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Welton, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. Helen's Church, Welton.

Roll of Honour
For King and Country

Mobilized August, 1914 March, 1916
T. BullockSapperR.E. Harold M. BartonPrivateArtists Rifles, O.T.C. [Red Cross Commission]
H. ChambersStokerR.N. S. CurlPrivate3rd Northants. Regt.
C. DobsonDriverR.F.A. A. DraytonPrivate4th North. Fus.
F.R. DunnPrivate1st E.Y.R. G. GarbuttPrivate20th North. Fus. [Killed]
C. InglebyMajor4th E.Y.R.  
F.S. Jackson, The Hon.Lt. Col.27th W.Y.R. April, 1916
L.R. JessopBombardierR.F.A. Jas. FenwickPrivateLabour Batt. A.S.C.
E. LingSergeantE.R.Y.I.Y. John W. HotsonPrivate4th North Fus. [P.O.W. - Wounded]
A. ParkerPrivate1st W.Y.R. [Killed] H. KingSergeant4th Scottish Rifles
G.H. RobsonGunnerR.G.A. H.E. HowsonPrivateM.G.C.
A. ThompsonCaptain112th N.I. 40th Patha* F. WentworthLance CorporalA.C.C.
G.H. WilsonGunnerR.F.A. [Killed]  
  May, 1916
Joined August, 1914 N.R. BrockPrivateM.T., A.S.C.
Basil K. Barton, M.C.Captain & AdjutantR.F.A. [T.] [P.O.W.] F.N. CurlDriverR.E.
W.G. MillarCaptain 3rd [Att. 7th] E.Y.R. [Killed] T.S. Ling(see note)Private7th E.Y.R.
C. BaggleyPrivate4th E.Y.R. [Killed] Frank Man *CorporalM.T., A.S.C.
W. BlanchardPrivate4th E.Y.R. Garnett ShepherdGunnerR.G.A.
F. BlakestonPrivate4th E.Y.R. C.B. GreenPrivate12th E.Y.R.
A. CurlPrivate7th Border Rgt. Walter CurlPrivateLabour Corps.
S.C. GoddardPrivate5th E.Y.R.  
Jos. F. HotsonPrivate4th E.Y.R. [Killed] June, 1916
Arthur HotsonPrivate1st Lincoln Rgt. [Killed] E.G. HillPrivateLabour Batt., A.S.C.
T.H. HarnessPrivate9th Scottish Rifles [Killed] H.C. HortonAir MechanicR.F.C.
N.W. InglebyCaptain4th E.Y.R. [Killed] J. Bazley White, M.C.Lieutenant2/7th W.R.Y. [Wounded]
F.E. JonesPrivate4th E.Y.R.  
G. NicholsonPrivate4th E.Y.R. July, 1916
R.W. NelsonPrivate2nd Canadian E.F. Lewis *Private4th E.Y.R.
C.E. RobsonPrivate4th E.Y.R. A. Ke *Air MechanicR.A.F. [Killed]
R.F. WatsonDriverR.F.A. [Killed][Drowned at Sea]  
J.B. Harrison BroadleyCaptain10th E.Y.R. August, 1916
  Private7th E.Y.R.
September, 1914 SergeantA.O.C.
Wm. DermerActing BombardierR.M.A. H. *2nd LieutenantWest Surrey Yeomanry
G.F. HotsonLieutenant4th E.Y.R. [Wounded]  
H.I. WrightCaptain & Adjutant4th [Att. 11th] E.Y.R. [Killed] September, 1916
H.B. WrightRifleman1st K.R.R. [Killed] John *GunnerR.G.A.
John W. RichardsonPrivate5th N. Staffs. Rgt.  
  October, 1916
October, 1914 Thos. DentPrivateA.S.C.
R. CoatesPrivate7th E.Y.R. [Wounded] R.W. GoffDriverR.F.A.
Henry HotsonPrivate6th E.Y.R. [Wounded] E. LangrickDriverA.S.C.
Albert W. DainesMinesweeperR.N. W. NicholsonPrivate3rd E.Y.R.
November, 1914 November, 1916
E. ArmstrongPrivateS. Wales Borderers [Killed] Wm. StephensonSapperR.E.
G.W. LowsonDriver2nd Hull Heavy Batty., R.G.A. [Killed]  
G. RobinsonDriverA.S.C. December, 1916
S. TheobaldGunnerR.F.A. T. GrinsdaleA.B.R.N.
G. AllisonPrivate13th E.Y.R. N. GrinsdalePrivate81st A.T., Battery
  J. NicholsonDriverR.F.A.
December, 1914  
J.C. BoswellPrivate2nd E.Y.R. January, 1917
H. PadleyPrivate4th E.Y.R. [Killed] J.W. CurlDriverH.T., A.S.C.
T.H. BeadleDriverA.S.C. H. DarbySapperR.E.
  Joseph KingStokerR.N.
January, 1915 G. BeadlePrivate2nd R. Innis. Fus. [P.O.W.]
Henry FenwickDriverR.F.A. [Killed] G. Coates 11th Royal Sussex Regt.
Frank N. ScaifeA.B.R.N. Percy Howes 2nd R. Innis. Fus. [P.O.W. - Wounded]
Sydney SpeightPrivate12th E.Y.R.  
Fred HinchPrivate12th E.Y.R. February, 1917
  Frank Wilson R.F.A.
February, 1915  
Fred BoswellPrivate4th E.Y.R. May, 1917
Charles HinchRifleman7th K.R.R. Wilfred WilesLance Corporal1/24th London Regt.
March, 1915 July, 1917
Francis E. BoswellPrivateA.S.C. Charles * B * Wireless Co.
  R * E. B *  
May, 1915  
L. BurrowsPrivateM.T., A.S.C. August, 1917
G. WiddPrivateM.T., A.S.C. ? B. Barton  
C. WelbournPrivateM.T., A.S.C. David Daines  
June, 1915 November, 1917
A. CrowtherLieutenantBengal Lancers Stickney SuttonPrivate* D.L.I.
G. TheobaldStokerR.N.  
G.H. ChambersPrivate7th E.Y.R. February, 1918
  H. PeatSapper 
July, 1915  
Harold AppletonSergeantE ** C.C. April, 1918
Harry DainesPrivateE.Y.R. Albert WilliamsonPrivate* North. Fus.
Jno. StephensonPrivateE.Y.R.  
Arthur BurleyGunnerR.F.A. May, 1918
  Stanley JessopPrivate7th * * R.
October, 1915 Charles Wm. ChambersPrivate8th * * R. [Killed]
A. BensteadSignallerR.F.A.  
Percy ClarkGunnerHull Heavy Batty., R.G.A. June, 1918
T.W. StocksSergeantArgyll Highlanders, C.E.F. David W.M. MillarPrivateInnis * Court, O.T.C.
H. SherwoodGunnerR.G.A. R.M. FansonLance Corporal8th Y. * I.
Fred HesseyGunnerR.F.A. C. BlanchardPrivate52nd D.L.I.
A.H. RansonSergeantR.A.M.C.  
  July, 1918
November, 1915 Charles KingPrivate52nd D.L.I.
A. HowbridgeGunnerR.G.A. H. NicholsonPrivateLabour Corps.
L.B. RogersCorporalR.E.  
V.S. Sutton, M.S.M.DriverM.T., A.S.C. October, 1918
H. ThompsonCorporalHull Heavy Batty., R.G.A. Clive WiddPrivate1/5th W.Y.R.
Alfred RichardsonPrivate7th E.Y.R. I  
  Date Unknown
December, 1915 Arthur AllisonPrivate4th E.Y.R.
N. CrowtherPrivateR.M.L.L. [Killed] C.W. ChambersPrivate7th E.Y.R.
A. WatsonPrivate4th E.Y.R. Robt. Heron  
February, 1916    
C. DraytonSignallerR.G.A.    
R.H. HotsonPrivate9th E.Y.R. [Killed]    
B. WrightPrivateLabour Batt. A.S.C.    
T. WatsonPrivate1/5th North. Fus. [Killed]    
Note: It is believed that T.S. Ling should be J(oseph) S(tanley) Ling

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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