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Great Driffield, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Vicars in All Saints Church, Great Driffield.

Vicars of Driffield
from the year 1330

At Driffield are two Churches
(Domesday Book)

1330Haldanus de Driffield 1597Christopher Gelderde
1350Stephen de Burton 1602Robert Greenhaugh B.A.
1351William Swyfte de Nafferton 1615Valentine Mason
1352Stephen Wallings 1623Edward Dodgson
1352John Smyth de Magna Driffield 1625Ralph Mason
1391John Barwe 16--Henry Garnet
1418Matthew Barow 1636Francis Parkinson B.A.
1431Thomas Waplington 1671Gerard Didsborough M.A.
1456William Cudall 1675Henry Bradley
1458John Smyth 1691Ralph Hardwick M.A.
1483Robert Ferley 1699William Carmichael M.A.
1495Robert Skynner 1705George Colebatch
1500John Wederherd 1752George Dicks Paul
1514Richard Teisdaile 1755Francis Best M.A.
1522Edward Midilton 1772Digby Caley LL.B.
1523Robert Layng 1782Jonathan Ion
1541Robert Barker 1798Richard Allen
1548John Gilbye 1833George Allen
1550Robert Ringrose 1876Horace Newton M.A.
15--Robert Barker 1892William R. Sharrock M.A.
1581James Dogeskinson 1940William O. Napier Munn
   1955A. John Watkins B.A. hon. C.F.
   1968Leonard W. Chidzey
For I resolved
to know nothing while
I was with you except
Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
1 Cor 2:2

1978Mark A. Simons ARCM
1994Richard Edward Carlill
2004Michael Richard Guy Smith

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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