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Help and advice for Fridaythorpe: Fridaythorpe Churchyard gravestones etc..

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Fridaythorpe: Fridaythorpe Churchyard gravestones etc..



These photos of the Fridaythorpe Churchyard gravestones etc. were taken in 2014 and consequently no graves after this date appear here.

The index consists of a table of surnames (below), each being linked to the first image of that surname. To get to the rest of the same surname images, simply use the scroll facilities on each succeeding page.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

I made no attempt to remove grass from graves (no tools) but tried to remove the moss etc. from the graves which consist of a cross.

My apologies for those photographs with camera shake - I seem to be expert at choosing windy days to take photographs.

If you can identify the names on the "Unknown" graves, please drop me a line by email (use the "Report Problems" link at the bottom of the relevant page).

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

You will appreciate that there is ample scope for errors in this, so if you find any, please drop me a line - there is a link to the error form at the bottom of each page.

Happy hunting!

Colin Hinson.

!General  Acklam  Adams  Atkinson  Banister  Barber 
Barker  Bassett  Beckett  Bell  Binnington  Boocock 
Boyes  Brigham  Brompton  Brown  Burks  Calam 
Cassell  Cattle  Clark  Coates  Cooper  Coupland 
Dove  Edmond  Frear  Gatenby  Grantham  Griesbach 
Grundy  Harland  Harrison  Hawden  Hill  Hodgson 
Horcroft  Horsley  Hotham  Huddart  Ireland  Johnson 
Kirby  Lakes  Lumley  Milner  Milson  Mitchell 
Moffat  Moody  Morris  Nattress  Newlove  Patrick 
Paul  Pexton  Pickering  Pitt  Rawlings  Ripley 
Robinson  Robson  Seller  Sellers  Sharp  Shepherdson 
Shields  Simpson  Sowersby  Spetch  Stark  Staveley 
Theakston  Thompson  Tunstall  Turner  Unknown facedown  Unknown 
Wainwright  Walker  Warters  Weddall  West  Wharram 
Wilson  Witty