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Barton le Street, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors of St. Michael's Church, Barton le Street.

of Barton-le-Street

1280Robert de Aefe 1601George Procter MA
1303Gregory de Basungs 1613Richard Spofforth BA
1322John de Chisenhall 1620Christopher Emerson MA
1326Thurstan de Chisenhall 1644Mathias Boyes
1340William de Sutton 1668William Bridges MA
1343William Wardhowe 1696Robert Artinsall MA
1334Robert de Pykering 1716William Dixon MA
William de Feriby 1744Marmaduke Draper MA
1391Edmund de Barton 1750Sydney Swinney ND
1418Roger de Esyngwald 1783Thomas Lund MA
1425William Newton 1838Charles Hodgson MA
1466Richard Grey 1870Charles W P Ogilvy MA
1475Richard Cardemaker 1878John Moore Lister MA
1527William Gurnell 1886John Charles Cox LL D
1536Bryan Spofforth 1894Harry Ernest Ketchley MA
1554Roland Goodshun 1914Andrew Alan Hunt MA
1555Robert Harrison 1921Herbert Congreve Horne MA
1572John Newlove 1928Maurice Hinton Knowles MA
1575Leonard Armyn 1928Edward Henry Smith BD
1577John Hunter 1952Ronald John Critchley
   1964Michael Storrs Fox MA

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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