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The List of Incumbents in All Saints Church, Helmsley.

1129Theodoric 1551Mathias Watson MA
1268Philip [deacon] 1554Joh Grenewood
1320Walter de Sixendale [priest] 1558Jas Layton [clerk]
1320Joh de Flaynburg 1578James Thornton [clerk]
Dom Richard de Wetewange 1592Ric Slater [clerk]
Wm de Mascon [chaplain] 1599Edw Slater [clerk]
Thos de Werke 1603Marm Langdale [clerk]
1349. . . . . . . . Semanus [chaplain] 1637Roger Manners MA
1360John de Parys [chaplain] 1637Lawrence Pears
1363Nich de Staynegrave [chaplain] 1661Wm Peacock
1368Will de Laysingsby 1674Thos Slinger
1370Robt de Flaynburgh 1691Richard Leake
1375Will de Dryffeld [priest] 1728Francis Hodgson
1391Will le Masun [chaplain] 1756Richard Conyers
1398Will Rolleston 1776John Clement
1419Joh Ottelaye [deacon] 1805George Dixon senior
1420Rich Cundy [priest] 1830George Dixon junior
1421Henry Corte [priest] 1870Charles Norris Gray
1431Will Loveday [priest] 1913Canon H E Newton
1440Will Hakford [priest] 1932P Hedley
1467John Hackfurth 1942C Barclay
1469Ric Gray [chaplain] 1946John Hodson
1477Hugh Hamerton [chaplain] 1952A Robinson
1484Will Welles [chaplain] 1955David Senior
1513Milo Bell [priest] 1993Roger Holmes
1521John Bentley 1997David Wilbourne
1547Tho Watson [clerk]   
1547Joh Blackett [clerk]   

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.

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