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Ormesby parish:

Eston, War Memorial transcription:

The 1914-1918 and 1939-45 War Memorial at Eston.

The front top of the memorial: (see also Photo)

In honour and enduring memory
of those brave souls from
Eston Normanby and Barnaby Moor
who gave their lives for their Country
during the Great War 1914-1918

Stkr Thos ColemanRoyal Navy
Stkr C E TurnerRoyal Navy
Capt John SerginsonYorks Regt
Lieut F HermistonYorks Regt
2nd Lt A W WilkinsonYorks Regt
Sgt W T CooperYorks Regt
Sgt A E FarranceYorks Regt
Sgt R TraffordYorks Regt
Cpl Jas Wm HayneYorks Regt
Cpl H G HolseyYorks Regt
L Cpl J J WanlessYorks Regt
Pte M A BellYorks Regt
Pte J W BannisterYorks Regt
Pte W BellYorks Regt
Pte A BentleyYorks Regt
Pte B BroughYorks Regt
Pte Chas BrudenellYorks Regt
Pte W BrundallYorks Regt
Pte A BurtonYorks Regt
Pte J W BuxtonYorks Regt
Pte A CannYorks Regt
Pte Alec ColeYorks Regt
Pte J R DaleYorks Regt
Pte A DenneyYorks Regt
Pte Thos DrewYorks Regt
Std Fred GibbonRoyal Navy

The right hand top panel: (see also Photo)

Dvr J A HornsbyRoyal Engineers
Spr S WilsonRoyal Engineers
Cdt F W SmithR F A
Cpl W W StricklandR F A
Bdr J JarvisR F A
Dvr B GrahamR F A
CNR T E WilkinR F A
Bdr Harold TonkinR G A
Cnr J W BartramR G A
Cnr E F WoodR G A
Capt Spencer ThomsonRoyal Fus
Pte A H CrippsRoyal Fus
Pte Douglas J TaylorRoyal Fus
Sgt W C FarranceColdstream Gds
Pte R W BrightonColdstream Gds
Pte Wallis WilsonColdstream Gds
Pte H AppletonLancs Regt
Pte Henry NaisbittLancs Regt
L Cpl Rupert GillLancs Fus
Pte Abe WarnerLancs Fus
Lieut L R FergusonRoyal Scots
Pte Frank RichardsonRoyal Scots
Lieut H NormanR A F
Coms H BarberR A S C
Sgt J J ForsterK R R
Pte E BrightonNorthn Hsr
Pte Wilfred CarterGordon HLd
Pte H DayScth Rifles
Pte S EmmersonS Staffs Regt
Pte J H RammertonLincs Regt
Tpr T PengilleyCan
Pte A PriestR M L I
Pte J T WoolbarW Riding
Pte S WrightYks & Lcs
Pte W E MasonNorth'd Fus

The top rear panel: (see also Photo)

Pte W WanlessYorks Regt
Pte J E WarrenerYorks Regt
Pte Arthur WilkinYorks Regt
Pte T GreenwoodK O Y L I
Pte C H PhillipsK O Y L I
Pte T LovernEast Yorks Regt
Sgt Thos FeasbyNorthd Fus
L Cpl R W WheatleyNorthd Fus
Pte A BeckettNorthd Fus
Pte Ben ColeNorthd Fus
Pte W CollinsNorthd Fus
Pte Thos FewsdaleNorthd Fus
Pte J Allison HallNorthd Fus
Pte A HandfordNorthd Fus
Pte Walter JarvisNorthd Fus
Pte Archie KerrisonNorthd Fus
Pte G KnottNorthd Fus
Pte J W MortlockNorthd Fus
Pte F G ParkerNorthd Fus
Pte R SmithNorthd Fus
Pte Raymond ThomasNorthd Fus
Pte J Wm WhartonNorthd Fus
Pte Ernest WilkinNorthd Fus
Pte W A WilliamsNorthd Fus
Lieut A E TownsendD L I & R F C
Lieut F E S TownsendDurhan Lt Infy
Sgt J W MuxlowDurhan Lt Infy
Sgt R C ParkinDurhan Lt Infy
L Cpl T H ReadDurhan Lt Infy
Pte W H ColeDurhan Lt Infy
Pte Tom StandleyDurhan Lt Infy
Lieut J R W WilliamsRoyal Tncrs
Cpl H KilvingtonRoyal Tncrs
Spr T L BearcroftRoyal Tncrs
Pte W HumberstoneNorth'd Fus

The top left panel: (see also Photo)

Pte Wm EmmersonYorks Regt
Pte C ForsterYorks Regt
Pte Thos C GillYorks Regt
Pte Chas GillardYorks Regt
Pte J F GrahamYorks Regt
Pte J Abbot HallYorks Regt
Pte C N HallYorks Regt
Pte W H HallYorks Regt
Pte T F HammertonYorks Regt
Pte E H HardwickYorks Regt
Pte J W HoldsworthYorks Regt
Pte Z C Hollingshead SrYorks Regt
Pte T H HornbyYorks Regt
Pte Robert HornbyYorks Regt
Pte R J HuntYorks Regt
Pte T JarvisYorks Regt
Pte Frank JarvisYorks Regt
Pte Walt P LilleyYorks Regt
Pte D R MarkhamYorks Regt
Pte J C NixonYorks Regt
Pte A W OlfordYorks Regt
Pte Percy ParkerYorks Regt
Pte J C PickeringYorks Regt
Pte C M RadgeYorks Regt
Pte Harold RichardsYorks Regt
Pte W H RodgersYorks Regt
Pte W SellarsYorks Regt
Pte Laurence SolomonYorks Regt
Pte C H SpencerYorks Regt
Pte J StocktonYorks Regt
Pte Wm TaylorYorks Regt
Pte J K TaylorYorks Regt
Pte T E TewsonYorks Regt
Pte E VaughanYorks Regt
Pte Geo TaylorYorks Regt

The bottom panels, for the 1939-45 war: (see also Photo)

In honour of the local men
who gave their lives for their Country
during the Second World War

V Adamson S E Barlow S Bird J J Busuttil J Crosby C Denton
A Allinson R W Barnes G Bowden I K Buxton C Crowell A Deven
F Armin E A Barry W Bowley E Carr G Crowther G Diffly
H Armstrong R W Batey R W Bradley R Carr G H Cullen E Donaghy
R Arran Batey J H Branton S H Colmer R F Cunningham S Donaghy
A Aukland D Baxter J R Branton J Conlon J Curtis R Donaldson
D Backstone D Baxtrum L Branton J Conway J Curtis M Douglas
J Baker A Beacham J Breen J Cooper A D Dale G T Duffield
K Baker A Beazly T Brooks J L Cooper K Danby E Duffield
W Barker L Bentley W Brown S Cooper K Daniels W Eaton
G T Barket R Benton H Brudenell E Cowell S Dawkins F English

The bottom right panel: (see also Photo)

A Escritt A Grant I Harris J F Hind P Johnson E Knight
J Estill J G Griffiths J Harris F G Holmes T Kane F Landmort
W Ferguson W R Gull Haslock J Holmes S Kelsey J R Lane
C H Fields D Hambley S Havercroft R Howard A Kemp R Lane
G Flanagan T H Hamley A Healey A Huddlestone S M Kidd E Larkin
F Fleming R Hanley E Healey D Hudson A King M Leck
T Fletcher V Hansson W Hebden F Hudson R King W Long
L Ford C Hardwick R Hemminglsley I S Hunter J Kirk T Lowery
G Frankland J W Harland J Henderson C Hutchinson W B Kirk Malloney
J Frankland K Harpham W Heyward A R Jackson A Knights J Mannix
A Graham T Harrington J J Hill H Jackson G Knight R Marsden

The bottom rear panel: (see also Photo)

C W Marshall S Mickle L W Neeve W E Parsons L S Powell J Ryan
A Martin W Milligan M Nesbitt W R Parsons S Purvis G D Savage
E Mason E J Moody M Nickson F Patchett C Ratcliffe J F Secker
D McElevany T A Mooney M Nixon W Peacock B W Reed R Sidgwick
R McElevaney R Moore H Norman R T A Pearce G W Reed K Simms
K McElroy T Moremon W Page R Pegg J K Reed N Simms
McGrogan T Morten J Palfrey W Pflugk I W Richardson A L F Simpson
C V McKay H Mullen R H Palmer A M Phillips J W Richardson C Snowball
L McKeown B Mulholland E Parker G Philips R Richardson I Spencer
O McQuiling D Murphy J D Parkinson A Pickthall W B Richardson L Spencer
L Mickle A Neal G T Parsons W Plews S Risborough G Stephenson

The bottom left panel: (see also Photo)

I Stevenson R Thomas T Warne W Wilcocks R R Carman
D Stirzaker R Thompson W Watkins W Wilcox R G Clingo
F Strand R Thompson R R Wells I H Wiskar W Cripps
A I Symmonds W Thompson G Whalen A Wood T Foley
W Symmonds L C Trembath G Wharfe E R Yendall R Heminsley
J H Taylor L Walkington W Wheatley H Young W Heywood
J R Taylor J Wall R While   J Leahy
R Taylor J Walters A Whittaker   A Lincoln
R Taylor H J Ward A Williams   R Lincoln
B Thomas W Ward J Williams   J W Stevenson
H Thomas C W Warne S Williams   G Burke

Data transcribed by
Sandra Welburn
from photography by Colin Hinson

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