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Commissary Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634) Surnames A-B


ABBEYS, Henry - Enfield, Mdx, husb (f315)

    chldr Henry, Wlm, Jn & Mary; wife Sara exec; wtns Rob Archer, Henry Whowode & Ortredge Cordell

ABRAHAM, Margaret - Sewardston, Waltham Holycross [Essex], widow (f239)

    chldr Susanna, Frances, Dorothy, Anne, Margt, Rob & Thos; Sam North; Eliz Abraham; Margt Briges; son Jn exec; wtns Thos Ansley & Rob Stooke

ABRAHAM, William - Enfield, Mdx, husb (f520)

    Nichls son Nichls Hounsdon; sis Sara; Wlm & Mary chldr of Wlm Keane; exec Nichls Hounsdon; wtns Rob Rash, Henry Hawkes & Abrm Smith

ACRES, George - Enfield, Mdx (f336)

    Mr Henry Starkey of Hodsdon, Hertford; dtr Deborah; dtr Martha wife of Jn Mylles; wife Grace exec; wtns Ro Curtys & Jm Smith

ADAMS, Robert - Finchley, Mdx (f112)

    wife Joan; son Wlm & his son Rob; dtr Hanna; son Jn exec; wtns Ben Fenks, Chris Halton & Matt Baylie

AGBOROWE, Thomas - London (f 3)

    bro Edward A; exec knsmn Jn Grove of Chicklane, Mdx taylor; wtns Francis Hayward, Maurice Daveis, Jn Bryon & Rich Mergdale

AGLARD, John - Enfield, Mdx (f175)

    son Wlm Aclard exec; wtns Henry Dodd

ALLEN, Alice - widow of Edmund A of Hatfield Peverel, co Essex, esq (f567)

    bur near 1st husb & son in St Johns Friday St; dtr in law Margt Shipton widow; grandtr Margt Farmer; decsd son Jn Shipton; Mr Walker, Mr Hunones, Mr Rowler, Mr Traverse & Mr Jones ministers; decsd son Thos Shipton & his son Jn; grandtr Hanna Shipton & her grandfather (Swymak?); bro Mowe; cousin Wlm Mowe; son Marshall & his wife; son Farmer & his wife; 3 chldr of cousin Barrow; cousin Lawrence; Mary dtr of cousin Rob Norman; 2 sons of cousin Marmaduke; cousins Jn Norman & Mary Creswell; Mr Howes; Mr Bringley; goodwife Peirce; Mr Carletons knswmn Margt; svt Henry Poole; Mr Tully; Mary Newman; Jacob son of Mr Lawes; Mr Poole clerk; goodman Baley; grandson Thos Shipton exec; overs knsmn Thos Barrowe & Bart Edwards; wtns Rob Smith, Rich Warner & Phil Gardener

ALLEN, Anne - widow of Edward A of St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, gent (f536)

late husbs niece Mary Whitacres; exec sis wife of Wlm Butcher of Queen St gent & her dtr Eliz; overs Jn Miller, Jn Child & Francis Smith gents; wtns Thos Trockmorton, Jn Brooke & J Smith

ALLEN, William - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, yeo (f30) surname given as Ratcliffe in margin & index

dtr Anne wife of Thos Powell of St Mary Whitechapel & their dtr Anne; lease in Shadwell; wife Eliz exec; overs Anthony Briant, Rich Stukely, Edward Wells & Lewis Jones; wtns Rob Burroughes, Jn Tucker & Edward Scriven

ALLEN, William - London, trumpetter (f475)

poor of French church; nephew David Allen; Eliz & Ursula dtrs of bro Jn A; mother Gaskard widow; Thos Allen & his bro Jn; Ursula wife of cousin Dunstan Allen; Matt, Mary & Jane chldr of cousin Matt Johnson; chldr of bro Wltr A; Sam Sandebrooke barbersurgeon; execs bro Jn A of Weston on the Green, Oxford & his son Wlm; overs Matt Johnson & nephew Dunstan Allen; wtns Wlm Holford & Geo Brome

ALWINCKLE, Giles - St Hallows Staining, London, house carpenter (f227)

chldr Giles & Anne; prsnt wife Susan exec; overs knsmn Rich Alwinckle carpenter & Wlm Collett of Tower of London, clothworker; wtns Jn Rymell & Vincent Galward

AMPLEFORD, Margaret - London, widow (f374)

bur St Ethelburga near husb & chldr; Thomasine Browne dtr of husbs sis Mrs Trotter; Jms, Jn, Francis, Anne, Kath & Margt chldr of bro in law Mark Ewer; Phoebe widow of son Ezekiel; cousin Alice Barlowe; exec sis Anne wife of Mark Ewer; overs cousin Geo Morton; wtns Jn Mericke & Peter Hull

ANDREWES, David - mariner (f141)

voyage on ship Hope; Penelope wife of Ralph Billton of Wapping; wtns Geo Raymond, Isaac Todd & Wlm Stopes

ANDREWES, Richard (f382)

bros Thos & Jn A; sis Mary; wife Dorothy; wtns Jn Foxe & Dorcas Fox

ANGELBERGER, Renatus - London, stranger (f252)

bur St Leonard Shoreditch; Isbl Ockle; Geo Madux; Jn Milne ctz & draper; son Leonard exec

ANNANT, Alexander - Wapping Wall, Stepney, mariner (f122)

exec Jn Medderburne; wtns Rob Burroughes & Allan Davison

ARCH, John - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, yeo (f46)

bro Thos A; Jn & Thos sons of bro Wlm A decsd; Matt Gage son of sis Margt; 2 dtrs of Wlm Arch; Jn son of Phil Parker; Jn & Thos sons of Jn & Winifred Ben; exec Phil Parker; overs Rob Patrickson & Thos Darby victualer; wtns Thos Yates, Thos Richardson & Jn Pinketh

ARCHER, Henry - Upsheere, Waltham Holycross, Essec, keeper (f151)

dtr Ellen; wife Agn exec; wtns Jn Smith

ARCHER, Thomas - citizen and carpenter (f296)

bur St Mildred in Poultry; dtr Sara; nephews Solomon son of Jn Arbell & Jms son of Henry Arbell; lease in Dukes Place near Aldgate; sis Fortune wife of Jn Arbell; bros Rob & Wlm A; wife Abigail exec; wtns Henry Cole & Thos Dutton

ARTHUR, Margaret - St Giles in the Fields (f1)

late husb Edward Arthur of Wallingford, Berks gent; Anne Saunders widow; wtns Vincent Rankell & his wife Ellen

ASHBY, Alice - St Swithin, London, widow (f184)

execs chldr Rich & Rebecca A; wtns Edmund Robardes & Anthony Marsh

ATKINSON, Elizabeth - st Stephens Coleman St (f293)

Eliz & Maudlin dtrs of son in law Rob Atkinson; grandson Thos Atkinson; Rowland son of Rowland Wilson esq; Susan wife of Michael Atkinson bricklayer; Henry son of Henry Wilson freemason; Anne Keyes; first husbs knsmn Wlm Hartfeild pewterer; exec Mr Rowland Willson; overs Mr Birkett; wtns Jn Smyth, Joan Restherne & Thos Bostocke

ATKINSON, Thomas - St Stevens Coleman Street (f153)

land in Cartmel, Lancashire & Crosthwaite, Westmoreland; son Rob & his chldr Thos & Eliz; Rob Tinsley; co of plasterers; cousins Jms & Michael Atkinson; execs son Rob & wife Eliz; overs Mr Jms Burkett & Wlm Lether

ATRIDGE, Alice - Hackney, Mdx, widow (f147)

son Jn Man; son Henry Worly & his dtr Dorothy; grandson Jasper Worly; Bart, Wlm, Jane, Alice, Sara & Eliz chldr of late husb Bart A; dtr Margt Worlye exec; overs Henry Wharton & Jn Barnett silkweavers

AUSTEN, Philipp - London, spinster (f171)

bro & sis Henry & Eliz Slate; cousins Jn & Eliz Slate; bro & sis Wlm & Anne Austen; exec sis Margt Austen; wtns Roger Dutton, Rob Marshall, Wlm Saywell & Chas Dutton svt of Alex Colston

AUSTINE, Thomas (f29)

on voyage; mother; sis Ellen A; wtns Edward Lymbry & Jn Batten

AWBREY, Sarah, wife of John A, citizen and girdler of London (f89)

son Thos Palmer & his son & 2 dtrs; son Vincent Palmer; dtr Sara A wife of Wlm Geere; land in Hackney to son Geeres chldr Wlm, Sarah, Mary & Susan; sis Farbarne; cousin Eliz Hebbard & her sons Jn & Wlm H; cousin Cath Farbarne; sis Martha Harris & her chldr Francis, Martha & Alice; sis Ellis; cousin Praiser; chldr Jn & Mary Awbrey; dtrs Beauchamp & Leddingham; Mr Vertue parson; Mr Cavill of Battersea [co Surrey] chaplain; Mr Foxley & Mr Rowle preacher; nurse Charment; svts Sarah Crosse & Mary Bedford; son Lodginghams maid Mary Hunt

AYRES, John - Hackney, Mdx, yeo (f505)

chldr Luke, Edward, Joan, Thomasine & Anne; dtr Mary Payne; wife Anne exec; wtns Jn Adeney, Edward Hughes, Peter Steedman & Rich Lockley



BACHE, Francis - St Mildred Breadstreet, London (f124)

father & mother; bros Jn, Rich, Wlm & Henry B; sis Anne; sis Isbl Cooke widow; chldr of uncle Thos Bache; Sam Nichollson & his sis Joan; Mr & Mrs Simpson; Mr & Mrs Worthey; Thos Stanley; Sareth Clemond; knsmn Jn Westcollcousin Bowden; execs bro Thos & sis Mary B; wtns Susan Emson & Julian Bache

BACHE, John - citizen and plumer (f30)
mother Emma Bach widow; sis Alice B; bro in law Thos Greatham; Wlm King; Rob Spurling; unborn child; mother in law Joan Halliwell widow; wife Mary exec; wtns Rich Gill

BADCOCKE, Agnes - St Katherine Creechurch, London, widow (f346)

exec dtr Eliz wife of Thos Tickner; overs Thos Tickner of Ratcliffe, Stepney ctz & grocer; wtns Bart Clarke & Ant Body

BADDESLY, Francis (f286)

father & mother; bros Rich, Jn, Thos, Corkin & Geo; sis Abby & Amy; wife Eliz exec; wtns Jn Tribicke, Owen Lloyd & Isbl Houson

BAKER, Audrey - wife of Giles B of London, yeo (f282)

son Jn Ofeild & his son Francis; bond of Roger Cockaine ctz & skinner; knsmn Sam Owfeild esq; exec cousin Jn Ofeild merchant; wtns Thos & Sam Abbott, Bart Cressener, Hugh Justice & Matt Locke


BAKER, Dorothy - widow (f472)

son Wltr Greene; house in Newgate Market; dtr Grace wife of Rich Younge grocer & her father Edmund Baker decsd; svts Margt Greene & Dorothy Bradley; poor of Christchurch; Anne wife of Francis Stone; Henry Allen; nurse Brewer; Sara dtr of Jn Allen; bro Allen; knsmn Jn Hudson; Philippe Heycock; Alice Hinge; goodman Gosnall; Cicely Gosnall; exec son in law Rich Young; overs Jn Dodd scrivener; wtns Edmund Haslewoodd, Thos White & Jn Underwood svt of Rich Milton


BALDWYNNE, Thomas - Walthamstowe, Essex, weaver (f439)

son Jms; dtr Parnell Pritchett; wife Jane exec; overs Jn Daston & Thos Collard; wtns Kath Coldwell


BALL, Robert - Hadley, Mdx, baker (f246)

chldr Wlm, Jn, Susan & Eliz; svt Joan Arnold; wife Eliz exec; wtns Ely Tourns, Jn Browne & Wlm Hunt


BALLARD, Lawrence - citizen and gardener (f80)

chldr of dtr & her husb Rich Brewton; son Lawrence; wife Margt exec; wtns Matt Haley, Edward Mason, Thos Ferisane & Hugh Sonesir


BALLARD, Thomas - citizen and merchantaylor (f5)

bur St Antholins; son Greg; dtr Andryan wife of Captain Gaye; wife Alice exec


BAMPTON, Richard - St Bennetts, skinner and citizen (f114)

chldr of bro Jn B of Great Kimble, Bucks; chldr of bro Wlm B; mother Alice B widow; cousin Jn Clarke; Sara Brinckworth; Margt Clarke; exec cousin Roger Seer of St Mildred Bread St; wtns Margt Palyn, Edward Heyborn & Sam Francklin


BANES, Anthony - citizen and cutler (f58)

godson Chris son of Chris Favell; knswmn Isbl dtr of Rich Banes cooper decsd & her sis Emme Sheriffe & 2 other sisters; wife Mary exec; overs bro Henry Kyme & Chris Favell; wtns Thos Brady


BANKS, John (f133)

bro Henry B; godtr Olive Bankes; wife Grace exec; wtns Rob Sheppard & Rob Young


BANTON, Christopher - St Martins Vintry (f19)

Jn Ranshall; wife Dorothy exec; wtns Francis Brunskill


BARBER, Michael - Little Stanmore alias Whitchurch, Mdx (f540)

chldr Jn, Anne, Susan & Wlm; land in Luton, co Bedford to son Rob; execs wife Joan & son Michael; wtns Nichls Guy & Jn Willis


BARKER (or Banton?), Dorothy - late wife of Christopher B, bricklayer (f289)

son Geo B; bro Jn; sis Mary & Eliz; svt Wlm Hignall; overs Jn Needler bricklayer & Jn Pilkington taylor; wtns David Wright


BARNARD alias FULLER, George - Edgeware, Mdx, butcher (f500)

son Geo & other chldr; wife Eliz; wtns Thos Cady, Alex Guy & Rich Owine


BARNETT, John - Hackney, Mdx (f345)

2 chldr; wife Mary exec; wtns Jn Bowman & Susan Wilkinson


BARRETT, Matthew - Limehouse, Mdx, mariner (f217)

chldr Matt, Geo, Chris & Mary; wife Beatrice exec; overs knsmn Phil Culham ctz & merchantaylor; wtns Jn Doggins, Edw Singleton, Ga Newman & Rich Hamon


BARTLETT, Thomas - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, bellfounder (f422)

chldr Anthony & Mary; 2 sons of decsd bro Rob B; svt Joan King; wife Ellen exec; overs Wlm Browne ctz & cooper & Anthony Mason ctz & draper; wtns Anthony Bodwen & Roger Dunn


BARWELL, Rebecca - Blackfriars, widow (f299)

chldr Sam & Rebecca; exec Thos Paul ctz & haberdasher; wtns Matt Billing & Kath Rall


BASSELY, Nicholas, senr (f180)

wife Alice; sons Moses, Rob & Jn; Hope Bassley; dtrs Mary Darling & Alice Harvy; Eliz wife of Rob Bassley; bro Geo B; grandchldr; exec son Nichls B; overs Jn White & Thos Hoore; wtns Francis Ball


BATEMAN, Lewis (f11)

bro Thos B; mother Dorcas Britten; Wlm Measures & Jn Dale going to the Indies; svt Jn True; svts indenture at Mrs Picketts in Wapping; exec bro Wltr B


BATEMAN, Mary - widow (f417)

Mary Fleminge; cousin Mary Kinge of Melton Mowbray, Leicester; Mrs Salten; Joan & Susanna Smith; wtns Edward Houghton


BATEMAN, Mary - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, spinster (f489)

Rob Nitingale vintner; legacy from master Thos Bullocke; exec Eliz Twells widow; wtns Thos Buckoke, Jms Welhead & Wlm Michell


BATES, Thomas - Epping, Essex, victualler (f519)

chldr Henry, Frances & Mary; decsd son Edward & his son Henry; wife Mary exec; wtns Cresse Barton, Wlm Clay & Jn Godfrey


BATKIN, Oliver - St Sepulchre, London, yeo (f365)

knsmn Gilbert Batkin; exec knsmn David Creake; overs Roger Tewe & Wlm Johnson; wtns Peter Hughes & Hendrick Schellerck


BATTEN, Andrew, senr - Poplar, Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f512)

dtrs Martha Bradford, Mary Fisher, Eliz Treehanck & Dorothy Ashmore; land in Winsford, co Somerset; grandchldr Jn, Andrew & Frances Woodward; svt Francis Wilkson; son Andrew exec; overs son Wlm B, Bryant Johnson knt & son in law Joseph Treehanck; wtns Edward Singleton & Hmfry Rachman


BAVIN, Thomas - Great Greenford, Mdx, yeo (f187)

chldr Thos, Anne & Mary; mother; wife Mary exec; wtns Thos Sheppard, Roger & Wlm Hill, Reynols & Anne Mathewe, Jn Rogers, Andrew Roman & Eliz Herring


BAYLE, Robert - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, collarmaker (f114)

knsmn Jn Cooke; bros son Simon Baly; Jn Horner; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Sawdry & Roger Smith


BAYLIE, Elizabeth - Fleetstreet, London, widow (f302)

aunt Campe; dtr Eliz Sanders; sis Mabel Reeve; godtr Mary Wright; exec son Francis B; overs bros Nichls Wright & Thos Reeve & son Jn Longe; wtns Thos Hodgkin & Rob Odam


BAYLIE, William - citizen and whitebaker (f298)

clhdr Constance, Margt & Wlm; wife Mary exec; wtns Jms Foster, Jn Briton, Jn Norris & Thos Bower


BAYLY, William - Finchley, Mdx, victualler (f267)

dtrs Sara & Eliz; son; wife Epham exec; wtns Edward Santer


BAYLYE, John (f446)

Geo Moore; master Thos Westcott; Kath Westcott; wtns Andrew French


BAZING, Abraham (f376)

chldr Anne, Jn & Isaac; wife Kath exec; overs Jn Cambron; wtns Jn Basquesne & Peter Monnoier


BEACHANT, Richard - Hendon, Mdx, husb (f43)

wife Eliz; grandchldr Wlm, Jn, Alice, Eliz, Rich, Joseph, Jane & Mary Fletcher; dtr Eliz Fletcher; exec son in law Wlm Fletcher; overs Wlm Francklyn & Rich Parsons; wtns Wlm Hughson & Roger Smont


BEADELL, Thomas - St Martin Vintry, citizen and tallowchandler (f129)

chldr Henry, Thos & Hannah; bro Rob B; wife Eliz exec; wtns Jn Abbott & Roger Hinton


BEALE, Katherine - Tottenham, Mdx, widow (f194)

late husb Geo B; land in St Giles without Cripplegate to chldr of son Rob Tristram; exec son Rob Tristram; wtns Margt Lee widow, Joan Collier & Jacob Crowder


BEARD, Basil - Epping, Essex, yeo (f405)

chldr Jn, Joan, Isbl & Mary; prsnt wife Frances exec; overs bros Wlm & Jms B; wtns Andrew Searle, Joshua Naylor & Jms Fale


BEARE, John - London, esq (f556)

land in "Horsted", "Bostoll" & Gravesend, co Kent; bond of Wlm Hill of Totington, Mdx esq & Peter Warberton of "Hesterton Grange" Cheshire esq; sons Wlm, Sidney & Edward; exec prsnt wife Eliz & son Jn; overs Francis Phillips esq, auditor, Thos Northey merchant & Edward Taylor ctz & girdler; wtns Wlm Clerke, Rich Sheffeld, Michael Lea & Wlm Denman


BEARE, Thomas - carpenter of the ship Charitie (f486)

wife Thomasine; land in Townstall, Dartmouth [co Devon]; son Jn B; Jn Johnson planter in Tortuga; Sam Prowse purser; knsmn Jn Barton; wtns Edward Foster & Simon Pears


BEASELEY, Amy - Old Brentford, Ealing, Mdx, widow (f279)

Eliz & Jane dtrs of dtr Eliz wife of Edward Freewater of Hanworth; dtr Jane wife of Jn Redfearne of Kingston on Thames barberchirurgeon; nephew Jane Prescott; Margt, Wlm & Geo chldr of Wlm Beaseley waterman; dtr Alice Prescott exec; overs Wlm Beasely & Edward Hanbury; wtns Wlm Spooner


BEASELY, George - Old Brentford, Ealing, Mdx, mercer (f186)

chldr Geo, Bettris, Dorothy, Jane & Margt; Wlm, Geo & Margt chldr of Wlm Beasely waterman; wife Amy exec; overs Edward Hanbury schoolmaster; wtns Rich Spooner & Rich Needes


BEAST, Charles - Middle Temple, London, gent (f435)

bur Temple Church; Thos Tye gent; bro Michael B exec; wtns Margt Marrard & Edmund Creeme


BECKE, John - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, shoemaker (f151)

decsd bro Wlm B, his widow Cicely Bolton & their son Francis; uncle Hugh Becke in co Stafford; prsnt wife Margt exec; wtns Jn Goulding, Wlm Warren, Arnall Francis & Jn Wilkinson


BEERE, Roger - bachelor, died overseas (f4)

bro Simon B in England; bro Wlm B mate in the ship Hopewell; Mary Beere alias Gilson widow & exec of Wlm Beere; wtns Dan White burser


BELL, Leonard - Wapping, St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, yeo (f68)

chldr of sis Jane wife of Sephraim Mosse of St Andrews Holborn gent; svt Jane Sergeant; wife Mary exec; wtns Chris Wraye & Jn Sidwell


BELL, Simon - St Clements Eastcheap, London, yeo (f251)

sis Joan wife of Thos Cope; sis Mary Daffy widow; Joan Wood; debt of Leonard & Geo Belch of Walthamstowe, Essex; exec Jn Wood; wtns Phil Caroles, Dan Byddell & Thos Millington


BELLDEN, Edward - Highgate, Hornsey, collarmaker (f360)

chldr Rob & Kath; wife Anne exec; overs Mr Taylor minister; wtns Geo Taylor & Henry Lee


BENAM, Andrew - Wapping, Whitechapel, Mdx (f525)

bro Ralph B; wife Dorothy; wtns Jane Ferris widow & Martha Simons


BENNETT, Edmund - citizen and fustendresser (f149)

dtrs Sarah & Anne; bros Wlm & Thos; cousin Rob Hull; svt Peter Ellis; wife Sara exec; overs Thos Hopkins; wtns Mathias Seniohn


BENNETT, William - St Mary Aldermanbury, citizen and plasterer (f372)

Thos Johnson of St Botolphs Aldersgate, ctz & bricklayer; Mr Nathaniel Merrie minister; wife Joan; dtr; wtns Mr Hughes, Hmfry Oneby & Margt Johnson


BENSON, William - Christchurch, London, merchantaylor (f113)

bro in law Bull of Noke, Oxford, freemason; chldr Frances & Wlm; wife Ellen exec; wtns Ellen Onesby & Jane Wood


BESSE, Mary - London, widow (f415)

bur St Mildred in Poultry near late husb Wlm B; son Wlm B; dtrs Joan Hardwicke, Eliz Bragge & Anne Tothill widow; grandtr Anne Mott widow; sisters; grandchldr Nathaniel & Mary Besse, Sarah Tothill & Eliz Bragge; son Geo B exec; overs bro Mr Jn Hayes; wtns Jn Tyffyn & Anthony Boys


BEST, Samuel - St Bennett Pauls Wharf, embroiderer (f264)

nephew Thos son of Farnham Best; nephew Wlm Best; wife Margt exec; wtns Francis Tuckyr minister & Matt Lee


BETTS, Matthew - Enfield, Mdx, yeo (f291)

sons Rich & Jn; sis Anne Lincolne widow; sis Eliz Read widow; wife Eliz exec; overs bro Francis B, Jonas Mayhew yeo & Orledge Cordell; wtns Thos Mayhowe


BEVON, Jasper - Hackney, Mdx, yeo (f306)

chldr Geo & Jane; wife Cicely exec; overs Rob Sweet ctz & fishmonger & Peter Goodwin ctz & salter; wtns Luke Gilbert & Wlm Cooper


BIGGINS, Grace - Woodford, Essex, widow (f497)

grandsons Dan & Wlm Thelwall; decsd grandtr Dorothy Purdye & her dtr Anne; wtns Anne wife of Dr Wlm Isaacson


BIGNELL, William - St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London (f44)

Thos Hamond; wife Isbl; dtr Joan; wtns Anthony Cooper & Azariell Sherlborne


BILLING, Francis - St Stevens Coleman St, London, bachelor (f108)

bro Nathaniel B; sis Clarke; goods in Litchborowe [Northampton]; bro Rob Clarke; cousin Hawley; Adomiram Byfield; wtns Lawrence Hawley


BLACKHURST, Hugh - citizen and goldsmith (f95)

bro Rich B; sis Alice B; cousin Anne Taylor; Anne Tuckey; Eliz Thornebury of Woolwich; Wlm Hunt; Roger Symper; Beatrix dtr of Rob Symper; execs Thos Parks silkweaver & Wlm Walker goldsmith; overs Jn Walker of St Giles without Cripplegate; wtns Edward Fletcher & Edward Farthwait


BLACKLEACH, James - London, gent (f450)

land in Heckfield, Hampshire; decsd bro Henry B & his dtr Sara in Ireland & son Huan; Jms & Henry sons of bro Rich B in Lathom [Lancashire]; Huan, Thos, Jane & Margery chldr of bro Jn B; chldr of decsd sis Kath Hallsall; Rich, Jn & Joany chldr of sis Eliz Peeter widow & her grandchldr Jms & Eliz P; sis Alice Crooke; sis Jane wife of Thos Crooke; cousins Alice & Eliz dtrs of Thos Such innholder of Smithfield Barrs, Mdx; orphans Thos & Eliz Mayes; Nathaniel Raven scholar in Cambridge; cousin Kath wife of Adam Clayton; Mr Warninge shoemaker of Blackfriars; Mr Cutter haberdasher in Black & White Court; Rich Hagger & goodman Davies of St Giles; Jn Tucker of Middle Row in Holborne; Rich Evans silkweaver; Henry Gated; cousins Shorleker of Shoelane printer & Mr Jn Hoult & their aunt Mrs Browne; execs cousin Thos Browne ctz & haberdasher, knsmn Mr Abrm Blackleach of Gloucester & Henry Barlon ctz & marchantaylor; overs Mr Geo Walker pastor of St Jn Evangelist in Watling St & Mr Broxapp pastor of Ormskirk, Lancashire; wtns Ralph Rockeby, Wlm Rufford, Leonard Hickford & Paul Micklethwaite

-codicil- (f397 and 456)

master Mr Wlm Haye deputy of Kings Wardrobe & his bros in law Mr Knight parson of Grandsdon & Mr Fowke lawyer; Mr Hooker; Sir Nichls Salter; Edward Hilliard imbroderer; Lord Hay Earl of Carlisle


BLACKWAY, Jane - London, widow (f109)

bur St Dunstans in the West; late husb Rich B; Rowland, Eliz & other chldr of Rich Carter of Kenley, Shropshire; sis Alice Blackway of Kenley & her dtr Dorothy & 2 others; Chris son of bro Lancelot son of Roger Blackway; Eliz dtr of Roger Blackway; Mary Browne widow, dtr of Rich Carter; Thos son of Mary Carter dtr of Wlm C of Kenley;Mary dtr of Thos & Agn Forrester; Wlm Nocke; dtr of Wlm Blackway of Kenley; Joan Townson widow; godtr Jane Benyon; Eliz wife of Thos Benyon; Mary dtr of Geo Nocke, now wife of Wlm Neighbour; Susan dtr of widow of Silvanus Wildblood; Ruth Wildblood; Dan Starke son of Mrs Wildblood; widow Vardyn of Holborn condite; Wlm Allen; dtr Mary wife of Rich Goodridge; Kath & Valentine chldr of Valentine Boggs; dtr of Rich Mychell; Jn Blackway barber of Limehouse; Dorothy Mannering; exec cousin Wltr son of Rich Carter decsd; overs Joseph Rogers & Thos Forrester cutlers; wtns Wlm Keble, Ben Griffith & Wlm Gamble


BLAKE, William (f404)

Mr Lamley; godson Wlm Milton; Thos Blake of Essex; Elias Gunner; Dorcas Bond; father; sis Fige; bro Valentine Fyge; bro Thos


BODDINGTON, William - All Hallows Barking, joyner (f241)

sons Wlm & Jn; Eliz wife of Ralph Cox; exec prsnt wife Bridget; overs Peregrine Herbert & Jn Bayly


BONDMAN, Thomas - mariner (f165)

wife Eliz; Thos Severne; knives to be sold in Constantinople; 3 sons of Hugh Brewer; Jn Brewer of Chipman; wtns Jn Harris & Anthony Roworth


BOONE, Bryan - prisoner in the Fleet (f154)

lease in Smithfield to cousin Rich Burden; witns Thos Kilbett, Jn Broadbank, Thos Whittingham & Jn Shetlewood


BOULGER, David - Christchurch within Newgate, London, fruiterer (f418)

son Barnaby; wife Cicely exec; wtns Jn Flood, Thos Austen, Jn Hayne & Roger Harris


BOULTON, Alice - Wapping,Mdx, widow (f437)

son Jms; dtr Eliz wife of Dan Dalton; godson Peter Kirke; execs dtrs Frances Wilson & Alice Joanes; overs son Nichls Vyne of Bristol [co Gloucester]; wtns Rob Benworth & Dorcas Bird


BOURCHIER, Dame Elizabeth (f410)

exec svt Kath Loweth; wtns Ro Flud & Ro Christopher


BRACY, James - citizen and curryer (f200)

bur All Hallows in the Wall near Bishopsgate; knswmn Judith Symnell; sisters dtr Grace Harvey; sister son Jn Peirson & his son Jn; wife Millicent exec; overs Thos Newton & Rob Clemence; wtns Anthony Popejoy, Jn Turnpany, Rich Latham & Henry Travers


BRACY, Margery - St Anne Blackfriars, London, widow (f463)

Wlm Switzer; dtrs 2 chldr; Mr Hamone; Mrs Franke; 3 chldr of sis; Francis Newman; Mrs Blowen; Mrs Gyme; Mr Wlm Pryme minister; exec Mrs Rebecca Bennett widow


BRADFORD, Thomas - St Antholin, London, merchantaylor (f46)

Mary wife of Isaac Rott; Rebecca wife of Francis Gardner; bros Edward & Jn B; sis Collyer; Geo Olton; Thos Tyms; Phil Prat; exec son in law Wlm Passand

BRADLIE, Agnes - Waltham Holycross, Essex, widow (f71)

dtr Susan; knsmn Giles Greene; svt Margery Finch; grandchldr Jn Derington & Mary Fletcher; godchldr Agn Goulding, Eliz Greene & Wlm Crimshorne; dtrs Margt Derington & Mary Fletcher; execs bros Jn & Chris Goulding; wtns Joan Greene & Mary Nicholl


BRAMHALL, Catherine - London, widow (f211, also proved at Canterbury)

son Solomon Pothan; dtr Hanna Hill; dtr in law Eliz wife of Rich Rowell; poor of St Dunstans in the West; exec son Jn Pothan scholar in St Johns College, Cambridge; wtns Thos Benyon, Jms Ilsbery, Rob Holland & Roger Harris


BRAMLEY, William - St Sepulchre, citizen and brewer (f391)

bro Jn B; dtr Elnr; wife Faith exec; wtns Rice Oxington, Wlm Knowles & Geo Wilkinson


BRAMPTON, Eleanor - St Nicholas Cole Abbey (f115)

bros son Jeff Brampton oatmeal man of Whitechapel & his sis Mary; wife of Anthony Brampton; cousin Penelope Burtes; Thos Houghtons wife; Wlm Chibald; chldr


BRAND, Margery - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London, widow (f45)

bros Gordian, Thos & Edward Spooner; dtr of bro Nichls Spooner; dtr of sis Joan Gates; knswmn Eliz Sharpe; godson Jn Gurrey; Jn Perkins of Dodington, Oxford innkeeper; other sisters; exec Francis Gurrey ctz & peyntersteyner; wtns Lewis Powell, Mary Smith & Thos Brady svt of Chris Favell


BRANGWINE, John - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, painter (f476)

wife exec; wtns Jn Guibon minister & Jn Bennett


BREWER, Hugh - citizen and staconer (f407)

sis Eliz wife of Rob Barton & her dtrs Eliz B & Mary Cotton; sis Alice B in Norwich [Norfolk]; sis Joan wife of Jn (or Rob?) Cooper; wifes godson Henry Linnett; decsd sis Agn wife of Simon Hulet; Mr Woodnett printer; wife Mary exec; overs Mr Ferdinando Clarke


BREWER, John - St Giles in the Fields (f97)

sons Rich & Dan; dtr Eliz Hull & her son Thos; dtr Joan Wracksall widow & her chldr Jn, Mary & Ellen; Margt Oliver; Sis Joyce; wife Sara exec; wtns Lawrence Hall, Rob Playsted, Rob Webb & Nichls Riddett


BREWER alias WOOTTON, Jasper - Christchurch, citizen and skinner (f329)

wife Anne exec; overs wifes son Mr Thos Hogsflesh of Staple Inn gent; wtns Joan Hogsflesh


BRIAN, George - Northall, Mdx, yeo (f471)

dtr Mary; sis Sara Crismas; prsnt wife Mary exec; overs Rich Bures, Henry Arundell, Jn Rouse & Sam Edkyn; wtns Edmund Brian


BRIGES, George - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, butcher (f189)

chldr Jn, Roger, Mary, Joan, Frances & Judy; Wlm son of dtr Anne wife of Rob Daine; execs wife Anne & son Geo; wtns Jn Gould & Roger Bromlley


BROWNE, Alexander - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, vintner (f187)

son in law Jn Hosier; Jeff Wheler; wife Magdalen exec; overs bro Jn Bond of Tower St vintner & Mr Jn Dalbie gent; wtns Nichls Camberford & Rich Baker


BROWNE, Elizabeth - St Peters in Thamestreet, London, widow (f274)

son Giles B; grandtr Dorothy Browne; son Jn B exec; wtns Alice Squire, Alice Smith & Edw Finch


BROWNE, Fearnatt - citizen and salter (f326)

bur near bro Abel B; chldr Jn, Eliz & Sara; house in St Sepulchre without Newgate; wife Eliz exec; overs Morris Gittens & Abrm Ray; wtns Jn Jorden, Dan Chester & Jn Swanne


BROWNE, Jane - London, widow (f303)

late husb Thos B ctz & haberdasher; bur St Brides; Margery wife of Ralph son of husbs bro Rob B; Bridget wife of husbs knsmn Thos Fisher; bro Rich Tatlocke, his wife Eliz & chldr Jms & Thos B & Anne Mellinge; Ellen dtr of Thos Tatlocke;4 chldr of cousin Rich Shorleyker; sisters chldr Jn & Edward Hoult & Eliz Strudwicke; cousin Wlm Sherleyker; Anne Bowten widow; knswmn Jane Carr; Sara dtr of Jms Tatlocke apothecary; knsmn Thos Taylor chandler; godtr Jane dtr of Rob Bowes; cousin Jane Crooke; Eliz wife of Anthony Hudson; svt Deborah Harcott; exec cousin Rich Shorleyker; overs Joseph Parrott; wtns Thos Goode


BROWNE, Joan - Shadwell, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f416)

Eliz wife of Thos Newman of Rotherhithe, Surrey mariner; Alice wife of Thos Foster of Rotherhithe; Agn wife of Nichls Brockett cordwayner; exec knswmn Anne Reeve; wtns Mary Braddy


BROWNE, Magdalen - Ratcliffe, Mdx, widow (f243)

Rob son of dtr Margt Hides; cousins Rich, Eliz & Susan Bond; sis Mary Jackson widow; sis Esther Bond; Eliz & Bridget Greene; exec son Jn Hosier overseas; overs bro in law Jn Bond & Mr Jn Dalby; wtns Wlm Frith, Edmund Beardesley, Jn Gardner & Anne Crayford


BROWNE, Thomas - Harefield, Mdx, gent (f84)

sis Denis Early & her dtr Mary; wife Margt exec; wtns Jn Paty, Jn Davy & Rich Streat


BROWNE, Thomas (f96)

wife Sarah & her child; Wlm Range; wtns Geo Quarles, Jn Mathen & Jn Frost


BROWNE, Thomas - citizen and haberdasher (f262)

bro Rob B of "Croelane", Cheshire yeo, his wife Bridget & their dtr Bridget wife of Thos Fisher; bro Rich B of "Murkson" Shropshire; bro Jn B; 4 chldr of sis Margt Lind; Wlm son of decsd bro Wlm B; Anthony Hudson; house in St Brides; Jn Holt son of wifes sis; bros son Ralph B; exec prsnt wife Jane; overs Joseph Parrott & cousin Rich Shorleyker; wtns Wlm Clewett


BROWNE, Thomasine - Hanworth, Mdx, widow (f190)

land in Fulham to son Jn; father Thos Butler & grandfather Rich Boteler; Jn, Rich & Joan chldr of decsd son Rob & his wife Joan; dtr Alice wife of Arthur Smith & her son Nichls & dtr Agn Ball; Rob son of dtr Edy wife of Thos Taylor; Jn Rosse & Rich, Augustine & Joan Poole, chldr of dtr Joan wife of Rich Poole; Rich, Jn, Thos & Anne chldr of son Jn B; Wlm & Eliz Ferne chldr of dtr Eliz; son Jn B exec; overs Rich Ride & Wlm Lawrence of Fulham; wtns Roger Bennett, Geo Williams & Thos Forder


BROWNE, William - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, citizen and cooper (f281)

lease in St Leonards Shoreditch; bros son Jn B & his dtrs Olive & Jane; bro Rich B; bros in law Rob & Simon Browne of Westward, Cumberland, husb; Wlm son of Giles Brookes of St Botolphs without Aldersgate; Mr Rob Cox ctz & cooper; Sampson Veare beadle; prsnt wife Susan exec; overs Roger Palmer ctz & pewterer; wtns Wlm Simonds


BRUERTON, Thomas - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, vict. (f25)

dtr Sara; bro Jn Johnson; Jn Mowse; wife Eliz exec; wtns Thos Mosse, Joan Beare


BRYAN, William - Ruislip, Mdx, yeo (f370)

wifes chldr Mary, Martha, Sara, Hanna, Rebecca & Wlm; sons Jn & Geo; Hanna, Rebecca & Wlm Kirton; bond of Wlm Smith of Iver, co Bucks yeo; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Weedon of the Guydge; wtns Rich Vincent, Francis Hamond & Rob Smith


BUEN, Thomas (or Tobias?) - St James Duke Place, London, baker (f72)

son Isaac; cousin Mary wife of Abrm Villiars; wife Mary exec; overs Matt Buens dyer & Anthony Body of St Mary Whitechapel gent; wtns Wlm Symonds


BULLEYNE, Margaret - Cursitors Alley, St Dunstans in the West, Mdx, widow (f269)

Thomasine, Eliz & Mary dtrs of Giles & Martha Newe; knswmn Jane Gardiner in Kent; godtrs Margt Grove & Margt Patt; Pamies dtr; Mary Pelacheele; late husb Albin B; exec knswmn Alice Moseley; overs Wlm Pelacheele & Rich Cheyney; wtns Ens Andrewe, Wltr Watson, Jn Sheffeild & Edmund Naules


BULLOCKE, Thomas - Creechurch, London, gardener (f75)

son Rich of St Giles, yeo in Threeking Court; wife Margt; wtns Thos Morris, Henry Johnson & Edward Gardener


BUNNE, William - Ratcliff, Mdx, mariner (f105)

2 chldr of sis Ellen Cooper; sis Anne; 3 chldr of sis Margt Rayman; ships Pearle & Anne Katherine; wife Eliz exec; wtns Rob Chappell & Edward Singleton


BURGIS, Jane - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, widow (f39)

son Rich Gilpin; son Tobias B; sis Eliz Beamis; 2 sons of Wlm Beamis; exec Wlm Beamis; wtns Jn Vaughan & Sam Cotton


BURLEY, John - Whitechapel, Mdx, carman (f389)

chldr of Wlm Tothill; Wltr Hills of Hamswitch, London needlemaker; exec Thos Burley of Wapping, Mdx cooper; wtns Ant Body & Alex Ashmore


BURRAGE, John - St Swithin, citizen and apothecary (f329)

chldr Jn, Hmfry, Rich & Eliz; bro Thos & his son Francis; land in Castle Morton & Longdon, co Worcester; wife Dyna exec; overs Mr Rich Cooke parson & Rich Dowdeswell of Tewkesbury, co Gloucester gent


BURRE, Richard - citizen and innholder (f287)

dtr Sarah; wife Ursula exec; wtns Gurston Manning & Roger Myller


BURRELL, Anne - St Swithins, London, widow (f57)

son Wlm Stubbes; Eliz wife of Jn Barnard; wtns Joan Webbe


BURT, Joan - widow of Richard B of Ratcliffe, Mdx, waterman (f45)

Jn Clarke; Eliz Bence; Grace Harman; Margt Ellin; Anne Grove; execs Wlm Willoughby & Florence Osborne; wtns Eliz Willoughby & Margt Evans


BURTE, Anne - St Lawrence Pountney, London, widow (f402)

Mr Elias Crabtree minister; grandchldr; son Rob B & his wife Mary Whitliffe; execs: dtrs Susan wife of Jn Udie, Eliz wife of Rich Bond & Anne wife of Greg Trilley; wtns Thos Pennant & Wlm Yate


BURTON, Stephen - Chingford, Essex, yeo (f501)

sons Abrm & Jn; wife Alice exec; wtns Wlm More & Jn Weaver jr


BUSBY, John - citizen and woodmonger (f386)

bro Rob B & his dtr Eliz & 3 other chldr; Chas & Thos sons of wifes bro Edward Grey; landlord Wlm Davenport; wife Alice exec; wtns M Blont

BUTLER, Katherine - All Saints Barking, London, widow (f232)

son Wlm Dawson; Dorothy & Susan dtrs of dtr Mercy Dawson; exec dtr Mercy Dawson; overs Chris Lewes & Wlm Barker; wtns Eliz Garratt
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