759s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGDaniel08 Feb 1804s Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGDaniel03 Mar 1809s Abraham & Martha
YOUNGDorothy10 Mar 1735d Benjamin & Mary
YOUNGDorothy20 Jul 1760d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGDorothy16 Oct 1792natural d Hannah
YOUNGDorothy29 Apr 1810d Abraham & Martha
YOUNGEliza10 Apr 1814d Abraham & Martha
YOUNGElizabeth27 Feb 1724d Benjamin
YOUNGElizabeth02 Jul 1729d John
YOUNGElizabeth25 May 1783d Mr Abraham & Mrs Mary
YOUNGElizabeth Weeks17 Mar 1756d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGHannah13 Sep 1767d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGHannah06 Dec 1799s Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGJacob18 Jan 1730s Benjamin
YOUNGJohn30 Jan 1715s John
YOUNGJohn31 Jul 1737s John & Ann
YOUNGJoseph05 Jun 1740s Daniel & Rebecca
YOUNGLucy23 Apr 1796d Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGLucy10 Jun 1797d Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGLucy17 May 1829d Abraham & Nargaret, yeoman
YOUNGLydia07 Dec 1751s Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGMargaret07 Nov 1762d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGMargaret?? Nov 1779d Abraham & Mary
YOUNGMargaret08 Apr 1801d Nathaniel & Mary
YOUNGMargaret11 Dec 1834d Abraham & Margaret, yeoman
YOUNGMary18 Sep 1720d John
YOUNGMary19 May 1750d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGMary24 Apr 1782d Abraham & Mary
YOUNGMary Peglar17 May 1829d Abraham & Margaret, yeoman
YOUNGNathaniel08 May 1726s Benjamin
YOUNGNathaniel23 Mar 1734 
YOUNGNathaniel02 Nov 1765s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGNathaniel18 Jan 1824s Abraham & Margaret, yeoman
YOUNGOlive20 Apr 1758d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGRichard29 Aug 1790natural s Mary
YOUNGRobert Weeks10 Jun 1765s Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGSarah15 Jul 1753d Daniel & Sarah
YOUNGSarah03 Mar 1816d Abraham & Martha, carpenter
YOUNGSarah Elisabeth13 Oct 1849d Nathaniel & Elisabeth Mary, gentleman
YOUNGThomas03 Jul 1713s John
YOUNGThomas20 May 1722s Benjamin
YOUNGThomas17 May 1725s John
YOUNGWalter19 Apr 1773s Thomas & Sarah
YOUNGWilliam14 May 1763s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGWilliam15 Oct 1764s Mr Abraham & Mrs Margaret
YOUNGEMary15 Feb 1677d Henry
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