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The List of Incumbents of St. Helen's Church, Ainderby Steeple.

Incumbents of St Helen's Church
Ainderby Steeple

1254Philip de Furneaux
1254 Ranulf
13671372Dns Will de Topclyve
13721378Ric de Scrope
13781396Dns Will de Botheby
13961408Robert Bayne
14081420Dns Robert Newton
14201437Dns Will Caleys
14371469Dns Christopher Kirkeby MA
14691470William Jarm
1470 The Abbot of Jervaulx
15821585James Saier
15851598Robert Wood
15981611Sampson Squire
16111639Thomas Squire
16391673William Moreton AM
16731681John Littleton AM
16811687William Langley
16871691John Hall
16911700John Hulton AB
17001743William Dennyson
17431748William Dawson
17481795John Dent AM
17951821John Thornhill AM
18211839James Robson
18401848Frederick P Walton
18481886John Charles Raw
18861890Edgar Carr
18901910Richard D Bainbridge MA
19101932Robert B Nesbit MA
19321938John E Cowgill BA
19381943Leslie E H Swan
19431949Justice J Southam MA Hon CF
19491959Frank Lishman
19601987Paul B Carter
19881994John Colston MA BA
1995 Peter Warren MA FCA

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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