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Parish Maps of Yorkshire

  East Riding Parish Map

  North Riding Parish Map

  West Riding Parish Map

East Riding Parish Map
including The Ainsty

(Maps above are shown at 7% of actual size)

The above maps show the boundaries of the parishes as they were before 1832 when the Civil Parishes started coming into being, all three of the maps are in .gif format. The names all agree with the lists of parishes given for the 3 Ridings and The Ainsty within the Genuki Yorkshire page, under Towns and Parishes. The North Riding map is to a different scale than the other two (approximately 20% smaller).

I would recommend that you save the map(s) having downloaded them to your browser, as this will save you having to download them again and also enable you to use your own graphics software to display them.

To display the maps (having saved them), I would recommend that you use Paint Shop Pro or similar program with a zoom in and out capability (I used Paint Shop Pro 5 to generate the maps).

If you have problems downloading, then please drop me a line via the link at the bottom of the page explaining the problem, but make sure you give system details:

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Please see also the map of the Wapentakesof Yorkshire and the detailed place map of Yorkshire.

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