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Skipwith, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars in St. Helen's Church, Skipwith.

A catalogue of the Vicars of Skipwith

Temp InstitRectores ecclesiasPatroniVacat
1245Robt de StapilfordPr and Convtns Dunelm
7 Jul 1311Rog de N Alverton (diac)iidem
6 Jul 1318Joh de Bretebyiidem
6 Nov 1318Will de BalleCollat Abpper lapse
Tho de FitlyngPr and Convtns Dunelmper resig
20 Mar 1362Tho de Boltoniidemper resig pro ecclia St Gregory York
11 Dec 1367Joh de Buckdeniidem
Rad Raaiidemper resig pro Vic in Choro Ebor
6 Mar 1374Joh de Maltoniidemper resig pro ecclia de Assingdon London
5 Apr 1379Reginaldus de Refhamiidemper resig pro Vic de Muston
19 May 1389Joh de Pendelowsiidem
23 Jul 1397Robt Hemyngburghiidemper resig pro ecclia Warburthwayte
18 Jan 1416Will Bynghamiidemper resig pro ecclia de Corney
8 Jul 1424Tho Bartoniidem
11 Mar 1428Will Swansbyiidemper mort
22 Nov 1453Will Perkinsoniidemper mort
18 Nov 1495Conanus Colbackiidemper mort
26 Jul 1508Tho Clarkiidemper resig
16 Aug 1512Robt Hobsoniidemper mort
26 Mar 1523Joh Hiksoniidem
Edw Piersoniidemper mort
24 Mar 1537Robt Buskelliidem
Robt Spenseriidemper resig
29 Jul 1574Christopher HarveyEliz Reginaper resig
21 May 1606Edw EncrerJax Rexper mort
28 Mar 1618Will Squire MAiidemper mort
20 May 1619Geo Halleyiidemper mort
2 Jan 1636Marm Carver MACar Rexper mort
13 Apr 1641Robt Woodburn per mort
5 Jul 1661Joh HitchmoughCar Rexper mort
7 Oct 1670Joh Conyersiidemper mort
1 Mar 1680Marmad Fothergilliidemper mort
1689Joh Jacksoniidemper mort
1 Oct 1713Robt JacksonAnne Reginaper resig
29 Apr 1727John ChippingdaleGeo I Rexper mort
6 Aug 1733Geo OverendGeo II Rex
16 Aug 1744Thos FranksGeo II Rexper mort
20 Sept 1773Jos NelsonGeo III Rexper mort
1 Feb 1817John Heming ParkerGeo III Rexper resig

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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