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The List of Vicars in St. Hilda's Church, Ampleforth.


----Thomas de Askham
1349Robert de Carleton
1358John de Gaysington
----Richard de Otteley
----John de Saresbury
1381Robert de Bagby, Resigned for Vicarage of Staynton
1390Robert de Bartholomew
1399Robert del Grene
1420William Swaythrop
1427William de Sutton Resigned
1440Thomas Clerke
1461Thomas Cuthbert
1479John Thompson
1498James Dogeson
1528Robert Bell
----Roger Thompson, From Mount Grace deprived 1560
1560?John Malthouse
1595Hugo Beaumont
1623John Holmes
1637Joseph Wilson
The parish registers begin here
1643John Ullathorne
1695Charles Man
1721Thomas Cooper
1721Richard Man
1738William Kay
1798Anthony Germain
1829George Walter Wrangham
1855John Thomas Forbes Hicks
1893Arthur George Austen
1920Andrew Pirie Mitchell
1924William Brunt Crankshaw
1929Sydney Edgar William Rees
1932Laurence Arthur Long
1936Alfred Thomas Huxley
1945Charles Ainley
1950Frank Shrewsbury Briggs
1965Edward Patrick Rowley
1974Barry Keeton

Sources : Torre's Manuscript, York Minster Library, Dean's Chapter Subscription Books :
Archbishop Sharpe's Manuscript at the Borthwick Institute and the Ampleforth
Parish Registers and 'Northern Catholics : The Catholic Recusants of the
North Riding of Yorkshire 1558-1790' by Dom Hugh Aveling OSB

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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