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East Witton parish:

East Witton, Vicars transcription:

The list of Vicars in St. John's Church, East Witton.

Parish of East Witton
List of Vicars

1361 Henry de Birstwayte
1362 William Scott
1392 Richard de Dighton
1426 Richard Saunderson
1432 Robert de la Wran
1435 John Alton
1438 Thomas Fascheuer
---- some names omitted ----
1542 Thomas Patrick
1564 Thomas Squire
1586 Leonard Craven
1604 Francis ???????
1639 Christopher Beverley
1671 John Barnett sen
1703 John Barnett jun
1754 Leonard Howson
1811 William Jones
1838 William Heslop
1870 John Hutton Pollexfen
1874 H H Stewart
1876 H A Douglas Hamilton
1883 David Wilkie
1910 George Watts Garrod
1931 Aubrey Percy Durrant
1950 Eric William Sydney Packard
1964 Henry McIntyre Lucas
1970 Thomas Alun Williams
1976 Norman Thomas

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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