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Guisborough parish:

Guisborough, Incumbents transcription:

The list of incumbents in St. Nicholas's Church, Guisborough.

Priors of Guisborough

1132William de Brus 1391John de Hurreworth
1145Ranulph 1394Walter de Thorpe
1184Cuthbert 1408John de Hemsley
1211Roald 1436Thomas de Thwing
1211Lawrence Richard de Yrton
1218Michael 1455Thomas Darlington
1230John 1491John Whitley
Simon 1505John Moreby
1265Ralph de Ireton 1511Benedict
1289Adam de Newland 1511William Spires
1320Robert de Wilton 1519James Cockerill
1346John de Darlington Robert Pursglove

From 1119-1539 the Church was served by Conducts or
Chaplains from the Priory.


1568Wm. Allen 1727William Hide
1616Nich. Morris 1767Wm. Leigh Williamson
1676Richard Lumley 1798Thos. Pym Williamson
1694John Hall 1836Henry Clarke
1722John Hall [his son] 1862Francis Henry Morgan
1722Richard Cuthbert   


1866Francis Henry Morgan 1935Alan Gillies Wilken [Canon of York]
1901Arthur Nutter Thomas [Bishop] 1956Cecil Morrison
1906George Henry Cobham 1964John Basil Pegman
1919Harold Evelyn Hubbard [Bishop] 1969Robert Swinton Gibson
1922Osbert Gadesden Mackie 1983John Andrew George Oliver O.B.E.
1927Tom Longworth [Bishop] 1989Phillip Leslie Bishop

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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