WILTSHIRE - Key to Abbreviations used in Parish Pages

The abbreviations used in the Church Records sections on our Wiltshire Towns and Parishes page refer to groups of parish records - for example IGI - for which descriptions are provided on the accompanying Church Records and Indexes page. This page provides a list of these abbreviations:

We provide a web page for each parish in Wiltshire, with a list for places of worship in the parish, where we have information about its parish records. These include dates of coverage, and also any indexes to registers which we know of. A question mark after the date indicates that I (David) suspect there is an error, or that the initial information is incomplete. If there are known to be gaps, this will be indicated as a comment.

If there are several churches with indexed registers in the parish, e.g. a Church of England parish church and a non-conformist church, there will be section for each. For towns like Salisbury with several parishes, there will be a page for the town with information for non-conformist churches, and links to separate pages for each Church of England parish.

There is a description for each category explaining the way to access records of that type on the Church Records and Indexes page. This includes a link to the Nimrod Marriage Index which is complete for Wiltshire.

The IGI Batch numbers have been obtained by taking each one listed in the July 1997 issue of the Parish and Vital Records Listing available on microfiche in Family History Centres of the LDS Church, and doing a search in the Internet version of FamilySearch using that Batch number. Many of the Batch numbers in the Parish and Vital Records Listing are in the VRI rather than the IGI. For Wiltshire, there are about equal numbers of registers indexed in the IGI and the VRI. It is very rare for a register to be indexed in both.

The parishes and dates included in the VRI have been taken from the VRI disks, by a location search in Wiltshire.