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Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: WHENBY.     Church dedication: ST. MARTIN.     Church type: Discharged Vicarage.

Area, 1,390 acres. Bulmer wapentake. -Population, 115 ; Church-room, 150 *1; Net value, £121. -This Church was given to the Prior and Convent of Molesby, to which it was appropriated, and a Vicarage ordained therein, on 8 Kal. February 1283. The Vicar is charged with the reparation and rebuilding of the Chancel.

The collation to the Vicarage was reserved to the Archbishop and his successors by the ordination, and who did collate accordingly till the reign of Queen Mary, when the Advowson got into private hands, viz.: Edward Barton, in 1602 ; Thomas Crofts, in 1639 and 1640; John Cook, in 1690 and 1692 ; trustees of Lord Derwentwater, in 1720; and in 1724, the Garforth family, who are the present patrons, first presented.

Patron and impropriator, William Garforth, Esq.

The Vicarage is valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £5, and Pension, £2. 13s. 4d.; in the King's books, at £4. 8s. 2d.; Synodals and Procurations, 8s. 6d. *2; and in 1818, at £120 per annum.

The glebe house is unfit for residence, vide return in 1834. In 1818, it was returned as fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1556: a leaf wanting in the first books ending in 1721. Many leaves cut out in book No. 3, commencing in 1751. -Vide transcripts at York.

Bolton's gift, origin unknown. rent charge of 20s. per annum. A moiety to the Vicar, for a sermon on the 14th January ; the other moiety to the poor. -Vide 9th Report, page 713.

Post town: Whitwell.

Torre's MS., page 469. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. iii. page 22. Mon. Ang., vol. iv. pages 566, 567. Burton's Monasticon, page 268. Nonae Rolls, page 235. Bodleian MS., No. 5101.

*1 As returned in 1818. No return made in 1834.

*2 The Valor Ecc. specifies mansion, lands, and tithes. -Page 99, col. 2.

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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