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The centre panel of a 3 panel plaque. (see also Photo)

Together with brief
Historical Notes

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750Some broken fragments in all Saints Church
date from the late 8th Century (W.G. Collingwood
Yorks Arch: Journal. Vol: X1X) The are
(1) Two pieces of a stone Crucifix and (2) a cross
head and part of the shaft, both Anglian sculpture.
1086There was a Church here in the 11th Century
though not the present old building
"In Atun....a Church and six acres of meadows
(Domesday Book. Translated by R.H. Skaife)
1129Before 1129, this Church, with dependent
Chapel at Newton in Cleveland, was
given by the family of Meynill of Whorlton Castle
to the guardianship of the Abbot William Percy
and Convent of Whitby
(Cart. Abb: de Whiteby - Ed: by Canon J.C. Atkinson)
1175The present church of All Saints, formerly
dedicated to St. Mary, was built in the third
quarter of the 12th Century. (Sir R.L. Peer's Report)
Within the Parish of Ayton were two Chapels
(1) The church of St. Mary at Nunthorpe, of ancient
and probably private foundation, which though rebuilt,
still exists, and is known as "old St. Mary, Nunthorpe" and
1215(2) A Church at Little Ayton, now lost, founded about 1215
by the family fo Malbisse, and subsequently dependent on the
Mother Church of Great Ayton
The Rev. J. Graves, History of Cleveland
The Parish of Ayton was served by stipendiary Curates
appointed by the Abott & Convent of Whitby
from the 12th Century until the Abbey was dissolved
in 1538 --- W.J. Kaye. Ayton Registers
1300Three early 14th Century names occur
Ralph, the Deacon of Ayton.
Richard, the Clerk of Ayton.
Roger, the Clerk of Ayton.

The left hand panel of a 3 panel plaque. (see also Photo)


1577Richard STONLEY
From 1585 to the present time, the Family of Marwood
of Busby Hall, have presented Curates to the benefice
of Ayton, but since 1880, when the township of Easby
was annexed to the Parish of Ayton, they have done so
alternately with the Archbishops of York.
1601Thomas ALDUS, buried at Ayton. 5 January 1635
Some transcripts of the Parish Registers are preserved at
York, from 1601. The Registers of Ayton begin in part in 1666
1631Thomas HARDYE.
1639Thomas KENNINGTON. Trinity College, Cambridge.
1646Thomas EDWARDS. Displaced during the Commonwealth
Buried at Ayrton 26 Sept. 1661
1661George EUBANKE. Trinity Hall, Cambridge. B.A.
1662Cornelius COCKBURNE. Formerly a Presbyterian
also Curate of Newton-under-Roseberry from 1674. Died 1679
1679Richard SLINGER. Christ's College, Cambridge. B.A.
Buried at Ayrton 10 Jan. 1680
1681William STEPHENSON. St. John's College, Cambridge. M.A.
Buried at Ayrton 23 Jul 1705
1705George SPENCER. Jesus College, Cambridge. M.A. Vicar
of Ingleby Greenhow 1703-7, also Curate of Ayton 1705-7.
1707Maurice LISLE. St. Peter's College, Cambridge. M.A.
Rector of Kildale, 1708-18, also Curate of Ayton 1707-15
but apparently not resident. Buried at Kildale 8 April 1719
1715Peter MOON. St. Peter's College, Cambridge. Vicar of
Ingleby Greenhow 1708-19, also Curate of Ayton 1715-19 but
apparently not resident. Buried at Ingleby Greenhow 5 Aug 1917
A New Testament printed in 1601, was presented
to Ayton Church by Richard Musgrave in 1715.
1719Thomas MORLEY. St. John's College, Cambridge.
1727Ralph JACKSON. University of Edinburgh M.A.
also Assistant Curate at Kildale. Buried at Ayton 21 Oct
1746. The churchwarden's Books at Ayton begin in 1733.
1747George METCALFE. also Assnt. Curate of Kildale.
1756Anthony HASTWELL. also Assnt. Curate of
Kildale. Buried at Ayton 18 September 1794
Two silver Chalices each incised with a
crucifix were presented to Ayton Church by
Augustine Skuttowe, Churchwarden in 1744
1794Thomas DEASON. St. John's College, Cambridge. B.A.
Curate of Whorlton in Cleveland, 1779-97 & of Faceby from
1792: also Curate of Ayton but apparently not Resident
Assnt Curate - W. Deason 1794
1795William DEASON. Trinity College, Cambridge M.A.
Curate of Whorlton in Cleveland, & of Faceby 1797-1827
also Curate of Ayton, but apparently not resident before
1816. Died 1827.
Assnt Curates
J. Mirrell 1799-1801
J. Thompson 1801-12
C. Swales 1813-14
J. Grice 1814
W. Jeffels 1814-16
J. Thompson Curate of Newton-under-Roseberry from 1816
1827Joseph IBBETSON. St. John's College, Cambridge. M.A.
also Vicar of Nunthorpe from 1825 & Curate of Newton
under-Roseberry 1825-68. Buried at Ayton 21 Oct 1887
Assnt Curates
P. Kitchingman 1831
W. Shields 1848
T.N. Dixon 1848-50 -see note 1
F.M. Newton 1850-51
G. Robson 1851-64
G.A. Wright 1864
M. Rowntree 1864-71
G.A. Johnson 1871-74
J. Hughes 1874-1878
The Vicarage was built in 1846, "thus securing to
the Parish, the benefit of a resident Clergyman"
(Vestry Minutes 1854) whilst in 1877, the new Church
Christ Church was consecrated 12 March by
William Thomson, Archbishop of York.
Note 1: This should read T.H. Dixon (Thomas Harrison Dixon).

The left hand panel of a 3 panel plaque. (see also Photo)


1878John COLLIN. Emmanuel College, Cambridge. M.A.
also Vicar of Nunthorpe.
Assnt. Curate. J.C. Hanson, 1880-83
In 1880 the township of Easby was annexed to the
Parish of Ayton, and in the same year the tower &
part of the Nave of All Saints were demolished.
1883Richard Marsden WITHINGTON, Corpus Christi
College Cambridge M.A. also Vicar of Nunthorpe
Assistant Curates
W.H. Leak 1883-86
J. de Savignon 1887-1888
T. Clarke-Smith 1889-91
E. Robinson 1892-94
C.V. Collier 1898-99
W.J. Hermitage 1899-1900
A peal of tubular Bells was hung in the steeple of
Christ Church in 1887. Two other Bells hang
in the Steeple: one is an old one dated 1712
1915Harold MERRYWEATHER, Worcater College
Oxford M.A. also Vicar of Nunthorpe
Assistant Curates
R.W. Oakley 1915-16
C.W. Hunton 1916-17
R.W.L. Connor, Curate of Newton under Roseberry 1918-21
In 1915 All Saints Church was restored
to the service of God.
1921William Lawson SMITH. Queens College, Oxford M.A.
also Vicar of Nunthorpe 1921-26 and Curate
of Newton under Roseberry from 1921
Assistant Curates
P. Illingworth 1921-22
F.G. Buffey 1922-25
G.A. Hyde 1925-27
In 1926 the township of Nunthorpe was constituted
a separate Parish and the new Church
of St. Mary, Nunthorpe was consecrated by
Cosmo Gordon Lang, Archbishop of York.
1932Robert Mountjoy KETTLEWELL, Oriel College, Oxford M.A.
also Curate of Newton under Roseberry
1939Reginald Ernest BRADSHAW.
Cuddeston College, also Curate of Newton
1955Herbert WARD
Kelham College, also Vicar of Newton.
1965Edward APPLEYARD
Kelham College, also Vicar of Newton.
Assistant Curate
J.D. Cave 1974-7
1978Arthur James Gabriel ELLERY
St. John's College. Durham. B.Sc.
also Vicar of Newton.
1982Phillip Leslie BISHOP B.D. (Lond) AKC
King's College, London, also Vicar of Newton.
Parish Deacon
Rev. Catherine Rowling B.Ed. 1980-89
1990Peter Anthony Watson JONES. AKC DipCouns
King's College, London, Salisbury and Wells College
also Vicar of Newton under Roseberry
In 1991 Christ Church roof was repaired
1993Paul Harrison PEVERELL. B.A.
Ripon College, Cuddesden,
also Vicar of Newton under Roseberry

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson

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