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The List of Vicars in St. Peter's Church, Humbleton.

Parish of Humbleton With Elsternwick
There were Vicars of Humbleton before 1162, because in that year William de Scures gave the place
Humbleton, with all its appurtenances together with the Church to the Abbot and Convent of Thornton,
in Lincolnshire.

List of Recorded Vicars...

NoInstitutedYearIncumbents....Patrons....Vacated ByRemarks
16 Ides October1302Diaconus Ws. de Swannerland, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of Thornton
27 Cal January1308Diaconus Johs. de Humbleton, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of Thornton
3 1349Diaconus Symon SterneAbbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
425 January1352Diaconus Robert de Lynwbod de Messingham, Cap.Abbot and Convent of ThorntonResignation
57 March1352Diaconus Hugo de Garton, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
623 April1355Diaconus Johs. de Sledmer vel Sledon, Cap.Abbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
722 April1421Diaconus Nicolas White de Humbleton, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
814 March1446Diaconus John RobinsonAbbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
920 December1450Diaconus John Quinton, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
104 December 1474Diaconus John de Burton, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of Thornton
11  Diaconus John Page, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of ThorntonResignation
1224 February 1482Diaconus Robert Benyingworth, Cap.Archbishop per lapsumDeath
132 November 1505Diaconus Robert Fletcher, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of ThorntonResignation
1414 May1516Diaconus Ws. Mybin, PresbyterAbbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
1514 November1538Diaconus Robert Hull, alias Thompson, PresbyterJohn Ransom, p.h.v. by grant
   from Abbot and Convent of ThorntonDeath
16  Thomas Thompson, [per Mackley], a legateeEdward Brown, p.h.v. by grant
  under the will of Sir T. Constable, Knightfrom Abbot and Convent of Thornton
1724 October 1577John or George Broke [Clerk]ElizabethResignation
1831 March 1581Edward Baker [Clerk]ElizabethResignation
1929 July1584Xavier English [Clerk]ElizabethDeath
2023 April1591W. Lowson [Clerk]ElizabethResignation
2129 July1592Thomas HallElizabeth
2212 May1606William Humphery [Clerk]Jacobus RexCession
2321 March1607Thomas Watkinson, M.A.Jacobus RexCession
2426 July1613John Watkynson, B.A.Archbishop Ebor

Then Parish Registers furnish the following . . . . .

25 1654John Smithson
26 1665John Fenwick
27 1673Benjamin Hardy
28 1686Theophilus Xavier Sollett
29 1696Thomas Thompson was Vicar for 30 years. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .DeathBuried 13th March 1726
30 1726John Brown, senior
31 1761John Brown, junior. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Death in 1787
32 1789Revd. William Aked. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Death in 1789
33 1789Revd. Jonathan DixonLord ChancellorDeath in 1831Buried in Churchyard
near Chancel
34 1832Revd. John JadisLord ChancellorDeath in 1862Buried in Churchyard
35 1863Revd. Alfred RobinsonLord ChancellorDeath in 1902Buried in Churchyard
36 1903Revd. John George PatrickLord ChancellorResigned
37 1917Revd. Peter Duckworth , M.A.Lord ChancellorResigned
3812th September1935Revd. William Norman Fraser, M.Sc. B.A.Lord ChancellorDeath in 1944
3910th October1948Revd. Harold CoatesLord ChancellorResigned
4030th October1957Revd. Gordon P. OwenLord ChancellorResigned
416th June1959Revd. Montague HolmesLord ChancellorResigned
4217th September1964Revd. Herbert Alexander HallLord ChancellorResigned
4329th June1971Revd. Arthur DeitzLord ChancellorDeath in 1974
4412th September1975Revd. Ernest PickersgillLord ChancellorResigned
454th April1982Richard WatsonLord ChancellorResigned

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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