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ADAMS, Roger - mariner (f79)

sisters; East India Co; exec mother Maud A of Bristol [co Gloucester] widow; overs Hercules Heywood of Mitchlep [Machilipatnam], West Coromandel, India & Mr Thos Pennistone merchant; wtns Edward Winter


AGER, Maurice - citizen and clothworker (original will # 10)

son Jms; wifes grandtr Mary Harris; grandson Sam Ager; wife Mary exec; wtns Rob Lane svt of Stephen Kinge


AIRES, Mary - St Giles in the Fields [Mdx], widow (f80)

sis Alley; sons Wlm & Geo A; execs Mr Kitchin & bro Edmund Jenings; wtns Mich Palmer & Eliz Alley


ALLINGTON, Joan - Fanchurch, London, widow (f139)

6 chldr of sis Mathews; aunts Bridget Bennett & Mildred Hitch; cousins Anne Percifall, Kath Charsley & Martha Anderson; Dorothy wife of cousin Thos Lane; sis in law Mary Kidbee; 3 chldr of cousin Mary Johnson; son in law Thos Gateley; Jn Randall; exec Mary Johnson; overs Thos Lane; wtns Tho Nelson & Jn Reulston


AMNOR, Sarah - St Anne Blackfriars, spinster (f10)

Blanche Loker; aunt Pyke; Eliz Perfitt; Jms Dobson; cousin Sarah Pyke; uncle Ralph Amnor; cousin Halsey; cousin Henry Dobson; wtns Jn Tombes & Rich Abdy


ARUNDELL, Elizabeth - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, spinster (f70)

Mary Baker; Eliz Kercher; wtns Alice Hodgekinson, Eliz Saunders & Mary Procter


ASKOLL, John - citizen and glazier (f111)

dtr Rebecca A; mother Joan A; bros Rich & Wlm A; sis Alice; wife Alice exec; wtns Wlm Dawes, Michael Nicoll & Wlm Richbell


ATWELL, William - (f69)

bro Edward A; sisters Rahab wife of Rich Price, Ede wife of Henry Spicer & Eliz wife of Jn Newman; wife Margt exec; wtns Jn Cox & Jn Crow


ATWOOD, Robert - Poplar, Mdx, soldier under Capt Richard Read (f83)

bro Henry; 3 chldr of master Jn Eade; bro Thos Pratt; exec Jn Eade; wtns Wlm Bissaker


AUSTEN, Lewis - Stepney (f62)

Rob Wilkens; Thos Jenks; Thos Pruet; Mr Eals gunsmith in Minories; mother Alice A; bro Thos A; exec Wlm Prior


AVERY, Mary - St Dunstans in the West, widow (f129)

Martha Fevens; cousin Anne Choone; wtns Francis Briggs


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BAILEY, William - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, citizen and armourer (f125)

mother in law Alice wife of Wlm Barnbowe; bros Thos & Jn B; uncle Jn Daniel plasterer; Wlm Tempest; exec uncle Thos Bailey; wtns Andrew Salter, Wlm Bird & Jo Underwood


BAKER, Margery - Wapping, St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, widow (f26)

landlady Marsh; cousin Good; Jms & Mary Bartrum; Eliz Walker; Margt Waide alias Barton; wtns Isbl Kirby, Eliz Acklam & Mary Walker


BANES, James - citizen and cook (f142)

uncle Jn Barnewell; cousin Thos Woodroofe; wife Mary exec; overs bro in law Mr Miles Thistlethwaite minister & cousin Mr Jms Mason vintner; wtns Jms Cragge & Wlm Roberts


BARNARD, John - South Mimms, Mdx, yeo (f28)

chldr Jn, Francis & Dorothy B; Eliz wife of Jn Long; Alice wife of Wlm Bennett; dtr Mary Holding; exec grandson Rich son of Francis Barnard; overs Jms Wheeler; wtns Jo Howkins senr & jr


BARNES, John - London, tiremaker (f44)

cousin Jn Morley; cousin Bridget Smart widow & her sis Anne; exec Rachel wife of Jn Jefferson ctz & bowyer; wtns Mark Ewer & Dan & Wlm Hall


BATEMAN, John - citizen and stationer (f27)

house in Shoelane to dtr Sarah Bayarde & her chldr Luke, Edmund & Eliz B; dtr Joyce Harris & her chldr Thos, Jacob & Sarah; son Abrm & his dtr Anne wife of Wltr Maris cutler & her chldr Wltr, Jn & Sarah M; house in Popinioy Alley, St Brides to dtrs husb Thos Harris; son in law Wlm Bayarde; execs dtrs Joyce Harris & Sarah Bayarde; wtns Rich Collines, Jn Webb, A Collins & Thos Jorden


BAYLIE, John - (f135)

chldr Eliz, Anne & Jn; sons Mr Stoner & Mr Spurryer; cousin Honywood; land in Purleigh & Stow [Maries], Essex; wife Susanna exec; wtns Jo Looke, Geo Stainer & Margery Carter


BECKHAM, Elizabeth - St James Garlickhithe, London, widow (f29)

dtrs husb Thos Watkins shoemaker & their 4 chldr; grandtr Margt Williams; exec grandtr Eliz Williams; overs Jms Love mealman & Thos Shotbolt blacksmith; wtns Jn Pewe senr, bricklayer & Jn Bell


BENTON, Ralph - Epping, Essex, yeo (f37)

bro Jn B; wife Martha exec; wtns Rich & Joseph Jocelin & Dan Hudson


BISHOP, Christopher - Hampstead, Mdx, husb (f9)

chldr Chris, Christian, Anne & Margery; wife Christian exec; overs Lawrence Netmaker & Nichls Dyer; wtns Jn Sprinte & Jn Wardle


BLACKERBY, Joan - wife of William B, citizen and vintner (original will # 9)

husbs son Francis; chldr of Eliz wife of Nichls Mugg tailor; Kath wife of Hmfry Smith of [Market] Drayton, Shropshire shoemaker; Thos, Andrew & Rob sons of decsd bro Hmfry Dorrington; godtr Mary Scott; Mary dtr of Jn Shopleach of Adderley, Shropshire; chldr of Thos Miles; Jn & Susan chldr of Ann Dickenson widow; exec Wlm Ruddocke ctz & merchantaylor


BONUS, Richard - Waltham Stow, Essex, gardener (f41)

now impressed as soldier in service of King & Parliament; Eliz Porter widow; wife Eliz; wtns Jn Gibson & Thos Porie / Priors


BOURNE, Joan - Great Stanmore, Mdx, widow (f127)

son Mr Jn Norwood; Jn, Edward & Bridget chldr of grandson Mr Jn Norwood; Wolston, Wlm & Mary chldr of grandson Mr Thos Horwood; grandsons Edward, Wlm & Rob Norwood; grandtrs Jane Tailor, Mrs Mary Wilson & Mary Lee; chldr of grandtr Kath Wilson; dtr Eliz Whitenam widow; dtr Mary & Eliz Bennett; 2 chldr of dtr Silvester Hutchinson; Jn & Silvester Bennett; house in Farnham to Jn & Wlm sons of son in law Jn Lampert; son Mr Jn Bennett; exec grandson Jn Norwood; wtns N Holland minister & Jn Whisson


BRANTON, Jeffrey - Whitechapel, Mdx, oatmealmaker (f143)

mother Eliz Roberts of West Ham, Essex widow & her dtr Kath; 4 chldr of Jn Hatfeild of Dicekey, London shoemaker; Mary Seffing; bro Lawrence B; Jms Woodhouse of Stepney oatmealmaker; wife Margt exec; overs Thos Grimley ctz & woodmonger & Thos Bateman wheelwright; wtns Henry Rogers, Thos Clay & Rich Browne


BRELSFORD, Peter - St James Garlickhithe, London (f90)

dtr Anne & 3 other chldr; wife Sara; wtns Susan Lewis & Alice Barlowe


BREMACOM, Gabriel - citizen and joyner (f87)

dtr Frances wife of Wlm Hale ctz & girdler & her son Wlm; cousin Mr Thos Wheatley; wifes sons Jeremy & Sam Shakemaple; wife Joan exec; wtns Jn Brett & Chr Favell


BROADSTOCKE, Anne - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f40)

son Alex Clements; cousin Mary Levis & her dtr Eliz; exec sis Eliz wife of Matt Loung; wtns Rob Lewis, Kath Ellis & Hannibal Cox


BROOKEBANCK, Jane - Christchurch, London, widow (f86)

Judith dtr of cousin Jn Brookebanck; cousin Wlm Nicholson; cousin Whitney in Southwark [Surrey]; Margery wife of Henry Browne; exec sis Mary Nicholson widow; overs Mr Peter Joyce; wtns Thos Wynne & Jo Palmer


BROWNE, Anne - wife of William B, citizen and leatherseller (f68)

land in Ealing, Mdx to knswmn Margt wife of Thos Dodson ctz & goldsmith; husbs knswmn Joan Coggs widow; land in Hammersmith, Mdx to chldr of bro Thos Williams of Waterford, Ireland; exec Margt Dodson; overs Miles Petty ctz & clothworker & Jms Mason ctz & vintner; wtns Edward Chamberline, Isbl Rose & Jo Bryan


BROWNE, Robert - (f60)

Jms Emerson; goods in India; wtns Henry Bass, Thos Clarke, Roger Barker & Jn Rigeard


BROWNE, William - citizen and leatherseller (f74)

land in Hammersmith & Fulham, Mdx to dtr Joan wife of Jn Awdlie of Hull, Yorkshire; niece Joan Coggs widow; decsd wife Anne; land in East Greene, co Kent to Anne wife of Miles Pettie & Dorothy wife of Jms Mason; grandson Wlm son of Rob Daintie; exec dtr Jane Awdlie; overs Miles Pettie ctz & clothworker & Jms Mason ctz & vintner; wtns Mary Hill, Edward Chamberline & Tho Crooke


BUNN, Alice - Whitchurch, Mdx, widow (f106)

chldr Rob, Rich, Alice & Margt B; dtr Beatrice wife of Thos Brickell; dtrs Eliz Chambers & Mary Shepard; son Jn B exec; wtns Gam Catelyn, Ni Holland minister, Rich Goslinge & Rob Langboune


BURDETT, Richard - Stepney, Mdx, carpenter (f68)

Abrm Tyle; chldr Jn, Peter, Mary, Martha, Isaac & Sarah; Jms Ormes; wife Joan exec; wtns Wlm Browne, Jn Procter, Jn Davison & Jn Musgrave


BURNELL, William - Great Stanmore, Mdx, gent, leatherseller of London (f45)

land in Hendon, Mdx; sosn Thos, Jn & Henry; sis Kath Morley & Anne Ball; wife Eliz exec; overs bro Thos B; wtns Wlm Robinson, Thos Hill & Florans Wild


BURTON, Edward - St Sepulchre, Mdx, citizen and clothworker (f38)

parishes of Great Yeason, co Leicester & St James Clerkenwell; son Jn; wife Bridget exec; wtns Jeff Brettingham, Dan Story & Jo Bryan


BURTON, George, senr - Chingford, Essex, yeo (f73)

Jn Grimstone clerk; Geo son of Geo Burton; Sara dtr of Jn Stockdell of Loughton, Essex; Alice dtr of Jn Burton; Thos Graves; Rich Fulham; Eliz, Grace & Joan dtrs of sis by Thos Grimstone clerk; exec cousin Geo Burton senr; wtns Jn Crowch, Jeff Poole & Jn Fulham


BURTON, Nehemiah - Hammersmith, Fulham, Mdx, maulster (f5)

parents Rich & Ellen B; chldr Mary, Margt, Rich & Steven; wife Mary exec; overs Dan Burton, Wlm Hooper & Wlm Arnold; wtns Wlm Browne & Tho Crooke


BUTT, Hannah - Wapping, Mdx, widow (f24)

mother; bro Joseph Sayer; sis Rebecca Goodlad; aunts Lock, Tirer & Strawe; aunts Anne & Kath Sayer; chldr of bros Jn & Sam Sayer; chldr of sis Sarah Wormelayton, Martha Lee & Mary Richardson; bros Wlm Goodlad, David Booth & N Bodiley; exec father Jn Sayer; wtns Sam Andrews, Val Crome & Henr Colbron


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CANTINE, Giles - (f60)

French church; goods in Low Countries; land in Crespin & Denain [Nord, France] to sis Kath C; uncles Jms & Peter Colbert; Jms Druenne; Magdelaine Fount wife of Jn Paine; aunt Mary Caulbert; Jn Terrey; Margt Bondin widow; Jn Venne senr; execs Jn Coffeaux & Christian La Deuze; wtns Pierre Blanchart & Josua Mainet


CAPELL, Walter - Poplar, Stepney, Mdx (f103)

father; son; bros Jn & Bart; Ramball mariner; wife Anne


CARD (or Chard), William - Enfield, Mdx, in the Army (f121)

chldr Dan, Thos, Wlm, Mary & Sara; wife Alice exec


CARTER, Samuel - Limehouse, Mdx, mariner, on voyage to India in the ship William (f141)

in service of Wlm Curteene esq; exec Susan wife of Jn Grove of Limehouse mariner; wtns Anna Calley & Tho Ball svt of Fra Calley


CARY alias DIBDALE, Magdalen - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, widow (f56)

Mr Gouge vicar; bro Morris Adam; Mr Pigott minister; Mary Osborne; knswmn Anne Dorman; bro in law Nichls Dibdale & his sis; exec Thos Clarkson; wtns Jn & Mary Thomas & Natha Hudson


CATTERELL, William - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London (original will # 7)

dtr Jane C; exec Kath Shepard; wtns Nichls Holdich esq, Wlm Pomphret & Ro Jennings


CHAPMAN, Henry - Highgate, Hornsey, Mdx, carpenter (f99)

dtrs Margt & Mary C; Jn Smith esq; wife Agn exec; overs bro Jms C & bro Jn Norwood jr; wtns Wlm Starling & Ri Wynn


CHAPMAN, Thomas - Wapping, Mdx, mariner (f70)

on voyage to Barbados in ship Barbatho Merchant; Capt Sam Andrewes; exec Jn Browne of Wapping mariner; wtns Thos Hewes & Rob Watsonn


CHARD, Alice - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex gentwmn (f1)

grandchldr Hanfoard, Anne & Mary Bradle; Mary dtr of Bart Glascocke; svt Eliz Warran; Mr Henry Bassawe; goody Grenne of Waltham Abbey; exec knsmn Bart Glascock; wtns Jn Sawdrey jr & Rich Wilkinson


CLARKE, Christopher - Wapping, Mdx, shipwright, on voyage to East India in ship Endeavour (f131)

commander Mr Bowen; sis Edith wife of Alex Goode & her bro Wlm Goode surgeon; exec Alex son of bro in law Alex Goode; wtns Jn Parker, Rob Lutton & Wltr Goode


CLARKE, Richard - London, skinner (f119)

sis Ann Hafford widow; cousin Frances wife of Jn Cooke fishmonger; cousin Margt wife of Andrew Ympia salter; cousin Sara wife of Rich Treene of Eavesley, Coventry [co Warwick] ; cousin Jn Ebbrall of Shrewley, co Warwick yeo; cousin Jn Williams of Bristol [co Gloucester]; cousin Sam Torner of Coventry; exec bro Rob C; wtns Thos Mempris & Chris Clarke


CLARKE, William - Charter House, Mdx, gent (f54)

sis Frances Anne; chldr of cousin Venus Walker wife of Caple; Eliz wife of cousin Wlm Garrett ctz & goldsmith; Mr Hawker gent in Kent; knswmn Millicent Seyres widow; cousin Wlm Crawley; execs knsmn Francis Hawe & cousin Wlm Garrett; wtns Rich Gill & Rob Waler


CLIFFE, Thomas - citizen and pewterer of London (f46)

bur St Sepulchre; decsd dtr Martha wife of Wlm Carter; son in law Wlm Carter & his wife Eliz Shepheard; grandson Jms Cliffe; grandsons Wlm, Thos & Jn Carter; exec Wlm Carter; wtns Ri Rothwell & Ja Winstanley


COCK, William - Wapping, Mdx, mariner (f25)

wife Anne exec; wtns Fran Nelmes, Val Crome & Henry Colbron


COKER, Sarah - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, widow (f139)

dtr in law Lucretia Creaton; cousin Anne Bostock; Jn Breamer; son Wltr C (on voyage to Russia on ship John & Ambrose) & his son Sam; Wlm Abbott; goody Perkins; Jms, Lucretia, Mary & Deborah chldr of Tobias Creaton; exec son in law Tobias Creaton; wtns Wltr Philpott, Wlm Greenfeild, Eliz Breamer & Ben Warde


COLE, Mary - London, widow (f16)

dtr Dennis wife of Jn Alleyn gent; land in St Lawrence Pountney; son in laws father Mathias Alleyn gent, master of Dulwich College, Surrey; exec dtr Sara C; wtns Eliz Love, Jn Berry & Jn Guy


COLLIMOR, Thomas - St Bennett Fink, citizen and haberdasher (f95)

bur near wife; land outside Bishopsgate to dtr Susanna wife of Jn Forster; son Vincent, Rob, Edward & Wlm C; nephew Edward Pinchon; svt Phil Olliver; grandchldr Susanna, Anne, Jn, Wlm & Sam Forster; niece Sara Ashwin; exec son Sam; overs nephew Mr Geo Sharpalls & son in law Mr Jn Forster; wtns Sa Clarke & Thos Browne


COLLINS, Thomas - St Brides, citizen and woodmonger (f62)

bro Jn C of Melton Bryan, co Bedford & his chldr Rob, Jn, Phoebe & Jane; Eliz wife of Geo Carpenter of St Albans, co Hertford; sis Eliz Browne widow & her son Thos B & dtr Susan wife of Thos Snape; wife Rebecca exec; wtns Jn Hunt, Dorothy Holton & Natha Hudson


COOKE, Thomas - (f77)

rent in Exmouth [Devonshire] due to mother Mrs Eliz Whitrow; Jms & Christian chldr of Jms & Christian Luton; Eliz wife of Mr Thos Gilbert; Abigail wife of Thos Arrett; Jn Hazelton; svts of Mr Archer; execs Capt Jms Lutton of Wapping & Mr Thos Gilbert; wtns Ric Warren & Nath Jearmes


COOKESON, Sarah - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, widow (f12)

sis Alice Chappell widow; sis Ballard; niece Eliz Oakley & her bros Stephen & Jn Chappell; Amy Hodgson; son Jms C; bro Wingfeild; dtr in law Susanna Cookeson; Jn Needler; land in Edgeware, Kingsbury & Acton Mdx; 3 chldr of nephew Francis Chappell; 2 chldr of niece Ellen Thornton; sis in law Margt Chappell; bro Jn Chappell; dtr of bro Thos Chappell; Rich Cookeson in Virginia & his sis Frizell; decsd bro Steven Chappell & his son Steven, clerk; Jn son of bro Jn Wilcocks; 2 chldr of sis Ellen Thornton; Sarah, Grace, Dorothy & Anne dtrs of bro Jms Mason; godtr Sarah Wingfeild; execs Rich Reeve, Jn Wilcocks & Jms Mason; wtns Roger Reeve, Thos Greene, Wlm Hodgson & Wlm Piers


COOPER, John - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, coachman (f123)

parents Bennett & Margt C; sis Alice S; bros son Bennett C; Margt dtr of bro Thos C; knsmn Jn Love; prsnt wife Elnr exec; wtns Wlm Taverner & Rich Barnard


COPELAND, Richard - citizen and merchantaylor (f21)

bros Jn & Edward C; Geo, Sam & Judith chldr of bro Joseph; sis Jane Bibbey; dtr in law Dorothy Bailey & her dtr Sarah; wife Sara exec; wtns Ame Nellens, Margt Mason & Nathan Hudson


CORNELIONS, William - (f156)

Wlm Blacke; Jn Pettie seaman; Thos Sandford surgeon on the Seahorse; Thos Thackgure; East India Co; Chris Bacon


COX, John - [West] Wickham, co Kent, carpenter (f77)

Eliz dtr of Jn Wallis of Blackwall carpenter; Wlm son of Wlm Dilton of Deptford [Kent] mealman; Kath wife of Wlm Morton of Deptford shipwright; sis Eliz wife of Jms Bradford of Addington, Surrey husb & her dtr Eliz; chldr of sis Bridget wife of Anthony Smarts; sis Joan wife of Hmfry Broughton; East India Co; overs Jn Curby of Blackwall Mdx strongwaterstiller & Jms Bradford; wtns Miles Fisher, Jn Head, Tho King & Rob Doughty


COX, Mary - Limehouse [Mdx], widow - (f48)

bur Stepney; chldr of Julian Cornish of Ilfracombe [Devon]; Eliz Cornish; 2 sons & 1 dtr of sis Em Frost; exec Francis Holliday; wtns Anne Bell, Anne Hunt & Zachar Parker


CURTIS, John - Whitechapel, Mdx, weaver (f59)

dtr Deborah C; Sarah & Mary dtrs of bro Wlm C of West Ham, Essex; son in law Wlm Hayward; wife Anne exec; overs Wlm Hurst & Wlm Burgin; wtns Geo Robinson & Ben Warde


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DAVIES, Charles - citizen of London (f98)

Jms Candfeild minister; bros Hmfry, Nichls & Edward D; Eliz Jones; Mary Bursey; nieces Anne & Mary Brace & Eliz Hurdman; exec uncle Thos Brace ctz & grocer; wtns Geo Scott, Edward Brace & Joseph Cooke


DAVIS, Anne - wife of Robert Davis of Limehouse, Mdx, mariner (f11)

land in Si Church, Essex to Thos son of sis Abigail Manndrey; Michael son of sis Mary Yeates; exec sis Mary Yeates; overs Francis Colley scrivener; wtns Susan Halstaffe & Tho Cutlett


DAVIS, Elizabeth - London, widow (f11)

dtr Hannah wife of Jn Rolfe; grandtrs Eliz & Mary Cooper; exec son in law Jn Rolfe; wtns Ursula Carter, Kath Jones & Eliz Saull


DE LA SAUCH, Mary - London, widow of James De La Fosse (f114)

son Philippe DLF; Peter Maugon son of late dtr Mary DLF; late father in Valenciennes [France]; decsd son Anthony DLF & his chldr Peter, Jms & Antonette; exec son Francis DLF; wtns Josua Maynett & Rich Clay


DE LE QUEILLERIE, Samuel - (f18)

poor of French church; sis Cath D; exec wife Mary Desmarett; wtns bro in law Liemen Lambert, Peter Blanchart & Jn Marius


DELTON, William - Limehouse, Mdx, blacksmith (f52)

land in Stepney; chldr; wife Frances exec; wtns Wm Ayerst, Jn Mourton & Francis Cally


DENISON, Blanche - widow of Thomas D of St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, joyner (f112)

dtrs Ellen & Mary; Mrs Michell; Mary Dyer; son Thos D exec; wtns Thos Horne, Nicho Fordham & Leonard Fletcher


DIX, Elizabeth - Whitechapel, Mdx, widow (f86)

dtr Hanna wife of Thos Black & her son Thos; godtr Eliz Freeman; exec son Jn D; wtns Hugh Sone


DOUCH, John - Old Gravelane, Stepney, Mdx, gardener (f34)

cousin Emm wife of Jms Middleton of Wapping labourer; sis in law Hester Hartlepoole & her dtr Hester Harries; wife Agn exec; wtns Thos Heacock & Roger Ketherough


DRAYTON, Christopher - gent (f52)

sis Eliz Hockley; bro Dan D; sis Mary D; execs Thos Rich ctz & mercer & knsmn Jn Drayton ctz & vintner; wtns Thos Davenport, Jn Olliffe, Jn Booker & Jn Powell


DREWREY, Benjamin - Wapping, Mdx, mariner (f79)

bro Thos D; exec bro Wlm D of Stepney, Mdx mariner; wtns Wlm Moore & Henry Hayward


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EDWARDS, John - quartermaster of the ship Blessing (f75)

Ralph Little; East India Co; wife Edith; wtns Edward Gilbert


EGEIR, Henry - of the ship Mary (f138)

Edward Jagoe; Thos Collyer; wtns Geo Brenard


ELLESMORE, Joshua - Wapping, Mdx, mariner, master of ship Thomas & Lucy, in island of Cuba (f110)

bro Nehemiah Bates; wife Rachel exec; wtns Rob Hicks, Jms Coate, Rich Lowe & Michael Hall


EVANS, Annabell - Hanworth, Mdx, widow (f124)

houses in St Katherines Coleman to dtr Eliz Wainright; Thos Thomson of Bearden, Essex esq; Geo Hatch of Clavering, Essex mariner; house in All Hallows Staining; dtr Rose Heath; Mr Rob Earle ctz & draper; 2 chldr of Rose Peacock; exec grandtr Eliz Wainright; wtns Rob Binckes, Ellen Goddard & Jms & Bennett Powell


EVANS, Ralph - St Sepulchre, London, merchantaylor (f131)

land in Finchley, Mdx from decsd father in law Wlm Mussedge; son Joseph; chldr of knsmn Wlm Speed; Wlm Billingsley; wife Anne exec; overs Jeremy Malpas of St Mildred Poultry gilder & Wlm Dawson of Minories Aldgate


EVERITT, Henry - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, cordwinder (f116)

sis Margt Davis of Minety, Wiltshire & her son Rob; godson Henry Fuller; wifes bro Wlm Turman; wife Mary exec; wtns Chris Favell


EVERRARD, Amy - St Sepulchre, Mdx, widow (f8)

land in St Bartholomews the Less; grandchldr Jn & Anne Sherley; exec Jn Greene of St Michael Cornhill draper; wtns Thos Smith & Jn Lynnett


EWELL, Margaret - (f61)

sis Anne E; father Jn E; mother; bros Edward & Wlm E; bonds of Jn Fletcher in the Poultry, Anna Graves in Moore Lane & Rich Hollmore; Mrs Jane Waddoxe; wtns Rich Addams


EWER, John - Redhill, Hendon, Mdx, yeo (f104)

son Jn; Frances Oxton spinster; sis Eliz E; poor of Stanmore & Edgware; exec wife Rebecca Ewer alias Fletcher; overs uncle Randall Nicholl & bro Thos Marshe; wtns Dan Tailor


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FARRE, Nicholas - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, citizen and clothworker (f65)

Mary wife of Thos Bussey seaman; Jn Boswell sawyer; bro Lawrence F clothworker; wife Eliz exec


FINNEY, Thomas - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, citizen and vintner (f141)

Wlm son of decsd bro Wlm F; nephews Thos Tong & Jn Butler; wifes sis Eliz Power widow; wife Anne exec; overs Francis Sachary of Stepney esq; wtns Wltr Mitchell, Wlm Maplizden & Rich Terrey


FISHER, John - citizen and blacksmith (f109)

dtr Eliz wife of Wlm Shorden; grandtr Rachel Slipreen; wife Anne exec; overs Jn Sutton, Jn Parry & Rich Pennyall; wtns Jn Chatterton, Gilbert Norris & Jn Lea


FISHER, John - South Mimms, Mdx, shoemaker (f119)

bur Barnett or Hadley; chldr of bro Jacob F; sisters Susan Bailey & Rebecca Rogers; wife Anne exec; overs Rich Silverlock & Stephen Axtell of Chipping Barnett, co Hertford; wtns Ric Westerman


FISHER, Mary - Staines, Mdx, widow (f122)

dtr Ann; grandchldr Henry, Thos & Susanna Knowles; exec son Henry Knowles; overs Edward Pamer & son Jn Cooper


FLOOD, John - South Mimms, Mdx, yeo (f135)

son Nichls; son Jn & his son Jn; dtr Anne wife of Jn Partridge; wife Anne exec; wtns Ely Tourner & Rob Smith


FORWARD, John - Cowley, Mdx (f33)

niece Rebecca Everhead; chldr of niece Eliz Porter; bros Henry & Jn Shaw; niece Susan wife of Jn Mills & their chldr Jms, Penelope & Jane; chldr of Thos Treswallon; chldr of Mr Jn Sutton; godsons Jn Taylor, Jn Poynter, Jn Snealing, Jn Spurting & Francis Whitehead; nephew Wlm & his sis Mary, chldr of Hugh Grove of Beckensteed; exec nephew Jn Mills; overs Lettice wife of Mr Jn Morris of London feltmaker


FOX, Isabel - All Saints Honey Lane, London, widow (f97)

bur near husb in St Giles Cripplegate; son Jn F exec; wtns Thos Juniper & Wlm Snelling


FRENCH, Thomas - Tottenham, Mdx, yeo (f88)

son Henry; execs wife Eliz & dtr Eliz F; wtns Eliz Rosline & Tho Clarke


FURNESSE, Jeremy, Capt - Marston [Moor], Yorkshire (f129)

Rebecca Fisher; Mr Gascoyns; Edw Wells; Capt Holden; bro Edward F; overs Capt Jn Wade
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