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The List of Incumbents in St. Botolph's Church, Bossall.

The Parish of St. Botolph Bossall
This Church dates from late 12th c.
List of Vicars

1229Will de Sutevill 1594Christopher Webster MA 1940Harold Newport MA
Will de Marcham Thomas Buff 1954John G. Stevens BA
1237Sym de Johanne 1594Christopher Webster MA (duplicate of above) 1957Cecil H. Beaglehole MA
1250Robt. De Rathworth Thomas Buff (duplicate of above) 1960Frederick Naylor
1280Will de Norton 1665Joh. Conset [Causet] 1967Harold Fall MA
1289Adam de Allerton 1673Guil. Pratt MA 1972William Ronald George TD Bsc
1312Robt. de Bram [or Braham] 1702John Pratt MA 1975David Frederick Baker
1344Will de Todendale de Hundonby 1718Ralph Middleton MA 1980Bernard Alan Brownbridge
1349Will de Garton 1729Thomas Hobson 1987Jeremy Wilfred Valentine
1349Phil de Cotom 1740Robert Hitch MA   
1359John de Horneby 1742John Branfoot MA   
1362Will de Mydelton 1754Spencer Madan DD   
1365Tho. De Askham 1767John Blackburn MA   
1366Patric de Barton 1796John Sarraude MA BD   
1384Steph. De Hunmanby 1809James Britton MA DD   
1419Robt. Clifford 1836Samuel Gamlen MA   
1430Theo. Burne de Wheldryke 1854Bolton Simpson BA   
1440Joh. Alott 1875Charles Dale Trotter MA   
1455Nic. Machell 1915Willmore Hooper MA   
1502Robt. Marshall MA 1934Ernest F. Tallents MA   
1505Sym Baland      
Patr. Wilberfosse      
1531Robt. Davie      
Anth. Grene      
1565Christopher Harrison      
1584Christopher Chapman      
1587Will Dalnton [or Danton]      

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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