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Detailed Map of Yorkshire

Thumbnail map of Yorkshire
(20 times reduction of actual map size)

Detailed map of Yorkshire.

This map shows all the cities, towns and villages, rivers and becks, and most of the hamlets and some of the single houses in the Yorkshire of the 1820s. Wherever possible the new towns and villages have been added. There are currently no contours shown, but the current extent of all the larger places are shown.

Downloading the map:

Owing to the size of this map image, you may encounter problems downloading and displaying it, particularly if you are using a computer that is more than about 8 years old, or hasn't recently had the browser software upgraded.

Download the map, and then save it (right click on the map, and then select "Save picture as"). If you have a good graphics program, then you should be able to zoom in and out when displaying the image. Please do not save it to a jpeg file as this will give a file several times larger than a .png or .gif file, and will result in a poorer image too. (If you want to know why, see my pages about dealing with image files for the web).

Printing the map:

If you use Paint Shop Pro to print the map, you will have to split it into pages of A4/Letter size and print them individually. Bill Potts has investigated printing the map and recommends using a program called Poster. He has kindly allowed me to reproduce his comments and instructions for the use of "Poster".

If you still have problems downloading, then drop me a line via the link at the bottom of this page, explaining the problem, but make sure you give system details:

    Browser (Internet Explorer (with Version), Firefox (with version), Chrome etc) Operating Sytem (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc) Computer (PC, MAC, Amiga etc)

Please remember this is a large file (around 950kbytes) and therefore it may take some time to download if you are not using broadband.

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