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GIFFORD, Alice - Hornsey, Mdx, widow (f148)

nephew Benedict Nicks & his sis Eliz; dtr in law Agn Gifford; exec dtr in law Abigail wife of Thos Read; wtns Edw Taylor & Joh Geoffraye


GLASCOCKE, George - Nazeing, Essex, husb (f67)

dtr Julian G; first wifes dtr Eliz Girdler; father Jn G; bro Jn G; wife Julian exec; overs father in law Chris Sparkes; wtns Thos Scott & Jms Fale


GOODALLE, Roger - Hampstead [Mdx] (f90)

chldr Jn, Rob, Jms, Joan & Nathaniel; dtr Susan Patizan; grandchldr Andrew & Susan Patizen; wife Susan exec; overs bro Simon Heaton & son in law Rob Patizon; wtns Jn Sprinte, Jn Riscton & Lawrence Netmaker


GOODGAME, Katherine - St Michael Cornhill, London, widow (f9)

knsmn Theophilus Loane; Mary wife of Thos Bushell; Rich & Rob Clowd; Jane King; knsmn Thos Clowdes; Mary Holland widow; Rich Randall; exec knswmn Lydia wife of Wlm Henstreet; wtns Chr Townsend & Jn King


GOODWIN alias CLARKE, William - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, citizen and tallowchandler (f42)

son Wlm; bro Jn G als C; wife Anne exec; overs bro Jn Box & Jms Symons cheesemonger; wtns Margt Wagate, Jn Cherry & Jn Hayne


GOURDEN, Margaret - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, widow (f53)

son in law Henry Rowell & his chldr Martha, Jn & Mary; exec Henry Rowell; wtns Francis Chalingwood, Mary Harreson, Eliz Swift & Francis Bartlett


GRAVE, William - Peter the Poor, London, dyer, citizen and joyner (f98)

bro Jn G; Eliz wife of son in law Sam Camby; godson David Camby; cousins Susan & Anne Fowler; cousin Prudence Grave; cousin Anne wife of Edward Clarke; wife Mary exec; wtns Ben Clarke & Rich Kemble


GREENFEILD, Thomas - (f78)

wife Joan; land in Enfield [Mdx]; son Thos; wtns Ursula Terrey & Mary Rogers


GRIFFIN, Humphrey - Leighton, Essex, gent (f108)

5 sons; sis Denham; knswmn Eliz Griffin; Luce & Anne Griffin; Adam Wayne; Wlm Johnson; dtrs Susan & Margt; execs bros Geo Denham & Jn G; overs Sir Wlm Hickes bart & Rich Cooper of Waltham Stowe esq; wtns Rich Sheffeild


GRIMWOOD, SIbyl - wife of William G of Wapping, Mdx, shipwright (f144)

dtr Mary G; decsd uncle Wlm Clarke ctz & carpenter; husb exec; wtns Ric Benewarth & Jn Beckett


GUY, Richard - Ratcliffe Highway, Stepney, Mdx, ropemaker (f37)

under Capt Wlm Archer for the defence of King & Parliament & the true Protestant religion; wife Sarah exec; wtns Jn Morgan, Joseph Lucas & Allen Smith


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HALL, Robert - citizen and fruiterer (f61)

cousin Wlm Hall svt of decsd bro Rich H; dtr in law Anne Price; wife Ellen exec; wtns Rob Gamble & Jn Bell


HALYE, Alice - widow (f102)

dtr Mary wife of Rich Nutting & her chldr; knswmn Anne Woodward; house in Hendon, Mdx; exec son Jn Marsh; wtns Geo Turner schoolmaster, Henry Miller, Sarah Carter & Mary Hawkes


HANCOXE, Richard - Stepney, Mdx, blacksmith (f101)

cousin Rich Oddam; cousin Ralph Oddam of Nightingale Lane dreyman; Rachel sis of Mary Tappoone; wife Isbl exec; overs Jn Cadwell & Andrew Boswell; wtns Thos Skippe & Geo Taylor


HARDWYN, John - sailor (f75)

Gabriel George; East India Co; wife Mary; wtns Thos Addington & Thos Capper


HAWKRIDGE, Robert - of London, in San Lucar de Barrameda [Spain], surgeon of the ship James (f35)

Capt Jn Limber; wife Eliz in London; Rich Sweete of city of "Civil" [Sevilla, Spain]; Jn Carleton provost of St Georges church; nephew Pelson; wtns Wlm Ben, Jn Bonner, Thos Gusman, Jn de Compos, Domingo Rodericus, Stephen Ogebail, David Ouse, Rob Hooker, Jn Marques, Roderigo Jeesereni, Jn Vrar & Lewis Jackson


HAYNES, William - (f127)

Jn Stoneall joyner of Leadenhall St; Mr Jn Rimeil; Lawrence Cheny; Wlm West; Oliver Samuell; wtns Rob Cranmer & Rob Cherry


HERY, Mary - widow of Michael Bettrema (f94)

French church; chldr Francis, Margt, Barbara & Michelle B; Mary dtr of son Peter B decsd; goods in Low Countries; Eliz wife of son Jn B; execs Nichls Carlier & Jacques Maughon; wtns Nichls De la Court & Rich Casteaux


HICKMAN, Richard - Blackwall, Mdx, ship carpenter (f25)

mother; Jn Linse; execs Mr Edward May & Thos Everist; wtns Thos Jems, Jn Smith & Mary Latham


HILL, Susan - London, widow (f67)

late husb Jn H; husbs chldr Frances & Jms H; house in St Thos Apostle; exec dtr Susan wife of Thos Bradford; overs Leonard Bower ctz & merchantaylor; wtns Thos Bidnead & Ro Walpole


HILL, William - Bantam [Indonesia] (f145)

wife Joan in Shadwell Mdx; East India Co; chldr Eliz, Rob & Wlm H; wtns M Nowell & Ed Dacres


HODGSON, Susanna - London, widow (f91)

bur St Mildred in Poultry; dtr Hester Burdett; grandtr Anne Burdett; cousin Eliz wife of Anthony Boys; son in law Jn Burdett; exec dtr Ann H; wtns Jms Cotson & Margt Ladley


HOLBROOKE, Thomas - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, citizen and armourer (f115)

son Thos; lease in Poplar; bro Thos H of Temple St, Bristol [co Gloucester]; bro Jn H; bro in law Geo Smart; dtr in law Ann Chapman; land bought of Rich English of Dublin, Ireland baker & his 3 bros; wife Sara exec; overs Thos Battman wheelwright, Jn Brewer of "Hadley Bradwick" [Hatfield Broadoak?], co Essex chandler & Jn Andrewes of Barking [Essex]; wtns Nichls Webling, Bart Banes, Geo Frithe & Jn Morhowes


HOLLINGSHEAD, William - citizen and haberdasher (f147)

lease in St Peter Poor to son Rich; Peter Crew clerk; wife Jane; bond of Wlm Edwards gent & Zachary Highlord ctz & skinner; son Wlm exec; wtns Joseph Alport, Oliver Clobery, Edward Wardour & Margt Fisher


HOLLOWAY, Alexander - East Smithfield, Mdx, woodmonger (f121)

Chris Owen of Westminster gent; bro in law Henry Dudley porter; Peter Calfe girdler; cousin Wlm Shepheard carman; wife Agn exec; wtns Wlm Bowyer & Jn Baker


HOLMES, Robert - citizen and turner (f32)

father Jerome H; bros Rich, Wlm, Jerome, Jn & Nichls H; wife Mary exec; wtns Will Mosely, Chas Weatherby & Jn Marshall


HOSHIER, Margaret - Gabriel Fanchurch, London, widow (f89)

cousin Margt wife of Thos Watson; cousin Jane Cheshire; cousin Margt Stourgis of Leicester; exec cousin Susan Cheshire; overs cousins Mr Zouch Watson & Mr Thos Watson; wtns Wlm Bright & Zuraneell & Joan Salter


HULME, Anne - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, widow (original will # 8)

bur near husb Thos Foot; Wlm son of Eliz Austin; Geo Wallis; husbs dtr Eliz Hulme; widow King; Mrs Bates; Mrs Groome; landlord Jms Robins; Mr Bourne minister; Mr Palmer; Anne Bartlett; Anne wife of cousin Wlm Weston; exec Wlm Weston; overs Capt Jn Hayne & Mr Stephenson haberdasher; wtns Wlm Storer & Nich Bray


HUMBLE, Susan - London, widow (f17)

bur St Mary Woolchurch near husb Mark H; dtr Sarah Sprott & her dtr Susan; dtr Mary Land & her chldr Thos, Susan & Mary; sons in law Thos Land & Thos Sprott; sis Eliz Luck in "Northton" & her dtr Anne; bro in law Thos Humble; 5 chldr of decsd cousin Mr Geo Humble; Wlm Brooks of Golding Lane; wtns Thos Ewster & Fra Shepardson


HUNT, Henry - London, painterstainer (f65)

bros Jn, Jasper, Copley & Nichls H; wife Mary exec; wtns Henry Colbron, Eliz Lord & Christian Brewer


HYATT, William - Limehouse, Stepney, Mdx, yeo (f4)

knsmn Chris Colgrove; exec dtr Thomasine wife of Rich Westrome; overs Mr Hugh Allaby; wtns Eliz wife of Jn Skaey


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INGALL, John - citizen and cooper (f20)

voyage to Guinea in ship Starr; master Mr Huett; exec wife Sibyl; wtns Francis Wildon & Tho Land svt of Math Billinge


INGLETON, Francis - Waltham Holy Cross [Essex] basketmaker (f4)

dtrs Margt & Philip; wife Mary exec; wtns Wlm Pickbone & Andrew War


ISONN, John - of the ship Margaret (f136)

Francis Browne seaman; wtns Jn Foster & David Moore


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JEFFERSON, John - Waltham Stowe, Essex, bricklayer (f118)

dtr Rose J; wife Rose exec; overs Thos Garnett moneyer & Jn Sturton yeo; wtns Wlm & Joan Nicoll & Dorothy Ward


JOANES, William - (f128)

Chris Bacon purser of the Seahorse; Thos Rule boatswain; Tim Hart; Wlm Black; son Sam in Erith [co Kent]; East India Co; Thos Taylor of Poplar, Mdx mariner; sis Sarah wife of Jn Bradford carpenter & mother Eliz J widow, of Newington [Kent?]; exec wife Sarah of Erith [co Kent]; overs Mr Henry Benn masters mate & Henry Tier gunner of the Seahorse; wtns Nathaniel Kenn, Jn Rowland & Michael Wilsonne


JOHNSON, John - Bantam [Indonesia] (f152)

Mary dtr of Mary Trego of Poplar Mdx; Kath dtr of Geo Page of Maidstone, Kent; Sam Andrewes gunner of ship Royal Mary of East India Co; Thos Hatman; Thos Hunt; Jn Hilton; Rose wife of Jn Oliver of Poplar shipwright; bro Thos Trego; exec Mr Wlm Danvers of Poplar; wtns Matt Noell & Thos Smith


JOHNSON, Thomas - sailor (f75)

wife Christian; East India Co; wtns Jn Lambe & Thos Capper


JONES, Marian - widow of Thomas J of St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, citizen and weaver (original # 6)

mother in law Kath Bennett; bro Jn Dormer; bro in law Jn Jones; aunt Rose wife of Thos Apsley; dtr Marian J exec; overs father Wlm Dormer ctz & ironmonger, Edmund Kempe of Wentford St weaver & Thos Apsley; wtns Augustine Hemminge


JONES, Thomas - St Botolphs Bishopsgate, citizen and weaver (original will # 5)

dtr Marian J; wife Marian exec; wtns Wlm Dormer & Augustine Hemming


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KAY, Elizabeth - daughter of Robert Kay (f64)

sis Anna Wilson; Eliz Kay; wtns Geo Kay


KEELE, Richard - London, died in Ruislip, Mdx, bachelor (f98)

in house of Mr Wlm Bridges; Rich Lucas; land in Cheshire to half sister in West Chester; wtns Sam Nicholas


KEMPSALL, Faith - Hayes, Kent (f57)

bur St Botolphs Bishopsgate; Zacharias son of decsd sis Eliz wife of Henry Harris; house in Wapping to Faith dtr of decsd sis Joan wife of Rich Bowers; decsd niece Millicent wife of Thos Georges & her son Thos; Margt Buslard dtr of cousin Joan Weslen; Prudence Buslard grandtr of Joan Weslen; Jn son of Mr Chris Monkton parson; Mr Jms Burbadge; Mr Asplin; Abrm Man; exec nephew Zacharias Harris; overs Mr Geo Bingley esq, Mr Henry Collett ctz & Mrs Bingley; wtns Jn Ownsted, Margt Yeates & Mary Harris


KENT, Henry - minister, on voyage to Bantam [Indonesia] in the ship Mary (f145)

Sir Baltazar Gerbier; East India Co; mothers exec Mr Henry Sweeting pewterer of London; aunt Mrs Sarah Alderman; cousins Jn Capell & Mary Bolton; wife Sibyl exec; overs Wlm Sanderson & Sidney Bere esq


KENVEN, Robert - Christchurch, citizen of London (f88)

sons Phil, Joseph & Ben; wife Margt exec; wtns Rob Record & Jane Weales


KING, Clement - India (f126)

bro Thos K of Poplar, Mdx; Geo King of Poplar; Rich Gill; Edward Stowell; Mr Thos Coggan, East India Co merchant in Bussora; exec mother Helen K of Poplar; overs Chris Bacon purser & Henry Tyer gunner of the Seahorse; wtns Michael Wilsonne, Jacob Price & Methuselah Newell


KINGE, John - West Greene, Tottenham, Mdx, monier (f113)

chldr Jn, Wlm, Ferdinando & Mary; Edmund & Jn sons of Edmund King; Mary dtr of Jn Rawson; Wlm son of Edward Hawsey; Anna, Judith & Thos Wetherhead; Eliz & Peter Rawson; bro Rich Hall; Eliz Medmorne; sis Anne Wetherhead; wife Frances exec; overs Thos Bening & Michael Gardiner of Waltham Stowe [Essex] monier; wtns Henry Skerratt & Mary Hall


KIRTON, John - Ruislip, Mdx, yeo (f117)

chldr Jn & Mary; land in Ickenham to dtr Eliz; sis Amy Corby; cousins Wlm Corby & Geo Kirton; Audrey sis of cousin Sarah Robins; 6 chldr of sis Susan Fearne; cousin Dorothy Parish; cousin Jn Kirton of Batcher; Rich Kirton of Ascot [co Bucks?]; cousins Eliz & Jms Nelham & their grandfather Jms N; execs Thos Fearne & Jms Robins; wtns Jn Barnabye & Jn Ethrington


KNAGG, Henry, jr - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, gent (f71)

land in co Hertford; father Henry K; bro Edward; sis Eliz North; Nichls Blinco gent; exec wife Anne Naylor alias Knagg; wtns Thos Martyn & Ellis Lloyd


KNAGG, Henry, senr - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, yeo (f122)

dtrs Cath Holt & Eliz North; dtrs dtr Eliz Holt; Edward & Mary chldr of Thos North; execs sons Henry & Edward K; overs sons in law Thos North & Roger Holt; wtns Jn Jeveson & Jn Leverton senr


KNIGHT, Mary - Wapping, Mdx, widow (f15)

mother in law Sarah Knight in New England; bro Rob K in Holland; bro Phil K; bros Wlm Bradbank & Henry Harris; father in law Wlm Harris; sis Anne Wilson; knswmn Anne Chamberby; Mr Simons minister & Mr Woodcock of Gravesend [Kent]; Kath Townesend; goodwives Scamity, Cock & Armstronge; Anne wife of Jn Babb; Jn Waterton shipwright & his son Sam & son in law Rich Elstone; knsmn Wlm Chambery; exec sis Susan Bradbanck; overs Jn Waterton, Francis Calley scrivener & Jonathan Meridith; wtns Henry Ward & Rob Mutton


KNIGHT, Simon - London, apothecary (f115)

voyage to Barbados; mother Eliz Taylor; bros Jn, Wlm & Peter K; sis Margt wife of Anthony Search mercer; sis Eliz K; exec master Wlm Butler ctz & apothecary; wtns Theo Bolton, Henry Setton & Ralph Frithe


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LACEY, Richard - citizen and fishmonger (f109)

mother Jane Pragell; sisters Jane Pragell & Eliz Pomfrett; bro Rob L; legacy from Mrs Anne Bromesgrave widow; Mr Wlm Pragell; Jn Marshall ctz & mercer; exec bro Wlm Pomfrett ctz & fishmonger; wtns Tho Aldworth, Jn Pumfrett & Dorothy Tilson


LAKE, Martha - St Katherine Creechurch, London, spinster (f97)

decsd father Nichls L of Malden, Essex; Abrm & Mary chldr of bro Abrm L; Jn & Sarah chldr of bro Jn L; cousin Margt Fance; cousin Alice Clay & her dtr Martha C; bro Thos L; Jn Percivall & Eliz Tiler svts of Martha wife of Hmfry Gawood sadler; widow Wood of Woodham Walter, co Essex; Geo Hunter, Wlm Carrier & Ellen Jackson svts of sis Eliz wife of Rich Cassell ctz & sadler; Anne Leigh svt of Jn Barber hosier; Alice Hammerton svt of Sam Carleton esq; exec Rich Cassell; wtns Jn Alsope & Andrew Hill


LAWE, John - Mareth, Enfield, Mdx (f105)

Jn son of Jn Asplin; Thos & Anne Aspline; exec dtr Anne wife of Jn Aspline senr; overs bro Jonas L; wtns Jn Kilbye


LAWSON, Albert - of the ship London (f64)

Gramm Yanson; Thos Stevens; wtns Jn Warren, Wlm Marshall, Rob Carpnell & Morgan Read


LEDGER, Edmund - citizen and joyner (f47)

mother Susan L; chldr of sis Judith & Anne; 5 chldr of decsd bro Jn L; shop in Southwark [Surrey] to wifes son Stephen Dunn; Sam Oysted; Rob Ashton; land in Blechingley, Surrey to dtr Susan; cousin Edward Oysted; dtr Eliz; wife Anne exec; overs bro Wlm L & Anthony Newman; wtns W Wickins, Wlm Dorman & Ben Warde


LEWIN, William - Waltham Abbey, Essex, yeo (f39)

son Dennis; unborn child; dtrs Mary, Kath, Eliz & Sarah; execs wife Kath & son Jn; overs Jms Lawrence & Thos North; wtns Jn Longe & Jn Larkin


LINFORD, John - Poplar, Mdx, husb (f137)

son Jn; dtr Lydia wife of Rich Harris & her dtr Rose; wife Anna exec; wtns Jn Hatton, Geo Bayle & Wlm Bissaker


LIVESEY, Mary - London, widow (f42)

bro in law Rob Loadman; exec bro in law Jn Moobery; wtns Bart Pickeringe svt of Rob Yarway


LOFTIE, Susan - St Dunstans in the West, London widow (original will # 4)

Capt Jn King; wtns Thos & Sara Downes


LOVETT, Margaret - St Michael Wood St, London, widow (f3)

dtr Clare Trumper widow of St Nicholas Cole Abbey; dtr Anne wife of Jn Thomas apothecary; sis Helen Banes of Shrewsbury [Shropshire] widow; Jn son of Jn Hatt; exec Jn Hatt; wtns Tho Patat & Tho Rous


LUCAS, John - Poplar, Mdx, butcher (f60)

dtr Joan wife of Brasleton of Whitechapel; Cath wife of Phil White of City of Lincoln; chldr Jn & Anne; wife Bridget exec; wtns Wlm Morgan, Mary Elsome, Ellen Curber & Wlm Bissaker


LUCAS, Thomas - London, in the ship Sea Flower, sailor, died overseas (f156)

East India Co; Joan Beagle of East Smithfield; Henry Wakefeild; Thos Cox surgeon; Rob Spence; Henry Smith; Thos Rickett; exec uncle Thos Lucas of Old Jewry, London; overs Jn Long of Ratcliffe & Jms Bridgeman purser; wtns Thos Coggins, Jacob Good & Jms Peeterson


LUTMAN, Anne - St Sepulchre without Newgate, Mdx, widow (f151)

dtr Lydia; dtr Anne Burt; sons in law Jn Parmiter & Jn Benson; dtr Rebecca wife of Jn Pearce & her dtr Rebecca; wtns Wlm Bury & Anne Lawrence


LYNNETT, Roger - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, bricklayer (f65)

dtr Joan L; son Wlm & his dtr Mary L; wife Eliz exec; wtns Andrew Bozwell & Tho Skippe


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MACHAM, Samuel - St Sepulchre, citizen and stationer (f1)

Sara Brookes of Ashby de la Zouch, co Leicester; chldr of Wlm Brookes of Ashby de la Zouch; Nathan Macham & his sis; Moses Macham of Windsor [Berkshire] & his sis; dtr in law of Edward Worden of Derby [Derbyshire] butcher; exec wife Joan; overs Jn Barton glover & Geo Hall stonecarver


MADDOX, George - (f83)

sis Eliz Wild of Yayton, Martles, co Hereford; East India Co; Joseph Hyatt on the Pinnace Michael; exec bro Rich M of Tewkesbury, co Gloucester; wtns Rand Sparrowe, Wlm Hunt & Rob Edger


MANEY, Luke - citizen and cooper (f152)

bro Jn M; wife Eliz exec; wtns Rob Piggott, Jn Williams & Rob Rogers


MARCHE, John - Limehouse, Mdx, gent (f81) also proved at Canterbury

land in Stepney; bro Wlm M; sis Aphra M; nephew Geo Marche;niece Joyce Marche; knsmn Mr Wlm Lambe of Fetter Lane, London gent; cousin Mr Clement Stonard of Cheapside, London goldsmith; mother; exec bro Francis M gent; wtns Powle Stonar & Francis Stonard


MARSON, William - St Martins Vintry, citizen and woodmonger of London (f7)

chldr of bro Edmund M; godsons Thos Parrett & Wlm Stevens; son in law Rich Evans & his son Rich; bros son Jn M; wife Frances exec; Thos Hilliard; wtns Rich Kestin, Stephen Emery & Wlm Lole alias Lowe


MARTEN, Nicholas, senr - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f120)

sons Jn & Nichls; wife Emblem exec; wtns Mary Angell & Roger Ketherough


MARTIN, Andrew - St Martins Outwich, London, wax chandler (f45)

wife Mary; wtns Bethulia wife of Thos Robinson


MATHEWES, Thomas - Merchants Hope, Virginia, surgeon, died in Mr Bakers house in Wapping (f50)

Alex Eaton of Wapping apothecary; Rebecca Pope widow; Mr Abrm Redman; bro Knowles; Mr Dickeson; Capt Andrewes' warehouse; Mrs Converse; sis Redman; Mr Wilson; Mr Menefree in Virginia; Jn Carey of Ratcliffe; dtr of Wlm Baker; Jn Cole; Mr Pidgeon; Mr Rich Jones minister; wtns Anne Baker


MAYLARD, Rebecca - widow of John M (f51)

grandchldr Jn & Priscilla Cheany; grandchldr Susan Morries & Jn Worrall; chldr of dtr Copland decsd; East India Co; Randolph Wright; Abrm Church; execs sons Thos M & Edward Cheany; overs Edward Feild & cousin Jms Church; wtns Joseph Browne & Ralph Sheppard


MAYNARD, William - Ealing, Mdx, yeo (f134)

widows of Hayes, Mdx; 7 chldr of cousin Wlm Maynard tanner & his wife Mary; cousin Rob Maynard of Gonalsbury; bro Rich Parkins of Yedding & his wife Alice; Mary, Wlm, Geo & Eliz chldr of bro in law Geo King of Dullidge, Surrey; wife Dorothea exec; overs Sam Waller of Old Brentford tanner & Henry Punter of London gent; wtns Rich Walker & Edward Hanbury


MAYNE, Robert - (f135)

father Wlm M of Belgrave, co Leicester; Rich East of St Katherines Lane; departure for India; Susanna Wand; Chris Bacon purser of the Seahorse; Jn Chamberlaine; Wlm Martine; Thos Salmons cooper of the Hind; exec Rich Webb; overs Thos Sandford & Jn Sutton; wtns Joh Rowland & Hen Fyne


MINSHAW, Henry - boatswains mate in the ship William of the East India Co (f76)

Joseph Scudgwell; exec wife Anne in Poplar [Mdx]; wtns Phil Freestone, Rich Griffeth, Jn Treweeke, Wlm Lister & Thos Macquorth


MORE, Nicholas - citizen and talowchandler (f146)

mother; sis in law Eliz Marshall; bros Thos, Jms & Wlm M; Thos son of bro Geo M; Ursula wife of bro Thos Ridley; Jane wife of bro Rob Deacon; wife Susan exec; overs Nathaniel Flacke & Ralph Smith; wtns Rob Gill & Thos Smith


MORGAN, Thomas - Shadwell, Stepney, Mdx mariner (original will # 3)

dtr Agn Davis; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Morgan & Enary Hall; wtns Susan Chapman & Jn Williams


MORLEY, Katherine - Great Stanmore, Mdx, widow (f58)

dtrs Mrs Anne Gate; land in Cheshunt, Hertford to son Jms M; son in law Thos Gate esq of Inner Temple; son Jn M in New England; grandtrs Judith & Kath Gate; son Thos M decsd & his son in Norremberge; son Jms M exec; overs bro Mr Thos Burnell; wtns Hester Burnell & Mary Thomas


MUGG, John - Hornsey, Mdx, yeo (f84)

sis in law Eliz Mugg; Anne Larkin; Judith Haukins; Dorothy & Alice Mugg; Parnell Presson widow; Mr Wlm Brookes; Mr Giles Longe; land in Tarrington (co Hereford?) to Jn son of bro Matt M decsd; Rich, Jn & Rob sons of bro Rob M; Jn Biffine; Chris Harris; execs Jn Mugg & Stephen Larkine; wtns Rich Welby & Tho Hawkins


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NEALE, Richard - Shadwell, Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f80)

voyage on ship James with Mr Ireland of Rotherhithe [Surrey] to Ginney [Guinea]; Margery wife of Zachary Bowler yeo; exec Zachary Bowler; wtns Jms Robarts, Thos Clively & Jn Morgan


NEWBIE, Gervase - St Bennett Pauls Wharf, London (f9)

bros chldr; wife Susan; wtns Jn Smalley & Rob Browne


NICHOLSON, Ralph - Wapping, Mdx, died on the seas (f101)

sis Eliz Belsey; cousin Moore; wtns Henry Edon & Thos Joslin


NORTON, Eustace - London, gent (f146)

execs dtr Margt & her husb Rich Whalley of Wilsdon, Mdx gent; wtns Francis Long, Rob Fewtrell & Edmund Loach
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