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Wiltshire - Survey of the Manor of Brinkworth (about 1625?)

Wiltshire - Survey of the Manor of Brinkworth (about 1625?)

Transcribed by Clive R.G. Henly, 1993
From an original document held at the Wiltshire & Swindon Archives.
Library Reference: 88:2/48

Field Name Index   Person Index

BrinckworthAt a Courte of Survey holden the xixth daye
 of September primo Caroli regis the estates
 then in being of the Tennannts that then came in
 to clayme theire Estates are as followeth.


Extraordinary Leases for 2000 yeres

1DavisThomas Davis als Tailor holdeth for 2000 two Messuadges} xiid
  and divers lands Rent ---------------------------------)

Ordinary Leases

2PopeNicholas Keinton holdeth a Messuadge and land dureinge}
  the lief of Christopher Pope aged 44 yeres: Rent -------} iiis iiid
value ------ 2
3WalkerJohn Walker holdeth a Tenement called the Frites for}
  the lives of himself aged 34: Anne his wief: 32: and}
  Willm theire sonne 4: Suite of Courte: Herryott: and}
  Rent --------------------------------------------------} xxs
value ------
4PontingeNicholas Pontinge aged 64 yeres holdeth certaine lands &}
  Tithes for 99 yeres if hee: Nicholas aged 32: And Robert}
  38: his sonnes or eyther of them soe longe live: Rent --} xviiid
value ------ 5
5PontingeRobert Pontinge aged 40: yeres holdeth a Tenement for 90:}
  yeres if hee live soe longe: Customes & Services:}
  Herryott att the deathe of the Tennannte in possession}
  and Rent -----------------------------------------------} xxs
value ------ 10
6BealeWilliam Beale aged 36 yeres holdeth a messuadge and}
  certaine lands for his lief the lief of Margarett Scull}
  16: and John Scull xi: Suite of Courte and all custome}
  monneyes: xxs herryott after theire or eyther of theire}
  deaths: and Rent ---------------------------------------} iiis xd
value ------ 12
7WalkerThomas Walker aged 75 yeres holdeth a Close called}
  Horsecroft with the tithe for 61 yeres if hee live soe}
  longe:   Suite of Courte: & Rent ------------------------} iis
value ------ 1
8BucklandThomas Buckland aged 40: yeres holdeth a tenement and}
  Close called Berry Close for 99 yeres if hee and Joane}
  his wief aged 40: soe longe live Rent ------------------} iis
value ------ 2
9PinnellJoane Hayes holdeth a Messuadge and iiii acres of meadowe}
  and the tithes for the lives of Vincent Clarke 40: Joane}
  his wief 40 & Jeoffry theire sonne 14: by lease made to}
  Henry Pinnell: Rent ------------------------------------} xvid
value ------
10HayesThe same Joane Hayes holdeth a Close called Lower}
  Wasefield of the demesnes called Horsecrofte and Londons}
  Ground with the Tithes for 99 yeres if Jeoffry Clarke 14:} xxiiis
  Henry Clarke 12: and Margarett Clarke: 8: soe longe} xiiid
  live: Rent 23s 8d & for the tithe 16 --------------------} xvid
value ------ 6
11ClarkeWilliam Clarke aged 60 yeres doth hold the iiiith parte}
  of Hargrove for his lief and the lives of Henry his sonne}
  aged 26: and Willm his sonne aged 16: Rent -------------} vs
value ------
12BleekeJohn Bleeke aged 73: yeres holdeth ii Closes called the}
  Breeches parcell of the demeasnes and one meadowe for his}
  lief onely Suite of Courte: Herryott : and Rent --------} xls
value     12
13MaskalyneRobert Maskline holdeth by an Assignement from Mr)
  Serieant Diggs a messuadge Cottage and certaine lands}
  with the Tithes for 90 yeres if Henry Webb aged 40: and}
  Elizabeth his wief 40: and Noah Webb aged 42: shall soe}
  longe live Rent ----------------------------------------} xiiis iiiid
value ------ 9
14LewineThomas Lewine aged 63: holdeth for 80 yeres if hee shall}
  soe longe live a Close called Linckcroft with the tithe:}
  Suite of Court: Herr: 3s 10 d: Rent --------------------} iiid xd
value ------ 12
15ScullWilliam Scull holdeth the Lyeclose with the Tithes for 80}
  yeres if hee aged 68 Francis his sonne aged 30: and}
  William aged 18 shall soe longe live: Suite of Courte:}
  Herryott 6s 8d Rent -------------------------------------} vis viiid
value     6
16BealeThomas Beale aged 60 doth hold for his lief a messuadge}
  and lands called Woodfurlonge and the Tithe thereof Rent} xxs
value ------ 14
17BarnesJohn Barnes doth hold a close of Meadow called}
  Splitchmans with the Tithes for 99 yeres if Ralphe aged 22}
  yeres and Anthony aged 21 his Sonnes live soe longe: Rent} iiii£
value ------ 4
18BealeJohn Beale aged 50 doth hold Pitts land and the Tithes}
  for 99 yeres if he soe longe live by Lease made to}
  William Beale for 99 yeres to determine uppon the death}
  of the saide John Beale and ii others which ii are deade}
  Rent ----------------------------------------------------} iii£
value ------ 50
19BealeThe same John Beale likewise holdeth a Tenement called}
  Pingalls by a Lease made to William Beale for 99 yeres}
  determynable uppon iii lyves whereof the said John Beale}
  is one the other ii are deade herryot the best goods Rent) xiiis iiiid
value ------
20HenlyAlice Henly holdeth parcell of the demeasnes called Frute}
  Furlonge for the lives of William 28: Jeoffry 26: and}
  Joyce 30: her children herryott - xxs and Rent ----------} iiiis iiiid
value ------ 12
21HenlyThe same Alice holdeth parcell of the demeasnes called}
  Ipcrofts with the tithes for the same tearme ut supra}
  Herryott xxs and rent -----------------------------------} vs
22FryMichaell Fry aged 40 holdeth parcell of the demeasnes}
  called Parkers furlonge with the Tithe for 99 yeres if hee 
  Richard Howse 13: and John Fry 5: soe longe live Rent --} xvs
  This lease was nott shewed forth 
value ------ 5
23ClarkeThomas Clarke holdeth a cottage and iiii closes of}
  containing: 13: acres and one acre of meadowe for the}
  Tearme of ix yeres to come att the Feaste of the}
  Annunciacon last past: Rent -----------------------------} xiiii£
value ------ 14


24PinnellHenry Pinnell aged 54 holdeth for his lief and Jane his} viis 1d ob
  wief aged 62 is to have her widdowehood herryott: Rent -) iid ob
  viis 1d ob courtsilver iid ob meadesilver iid) iid
value ------ 19
25HenlyAlice Henly widdowe formlie Alice Pinnell aged 56:} viis id ob
  holdeth for her lief: herryott: Rent: Courtsilver and} iid ob
  meadesilver ut supra ------------------------------------} iid
value ------ 28
26WalkerThomas Walker aged 75 holdeth for his lief and Alice his} viis vid
  wief aged 60 is to have her widdowehood Herryott: Rent} vd ob
  7s 6d courtsilver 5d: ob Meadesilver iid 2 hennes: 1 cock} iid
value ------ 12
27ScullAlice Scull aged 45 widdowe of John Scull holdeth} xis vd
  dureinge her widdowehood Herryott: Rent: 11s 5d:} vd ob
  Courtsilver 5d ob: meadesilver 4d Rent) iiiid
value ------ 30
28PontingNicholas Pontinge aged 33: holdeth for his lief hee is} iis
  unmarried Richard Hollowaie named after him in the coppie}
  is deade herryott, Rent --------------------------------)
value ------ 1
29ScullThe coppiehold in the tenure of Alice Scull supra is} xis vd
  graunted in revercion to William Scull aged 68: Jeoffry} vd ob
  Scull 58 and Maurice Scull aged 53 for theire lives} iiiid
  herryotts: Rents supra ---------------------------------}
value ------
30DirhamRichard Dirham aged 78 holdeth for his lief the remainder} iiii£
  to Richard Dobbys aged 60 and to William Dobbys aged 63:}
  for theire lives Joane the wief of Richard Dirham aged 50)
  herryott: Rent -----------------------------------------}
value ------ 24
31FryMargarett Thorne aged 52 now wief of Anthony Frye holdeth} viis viid
  for her lief herryott: and Rent ------------------------}
value ------ 22
32BirteThomas Birte als Birche aged 56 holdeth for his lief} vs iid
  withe his nowe wief aged 56 Herryott: and Rent ---------}
value ------ 35
33SmitheMary Smithe aged 38 nowe wief of Thomas Smithe late wief} x£
  of Robert Younge holdeth for her lief: Herryott: and Rent}
  The remainder to Tho Nicholls for his lief nott knowne}
  whether hee bee deade or livinge aged 35 if hee bee}
  liveinge -----------------------------------------------)
value ------ 10
34HaywardChristian Hayward widdowe aged 78: late wief of Jo:) xviiis id
  Hayward holdeth duringe her widdowehood by ii coppies}
  sevrall parcells of land and one messuadge ii Herryotts:}
  Rent ---------------------------------------------------}
value ------ 40
35LewineThomas Lewine aged 63: holdeth divers lands for his lief} viis iid ob
  Joyce his nowe wief aged 52: 2 Herryotts and Rent ------}
value ------ 14
36BarnesWilliam Barnes aged 60 holdeth for his lief the Revercion} xiiis iid
  to William Barnes aged 27: Richard Barnes 19: John 24:} ob
  his sonnes for their lives herryott: Rent --------------}
value ------ 44
37ShererJohn Sherer aged 80 holdeth for his lief herryott & Rent} vis id ob
  Agnes his wief aged 35 to have her widdowehood if shee}
  overlive -----------------------------------------------}
value ------ 12
38FoxcottJane Foxcott aged 64 late wief of Walter Foxcott holdeth} xiiiis vd
  during her widdowehood: herryott: Rent: 14s 5d courtsilver} vd ob:
  5d: ob meadesilver iiiid ---------------------------------}
value ------ 55
39FryMichaell Frye aged 59: holdeth for his lief: herryott:} vis vid
  and Rent Jane his wief aged 63 -------------------------}
value ------ 24
40ShererGeorge Sherer aged 40 holdeth for his lief Herryott:} iiii£
  meadesilver iiiid Courtsilver: 5d: ob: 2 hennes: 1 cocke} iiiid
  and Rent iiii£ ------------------------------------------} vd ob
  Elizabeth his wief aged 27: 
value ------ 24
41ClarkRichard Clark aged 50 doth hold for his lief Herryott:) .... the
  and Rent -----------------------------------------------) Rent Roll
  Agnes his wief aged 50. 
value ------ 50
42WallisElizabeth Wallis aged 48 nowe wief of Fr: Richemones)
  holdeth for her lief: Herryotts ..£ Rent: 17s 10d) xviis xd
  Churchetts and pannage 2s 2d ---------------------------) iis iid
value ------ 48
43BealeWilliam Beale aged 86 doth hold for his lief certaine) ixs xd
  lands called Norrice Anne his wief aged 30: herryott:)
  Rent ---------------------------------------------------)
value ------ 25
44BealeJohn Beale aged 50: doth hold for his lief a tenement)
  called Badges and the lands thereunto belongeinge:) vs iiid ob:
  herryott: Rent: 5s 3d ob meadesilver iid courtsilver vd) iid
  ob: Jane his wief aged 40 the others named in the coppie) vd ob
  are all deade ------------------------------------------)
value ------ 60
45BealeThe Same Jo: Beale holdeth all for his lief ii other) xiis ixd
  tenements called Baldwins and Stephns ii herryotts:) vid
  rent xiis ixd meadesilver vid courtsilver xid Jane his) xid
  wief aged 40 the others named in the coppie dead -------)
value ------
46PinnellMargery Pinnell aged 31 the widdowe of Richard Pinnell)
  holdeth dureinge her widdowehood ii tenements called) viis iid
  Breeches and Bakers ii herryotts: and Rent -------------)
value ------ 20
47HawkinsWilliam Hawkins aged 60 yeres holdeth a tenement called)
  Churchmans and divers lands thereunto beelongeinge for) xiis ob
  his lief and the lives of Knolls Hawkins his sonne 19 and)
  Mary his daughter 12 Rent ------------------------------)
value ------ 30
48ClarkeWilliam Clarke holdeth 
49BealeBeale widdowe holdeth 


50MatheweHughe Mathewe aged 60 yeres holdeth a house & garden for)
  his lief & xxi yeres after: Rent -----------------------) iis iiiid
51SmitheAnthony Smithe aged 36 yeres holdeth a cottage or)
  tenement with the appurtenances for his lief Joane his)
  wief 35: and Jo: his sonne 15 Rent ---------------------) iis
52ScullSuzan Scull aged 50 yeres holdeth a tenement garden and)
  backsides with the appurtenances for term of her lief and)
  xxi yeres after: Rent ----------------------------------) xiid
53OwenAgnes Owen tenant in possession of a cottage or tenement)
  with a garden for tearme of her lief the remainder after)
  her deathe forfeyture &c to Edward Owen her sonne 40: and)
  Joane Owen her daughter 44: for 80 yeres if they soe 
  longe live Rent ----------------------------------------) iis
54WeekesRobert Weekes aged 46 yeres holdeth a messuadge tenement)
  garden and orchard with the tithes for terme of his lief)
  Anne his wief 50 and Robert his sonne 14: Rent ---------) iid
55TailorA cottage with the backside and garden and the herbage of)
  a little ground called Buthey (excepting the westend of)
  the said Buthey), graunted to William Tailor the father)
  Katherin: 24: and Margery 22 his daughters for their)
  lives successively Katherin is in possession butt itt is)
  nott knowne whether William the father bee livinge or)
  nott Rent ----------------------------------------------) xiid
56CowlesJohn Cowles aged 72 yeres holdeth a tenement with a)
  garden and barton thereunto adioyneinge for the terme of)
  his lief the lief of Margery Webb 60 and William Clarke)
  40 it is nott knowne whether William Clarke bee livinge)
  or nott: Rent ------------------------------------------) iiiis
57BarnesJeoffry Barnes aged 60 yeres holdeth a cottage with a)
  close of pasture thereto adioyneinge for the tearme of)
  his lief Fraunces his wief 59: & William theire sonne 26:)
  Rent ---------------------------------------------------) iiiis
58PeacockeA tenement with a garden and barton thereto adioyninge)
  graunted to John Peacocke for xxi yeres to begin after)
  the deathe &c of Jo: Cowles 72 Margery Webb 60 and)
  William Clarke 40: Rent --------------------------------) iiiis
59ClarkeWilliam Clarke aged 40 yeres holdeth a cottage or)
  tenement with half an acre of pasture ground for 99 yeres)
  if hee and Anne his wief 20: soe longe live: Rent ------) iiiis
60ScullJeoffry Scull aged 62 holdeth one cottage with a garden)
  and orchard for the terme of his lief and for the lief of)
  Elizabeth Scull his daughter aged 40 yeres Rent --------) iiiis
61BurchallWilliam Burchall aged 50 yeres holdeth one cottage with a)
  close for tearme of his lief and of William his sonne 18:)
  & of Jo: his sonne 15: Rent ----------------------------) iiiis
62PeacockeJohn Peacocke aged 70 yeres holdeth one tenement with the)
  appurtenances for 80 yeres if Jo: Peacocke his sonne aged)
  33: and Joane Peacocke his daughter 24: shall soe longe)
  live: Rent ---------------------------------------------) iis
63LewenWilliam Lewen aged 60 yeres holdeth one tenement with the)
  appurtenances for his lief and the lives of Alice aged)
  34: and Elizabeth aged 32: daughters of him the said)
  William: Rent ------------------------------------------) xiid
64WallisThomas Wallis aged 40 yeres holdeth a cottage and close)
  of pasture with the appurtenances for 99 yeres if hee soe)
  longe live: Rent ---------------------------------------) iiiis
65HenlyThomas Henly aged 40 yeres holdeth a cottage or tenement)
  for the tearme of 99 yeres if hee Margery his wief aged)
  42: or William his sonne aged 8 yeres shall soe longe)
  live: Rent ---------------------------------------------) iis
66HealeWilliam Heale aged 60 yeres holdeth one cottage or)
  tenement for terme of his lief and xxi yeres after: Rent) xiid
67TwyneyPhillipp Twyney aged 32 yeres holdeth one cottage with a)
  garden orchard and rickbarton thereto belongeinge for the)
  tearme of 99 yeres if hee Jane his nowe wief aged 21 and)
  Joane his daughter aged 4 yeres shall doe longe live:)
  Rent ---------------------------------------------------) iis vid

Cottagers which paye noe Rent

68 Anthony Barnes 
  Wm Darter 
  Richard Morsse 
  John Vinsome 

Field Name Index

Note: the references are to the numbered sections above,
eg 'Badges' in #44 above.

Berry Close8
Breeches12, 46
Frute Furlonge20
Londons Ground10
Lower Wasefield10
Parkers Furlonge22
Pitts Land18


WRO 88:2/48Page 8Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1993

Person Index

Note: the references are to the numbered sections above,
eg 'Anthony Barnes' in #17 above.

 Anthony17, 68
 John17, 36
 William36, 57
 Jane44, 45
 John18, 19, 44
 William6, 18, 19, 43
 Henry10, 11
 Jeoffry9, 10
 William11, 48, 56, 58, 59
 Joane9, 10
 Alice20, 21, 25
 William20, 65
 Thomas14, 35
 John58, 62
 Henry9, 24
 Nicholas4, 28
 Robert4, 5
 Alice27, 29
 Jeoffry29, 60
 John6, 27
 William15, 29
 Thomas7, 26
 Margery56, 58


WRO 88:2/48Page 11Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1993

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