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Ingleby Greenhow parish:

Ingleby Greenhow, Donations transcription:

The List of Donations in the parish of Ingleby Greenhow.

in the Parish of Ingleby Greenhow
for the use of the poor.
L. s. d.
Left by William Askew-------------------- 60. 0. 0
Left by Gregory Rowland to be
paid out of Lands at Whitlow----------- 40. 0. 0
Left by Robert Snowdon------------------ 5. 0. 0
Left by the Revd. S: Hassel------------- 20. 0. 0
Left by the said S: Hassel the
Interest of which sum to be paid
for the Education of one poor Child--- 10. 0. 0
Left by Iohn Carter-------------------------- 40. 0. 0
Left by Iohn Rowland for the
Education of three Children
paid out of Land at Whitlow-------------100. 0. 0
Left by Robert Watson--------------------100. 0. 0
Left by Mrs. Frances Fletcher for
the purchase of Coals at Christmas--100. 0. 0
Left by Miss M: A: Dixon-----------------100. 0. 0
Left by Mrs. Mary Ann Wise------------200. 0. 0
Left by Tom Blackburn O.B.E.
for Electric Light-----------------------------100. 0. 0

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson

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