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OAKELIE, William - citizen and clothworker (f154)

bro Nash in Houndsditch; cousin Jn Debequoy; chldr Dan & Hannah; Mary wife of Geo Nash; cousin Sara Nash; exec landlord Mr Andrew Partridge; wtns Adam Wright, Wlm Wlecher & Cath Doitus


OKEMAN, Gabriel - citizen and carpenter (f100)

bur near father in Tottenham; 6 nieces: Jane wife of Geo Gilpin, Mary wife of Francis Bennyng, Margt wife of Thos Bennyng, Anne wife of Rob Moreton, Eliz wife of Jn Pryce & Susan wife of Wlm Gray; nephew Mr Thos Bolton; Mr Wlm Bennyng; Thos, Jn, Phil, Jane & Margt chldr of Thos Bennyng; Solomon Bolton; Gabriel Brewer; Wlm Kirton; Thos Halfepenny; overs knsmn Jn Pryce & Thos Bolton; wtns Henry Nicols & Thos Wood


OLIVER, Richard - Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f73)

voyage to East Indies in ship London; East India Co; exec Joan wife of Jn Pullen of Stepney waterman; wtns Jn Morgan, Jn Ilise & Jn Chap


ORBELL, John - citizen and skinner (f91)

lease in Dukes Place by Aldgate; son Solomon; bro in law Mr Henry Randall; wifes chldr Thos & Anne Price; wife Sibyl exec; overs bro Jms O; wtns G Almery & Edward Tooley


ORLEE, Edward - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, chandler (f66)

wifes son Jms Harding; wife Frances; son Thos O exec; wtns Edward Blackwell & Thos Flye


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PALMER, Joan - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, widow (f132)

Anne dtr of son Wlm Wyld; dtr Alice Wren & her son Jn; grandchldr Martha & Thos Wren; dtr Anne Sargent & her dtr Alice; son Jn Wyld (overseas?); execs dtr Anne & her husb Jms Sargent; wtns Jn Fellons & Anthony Pennyston


PALMER, Katherine - St Botolphs Bishopsgate, Londno (f85)

cousin Rich Boyce; son in law; exec Jn Soda; wtns Eliz Gregorie, Jeremy Collins, Joan Slade & Eliz Morgane


PATISON, Andrew - quartermaster of the ship Hare (f155)

Edward Linsey ship carpenter of Wapping;


PEARSONE, Abraham - Wapping Wall, Stepney, Mdx, mariner on the ship Starr (f24)

Alex son of Geo Kilpatrick of London printer; Jn All of Shadwell whitebaker; exec dtr in law Frances wife of Rich Corbin of Wapping Wall mariner; wtns Elias Stileman & Thos Powell svt of Edw Mathew


PEELE, Christopher - citizen and horner (original will #1)

house in St Mary Whitechapel; chldr Jn, Sam & Rose P; son in law Geo Harrison; bro Jn P; sisters Sarah wife of Jn Alsupp, Alice wife of Thos Tucke & Eliz wife of Wlm Feverstone; wife Alice exec; overs bro Rob P & bros in law Rich Morgaine & Jn Alsupp; wtns Sarah Palmer, Ann Chandler & Edm Turpyn


PENNISTONE, Thomas - Edmonton, Mdx, husb (f85)

parents Nichls & Margt P; Nichls & Elnr chldr of bro Nichls P; Jn Justice of Tottenham, Mdx yeo; wife Alice; sis Barbara wife of Rob Spencer & her chldr Nichls, Kath, Rob, Thos & Edward; execs chldr Thos & Eliz P; overs Wlm Joanes vintner & Rich Bradley husb; wtns Rob Payne, Thos Smith & Ben Hare


PERKES, Toby - Blackfriars, London, shoemaker (f143)

son Francis & his dtr; dtr Eliz Foster & her son Peter; wife Susan; execs Jn Dicks & bro Thos P; overs Alex Colston scrivener & Henry Haslewood currier


PERKINS, Richard - (f118)

3 chldr of cousin Mary Luke; 2 chldr of cousin Tully; svts Mr Morton, Jn Miller & Jn Ford; Mr Herick; Gilbert Robinson; Alice White; sis Alice; dtr of cousin Ilford; Wlm Pight; goody Troter; Mary Hugett; Sarah Perkinson; Anna wife of Jn Lee; Dorothy Harris dtr of widow Tilbury; widow Lee; goody Denman; Mrs Tyson; Roger Jegins; godtr Anne Ilett; Susan Lee; Mary Jenckiner; Eliz Robinson; wife Ann exec; overs Sir Thos Somes


PERRYMAN, William - Stepney, Mdx, died overseas (f120)

Jn Grigg; wtns Eliz King & Alice Moren


PERRYN, Thomas - St Sepulchres, citizen and leatherseller (f140)

dtrs Joan & Anne; sisters Sarah & Maudlin; wife Frances exec; wtns Wlm Willis, Tho Griffin & Thos Pownsett


PETHAM, Elizabeth - St Margaret New Fish St, London, widow (f94)

dtr Anne Hamon; Rebecca Rice; wtns Elnr Kidder, Alice Rice & Thomasine Leake


PETTIE, George - Poplar, Mdx, mariner on voyage in service of East India Co (f134)

knswmn Isbl Barnes wife of Thos Chin; wtns Wlm Bissaker & Anne wife of Rich Middleton shipwright


PETTIFORD, Edward - (f125)

Hugh Braddocke; Roger Adams; Jn English; Andrew Edwards; Thos Saynte; Rob Jacson; Geo Howard; East India Co; execs sis Jane & Dorothy P of Lombard St, All Hallows; wtns Rich Hardfeild & Dan Knebone


PHILLETT, Samuel - gunners mate in the ship William of the East India Co (f76)

Thos Mabstone; Mr Thos Dowell; Phil Freestone; Jn Smith; svt Phil Williams decsd in the Jonas; Thos Hanson; bros sons Joseph, Thos & Dan P; exec mother Joan P of Preest Alley, Tower St; wtns Thos Chapman, Nicho Bowden, Rand Sparrow, Rich Fletcher & Adam Northam


PIGGE, Richard - Harefield, Mdx, yeo (f103)

bro Henry P; sisters Frances Clarke & Anne Vergo; Rich son of Jn Pigge of Stanwell; Jn, Audrie, Frances & Jane chldr of Geo Clarke; Dorothy wife of Edward Slocombe of Colebrooke, co Bucks; Wlm & Frances chldr of Wlm Vergo of Stanwell; Dorothy & Margt dtrs of Jn Pigge; bro in law Wltr Vergo jr; sis in law Audrie Vergo; exec Geo Clarke of Stanwell; wtns Rob Spakeman & Rob Poole


PISTOR, Cicely - St Botolphs Bishopsgate, London, widow (f108)

Mr Pynson; exec grandtr Kath Pistor wife of Jn Plowright; wtns Rob Bellyn & Nichls Stott


PRESCOTT, John - citizen and dyer (f89)

father Jn P; mother; sis Sarah P; Andrew Prescott; aunt Mary Baldwin; Edward bro of Mr Wlm Chamberlen; bros Edward & Dan P; Jn & Alice Malyn; exec sis Eliz P; wtns Jn Perrott


PRESTON, John - Bantam [Indonesia] (f149)

East India Co; exec Jn Burwood of Rotherhithe [Surrey] shipwright; wtns Wlm Brerton & Ellis Richard


PROSSER, Hugh - Charterhouse Lane, St Sepulchre, Mdx, victualler (f84)

child; father Thos P; bro Henry P; sisters Joan & Maudlyn P; wife Margt exec; overs Mr Jn Clarke; wtns Tho Broughton & Edward Jones


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REMINGHAM, Bridget - widow of Richard R (f107)

parents Avery & Joan Hall; cousins Mary & Jn Whitty; cousin Deborah Agnes; exec bro Capt Peter Whitty; wtns Judith Watts, Sibyl Agnes, Ruth Cooke & Wlm & Joan Williams


RENIER, Matthew - (f103)

French church; chldr; wife Mary de Raute exec; wtns bro in law Sam du Prie, Peter Blanchart & Josua Mainet


REYBONE, Leonard - (f110)

3 dtrs of Rob Reybone; Joan Evans; Susan Williams; Jn Higgins; Thos Foote; wife Margt exec


RICHARDS, Mary - Ratcliffe Highway, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f78)

son in law Nichls Richards; Alice wife of Edward Cox; Thos Haynes; Anne Ward; Mary Tyballs widow; Mary wife of Wlm Campe; Anne Young; exec cousin Margt wife of Jn Raven of co Suffolk; wtns Mark Crony, Wlm Joomes, Jn Rylands & Evan Vaughan


RICHARDSON, Peter - Whitechapel, Mdx, silkthroster (f50)

bros Rich R merchant & Isaac Lambert silkthroster, of St Botolphs Bishopsgate; wife Bridget; sis Margt Barwicke of Whitechapel widow & her son Roger Robinson; sis Eliz wife of Chas Harris of St Botolphs Aldgate gunner; Thos Kerbisheire of Whitechapel glasier; exec mother Margt Lambert of Whitechapel widow; overs bro Rich R; wtns David Sandell & Wlm Simonds


RIDEARD, John - (f127)

Edmund Stowell; Nathaniel Kenin cooper of Seahorse; Henry Hogg; mother Margt R of Houndsditch widow; exec wife Margt of Edmonton; overs Henry Benn & Wlm Joanes carpenter of the Seahorse; wtns Wlm Wilmott, Tho Sandford & Chr Bacon


RIPTON, John - citizen and carpenter (f41)

dtrs Anne & Rachel; houses in St Olave Hart St, St Martin Vintry & St Martin Orgar; wife Cicely exec; wtns G Almery & Edward Tooley


ROBERTS, Mary - St Martin Vintry, London, widow (f76)

decsd husb Nichls R; svt Thos Evance; cousins Jn & Debora Naylor; godtrs Mary Naylor & Mary Thorpe; exec son David R; wtns Rich Thorpe, Tho Moore, Henry Byrch & WIll Halses


ROBINSON, John - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, butcher (f35)

son Michael; dtr Philip R; prsnt wife Philip; wtns Jn Goulding & Jn Dane


RONDLE, Richard - Upper Shadwell, Stepney, Mdx, seaman, coming home from East Indies in ship William (f70)

East India Co; exec cousin Phil Kneebone of Upper Shadwell cordwinder; wtns Jn Tibb, Margt Kent & Jn Morgan


ROWLEY, Thomas - London, pewterer (f56)

bur St Gabriel Fenchurch; Wlm son of late master Wlm Hill; Mr Geo Almery gent; cousin Margt Whetliffe of St Katherines widow; Ralph Howarton cordwainer; Thos Smith; goodman Seyres; Wlm Newberry; exec Mr Jn Frith pewterer; wtns Edward Tusell, Thos Gybons & RIch Barlowe


RUSSELL, Nicasius - St Anne Blackfriars, London (f140)

wife Clare exec; wtns Rich Andrewes


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SALMON, Elizabeth - St Andrew Hubbard, London (f153)

late bro Matt S; sis Margt & Rebecca S; exec Joan Lyde spinster; wtns Eliz Purr, Jn Lyde & Joan Southin


SALMON, Matthew - St Andrew Hubbard, citizen and butcher (f149)

lease in Little Eastcheap; Joan Lloyd; bond of Sir Allen Apsley; exec sis Eliz S; wtns Rich Weedman & Jn Lyde


SEELEY, Francis - (f96)

wife Margt; bro Jn S; Joan Warren; bro Roger Ingroome; wifes son Jn Bennit; Mr Porter; Thos Drew; son Thos Wilcox; wtns Jn & Margery Hill


SHEPPARD, Thomas - citizen and turner (f20)

bros Jn & Miles S; wife Martha exec; overs Chris Bradshaw & Jn Tompkins; wtns Mathias Baines, Hen Hurst, Jasper Davis & Rich Fisher


SHERWYN, John - St Andrew Hubbard, London, grocer (f33)

sis Anne Byrd; sis Margt S; Jn son of bro Lawrence S; cousin Mary Ritchbell alias Cordwell & her dtr Grace; cousin Mrs Grace Chappell alias Parker; cousin Mrs Susan Bicknell; Lawrence, Anne & Bess chldr of bro Thos; cousin Alice & her son Arthur; wifes niece Margt Podmon; wife Eliz exec; overs cousin Mrs Anne Hill; wtns Fr Gillow, Will Mosely, Francis Lorden, Mary Robinson & Sarah Crosse


SMITH, Henry - citizen, tyler and bricklayer (f29)

bro Jn Shaw; wifes son Sam Hood; Eliz dtr of Edward Fording; Eliz dtr of Wlm Corbett; bros in law Rob & Andrew Sewell; godson Thos Johnson; Eliz Rowlinton & Anne Harber widows; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Wathen & Rob Punter; wtns Jn Slough & Jo Underwood


SMITH, Joseph - (f99)

Wlm Wood; Jacob Egerton; Jn Osberton gunner & Jn Johnson boatswain of the Frances; Jn Pidgeon; Jn Higgs; Jn Jackson; Jms Harwell master of the Prosperous; Rich Hashfeild; Mr Rich Vincent surgeon; Thos Veale; bro Thos S of Edgmond, Shropshire; bro Wlm S; East India Co; exec Thos Lene of Gunn Alley, Limehouse


SMYTH, Dorothy - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, widow (f151)

dtr Martha Warneford; sons Thos, Jn & Hmfry S; son Rob S decsd & his son Edward; svt Anne Verrier; Eliz Willoughby; bond of Sir Rob Willoughby knt; exec landlord Wlm Short gent; wtns Lawrence Verrier & E Warneford


SMYTH, Simon - Enfield, Mdx (f36)

bro; wife Mary; wtns Alice Browne & Margt Allen


SOUTHALL, Roger - Shadwell, Stepney, Mdx, blacksmith (f21)

chldr Jn, Joan & Zachary; land in Rowley [Regis], co Stafford & Dudley, co Worcester to son Thos; wife Eliz; execs sons Jeff & Thos; overs cousin Edward Davis of Wapping nailor; wtns Jn Morgan & Edward Roades


SPARKE, William - Christ Church within Newgate, London, citizen and clothworker (f154)

chldr Jn, Margt & Wlm; mother Sparke; bro & sis Wale; sis Bonnamy; land in St Olave Southwark, Surrey to son Jn; wife Mary exec; overs father Bannister; wtns Jn Banyster & Jn Hayne


SPENCER, Thomas - (f61)

Rich Richards; Eliz dtr of Anthony & Eliz Gargraffe; Mr Anthony Gargrave;wtns Henry Bassano, Jn Riggard & Rob Thomas


SQUIRE, Grace - St Peter Pauls Wharf, London, widow (f107)

nephew Wlm Combe; sis in law Eliz Whitcombe & her grandtrs Sara & Mary W; Thos son of Jn Graves; Jn Greenway; Thos Morgan; exec Susanna Basill; overs Wlm Seager & Jn Graves


STAPLES, Richard - Holloway, Islington, Mdx, yeo (f63)

sons Jn & Rich; chldr of dtr Street; dtrs Anne Ruffe & Mary Rosse; execs son Wlm & wife Alice; wtns Miles Pollard & Jn Mathews


STARKEY, Christian - London, spinster (f138)

exec Mr Joseph Penington ctz & carpenter; wtns Jn Howell & Hugh Sone


STOCKE, Richard, senr - Snerstone, Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, yeo (f38)

dtr Kath wife of Jn Porter; chldr Henry & Mary S; svts Avis Isard & Mary Whitt; prsnt wife Kath exec; wtns Jn Goulding & Edward Poore


STOCKER, Jane - [St] Swithins, London Stone, London, spinster (f110)

bro Rich S & his son Geo, dtr Margt & dtr Anne wife of Edward Cantrell & her dtr Anne; Dorcas dtr of bro Edward; mistress Eliz Jennens widow; exec Jane Gannell dtr of bro Rich S; wtns Jn Simpson & Jms Read


STURMAN, William - in the ship William (f144)

Wlm Curteine esq of London; Sampson Goodwin; Martin Morrall; Edward Harrys; Edward Bayes; Ralph Farmer; Wlm Boone; Sam Cardcoe; Jn Wilson; Jn Looker; Nichls Guy; Jms Ratella; Michael Ampe; Grace Wyatt; Thos Cooper; Jn Scull; Mr Mathewes; Jn Chester masters mate; Burnet Vincent; Wlm Steele; wtns Wltr Redde gunner & Rich Monfdue


SUTTON, Thomas - St Leonard Foster Lane, London, musician (f71)

son Thos & his dtr Sarah; chldr of son Jn; execs sons Jn & Thos S; wtns Thos East & Andrew Nicholson


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TAYLOR, Giles - of the ship Endeavor (f126)

dtr Susan T; East India Co; Jn Stedman; wife Eliz in Poplar, Mdx; overs Thos Rickman & Edward Weldon; wtns Jn Browne, Jms Watmore, Jms Abbs, Rich Harris, Wlm Wilbe & Jms Meilles


TENANT, Leonard - (f137)

cousins Eliz Godfrey & Rich Norris; Thos Burton of St John St; cousin Wlm Sanders cordwainer; cousin Joseph Tenant; cousin Rich Caswell of Cooke Lane; cousins Helen & Ann Stanford; Eliz, Joan, Dorothy, Sarah & Margt dtrs of bro Chris T; exec cousin Wlm Cachmand ctz & fishmonger; wtns Jn Hewitt & Jn Bishop


THOMAS, Edward - Shacklewell, Mdx, yeo (f22)

sis Kath Kimber & Joan Ashwood; bro Wlm & his chldr Mary, Rob, Barnaby, Dorothy, Stephen & Kath T & Eliz Hearne; bro Rob & his son Edward; Wlm & Hmfry Kimber; wife Frances exec; overs Sir Henry Rowe & his son Mr Henry R; wtns Fra Bickley, Jane Southcotte & Rob Laingfond


THOMAS, Robert - citizen and clothworker (f55)

bur near wife in St Lawrence Poultney; grandtrs Eliz Porter & Eliz & Margt Williamson; dtr Kath wife of Henry Williamson; exec son Wlm T; wtns Geo Fuller


THOMAS, Robert - (f106)

Wlm Borsway; Gilbert Page; exec bro Edmund T of Plymouth [co Devon]; wtns Francis Waywall & Guillaume Le Boege


THORIS, John - (f1)

house in Lombard St; sis Eliz Dornill; bro Francis T in Spain; cousin Matt Fuller in France; goody Kendall; svts of Mr Turner; Coventry Goarey; cook Alcock; Capt Davis; Capt Leonard Drayton; Fenne Arthur; Cresheld Abbott; execs sis Mary Bouche & Jane Thoris


THORNE, William - Poplar, Stepney, Mdx, surgeon on the ship Anne Peircy in the States Service,

in the River of Limbricke (f136)

mother Eliz Cavell widow of Saffron Walden [Essex]; bro Rob T minister in Lincolnshire; bro Jn T of [isle of] St Christophers; sis Hannah Cavell; sis Eliz wife of Wlm Benfeild of Saffron Walden minister; Henry Buckerell on the Anne Peircy; wife Isbl exec; wtns Rich Currall & Jn Austin


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UNION, Catherine - Tottenham, Mdx (f153)

Sam Barker; 2 chldr of Eliz Humfray; dtr of Anne Woodley; chldr of Phineas Page; Eliz Illett; chldr of Mathew wife of Rob Fenn; dtr of widow Barrate; chdlr of Eliz Cockell; exec son Thos U; wtns Sam Copley & Thos Newman


UNION, Thomas - Tottenham, Mdx, husb (f150)

dtrs Eliz Cockle & Martha Fenne; knsmn Henry Union; bro Edmund U; son of sis Alice; Sam Copley; grandtr Sara Cockle; wife Kath; son Thos exec; overs Rob Lines & Thos Fitchet; wtns Thos Eunion & Jn Cockle


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VENTRIS alias VENTRICE, Sarah - All Saints Stainings, London, widow (f18)

dtr Eliz Mullins; Mrs Mary Saunders; Mrs Rebecca Speering; house in St Mary Axe to son Jn V; decsd mother Mrs Eliz Speering; wtns Jasper Saunders


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WAKEFEILD, Abraham - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, blacksmith (f30)

Jms Wheeler of St Stephen skinner; Thos Jupe of St Michael Crooked Lane plateworker; Nehemiah Wallington of St Leonards turner; Rich Wright baker; Arthur Manley of St Mary Woolchurch comfetmaker; Randolph Caldecott clerk; decsd son Sam & his dtrs Rebecca & Anne; wife Thomasine exec; wtns Jonas White, Joan Brettell & Margt Barnet


WANLEES, Edmund - Chancery Lane, St Dunstans in the West, Mdx, haberdasher (f49)

grandtrs Alice & Susan Wanlees; svt Jeff Suckley; Kath dtr of Thos Baldwin; execs son Edmund & Thos Baldwin; overs Wlm Goshawke & Nichls Carter; wtns Wlm Moseley, And Baddeley & Francis Ward


WARWICK, Mary - (f111)

Anne & Mary dtrs of Thos Wilton of co Cumberland gent; bros son Thos W of Warwick Hall, co Cumberland; Eliz Cock; Edward, Rich & Henry sons of Rich & Anne Upcher; exec sisters dtr Jane Wilton wife of Jn Reyner; wtns Eliz Cockin


WATKINS, John - citizen and fletcher (f19)

bur St Margarets New Fish St; bro Wlm W; wife Frances exec; overs cousin Rich Wake; wtns Susan Davis & Tho Aldworth


WATMORE, James - gunner of the ship Endeavour (f129)

Wlm Wilby; Rich Harris; Lawrence White; wife Judith in Reading, Berkshire; overs Rob Bowen & Wlm Lovell; wtns Abrm Mahlsted, Rich Newman & Rob Bayly


WEBB, Edward - citizen and vintner (f148)

unborn child; parents Jn & Susan W; bro Jn W; sis Markham; wife Alice; bro Chris W exec; wtns Jn White & Jn Chippe


WEBSTER, John - citizen and innholder (f66)

bur Creechurch; son Jn; wife Ellen exec; wtns Chris Huscroft, Miles Greenwood & Hen Kighte


WEEKES, James - Bantam [Java, Indonesia] (f112)

East India Co; exec Mary Warlock widow of Ratcliffe, Stepney; overs Jn Warlock bro of Mary; wtns Stephen Warde, Rich Man & Ro Fotherby


WEST, Mary - Tottenham, Mdx, widow (f2)

Rich West; Alice wife of Jn Sargeant; sons Wlm & Rich W & Rich Wood & their chldr; sons Francis, Edward & Thos W; late husb Wlm W; Eliz West; Judith Patte; exec Francis Benning; overs Wlm Benning & Francis Mascall


WEST, William - Tottenham, Mdx, yeo (f2)

sons Rich, Wlm, Thos, Edward & Francis W; son in law Rich Wood; dtr Alice wife of Jn Sargeant; wife Mary exec; overs Wlm & Francis Benning


WETHERED, Mary - Waltham Abbey, Essex, widow (f104)

sons Francis, Armigell & Joseph W; exec son Wlm W; wtns Jn & Mary Marston


WHEATLY, John - East Smithfield, Mdx, sailor (f146)

East India Co; Rob Smith; wife Sarah exec; wtns Jms Bridgman & Edward Mynors


WHITBEY, Elizabeth - Wapping, Mdx, widow (f54)

2 chldr of dtr Eliz Harrison; 2 chldr of dtr Hester Hooper; 2 chldr of cousin Jn Whitbey; sis Alice White; exec son Thos W; wtns Sam Barley, Jms Mullens & Wlm Richbell


WHITEING, Anne - St Albans Little Wood St, London, widow (f63)

dtr Anne wife of Thos Meacocke; sis Joan wife of Rich Mills of Froxford [Froxfield?], Hampshire; sis Susan widow of Jn Bignall of Colborne, Hampshire & her sons Rich & Wlm B & her chldr Jn, Mary & Clare Holloway; sis Eliz Baly of St Giles Cripplegate widow & her son Andrew B & her dtr Eliz wife of Jn Stanton ctz & turner; Alice wife of son Edward Blackwell; Nathaniel & Jms sons of Wlm Whiteing decsd; exec son Edward Blackwell of Ratcliffe Mdx chandler; wtns Edward & Anne Baker & Jn Halleley


WHITTINGHAM, William - St Mildred Poultry, citizen and whitebaker (f124)

prsnt wife Eliz; wtns Rich Smart, Wlm Jones & Rich Mosse


WIGPITT, Mary - St James Duke Place, London, widow (f44)

dtr Mary & her chldr Jn & Mary Roase; dtr Martha Love; dtrs Apphia & Lea; execs dtrs Hannah W & Mary Rose; wtns Alice Callimore & Ellen Rayment


WILKINSON, Mary - London, widow (f16)

dtr Eliz W; exec son Matt W; overs Arthur Frye & Anthony Newman; wtns Anne Newman & Edw Mathew


WILLIAMS, Margaret - St Brides, London, widow (f93)

sisters Elnr Lewis, Blanche wife of Wltr Jones & Jane wife of Wltr Thomas; Bridget wife of bro Geo Harris & his chldr Margt, Mary, Thos & Wltr; countrywmn Eliz Vaughan; execs Rich Hewett ctz & whitebaker & Wlm Bridges brewer; wtns Margt Mead, Eliz Daniell & Phil Peirson


WILLIS, George - Kingsland, Hackney, Mdx, gent (f149)

son Geo; dtr Eliz wife of Rob Wild blacksmith; land in Waltham Holy Cross, Essex from Rob Budd gent & his wife Eliz dtr of Edward Bassano gent decsd to son Tobias; dtr in law Joan Taylor & her sis Jane T; born in Chesterfield, co Derby; 2 dtrs of cousin Jms Henley of Southwark [Surrey] distiller; cousin Edward Holland; wife Eliz exec; overs countrymen Jn Jones gent & Wlm Newbold of London gent; wtns Henry Bawcocke & Thos Wheatley


WOODFORD, John - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, blacksmith (f82)

bro Edward Swaine; Dan Clarke; Mr Everet; Mary Booth; Anne Rayne; Chris Simons; Margt Warren; Jn Clifford; wifes sis Rose Simons; wtns Rebecca Roberts & Alice Boyse


WOODWARD, Adyell - London, gent, second son of John W of London, esq deceased (original will # 2)

Jn, Wlm, Nichls, Joseph & Ben sons of bro & sis Herne; house in Corn Hill; land in Holloway; Mr Binkes


WOODWARD, Elizabeth - Merstham, co Surrey, widow (f82)

grandchldr Deborah, Mary, Sarah, Jn & Ralph Hartley; son in law Ralph Hartley & his dtr Eliz wife of Thos Leake; bro Edward Woodward; sis Abbott; godtr Eliz Swift; Anne Bleigh; Mary Heatley; poor of St Michael Cornhill, London; exec dtr Eliz wife of Ralph Hartley; wtns Tho Bland & Tho Jewell


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YOUNGE, Anne - Epping, widow (f130)

knsmn Phil Tybballs; cousin Jane Dunstone; Judith Makyn; Campyon Markyn; Susan Terling; Sara & Jn Collyn; Sara Scippin; godtr Anne Stace; Anne Bumphas; Thos Pick; Margt Campyon widow; Alice Pollard; Geo Archer of London; Thos Grave; Sara Stace; Jn son of Edward Stace; overs Nichls Archer senr & Jn Stace senr
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