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A List of the Rectors of Hawnby
1267William De Hamerton
1297Henry De Malebys
1314Thomas Sampson
1317John Sleight
1318Thomas Sleight
1322John Talebrace
1345William De Harum
1349John De Harum
1349Henry De Acaster (?)
John Fayefax
1366Robert Tharrays
1377Robert De Whiteby
John Rude
1381John De Rhyghton
Richard De Thornton
1385William De Roncliff
1456John Dowe
1457John Righton
John Sezay
1456William Walker
1470Reginald Williams, D.D.
1481William Kirkham
1545Thomas Huthwayte
1535John Sympson
1565John Askwyth
1578Anth: Watson
1613Samuel Colston
Rolland Harwood
1668Christopher Rawlinson, D.D.
William Galbert
1703James Gordon
1732William Brockbank
1749Abraham Clarke
John Peacock
1793Godfrey Woolley
1823William Dowker
1830Henry Lowe
1852Otho Augustus Manners
1897William Hughes
1930Richard Percy Paiton
1939Leonard Richardson
1942Wilfred A.L. Westall
(later Bishop of Crediton)
1945W.A.M. Pike
1949S Cordingley - priest in charge
1953W.V. Wrigley - Rector
1957R.G. Bundle - priest in charge
1958W.L.G. Bevan - Rector
1960R. Hardcastle - priest in charge
1974G. Hartless - priest in charge
Rectors of the Parish of Upper Ryedale
1979Albert G. Alderson
1992Stuart M. East

Data transcribed by
Janice Wood
from her own photography.

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