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1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Hull

The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

For the background to the information below, along with some useful pointers, please see the Introduction to the book from which this information came

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
3352Abbey, Thomas10, Silver StreetTwo freehold housesFeatherston's Entry, High Street
3353Abraham, John14, Fish StreetFour copyhold houses at £4 each a-yearGreat Passage Street & Burton Street
3354Adam, Charles3, Cogan StreetFreehold public-house160. High Street
3355Aitkin, John24, Myton GateFour freehold housesMyton Gate
3356Allen, JohnSpring BankFreehold house21, Mill Street
3357Allinson, Joseph56, Humber StreetFreehold houseLister Street
3358Anderson, William16, Queen StreetFreehold house15, Spencer Street
3359Appleby, William135, High StreetTwo freehold housesHales Entry
3360Appleyard, FrankOsborne StreetTwo freehold houses, bricklayer's shed and joiners shopOsborne Street
3361Arnett, William145, High StreetTwo freehold houses146, and 147, High Street
3362Atkin, WilliamSpencer Square, Spencer StreetFreehold house40, Spencer Street
3363Atkinson, John27, Market PlaceFreehold house1, Scale Lane
3364Atkinson, Thomas OwstPortland PlaceFreehold house and garden9, Portland Place
3365Audus, John5, Junction PlaceFreehold houseAnne Street
3366Ayre, Joseph35, George StreetFreehold house48, Market Place
3367Bailey, JohnSt. James's StreetFreehold houseLeadenhall Square
3368Barber, GeorgeCollier StreetFreeholdCollier Street; F. Ganderton, tenant
3369Barker, Robert49, Myton GateFreeholdDagger Lane
3370Barker, JamesSilvester StreetTen freehold housesAnne Street
3371Barnby, Bishop13, Market PlaceTrustee in receipt of rents and profits of a freehold estate under the will of the late W. Rust, Esq.Nile Street and Nile Place
3372Barns, William36, High StreetFreehold warehouse152, High Street
3373Barrett, John1, Cogan StreetFreehold gardenEnglish Street
3374Bedford, Colley10, Church SideThree freehold houses17, Church Lane, and two behind
3375Beecroft, Robert30, .Upper Union StreetTwo copyhold houses under £10 each annual value29, and 31, Upper Union Street
3376Bell, John3, High StreetFreehold house8, Parliament Street
3377Bell, WilliamEnglish StreetTwo freehold houses55, and 56, Myton Gate
3378Bell, Edward JohnHamburghTwo freehold houses55, and 56, Myton Gate
3379Bettison, William6, Humber StreetFreehold public-house2, Blanket Row
3380Bettison, SamuelPatrick Ground LaneFreehold public-house3, Humber Street
3381Bilton, Robert13, Parliament St.Freehold house121, High Street
3382Bishop, Joseph20, Neptune St.Freehold house8, Grimsby Lane
3383Black, John3, Beverley RoadFour freehold housesChapel Lane
3384Blyth, William15, Charles StreetFreehold warehouse57, High Street
3385Bonsell, David6, Chariot StreetFour freehold housesEdgar Street, Pottery
3386Bowlby, Jesse13, LowgateThree freehold housesDixon's Entry
3387Boyes, Bethuel8, Castle StreetTwo freehold houses4 and 5, Castle Row
3388Boyle, RichardWest ParadeFreehold laneWest Parade
3389Bray, William4, North StreetFreehold house under the ann. value of £104, North Street
3390Briggs, John95, High StreetThree freehold houses98, 99, 100, High Street
3391Briggs, William13, Jarratt StreetTwo freehold houses92 and 93, Myton Gate
3392Briggs, John Blackshaw13, Albion StreetFreehold house94, Myton Gate
3393Brian, Robert3, Church LaneFreehold house4, Church Lane
3394Bristow, Charles14, Queen StreetTwo freehold houses26 and 27, Nile Street
3395Bromby, John Healey, Rev4, Church SideFreehold house79, Myton Gate
3396Bromby, Septimus7, Waterhouse LaneFreehold public-house17, Manor Street
3397Bunney, William7, Whitefriar GateFreehold house49, Low Gate
3398Burgess, John45, Prospect St.Four copyhold houses under £10 each annual valueRoper Street
3399Burton, JohnLowgateFreehold houseThornton Street, extra parochial
3400Carlill, Thomas8, George StreetFreehold house45, Whitefriar Gate
3401Carr, WilliamSanctonFreehold housePeck's Entry, Myton Gate
3402Carrall, Roger9, Queen StreetThree freehold housesQueen Street
3403Carrick, William Baldwin16, Albion StreetTwo freehold housesGrimsby Lane
3404Carrick, TheophilusLister StreetTwo freehold housesGrimsby Lane
3405Casson, Richard14, North StreetFreehold house30, Bridge Street
3406Cattle, Thomas18, Spencer StreetFour freehold housesSpencer Street
3407Christie, John23, Myton GateFreehold public-house6, Myton Gate
3408Christie, JamesCharter HouseLife freehold above the value of 40s., and the occupierCharter House (objected to)
3409Clark, John19, Castle StreetFour freehold housesAnne Street
3410Clark, ThomasSpring BankFreehold houseSpring Bank; John Anderson, tenant
3411Clark, George16, Brook StreetTwo freehold houses17 and 18, Brook Street
3412Clarkson, William25, Low GateThree freehold housesWard's Entry, High Street
3413Collier, George1, Collier StreetFreehold house2, Collier Street
3414Colton, John4, English StreetTwo freehold housesEdgar Street and Alfred Street
3415Conkerton, Richard16, Bishop LaneFreehold houseLong Entry, Salthouse Lane
3416Constable, Joseph38, English StreetFreehold house and cowhouse, and freehold houseEnglish Street and Alfred Street
3417Cook, JohnWalkergate, BeverleyTwo copyhold housesFawcitt Street
3418Cook, John17, Humber St.Freehold house5, Finkle Street
3419Cook, RobertEast ParadeFreehold house190, High Street
3420Cookman, GeorgeLinnaeus StreetNine freehold housesVine Court, High Street
3421Cooper, William53, Salt House LaneFreehold dwelling-housesPostern Gate; Sarah Ward, J. Sturdy, and others, tenants
3422Cooper, JohnAlfred StreetFreehold public-houseDagger Lane
3423Corlass, Robert70, LowgateFreehold house70, Lowgate; Sarah Corlass, tenant
3424Coupland, John1, Waterhouse LaneFreehold shopOsborne Street
3425Craven, John5, Baker StreetFreehold house43, Humber Street
3426Craven, Thomas18, Nile StreetFreehold house67, Whitefriar Gate
3427Cross, George William4, Marine RowFreehold house26, Nile Street
3428Cross, Robert Bursall4, Marine RowFreehold house26, Nile Street
3429Cross, John30, Rood Lane, LondonTwo freehold houses9 and 10, Queen Street
3430Dales, SamuelMyton GateFreehold houseKingston Square, North Street
3431Dalton, HenrySykes StreetLand at £50 rent, as occupierGarrison Side, extra parochial
3432Daniel, Andrew7, Providence Sq., Brook StreetEight freehold housesProvidence Square, Brook Street
3433Daniels, ThomasBond StreetNine freehold housesBlackfriar Gate
3434Davie, William51, Carr LaneFreehold house52, Carr Lane
3435Davison, ThomasAnlaby RoadFive freehold housesFish Street Court
3436Day, William Benton8, St. James St.Freehold houses50 and 51, Blackfriar Gate
3437Dewick, JohnWhitefriar GateThirteen freehold housesSpencer Street and Canning Street
3438Dibb, JosephChurch Street, SculcoatesFreehold malt kiln and 6 tenementsBrook Street
3439Dibb, Samuel4, Myton GateFreehold house5, Myton Gate
3440Dibb, Emanuel4, North StreetFreehold house15, Scale Lane
3441Dickinson, William2, Saville StreetSeven freehold housesEbenezer Place, Chariot Street
3442Dickon, Edward80, Myton GateFour freehold housesMyton Gate
3443Dickon, JohnEnglish StreetThree freehold housesGrimsby Lane
3444Dikes, William Hey8, Dock StreetFourteen freehold housesHuntington's Entry, Whitefriar Gate
3445Dosser, James10, Chapel LaneFreehold public-house1, Church Side
3446Downey, JamesCollier StreetFreehold house under £10 ann. value, and the occupierCollier Street
3447Duesbery, ThomasWard's Court, Postern GateFreehold houseWakefield Street
3448Duffill, Mark115, High StreetTwo copyhold houses under £10 ann. value eachParadise Place
3449Duncum, Samuel34, West StreetFive freehold housesDixon's Entry, Lowgate
3450Dunn, David28, Scott StreetFreehold house29, Middle Street
3451Dunning, James22, Lower Union StreetFreehold house4, Cook's Court
3452Dunning, Thomas2, Silver StreetFreehold offices6, Bowlalley Lane
3453Earle, ThomasBelle Vue TerraceTwo freehold housesScale Lane
3454Elderton, John17, Neptune StreetThree freehold housesSt. James' Street
3455Ellors, ThomasPatrick Ground LaneFreehold public-house4 and .5, Princes Street
3456English, ThomasLister Street, PotteryFreehold timber-yardGarrison Side, extra parochial
3457English, Edgar WilkinsScale LaneFreehold timber-yardGarrison Side, extra parochial
3458Escreet, Henry6, Castle RowFreehold houseCastle Row
3459Feetam, Thomas62, Myton GateTrustee in possession of the rents and profits of the Humber LodgeOsborne Street
3460Ferraby, John44, Market PlaceFreehold public-houseMarket Place
3461Fewson, Peter36, LowgateFreehold house37, Lowgate
3462Fielding, GeorgeJarratt StreetThree freehold houses and stablesLand of Green Ginger
3463Fisher, George15, Prospect St.Two freehold housesNorth Street
3464Foster, ChristopherEdgar StreetFour freehold housesKing's Court, High Street
3465Foster, William63, Mill StreetFreehold housesMill Street
3466Foster, Robert32, Myton GateFreehold warehouseMyton Gate
3467Foster, GeorgeWest ParadeFreehold gardensWest Parade
3468Foster, William7, Cross StreetFreehold house under £10 ann. value, and the occupier7, Cross Street
3469Fowler, Joseph15, Portland St.Thirteen freehold housesWest Street
3470Fullwood, Edward1, Brook StreetFour freehold houses5, 6, 7, and 22, Brook Street
3471Fussey, Thomas20, Waterhouse LaneFreehold houseOsborne Street
3472Gadsden, JamesCharlotte StreetFreehold landWaltham Street
3473Gale, Thomas35, Humber St.Freehold houseHumber Street
3474Gale, Richard3, Gales Court, West StreetTen copyhold houses under the annual value of £10 eachGale's Court, West Street
3475Ganderton, EdwinWellington Place, SculcoatesFreehold houseMiddle Street
3476Geldard, Thomas32, Market PlaceFreehold warehouseMarket Place
3477Gelson, ThomasGeorge StreetThree freehold housesManor Alley
3478Gibson, John33, Salthouse LaneTwo freehold housesSalthouse Lane
3479Gibson, WilliamNear Dock BridgeFreehold ground and buildingsTrippett Street; occupied by R. Witty, H. Simpson, and others
3480Gilbert, JosephNottinghamFreehold house8, Nile Street
3481Gleadow, Robert24, Market PlaceSix freehold houses10, Silver Street
3482Gleadow, Robert WardYork ParadeFreehold innNelson Street
3483Greaves, Thomas Robinson18, Portland St.Freehold house17, Portland Street
3484Greenwood, George5, Nile StreetTrustee in receipt of rent and profits of a freehold estate under the will of the late William Rust, Esq.Nile Street and Nile Place
3485Grey, Thomas20, Silver StreetFreehold houseLister Street
3486Gould, William28, Osborne St.Freehold house20, Mill Street
3487Haire, GalenVilla PlaceFreehold houses and landVilla Place and Patrick Ground Lane
3488Hair, George41, Blanket RowFreehold warehouseBlanket Row
3489Halden, William26, Scale LaneFreehold houseMechanic Lane, Pottery
3490Hall, John17, Charlotte St.Freehold houseSt. James' Street
3491Haller, Thomas50, Whitefriar GateNine freehold housesOsborne Street
3492Halley, William23, Bourne StreetFour freehold housesOsborne Street
3493Hammond, GeorgeChesterFreehold house8, Bowlalley Lane; J. Wardell, tenant
3494Harker, John4, LowateFreehold house6, Prince Street
3495Harker, RobertSt. James' StreetFreehold house18, Trippett Street
3496Harrison, Henry JohnGeorge StreetFreehold timber-yardGarrison Side, extra parochial
3497Harrison, Peter14, North StreetFreehold house under £10 ann. value, and the occupier14, North Street
3498Hart, RobertSouth FrodinghamThree freehold housesEdgar Street
3499Hartliff, William40, High StreetFreehold house34, Bishop Lane
3500Harwood, RichardHarwood Place, English StreetFreehold house38, Scale Lane
3501Heaton, Thomas12, Mill StreetThree freehold houses13, 14, and 15, Mill Street
3502Hebblewhite, BenjaminCottage Row, Anlaby RoadSix copyhold houses at £28 per annum in the wholeLower Union Street
3503Henwood, JamesHigh StreetFreehold warehouse and office, held in common with George CookmanHigh Street
3504Hesk, Peter11, Middle StreetFive freehold housesMiddle Street
3505Hessey, WilliamSkidbyFreehold housesNorth Street and Garden Street
3506Higson, JohnProspect StreetTen freehold housesHigson's Court, Blanket Row
3507Hildyard, RichardLister StreetEight freehold housesFish Street
3508Hipsley, JohnBelle Vue TerraceFreehold house8, Finkle Street
3509Hobson, ThomasCollier StreetFreehold house under £10 ann. value, and the occupierCollier Street
3510Hodgson, James, jun.27, West StreetFreehold house16, Blackfriar Gate
3511Hodgson, George13, Myton GateFreehold house4, Thornton Square
3512Hoggard, John25, Waterhouse LaneThree copyhold houses under £10 ann. value each4, 5, and 6, Roper Street
3513Holdsworth, John7, Albion StreetTwo freehold officesHigh Street; W. Hopwood and R. Blyth, tenants
3514Holdsworth, David62, LowgateTwo freehold houses164 and 165, High Street
3515Hornsby, ThomasHumber Dock St.Freehold house18, Finkle Street
3516Hope, John Lucking ColeEdward's PlaceFreehold shopFish Street; occupied by M. Wallis
3517Homer, Simon28, High StreetFreehold warehouses and premisesHigh Street; occupied by Messrs. Newbald and Eyre
3518Hornor, BenjaminFulford Grange, near YorkFreehold house19, Lowgate; Jane Hornor, tenant
3519Hornsby, James3, Blanket RowTrustee in possession of three freehold housesBlackfriar Gate
3520Howe, John3, Scale LaneFreehold house2, Scale Lane
3521Hudson, Henry2, Spencer StreetTwo freehold housesPassage Street
3522Hunt, Robert63, Whitefriar GateFreehold house6, Portland Place
3523Hussard, JohnSalthouse LaneFive freehold housesSalthouse Lane
3524Hustwick, RobertOsborne StreetFreehold houseCarr Lane; occupied by W. Norton
3525Hutchinson, William4, George YardTwo freehold houses2 and 3, George Yard
3526Hutchinson, Richard15, Alfred StreetFreehold house under £10 ann. value, and the occupier15, Alfred Street
3527Hyde, William Wilson7, Castle RowFreehold house3, Osborne Street
3528Jackson, Richard8, North StreetTwenty one freehold housesNorth Street
3529Jackson, Edward6, Fish StreetThree freehold housesDagger Lane
3530Jarvis, Richard4, Edward's PlaceFreehold houses3, Edward's Place
3531Jenkins, Richard6, Carlisle StreetFreehold houses2, West Street
3532Johnson, Joseph11, Broadley Sq.Freehold house under the annual value of £10, and occupier11, Broadley Square
3533Johnson, Lawson BenjaminMason StreetFreehold housesJohnson's Entry, High Street
3534Johnson, William42, Garden StreetFour freehold houses1, 2, 3, and 4, Middle Street
3535Johnson, RichardHessle RoadFreehold house and land under £10 annual value, and the occupierHessle Road
3536Jones, Joseph66, Market PlaceFreehold public-houseSilver Street
3537Joyce, JamesProspect PlaceFreehold house1, Bishop Lane
3538Irving, WilliamLister StreetFreehold house13, Queen Street
3539Jubb, WilliamCitidelFreehold public-houseGreat Union Street, extra parochial
3540Kay, CorneliusWaterhouse LaneFreehold house and shopHumber Bank
3541Keddey, RobertElm Tree HouseFreehold farmHull Bank
3542King, Robert24, Chapel LaneTen freehold housesChapel Lane and King's Court
3543King, RobertBaker StreetFreehold groundFinkle Street
3544Kirk, Robert15, Whitefriar GateFreehold houseSilver Street; G. Bolton, tenant
3545Kirkwood, Stephen13, Wellington St.Freehold buildingQueen Street
3546Kitching, Thomas10, Queen StreetFreehold houseBlanket Row
3547Kitching, William1, North StreetThree freehold houses1 & 2, North St.; 1, Alexander Square
3548Knapton, John2, Lower Union St.Two freehold housesOsborne Street
3549Lamb, GeorgeNeptune StreetThree freehold houses2, 3, 4, Jarvis Square, Bridge Street
3550Lambert, WilliamCottinghamFreehold house56, Market Place
3551Lambert, Joseph28, Osborne StreetFreehold house9, Myton Gate
3552Langley, Thomas86, High StreetFreehold warehouseHigh Street
3553Lattin, JohnSculcoates LaneFreehold housesPellmell Court, Broadley Street
3554Lattin, Radcliff47, Blanket RowFreehold houseNeptune Street
3555Laverack, WilliamWest ParadeFreehold house70, High Street
3556Laycock, Richard14, Carlisle StreetTwo freehold houses54 and 55, Garden Street
3557Leake, John11, Waltham St.Three freehold housesChurch Lane
3558Leake, WilliamParliament StreetSix freehold housesWellington Street
3559Lee, Robert41, George StreetFive freehold housesWinter's Alley
3560Lee, William4, Geat Passage StreetFreehold house63, Myton Gate
3561Lee, HenryFetter LaneFour freehold housesChapel Street and Little Queen Street
3562Lee, GeorgePostern GateFreehold house9, Bowlalley Lane
3563Lee, Thomas166, High StreetFour freehold housesScale Lane
3564Lenham, Henry47, Osborne StreetFifteen freehold housesOsborne Street
3565Leonard, John7, LowgateFour freehold housesBlanket Row
3566Levett, William, sen.21 , Whitefriar GateFreehold house30, Market Place
3567Liddell, JohnEtherington PlaceTwo freehold public-housesSalthouse Lane, H. Grant tenant; and 25, Postern Gate
3568Lincoln, John1, Canning StreetFour freehold housesPortland Street
3569Linton, William9, Quay StreetSix copyhold houses, rent £20 per ann.Paradise Lodge, Myton Street
3570Linton, GeorgeCogan StreetTwelve freehold housesEdgar Street
3571Lovitt, John20, Parliament St.Seven freehold housesWhitefriar Gate
3572Lucas, Joseph33, Blanket RowSeven freehold housesAdelaide Street and Cogan Street
3573Malcolm, Jesse22, High StreetFreehold house19, High Street
3574Marris, HenryProspect StreetFreehold house28, Prospect Street
3575Marshall, Samuel11, Carlisle StreetTwo freehold houses19 and 20, Chariot Street
3576Maud, William MillthorpKnosthorp, near LeedsFreehold warehouse and bonding-yardGarrison Side, extra parochial
3577McConniff, James31, Mill StreetFreehold house under £10 annual value, and the occupier31, Mill Street
3578McPherson, JamesSuttonFreehold for life in Salthouse Lane ChapelSalthouse Lane
3579McYouns, AlexanderLittle LaneFive freehold housesLittle Lane
3580Medley, Thomas26, TrippetFreehold public-house, White HartSalthouse Lane
3581Medley, John14, English StreetFreehold public-house, White Hart19, North Walls
3582Meggitt, Thomas10, George YardThree freehold stablesGeorge Yard
3583Meggitt, JohnPopple Street, DrypoolFreehold houseHumber Street
3584Mercer, William60, Market PlaceFreehold public-house59, Market Place
3585Metcalf, David6, Nelson StreetThree freehold housesNelson Street Passage
3586Middlemist, DavidHessle New RoadThree freehold housesAlfred Street
3587Miller, Benjamin20, Brook StreetSix freehold housesPortland Street
3588Moon, GeorgeLister StreetFreehold warehouseQuay Street
3589Moor, William1, St. James St.Freehold house35, Lowgate
3590Moor, RobertNorth StreetFreehold house3, North Street
3591Morley, George44, Market PlaceFreehold houseCommerce Lane, Pottery
3592Montgomery, JohnDagger LaneFreehold public-houseAlfred Street
3593Moxon, Benjamin22, Market PlaceThree freehold housesCarr Lane
3594Murgatroyd, William8, Waterworks St.Freehold houseMarine Row
3595Musgrave, SamuelLister StreetFreehold houseLister Street
3596Newbald, Charles47, Myton GateFreehold public-house78, High Street
3597Nicholson, Thomas5, Garden StreetLife freehold in a house under £10 annual value, and the occupier5, Garden Street
3598Nicol, John19, Silver StreetTwo freehold housesLister Street
3599Nightingale, Henry16, Neptune St.Life freehold in a house value £16 a-year9, North Street
3600Northgraves, DentonPortland GardensFreehold house48, Blanket Row
3601Nordaby, John33, Middle StreetFreehold house32, Middle Street
3602Officer, WilliamGrovesFreehold house69, Lowgate
3603Oglesby, RobertAnlaby RoadFreehold houseBryant's Court and Globe Court, High Street
3604Oliver, GeorgeWeltonFreehold housesKingston Square, North Street
3605Orry, John7, Scott's SquareFreehold houseEnglish Street
3606Padley, JohnAlfred StreetThree freehold houses9, Alfred Street, and two behind
3607Parker, JohnSouth ParadeFreehold house19, Blackfriar Gate
3608Peck, Robert2, Wright StreetThree freehold housesScale Lane
3609Peck, Thomas12, Queen StreetFour freehold houses and saw-yardQueen Street
3610Petch, Richard10, Francis StreetFour copyhold houses under £10 each annual valueMyton Street
3611Pexton, WilliamCottinghamSeven freehold housesBeilby Square, Garden Street
3612Phillipson, Michael91, Myton GateFreehold house90, Myton Gate
3613Pickard, AnthonyBelle Vue TerraceFreehold houseBlackfriar Gate
3614Pickard, Joseph9, Featherstons Entry, High St.Freehold house under £10 ann. value, and occupier9, Featherston's Entry, High Street
3615Pickering, William6, George StreetFour freehold housesQueen Street
3616Pickwell, FrancisCanning StreetEleven freehold housesCanning Street
3617Pinder, Charles35, Brook StreetSix freehold housesLowgate, Manor Alley
3618Priest, RobertBelle Vue TerraceFreehold housesEnglish Street
3619Priestman, ThomasEast Mount, SuttonFour freehold housesBlanket Row
3620Prust, John22, Carr LaneTwo freehold houses25 and 26, Carr Lane
3621Purdon, James2, Venture PlaceTwo freehold housesWest Street and Venture Place
3622Purdon, Thomas17, Parliament St.Seven freehold housesHigh Street
3623Reed, WilliamLissadell, County of Sligo, IrelandSix freehold housesCanning Street
3624Reeves, Timothy9. Neptune StreetNine freehold housesHessle Road
3625Rheam, EdwardSalts House, SuttonFour freehold housesBlanket Row
3626Rial, JohnCollier StreetSix freehold housesCollier Street
3627Roberts, ThomasCottinghamFreehold house38, Lowgate
3628Roberts, William14, Garden StreetThree freehold houses4, 5, 6, Short Street
3629Roberts, Horatio HenryJarratt StreetFreehold house16, Queen Street
3630Robinson, Edward12, Portland PlaceFreehold house34, Whitefriar Gate
3631Robinson, John25, Garden StreetTwo freehold housesGarden Street
3632Robinson, JamesSt. James' StreetFreehold landHessle Road
3633Rosindale, George Gowndrill5, Waltham StreetFreehold house3, St. James' Street
3634Rushworth, EdwardHull BankFreehold house84, Myton Gate
3635Rust, WilliamSt. James' StreetFreehold warehouseHessle Road
3636Sanderson, HenrySt. John's StreetFreehold house27, Osborne Street
3637Sanderson, JosephWest ParadeFreeholdWest Parade; W. Laverack, tenant
3638Saner, John27, Whitefriar GateFreehold gardensStaniforth's Place
3639Saner, John35, Prospect StreetFreehold house68, Lowgate
3640Sansby, RichardGrimston StreetEight freehold housesQueen Street and Exmouth Buildings
3641Scholefield, ThomasCarr Place, LeedsFreehold house, warehouse, land and premisesHumber Bank and Ropery Street
3642Scott, Henry33, Waterhouse LaneFreehold house2, Good's Place, Osborne Street
3643Scurfield, John43, Salthouse LaneFreehold housesScurfields Entry, Salthouse Lane
3644Seaton, HerbertEnglish StreetFreehold gardenEnglish Street
3645Seaton, John Martin8, King StreetFreehold gardenEdward's Place
3646Segar, Thomas58, North StreetFreehold houseNorth Street
3647Shackels, Thomas2, Prime StreetTwo freehold houses and warehousesLowgate
3648Sherwood, Robert28, Roper StreetThirteen freehold housesSherwood's Square, Anne Street
3649Shipham, John Sutton21, Market PlaceTrustee in possession of rents and profits of a freehold estate under the will of the late W. Rust, Esq.Nile Street and Nile Place
3650Simpson, DavidHigson's Court, Blanket RowTwo freehold houses6 and 7, Market Place
3651Sleight, Robert Peasegood71, LowgateFive freehold housesSalthouse Lane
3652Smith, JohnKirk EllaFreehold public-house107, High Street
3653Smith, John55, West StreetThree freehold houses2 in Smith's Court & 1 in Middle St.
3654Smith, Samuel42, LowgateFour freehold houses3, 4, 5, 6, Portland Street
3655Snell, Thomas101, High StreetFreehold house34, Blackfriar Gate
3656Snowden, BenjaminBlanket RowNine freehold housesKingston Court, Blanket Row
3657Soulby, WilliamAnlaby RoadFreehold public-house45, Market Place
3658Spence, JohnWaterhouse LaneTwo freehold houses44 and 45, Blanket Row
3659Stainbank, Edward6, Portland PlaceFreehold house48, Market Place
3660Stamp, FrancisMarket PlaceEight freehold housesSnuff-mill Entry, Market Place
3661Stephenson, George1, Canning StreetFreehold house2, Canning Street
3662Stephenson, Robert1, Neptune StreetFreehold house46, Market Place
3663Stephenson, William4, Ocean PlaceFreehold house4, Chariot Street
3664Stockill, John72, West StreetTwo freehold houses16 and 17, Garden Street
3665Storry, John BridgesGreat Tey, EssexGround rent of a freehold house17, Market Place; J. Jones, tenant
3666Story, Thomas14, Low GateSix freehold housesDixon's Square
3667Stratan, WilliamEnglish StreetNineteen freehold housesSt. James' Street
3668Summers, Joseph15, Bowlalley LaneFreehold house9, Marine Row
3669Taylor, David5, Chapel LaneThree freehold housesCartwright's Place, Spring Row
3670Terrington, Thos. AucklandStory StreetTwo freehold houses18 and 19, Market Place
3671Terry, JohnAlbion StreetFreehold houseHumber Bank
3672Thompson, ThomasHumber Dock St.Freehold house33, Bishop Lane
3673Thompson, James49, Canning StreetFreehold house40, Canning Street
3674Thompson, William16, Spencer StreetFreehold house under £10 annual value, and occupier16, Spencer Street
3675Thorney, Timothy10, Worship StreetFreehold house and shopsChariot Street
3676Thornham, John24, Aldbro' StreetSeven freehold housesBlanket Row
3677Todd, William5, Wright StreetCopyhold field above the value of £10 per annum, and not conferring a vote for the boroughAnlaby Row; John Petty, tenant
3678Topping, ThomasJarratt StreetFreehold house5, Bowlalley Lane
3679Tomlinson, James80, High StreetFreehold warehouse81, High Street
3680Tripp, ThomasPatringtonFive freehold housesBridge Street
3681Trumble, Stephen153, High StreetFreehold house38, Bishop Lane
3682Turnbell, Robert66, West StreetTwo freehold housesWest Street
3683Tweed, Richard6, Great Passage St.Freehold house15, Spencer Street
3684Valiance, John Hardy29. LowgateNineteen freehold housesNorth Street, Kingston Court, Valiance Court, Blanket Row
3685Vickers, John9, Cogan StreetFreehold house and gardenEdward's Place
3686Vinsont, JonathanQueen's Alley, Queen StreetFive freehold housesTrippett Street
3687Wade, JohnAlbion StreetFreehold timber-yardGarrison Side, extra parochial
3688Walker, RichardJunction Dock St.Freehold house3, Fish Street
3689Walker, WilliamHessle RoadFreehold house and land under £10 annual value, and the occupierHessle Road
3690Walker, William33, Dock StreetFour freehold houses102, High Street
3691Walker, Jonathan33, Dock StreetFreehold house47, Myton Gate
3692Walmsley, William4, Parliament St.Four freehold housesParliament Street
3693Ward, James45, Myton GateThree freehold housesDagger Lane
3694Wardell, William19, Queen StreetSeven copyhold houses under £10 per annum eachUpper Union Street
3695Watson, John6, King StreetTwo freehold housesDagger Lane
3696Watson, Thomas44, Prospect St.Freehold house39, Myton Gate
3697Watts, John2, St. Mark's Sq.Twelve freehold housesEdgar Street
3698Webster, Robert37, North StreetFreehold house under £10 annual value, and occupier37, North Street
3699West, William13, Princes StreetFive freehold housesTrippett Street
3700Westerdale, William1, Pier StreetSix freehold housesCogan Street
3701Westoby, JohnLower Union St.Four copyhold houses under £10 per annum eachLower Union Street
3702Wetwand, WilliamHigh StreetThree freehold housesSalthouse Lane
3703Wharton, GeorgeSpring RowFreehold houseSpring Row
3704Whitaker, John23, Charlotte St.Freehold fieldAnlaby Road; R. Hepple, tenant
3705Whitaker, JohnSilver St., Thorne, near DoncasterFreehold houses and shopsWellington Street and Queen Street
3706White, Thomas35, Market PlaceFreehold houseSt. Mark's Square, Pottery
3707Wiles, George21, High StreetFreehold house23, Finkle Street
3708Wilkinson, AnthonyWytonFreehold houseProspect Street
3709Wilson, ChristopherAdelaide StreetFreehold houseCanning Street; W. Foster, tenant
3710Wilson, James8, James' Court, Waterhouse LaneTrustee in possession of the rents and profits of ten copyhold houses under £10 eachJames Court, Waterhouse Lane
3711Wilson, William6 Church SideFreehold for life of above 40s. annual value, by promotion to a benefice7, Church Side
3712Witting, James1, Myton GateFreehold house2, Myton Gate
3713Woodworth, George35, Osborne StreetFour copyhold houses under £10 per annum eachOsborne Street
3714Woolley, WilliamBelle Vue TerraceFreehold house172, High Street
3715Worrel, JohnOld Dock sideFreehold house5, Broadley Square
3716Wride, FrancisSpring StreetFreehold house9, Brook Street
3717Wright, RobertBond StreetFreehold house172, High Street
3718Young, AndrewAnn StreetFreehold house and shop under £10 annual value, and the occupierAnn Street

The above copyright data was taken from the book
The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
and was presented to Genuki by the author:
Colin Blanshard Withers M.Sc., M.B.A..

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